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Arkansas Catholic
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March 26, 1954     Arkansas Catholic
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March 26, 1954
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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 26, 1954 a the BlessedThere iSvirginPASTORALno (Cont'nuedvirtuethan purityWhich frOmwewhenlaSt associateLETTERweek)we thinkSre of closelypurity,Withwe tA V(:!luablo Book Passion V00ookl i :"-:':':Q:UE-S: :T/O N-':' B'6-X'';'; l itypensePeple for for combined.fromthereasontheOnsaketheSOmewholeOf Ordinarieof obligatica publicgreat speciadi00 think of her--and when we think of her, we think of purity. . abstinence, or from bl gd =' =:'= "= This is even more so during this Marian Year when we praise, A Lenten Resolve Is Outlined In "Kin om Is Yours" venerate and congratulate Our Blessed Mother on her Im- maculate Conception. We know, of course, the teaching of Holy Mother Church that the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the moment of her conception ' m the womb of her mother, St. Anne, was preserved from all Stains of original sin. By this singular grace and privilege of God and by virtue of the merits of her Divine Son, she was never stained by original sin. It is also a teaching of the C;hurch that she, with God's help and grace, never committed Ihe slightest offense against Him during her entire life but, Qn the contrary, was the most perfect of all God's creatures because she was most like Him. It is perfectly evident why the Blessed Virgin Mary is our exemplar of purity of conscience nnd freedom from all stain of sin both original and actual. In the Litany of Loretto we properly invoke her as Holy Virgin of Virgins, Mother most pure, Mother most chaste, Mother in- violate, Mother undefiled, Queen of virgins, Queen conceived without ongmal sm. If we seriously intend to imitate our Heavenly Mother's life, we should stop offending God--for this is what sin is. We offend Him by doing what He forbids and by not doing what He commands. We will avoid all sin simply and only by do- ing the Will of God. This is not always easy to do. We are constantly The week of the Passion and The Sermon on the Mount is un- Greene, a Maryknoller, writing of Death of Jesus Christ will soon be doubtedly the greatest humus his own life as a missioner among here and to paraphrase the mer- document since the Decalogue it- the Chinese Reds, tells, in effect, chants, there are twenty-two pen- self. In fact, it is, so to speak, a the story of thousands of other ante days berore Easter. sequel to the Decalogue and a rule missioners who, like him, crawled It is a shameful waste of God's of living so perfect that it could battled and slugged their way love to disregard the spiritual have come only from God. amid murder-loving crowds and strength and grace which are Father Forestier says: Christian through freezing, filthy prisons available through the Lenten life is a combat against the worM, where hunger ancl torture dotal- season. It comuares, ahnost, with the devil, and our own unmanage- neered the sturdy men and women the coldness of'those who actually able tendencies. Now, we are who dared to take literally the saw Christ crucified and left Col- courting certain defeat in the bat- words, "Follow me." vary without a change of heart, tie if we are, content to remain on Father Greene's book, "Calvary No one should allow Easter to the defensive, if we do not push in China," is a story that will approach without some spiritual forward to counter-attack . . . make the casual Catholic ashamed resolve-- "Not to progress is to retrogress." of himself. With this in mind, we looked Either our Christian life tends As a Seminarian, R o b e r t through the Guardian Bookshelf to toward perfection or it dies. Greene, from Jasper Indiana, ap- ses if a suggestion in reading and His remarks on hatred cannot peared to have no ambition to- meditation might be available for be passed over without self-ex- wards heroics. He wanted, simply, the Iapering days of Lent. amination. He says: Who hates to be ,a successful missioner. What we wanted, most of all, his brother is a murderer, in in- The tradition of .dangerous liv.- was a volume which would make tention if not in act . . . who tag was not unknown to him be- a direct approach to those laws blazes forth outwardly with vie- cause he knew the lives of his of morality which people run lent words against his neighbor predecessors among the Mary- across every day: anger, gossip, commits a sin of the same nature, knollers in the Orient: Father sex, honesty--the sins which in- but it is a graver sin. Jerry Donovan, captured by the vade the daily hours of everyone. The author is not afraid to bandits, whose frozen body, gar- We selected "The Kingdom Is strike close to home. "The King- otted and partly eaten by the Yours," by Father Forestier, for dora Is Yours" is a book to be wolves, was found in the Man- two reasons. The first is that it meditated. We are to read these churian Hills; Father "Sandy" arrives at the point of its dis- chapters slowly and prayerfully. Cairn,s, murdered in the first course without any pause for If we do so, the author promises part of World War II; and Father literary, stage setting and is that we will feel ourselves walk- Constantine Burns, another cap- geared for the tempo of the read- ing in Christ's footsteps, under tire of Manchu bandits (who tempted by the world, the flesh, and the devil. We are in- er who can spend either five His guidance, and with His escaped to tell of it). clined to be proud and rebellious. Our minds are dull to see minutes or five hours with it. friendship. None of these items is found in Secondly, it is arranged for the  - 4e truth and our wills weak and .slow to adhere to what is Christian who has a problem. For The Kingdom Is Yours is avail- Father Green's book. They are good. example, the chapter headings able at the Guapdian Book Store merely sidelights on the back- leave no room for doubt: Jesus ($3.50). You may send for it if ground of the man who wrote it. The picture would be dark if it were not for the hope our Forbids tlomicide, Hatred and you wish. Do not send any men,- His book deals with the prison life which came at the end of his Concerning Impurity, ey; the Store will mail you a bill. fifteen years as a China missioner. His own experiences are dupli- Lord has given us in His Blessed Mother. She is the Refuge of Sinners, the Help of Christians, the Virgin most powerful merciful and faithful to those who call upon her. In our efforts to avoid sin, let us remember that victory frequently depends on our avoidance of those occasions and ircumstances which we know cause temptations to which we alsual]y consent. Let us remember that it is wrong wilfully to Place ourselves in the danger of sinning even though we do not, after doing so, actually succumb to the tamptation. I have heard of some people who, in refusing to avoid occasions of sin, act as though they think they can fool God l -lere are a few examples: One such person would not consult the Legion of De- ency CLassification of Movies lest his conscience be disturbed when viewing a picture he should not seel This kind of wil- l ignorance does not excuse him from the sin of exposing himself to the danger of sin or of being a scandal by his bad example to others. l have heard of other people who will not take the Legion bf Decency Fledge because they do not want to bind them- Imlves to give up movies that are morally objectionable. They o not seem to know that the pledge is merely an expression f their determination to do what they are already bound by the laW, of God to do, namely, to avoid occasions which axe dangerous to faith or morals. ! i 1 mention the above specific instances to show how some leople (I hope not many) try to justly their failure to avoid he proximate occasions ol = sin. These people are rapidly ap- proaching the time when they can so dope their consciences hat they will see no wrong in anything they want to do. They fre becoming like those "intelligent" people who don't intend to offend God by practicing birth control l Have you ever Ieard of such blindne? If some friend wilfully spit in your ace without intending to offend you, you would consider him mentally unbalanced. If someone deliberately hit you on the Iead but did not intend to hurt you, would you not have rea- qon to question his sanity? The reason normally intelligent people become spiritual morons is because they have abused their minds by false rea- Ioning and by habitually/'ejecting God's graces. i The above, I believe, are instances of extreme cases. However, I do consider it well to mention them here as ex- amples of the blindness which eventually comes to those willing to compromise with sin. i On the other hand, purity of thought and conscience en- nobles us to see God's loving hand in all things. Purity of con- @ience makes faith more luminous and clear for, as our Lord lIimself said: "Blessed are the clean of heart for they shall e God." Ia My dear friends in Christ, I need not tell you that we are ssing through evil times. It becomes more and more clear that the root of all these evils is man's rejection of God from 8, vernment, from business, from the school, from the home -+-from his own heart. ,! It is the prayer, desire and endeaver of the Holy Father, through the Marian Year, to bring the world back to God. He i confident that he has chosen the providential means for this g!eat task--for the means is none other than she whom God ed to bring His Son to man. ' Let us, with lively faith, follow Our Lady's example in or own lives. She will lead all who do so to Her Divine Son. 1 all Catholics will follow her in this great Crusade according td the d/rection8 of the Holy Father, she will show us what od meant when He foretold that she would crush the ser- pnt:s head. i Praying that we may all take full advantage of the graces afd opportunities offered to us by God through His Blessed Mother during this Marian Year, and asking her for His sake tfi bless our poor cfforts with such fruits as are pleasing to His cred Heart, 1 am Faithfully yours in Christ, Rancor; Marriage and Divorce; Concerning v ---- Oaths; Concerning !,1 11 11 Revenge; and llew l:$OOk by a cased., in lesser or greater degree, so forth. llt Ii ,ia by priests who have been--and The book is in two parts: The lVlaryknoll l"riest. still are---in Red prison camps. Sermon On The Mount and The Speaking of "working o u r Although he writes of himself, he Gospel Of The Holy Eucharist way to Heaven," Father Robert See BOOKS on page 6 i SHARING, OUR TREASURE "A Good Neighbor" Opportunities Are All Around Us Be On The Alert To Seize Them Rev. John A. O'Brien, Ph. D. (The University of Notre Dame) "About two years ago," said Mrs. Carrie Han- lon of Redford., N.Y., "a mission was held in our parish Church of the Assumption by two Fran- ciscan Friars of the Atonement from Graymoor. One morning one of the missionaries announced that he wanted all the children of the parish at a special cere- mony in the afternoon when he would bless them. might not get a very civil reception. "'I'll take the chance,' he replied. 'Mr. Clark can't do any more than order me out. A mission is a time of special grace. Pray hard that God will give him the grace of repentance and revive his faith. With a Catholic the faith is never com- pletely lost.'" '."How," I asked, "did the missionary make out?" "Apparently our prayers were not in vain, for o the surprise of his wife, Mr. Clark allowed the "I, at once thought of a Father to come into his bedroom and say some neighboring fmlly the Clark's, prayers over him. Then the, missionary .had a who have"seveu children. The friendly little italk with him and explained how father was a fallen-away Cath, good and merc/ful God is to all sinners who repent olic, having been married out- side the Church. I told the mother about the ceremony and asked her if she wouldn't like to bring her children to the church to be blessed and ask forgiveness. "A few days later on the First Friday in Sep- tember, I had just gotten home from Mass when Mrs. Clark came running to the door. " 'Yes,' replied Mrs. Clark, 'I've felt the need of some religion in our family. We haven't been going to any church and I'm beginning to feel like a heathen. Then, too, I'm concerned about the children because if they don't get any religious training while they're young, they aren't likely to attend any church when they're grown up. And it isn't easy to rear good children if God is left out of the picture.' " 'You're right,' I replied. 'This will be a good chance to get started.' "Mrs. Clark agreed, and I helped her to get the children ready. I took three and she carried her baby and the older ones followed. "It was a beautiful ceremony  one that I hadn't seen before. I had asked the missionary to bless the mother along with her children and he was happy to do so. Mrs. Clark was very pleased." '?'Did you explain the case to the missionary?" I asked. "Yes. Immediately after I had helped to bring the children home, I went back to the church and explained the situation to him. Mr. Clark was at that time confined to his bed with leukemia--a very sick man. He had previously refuse to see either of our two priestsFather Elie or Father Sharlend. So I told the Franciscan Father that he God Love You [H [ [ "How Would We React?" Mint Reverend Fulton J. Sheen (Propagation of the Faith) In the dispatch fr( Why Did the Guardian Not Have Last dispensation in quo00 character of aspecia the Holy Father and Week's Announcement That Catholics own authority to dispt a matter of considerat Could Eat Meat On Friday, Feb. 197 Bishop Fletcher notification from tl Delgatae at Washingt Regarding the matter of dispensation from the law of abstinence u ct upon the on the Feast of St. Joseph, Friday, March 19. The Guardian reader is was published as the ! asked to take note of the wording at the release received throtgh the date of His Holines news channels from Rome last week. Note particularly in the re- XII. lease given here that the report which carried a Vatican City date- The Guardian wa line DID NOT say: "The World with His Excellen Is Disnensed." It said, rather: Fletcher, and up to FI Bmhops . . . have been granted United States is excepted by spe- 19, the Feast of the faculty to dispense." cial indulL According to capon ihe had not received 1252 of Canon Law, there is ficial communication Vatican City. (1)- (Radio)--neither fast nor abstinence on him to grant the' Bishops throughout the world holy days of obligation, except as decreed by the SI have been granted the faculty to those oceuring during Lent.) gregation in this insta dispense their faithful from the The Vatican decree permitted law of abstinence on law of abstinence on the Feast of Bishops to dispense from the law Concerning the la How would we react to a persecution in Amer- Ica, if such a cross were ever glve to us? A European writer recently stated that we would fail because we believe in a "Catholicism without crisis," that is, in a religion without a Cross. We wish that writer could read the thou- sands of letters we receive every day from our faith- ful who deny themselves luxuries and necessities in order to make a sacrifice for the Holy Father's Ms- sions. These friends of The Society for the Propa- gation of the F0ith are al- ready "martyrs" in spirit. Our children would re- act to persecution as the Chinese children are doing now. One young girl about St. Joseph, Friday, March 19. of abstinence on Friday, March The power was granted in a 19, but said nothing about a dis- decree issued by the Sacred Con- pensation from the law of fasting. gregation of the Council, which ---- said it acted at the special man- Canon 1245 states, in part: "Not date of His Holiness Pope Plus only local Ordinaries, but pastors, XII. The decree which was pub- may in special cases and for a lished in 1,Osservatore Romano, good reason dispense individual made no mention of a dispensa- persons or individual families tips from the Lenten fast. subject to their jurisdiction * * * from the common law regarciing (The Feast of St. Joseph is a the observance of the holydays of holy day of obligation for the obligation, of fast or abstinence, Universal Church, although the or even of fast and abstinence and canon law before he joined of Tekoah (Koa) near Bethlehem, the Franciscans in Perugia in 1415. who lived in the eighth century Noted for humility and self-de- B.C. He aptly described himself sial, he became the first General as "a herdsman plucking wild of the Observatine Franciscans in figs." His prophecy was a de- 1437. He preached with great suc- nuncia.tion of evildoers. The cess in Italy, Austria, Germany, Roman Martyrology says he fre- and Hungary and was the chief quently was scourged by the supporter of John Huniades in priest, Amasias, and died when defending Vienna from the Turks his head was pierced with an iron in 1456. He died tha.t year at spike by the priests's son, Ozias. Vilak, Hungary. THURSDAY, April 1. St The- MONDAY, March 29. St. Cyril, odora, Virgin-Martyr. She was a Deacon-Martyr. He was a des- Roman, the sister of St. Hermes. con of Heliopolis in the Lebanon. Like him, she was put to death About 362, he was tortured and for the Faith in 132., during the put to death for the t'aith in the reign of Emperor Hadrian. She persecution of Julian the Ape- and her brother were buried side state. by side. TUESDAY, March 30. St. Quir- FRIDAY, April 2. St. Francis inus, Martyr. He was the jailer of Paula, Confessor. He was born of Pope St. Alexander I, by whom in 1416 in Calabria of poor pa- he was converted with his daugh- rents and at 15 began the life of ter, St. Balbina. Shortly after- a hermit at a seashore cave, where wards he was arrested as a Chris- he was joined by two other pious tian, tortured and put ot death youths. His followers became so about 117 in the persecution un-numerous 17 years later that he her Francis a. His wri &toed him ie recent etures hm that futm in the e :on of ce Church, there are no pretations" nor are arbitrary decisions. The foregoing expls Guardian did not an carry the news dispatl peared elsewhere. ,1 n . "Let no man despls  CO., ! but be thou an exa.aae FR 4- faithful in speech, in ,- charity, in faith, il. I Tim. 4:12. L ---- __A-'----- 3TOS !)lseharges, % lauporta request this Interesting and inspiring little book * Employment Agencies with your sacrifice offering. Don't forget to in-   elude your name and address. .- RICE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Peyton Rice-Manager * * Exclumge Bldg. FR 2-5201 GOD LOVE YOIU to Mrs. L. and her two sons.  FORT SMITH "Shortly after receiving MISSION, I had occasion =============================== to open the banks of my sons. The smallest said: In Fore Smith 'Mother, let's send some of this money to the mis- It Is The siena for the poor children.' The other boy agreed. Morgan Employment Agency ' The enclosed $6 is from both boys." .'.. to I.W.E. " " " .... '-' Did you know that Mission magazine has over five m,illion readers? Are you one ot them? If you are not one of the five million who read our magazne Mission, would you like us to send it to you? We will be glad to do so but only if you TERMITES? TERMINIX CO. Bonded -- Insured 83rd and Arch Little Rock ............ * Service Stations  GUENTER * Barbecue  Service Station __:._.: Tires - Accessories NU-WAY "BARBAQUE,' 223 W. Broadway, No. L.R. 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It Is for you to choose be- tween sending me to prison or deporting me to Siberia." Another girl twelve years of age missed school on Sunday to ttend Mass. She was beaten by her Communist teacher before the class. The next day in protest against the unjust brutality of the Communists, the whole class, including many pagan teachers attended Mass. The Cross of Our Lord has lovers everywhere. Take the businessman who recently came to our attention. Whenever he eats in a restaurant, he for $17. "This money was saved through mortifica- tion during Advent." . . . to J.B. "I am sending you $1.50 for which I was going to buy a model air- plane. I hope that this money will help a poor starving boy my age" to M K. . "My three youngstest children decided to ask for fewer toys this year and send the money to the Missions. En- closed is $15." Cut o!lt this column, pin your sacrifice to It and mail it to the Most Reverend Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of The Society for the Prolmga- tto.n of the Faith,  109 East 38th Street, New York 16x, New York, or your Diocesan Dlreotor, Rever- end John M. Bonn, 305 West nd Street, IAttle Rock, Arkansas, J You can advertise in this Service Directm'y for as little as 45 a week, pS jd in advance. Use This Order Blank Now! You ry run my ad ..... times or [] (until told to discontinue), !': 1 ,,,....,,,,...,..,.,.,,.,,.,.,.,,,,.,.,...,.,.,..,..,.,.,.' Plee Print or Typewrite. m m m m m m m a  | m | | | m m  | n m m | " 'Mrs. Hanlon,' she said, all excited, 'will you come over and be a witness for us? Charles wants to get back into the Church. He wants to receive the sacraments.' "So I hurried over with a blessed candle, some holy water and a clean linen cloth with which I covered the little table in the sick room The mis- :::--H slonary then heard his ,confession, gave him Holy ,---"=:--.:'-="-----'-.--"- Communion, blessed their marriage and then :----:x/v--xaa/olxepalr anointed him. Mr. Clark later asked to see our ISLAND- X parih vriest and apologized to him. About six TV AND APPLIANCES weeks later he died a beautiful death, fortified 2603 Kavammgh. Me 6-1183 by all the sacraments. * . *Photographers "Mrs. Clark took instructions and was re- HOGUE PHOTO ceivcd into the Church. She received her First Weddings- Groups, etc. Holy Communion and her Confirmation on the Phone FR 2-1645 same day and I was her sponsor. All her children were also baptized and the older ones are attend- WILLIAM HUGHES ing the parochial school .... " Photography 923 W. 2rid FR 4-0115 "That means," I broke In, "that the father --:::::::: was reclaimed and the mother and their seven * Altar Wine Distributors children were received into the Church through , your kindly interest and thoughtfulness. It shows HAROLD F. SCHUTTE CO. hat we don't have to go to India or China DISTRIBUTOR _ ,nl{'41_. o win souls for Christ. The opportun!tle axe all 314 N. Askew .2Nk, around us and we need but to be on the alert to Avenue }rgr,Ti Kansas City 1 i/ seize them. Indeed, there is scarcely a city block Missouri rq in which a soul cannot be won for Christ If we Ph. Benton 8387 1allil will but try." LLTAR WINES "t" Product of the Christian Brothers "It Is For You To Choose" * Sea Food00 ' Pope's Fish & Minnow Market Fresh Fish & Sea Foods Daily Bait and Tackle Open 2 A.M. till 7 P.M. 1110 W. 7th FR 2-8718 on the Business Machines always chooses the cheapest 'items menu, ,__============================= regardless of what they are, in order to make a daily sacrifice for the Holy Father's Missions. May- Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers, Off. Furn. e we now pray me good ones, but that is also CAPITAL TYPEWRITER CO. because it takes a good person to make a sacri- 216 W. Capitol fice to help our missiqs in Africa and India and.  :::::::::::---- elsewhere. * Exterminators The Guardian Service Directory is Rates: 15 a line when paid the Catholic "Where to Find It" of Lit- vance (otherwise 20 a line.) tie Rock. It reaches a 20 million dol- ten lines to a column inch. bY lar Catholic Market in Little Rock. your ad or call Guardian pre Use it for as little as 45 cents a week. 5-2476 for suggestions on illustr t i ,iamms d NP'44NNv---- d4'l . - _ ,: * Carpentry and Repmr [* Landscape Mated P " : , .,,[11 [ Rich Dirt - Fill Dff penury and home ., i t'.r-l I Yards & 1 ts /. repa r work Cait - '.,,'i Ph. FR 5-1865 or 1 Al Lynch at _  /'[ R. T. Moore 1607 W. FRanklin 2-2512  / SERVICE I}IRECTOII!00II.,:00 8A.M. tc Parking i 14 Cent  FR 2.*. later in that eent  Huguenots. ,SATURDAY, April i C'I ard of Chichester, BiS .V.,| sor. He spurned we .'o brilliant marriage to COme i the priesthoo:l at 0 nderful becoming Chancel10r I,. A versity. He was a frt (aV Ug visor of St. Edmund,. a --- bury. Consecrated |llm , Chichester in 1246, hei|mm m ] fended the rights 0Lg  against royal usurPlillll. ; ilVt ,,,ml, was noted for his care ]Roel-t ..... He died at Dover in I canonized nine years Italy and France. He France at the requeS Louis XI, and attendel deathbed. He remainel quests of Kings Charl Louis XII, carrying 01 He died in France ir age of 92. He was e 1519. His relics weft Calendar of Saints, March 28AirSick SUNDAY, March 28. St. John der Hadrian. founded the "Mini " age, Capistrano, Confessor. He was WEDNESDAY, March 31.._ St. who looked upon th' born in Capistrano, Italy, in 1385 Amos, Prophet. He was one of the lowest of religio I and became well versed in civil the rinor prophets, a shepherd ities. The movement