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December 24, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 24, 1927

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PAGE EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 24, 1927 ni~_| |/~|n|TO q~nA|~||~|/~ IMan standing at the right hand f l/",t'l'Ui'll Ir Mi MDI D t,,in that statement said the power of numerous Oriental residents. I South China, ,,'here he t lirJ,ihlUUfi |liPill ll]tI I God'," they rushed upon him andl~']klll~$1allla ITILl|llLPlJllkOIthe Church is only spirital, that is] Bishop Alencas:re has given the|missioner since 1921 ....... .,: ~,WAAV ~ dragging him forth without the city, lily IllttFtlt~lftl~1|rl AVltt|ft]L1 that it was never rehgmus but false Maryknoil missioner ten acres of land / |~" ~|ll~| ||" ~|'H|||l| ] stoned him to death. I~|~ l~]~l~.Kl|.~[~l~./-~|l||[~ zeal, hateful in the sight of the and the Oriental quarter of the city "Three of my sons are $Jt lttJJl~]laJt~la IJ~JaJ~v~| .......... ]v~ aaA,a,m*LL=w, aL,a,.*,,,~--v ,Church, that seiZed the sword to ion which to build a church, school, bo authors; the fourth is xuesaay, ~ecemDer Zl.~t. Jonnp , " [ DIIDII~C/'!ilII~M N Y ~Evanoelist, the youngest of the/f l A~I~ IM f'ADITAI compel heretics and Jews to become,convent and rectory. Among the be a bricklayer." |tJlllhO IllTIfill ^_ o oo a~-e was called to follow~ILllal'LOIJlaK) 11~ ILdqLlll-rlla Christians "The Pope added," con-I Orientals in Father .Murray's new "Aren't you rather | Christ on the banks of the Jordan~ _----- tined Senator Walsh, that if we/parish are included Chinese, Japanese, thinking that he can s' (By N. C. W. C. News Service) I during the first days of Our Lord's] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) forcibly enlist men in the. church we IFilipins and native Hawanans. er three?" Philadelphia, Nov. 29.--An up[n- only make them prevaricators and Father Murray is well fitted for this Many a go-getter is ion just handed down by the Attor- heretics." .... task by his previous experience in' ry he gutter. ney General of Pennsylvania estab- Pointing to the recor~ of ~ne t~a- ._____ lishes;~-he right of pupils in the pub- thoHc church in America, Senator I~ [ : -' ~ 4"' - .... ~ --~ ~ lic schools to be dismissed at their Walsh said in conclusion: "But why I~ parents' reouest, and during public quote others in regard to the ruler- [~ school time, to attend religious in fled o~ denied ~heii Master, St John age to places of historic interest in ance of Catholics when addressing l~ I, 1,P.rqll~.~rql~ .~i I~ r ." ective church- ' Jesus and about the National Capital Sat- those who have known and loved ,/~.~ i .ll i II I . ". ], tk structmn m their reap I ke~t hm place by the rode of , . . . ~ .- I t~ a~..~a~ m, ~m---- ..i. e-s, Dr. W. A. Squires, director Ofland at the last stood by the Cross urday and yesterday. Ithat~great exponen~ of ~oierance, tnell~ ..... week da i eligious ins~iuction in the/with Mar He died at "Ephesus in In charge of the visitors were two~la~e Cardinal Gibb'ons." [~ d[~'~"~][ 1 ~[:~ ~r~ - Y " " Y" ' / Presbyterian Board of Christian Ed-~the year 1OO. - state supervisors MissMary Guyton[ Dr. Jeffersonsmd. . ~ !l~ l~Vl II'-'t~'~ ucation, declares in a statement is-| W " "a De ember 28 The and Everett Clark of Boston Miss| "In view of the problems xacmgt I[~ _ . [ eunesa y, c .--- . ........ " ...... a tall of us we simply cannot afford to 1[~ (IN THE HEART OF THE COMMONWEALTH) suea here. | Holy Innocents. When Herod fourth buy~on is a memoer ox ~ne ]mm,g~ -]'be in a bad humor with one another il~ "After two years of efforts," the|that the three Wise Men did not re- tion committee of the Natmnal Court-| ............ : [1~ statement says, "we have secured| turn with word of the Saviour whom cil of Oathol]c Women. Mrs. Agnes,~. ~.__~ ~_~ ~_ ~..~. ~,~ .., ~.,,~,~m| tfeilglon m ~ne pas~ nas ~een usea ]1~ from the ~ffice of the Attn,'hey Gen-|they had gone to seek, he became en- M. Bacon of Providence, R. I, tre~-/=u:='~ew:::SsZ:h"~f*~''~'';~=e=: ] I[~:he ,- ~ a, vr~ v~ ~ .~ ..-* ~* -~- eral of Pennsylvanl,a aw:eha:Pl:ubn_/raged and, thinking to make ~:re hfe u:= OfattthhaNciCy C. W., 2olned t [goodmen and help to redeem the past ll~ as to release time. " " -ithe death of the new born K" g,P Y ' / ......... , .... ~1~ mitred this ruling to several attor-| ordered that every male child in The Catholic members of the pil-t::cr:: OI:y: b:~ol:ge:n thieOll.ognu~:~, [[~ r~t-.T~,C~TaC~. neys, among them being Ju~!ge~Bethlehem and its vicinity of the age grimage attended the first Mass at| . Y [1~ (.j~JtJL-L~J~. , d gallery ] Claude T. Reno, and Mr. Charles H.| of two or under, should be slam. St Patrick s church yesterday, an | _ ....... !i~ ....... ~----~ Wuttle of New York. It seems to be" These innoccnt riot[ms were .*he shortly afterwards the group re,urn-] Must Forge[: rO[d r~atreus I|~ ARTS AND SCIEN(.;E . ' ~ "No,*hing is more a~sura ~nan ma~- [ 1~ the general opmmn of these attor-Iflowers and the first-fruits of His ed home .... ...... [ r~'o~-a ENGINEERING .... H--- -ires us all ~ ........ " - - 1 ing ~ne presen~ uarK oecause ~ne pas~ I ~ .U.U~I2a-V.LZ.~X.,'XX.~.~.~.L~ -'- - neys ~na-~ ~ne new ru, ng ~ ]martyrs ana ~rmmpnea over ~ne President Coolidge received the] was dark We should profit hy the I ~ ~V~^L PRE DENTAL that we have asked. [ world without having even known it, prospective citizens at the White { ", " "" -I ok or our hu ~ I~ ~'~I-%.U.~-.L~.~k~T~'X ~ " : erTh:ef::lneldt:frteahdSAtto~ney Gen'[or experienced its dangers. House, Saturday noon. ImAmr~diat:lnYjPa::':e~ta~s~ip:rt:beblackened by [~ ,! :, . ] Thursday, December 29.---St. afterwards they went to " g~ 'l'hatreds of other times ]l~ ! "Denominational religious mstruc-/Thomas, son of Gilbert Becket, was where they pla~ed a wreath on theI Those who arranged the dinneril~ COLLEGE OF PHARMACY ~mhi~l:iuP!!' b::td~:~uUb!!c fPch~!/Ll~doHhgeh Ch::b;l~:iT~eE!agl!:d~:!: ta~=bmafd~h:pi:ikao~fC!nt:!~f(h:nTa~!i~:;hheRChriDia[Tt:rpAl~ns*lh:' ~:: Two-Year Course Leading to the! , ~ | The King insisted p - tol, the Libra y gr , " I Dr Edward L Israel, of Har Sinai t l~ l~e~,,,~, ~D]a ('~., : purposes o~ holding crosses ~or_, Or[cration of Thomas as Archbishop of Vernon, burial place of George -rid the Verv Rev At bert E.[i~ x~,w~x~,.. ...... teachin therein, denominational orl ............. ~"'~'~, ~ ~ " g .... lea But| tmn~eroury '~ug ~ne ba]n~ retusea, i Washmgton. I SmiJh, editor-m-chief of the Balt]- [~ (WOMEN ADMITTED TO THIS COURSE) :h:tC:::nien~:tl~h:i~2!ij:!i::::t~l:::ldn~r:hk Kh:igr ~'hr=d:hhp?nIT~h: CATHOL~ [mo~e Catholic Review. _ l l~ al policy .......... | end, however, he yielded and was[ PROTESTANTS, WAR ~PARISH FOR ORIENTAL |~ _. -- ..~ .. ~ as well as develop sue m~emgence ox| ' " " " '- " ht ' T IGOTRY consecrasea, xn preserwng ~ne r~g s| AGAINS B ] PEOPLE IN HONOLULU ][~ Boarding and Day ~cnoo~ its youth In this policy i~ recognizes inst encol-achments | - ~ ....... t, t~t~r~r~[~ " .. . l of the church aga [ ~ ~vv,~ * .... ....... ~ Im " " " ..... | edral by four kn'g " Iminritie " " " "[H.Murray of Cambridge, ", l|~ wise that such instruction annum oe|later Henry II submitted to be pub-I dom honor." | member of the Catholic Foreign Mis-I1~ m our pubhc schools Bu~ m follow r ed at the Saint's shrine, He rotested w orou~ly, howeveI, merma Mar knoll, formatmn A 1 to the Rev R~:tor " " .,'/licly scou g i " [ P "g ~ " Is[on Society of A " ( Y 1[~ For Furtker ~a " PP Y " " andWh'::e:ha:=hhoftthh~rpPa~:=:Sfor t :Yr:m.StDS:big~:~rsecu~ons an-/~e~ thing that elevated and ~m-] week day ~gi-,,s instruction for[der Diocletian and Maximi~, he and[ p',, t aL +h:;." ,.~;I,-I~,~' i:volves no interrup "j several of his clergy were apprehend-[ I came here tonight because tion't:'~choo; attendance for the re"led" By order of Venustianus, guy-| felt that t~his gathering stood for[ ~ " ernor of Etruria and Umbria, theJsomething more than toleration; to|~ qmred number of school ho.urs or uset Saint's hands were cut off and his] tolerate means simply to endure,"/t I~lm/ t~l ,| l" ~ .... A i.e --.~ of school bui!di:?c= h:~i~'~::s, ~jtwo deacons ware tortured until they]Dr. Wise continued. "First we hated,J~ lhe Latl 011c tress a ssocmtmn school authori~: nd ma co o 'ePrat:Jdied' V enustianus was cured of anlthen' we tolerated, now we hope we| pose to defea~ ~, a .J y - P -. "l affliction of the eyes and was there,| are coming to understand one anoth-[ ~ ~tm mwWlrt 1~]![~11~1~ Oql~ A t~'q~.O A 111][~ ~ ~ ~J ~][~ A P:l:dry ~:d:~Yendance b sh~::l'f~:!!!i ]tthSac~l!}}?:fJi!:ii::~upilsa, wa:i e I ::::::::::::::::::::::: ::el i IS S0LICffiH LIFE HEJgERS 0H TIlE BASIS 0F : ermitatt Y sc~b]2:t21wnhili~p~i!il~iii!:ct~:iga~h. intolerance And et even tolerail~ $ 1 on coerce direct, or triumph of Constantine, St. Sylvester| ....... . ... " 1 4, I " may not demand, ' - J ....... ~ *~-us became~"'l~o~nmg~s as umlymg, says] ~. .... ,, I. - ance of the nu-/was e~ec~e~ pope ann ~,, t _._ supervise the attend el:as school-orJthe first Pontiff to rule the flock c~fJ Wendell Phillips, as a great purpose,]~ The proceeds received from the memoersmp lee P~e:tpl:::'f::,, ::ChrinStr'uct!On.osedrule has J Ch: o tsecuc o ba e dy P e CeArHe [ tch:ng~:;:YPb:PaS:hi:~v::~hUn~g~ to be invested and the income to be used to form a A copy of the p up "" ]-er s ~J the understanding that the desiratum j$ .... T .. - ____~ n not been submit.ted for our cons~aer-Jn e y. - J of America is numb outward uniform-{~ Uaihollc Literary ~xwaru r uu.u~ ation, and an opinion upon the valid-] I ~-ty, but inward uniay; unity in striv-I~ ~t. or constitutionality o~ a rule]SiX CHARITY SISTERS ] he h] heat ends in the hfe of s_ \ chopped" y ..... by any men, board can" be ! SOON TO TO CHINA ing for * g , The awards to be made each year for g :~ " ted "b ~ the Detroit, Dec 3 Six Sisters of or dogma. , .~. The purpose! " " " , e~ist now :i:~ You are '' " . IWIH:~| V r&| []are S,ster Mary E, ang., "/churches of which mine is the moth- t Should you desire to become a Life member of the Catholic Press Asso- I~~lt ~a-~tv,u,,,m= retary of Mt St Joseph t~onven~, elate maintenance of this 1 . ~ ~A~T I~AV_~l/AM~baSn~,. ::::h'e?';nasd S~ Ma;y[ ~h'e:nsdoimfe~:~:t~e:ath:~ c:;p zeh-[~ p artim:n::d a:dk;eYpeSt:bl;thND:t7b Sh le::t a::d return the attached ~l~- ll-~l ~l'~il~ " gion we have known will supercede " ck Ark i V" ~'""~'l School. Bay Ci*fflb~tah. sthers-arejm er~ose- them all. It is easy forus to remem-[i blank to THE GUARDIAN, 3071/2 ~est Second St, Little Ro , C. News Service ~s~er ~v~ary t~o ., . ~ __.- against him. Bu~c w " " ~ " , " .: " " " the Holy Groat and looking up tol~:he surprise .of many of her acquaint-]fore the American Revolution. J~ :i Heaven(he cried out: Beho]d I see]ances, though her intimateswere[ Pope Gregory XlV Quoted . J~ the Heavens opened and the Son of aware o~ her intentionS. I "Pope Gregory," he explamed,]