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December 24, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 24, 1927

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PAGE SlX THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 24, 1927 letthebuildincrmble t Whowillit tins and this i ometimes dii ER00FW0RL00. C tholicsareabouteual I ~. .... .............. ........... e?Waouwoo eaC ~''~0~"~ i a Water ~ee l of the federation, "each having ][ : Rockefeller's millions but why fool But we have a saleswoman among /1,200,000 commun Mission House Activities ou~e~vo~ and build air castles• S. O. us. At times, overlooking their man- ,= ............. S. ner of handling affairs, one is con- Jewish membership m¢--y ..... ~ --y-5-====~=-:~ .......... &, Word has just reached us of the vineed that they should be managing DIES AT AGE OF 48 00o,, ST. FRANCIS MISSION HOUSE, l ley. We sincerely beg God to sus- FFORREST CITY, AI~K. ]rain and comfort her in her sorrow, -- /to assist her in bearing her burden By Rev. Edwin A. Hemmen• ]in complete resignation to His Holy A Convent Education. [Will and to bring her that console- Several weeks ago, while engaged] tion which God and His Church alone in conversation at the home of one]can give. :f the parlsh~oners, :one lady remark-let. Francis Church, Forrest City, Ark. bdentOe~ne nost.ess, ~cou must hav~[ Though much has been said of the e aucate m a convent school, l activity in the Wynne parish, compar- :no co ee sne was. mas lz ever oC-iatively little has ever been mentioned iurreo to you chat alady, educatedlof the activities in the congregation ~sa scnool, taugnl; anaeonauctea Dyiat Forrest City. We are running ~2. zers' generally :tenets out above Wynne a close second. The choir has ::lf;::::?j~ney po~sessa culture and been busy with the regular rehearsals e t iar above tne average,twice each week and will render a An educatmn ~s not a mere stor • • - High Mass for the first time on Christ- ing away of facts, as many might er- mas, at Midnight Mass• All members, roneously suppose. The primary re- vnder the able leadership of the or- sult should be the formation and ele- agnist, Mrs. Harry Schellhous, have cation of the character of the stu- taken active interest in all rehearsals de0t; the complete development of and have worked hard and diligently. the student's individuality. Though The ladies of the parish are plan- the mastering of the sciences is in- ning a Christmas tree celebration for cluded in an education, it is the moral the children and communicating with training, the complete development Santa Claus for ihs visit here a day of a true Christian character that marks the true and only valued edu- or two before Christmas. Santa will be too busy visiting the homes Christ- cation, mas Eve and the ladies are endeavor- Such an education is procured in ins to arrange for his coming a day Catholic schools and colleges. A~ded or two pri,or to his busiest day. sudden death of Mrs. Lawrence F. a store, along with caring for a fam- Lyon, residing on the Osborne Plan- fly" tation near Marianne. At any rate we sold heavy, and Hughes St. Winand's Catholic Church once Another "County" heard from. more came to the front. Yes, there are some Catholics located Most gracious thanks are due all in Hughes and as soon as time will who assisted those who helped on permit we will endeavor to make ar- Friday with preparations; those who rangements to offer Mass in Hughes donated the articles we ]rod on sale; for the few Catholics there and~be those who took actual part in the able to locate more Catholics in the selling; everybody who in any way v~cinity. This is true not only of was responsible for making our be- Hughes but a like condition seems to zaar the success that it turned out to exist in More and Gill, Arkansas. be. •Many, many thanks. Permanent Schedule of Masses in St. Bigger Business• Francis Mission Territory And you ladies of' the parish, and St. Francis Church, Forrest City, Ark. men too, by the way, whom the pas- Mass at 8:00 o'clock on1st and tor may not be able to get in touch 3rd Sunday of month, with, begin now in thinking up ideas At 10:30 o'clock on 2nd, 4th and for next year's bazaar. We could put 5ht Sunday of month, it over bigger. God willing, that should be done next time. We want Holy Days of Obligation at 6:00 the people to know us and like us. We o'clock. First Friday, Holy Comml tier dis- have a better supply of material than any other church. There are ways tributed at 6:iS----Holy Hou at /:30 whereby we might do even a bigger p.m. business• And a bigger business is Imma:ulate Conception ( iur, h,coming to us. Wynne, Ark. Let's prepare for it" now by thmk-" Mass at 8:00 o'clock on the 2nding and planning, so that next year and 5th Sunday of month, at this time, when we are ready to Lutherans and Baptists estant denominations with (By N. C. W. C. News Service) cording to the survey. The Washington, D: (~., .Dec. 12.--- Episcopal membership is lie James F. Kelly, well-known lawyhr 000, while Presbyterians m and •newspaper man, and immortal- 000, Episcopalians, 33,000, ized in the wartime poems 6f Robert gationalists, 32,000 and ] W. Service and Damon Runyon as Synod, 22,000. "Kelly of the K. C.," who died of] Morethan $250,000,000 heart disease in New York, last Fri-~in church property, or day, will be buried in Arlington Na-~stitutions supported by tional Cemetery here either tumor- Met said. row or Wednesday. "-'- More than twenty years ago, Kelly, MARQUETTE as a police reporter on the Washing- ton Post studied law and was gradu-URGING ated from the Georgetown Law School. Being one of the first toP B~F~|TND FOR combine law and journalism as a means of livelihood, "Jim" Kelly had a unique knack of "covering" acci- -- dent stories and getting the vicLim s( y N. C. W. C. New for a client at the same time. He New York, Dec. 13.-- never permitted the "tales" unfolded raise a Christmas fund for to him by a prisoner to bias his lic Mission of Alaska are I "story" for his paper, by the Marquette League for Kelly wen~ to France with the Sec- lic Mission here in response end Divisi.on as a Kn*igh%s of Colum- pathetic plea of Alaska's bus secretary and attained wide popu- Bishop, the l~t. Rev. Joseph lari~y with the troops• He received Crimont, S. J. His vast the Croix de Guerre from the French covers over 500,000 square At 10:30 on 1st, 3rd and 4th Sun- start again, we will not only have a government for flying over ,~he allied only a handful of priests to this the convent educated woman The beautiful Japanese hand woven day of month, great deal larger supply on hand, but troops in •battle and dropping ci- to do the work. Writing to th possesses that quietude, dignity and rug will'be awarded on Thursday, De- Holy Days of Obligation and First we will have something different, garettes and delicacies to %hem. quette League, Bishop Crime refinement which only the Sisters can cember 22, at the theater in Forrest Fridays at 8:00 o'clock, something bigger and something bet- On returning to America after the "Unless the friends of impart to threir pupils. It stamps City. All those who have tickets on Sacred Heart Church, Crawfords- ter---a bazaar that will never be war, he was tendered a remarkable Alaskan missions come to our canUp°nneverthemeradicate.a characterit elevatesWhich theirtime personthis rUgpossessingare indeedthefOrtunatelucky numberand the ville and St. Andrew Church equalled in the annals of McGehee. reception at Hoboken, being wildly ance, this Christmas will be minds and p!aces before them the will have to admit that this rug is the Marianne On Wednesday evening, an enter- cheered by his former comrades ~s less one for my little underte. ~ rag.nest 1deals, thoroughly noble, finest Christmas gift ever received Mass the 4th Sunday of everytainment was out on at the Legion he walked down the gangplank. His and Eskimo orphans• This wl~ carry them. through life, en- and the greatest value ever received month at 7:30. hut. , by the children- of St. Winand~ 's head was swathed in bandages. He be a despeiate• one for" my se~:~ abhng them to fdnd the greatest for a dollar• Who has the lucky num- Christmas Schedule School The Guardian goes to ress had been kicked b an army mule ricing priests and SigterS.~ pleasure and enjoyment in all that is b ? ...... ~ ~... , ........ Forrest CityMass at Midnight • P Y • • o! befole the results of thm entertam battle agamst the agencies l~ I er. It ..... L,'~ lOllS llOW• use and 10:30. • " " - aboard the returning troop ship. • d: noblest in life. I more week, just hold your breath and Wynne Mass at Midnight and ment can be printed, so unfortunate- Kelly was born in New York on our t{oly Faith. I need foe .i ly we are unable to give data in this January 29, 1879 and was educated little ones and support for my] Smce the day on which the fore-ido not shout till your number is call- 10:30 msue. Read The Guardian next at St. Michaels' parochial school and Sisters" and catechmts, th -t going remark was made, I have led .... .e w prod Parhcular atttentlon to thm char-I Santa Claus has already visited our CrawfordsvilleMass at 7:30• week.. St• Francis Xavier college and sable helpers of the missm;" acteristic trait and from personal ex-lchurch in Forrest City Mrs Abe Marianne--Mass at 8:00. The Sisters have been hard at work- Georgetown University. He wasThe volce~ of Alaska a, perience, have found that to be true IAsh has purchased a beautiful corn- [in preparation for this event, for the ~o,.~,~tarv of Cardinal Farlev Council dead and heroic living pleas ~ m every case. An educatmn, truly[po~ition imitation marble pedestal for MARY IMMACULATE MISSION [past month. That it will be a suc- Knights" of Columbus, New York orphan children, so poorly ~ HOUSE ces~ ..... 11 q Christian and genuinely Catholic must lthe sanctuary It has replaced the " e ulv • ~ ~ne smcere wish of all of -,.- and consequently so i t lzy. , ik produce a superiority of character[old base for the statue of Our Blessed us. t He was a member of the Anvil withstand Alaska s death.-li0 and it does. It is to be regretted that lMother in the sanctuary A ~,reat Rev. R. J. Mermen, Superior• ~. ,~ , I The children are hard at work on l ..... heese Club and the Will you not take them tn~ so many of our girls and young ladiesl aluable and necessary gift indeed and I Schedule for Christmas. • t~norus, zne t~ lit, too. Three short plays comprise l~,,;,,h+, ,,¢ ~m,mhns Round Table arms and warm them with y0 torego th~s great advantage of their [we are most grateful to the donor, Mass will be celebrated at Midnight ...... s ................ • ne is survlvea oy , " own accora or are aeprived of thiS]Mrs Abe Ash We hope many others Christmas. The Very Rev. S. J. Peo-lthe entertainment. One of them has I ...... his widow two ing eharity~ Dear to the l as Rs characters several clowns. Of l ..... sisters Babe of Bethlehem are thes umque and valued trammg. One canlwil1 follow her excellent example for plea, Ph.D., Dean of Missions, will be]c°ursel these clowns perform the tricks/~r°mersl ann ewe sm~ers. I°nes" Make. it impossible' ~or readily tel! a lawy who has been rear-l there are many other articles needed] celebrant of the High Mass, which wbmh clowns usually do perform. ~,,.,a~n~ ~'~ ,~,'~,,~ denominatmns to take th, eu unoer the tenaer care and culturedlfor our church [will be followed by the BenedictionISome of them are difficult, requir-[~'~:A.~| ||~: ]~.'~|~!1 I their convent homes and th trammg of, t heSlsters. ^. . [ Home, SweetHome, isnowarealitylwith the Most Blessed Sacrament and]lug agility, poise, and strength. Lestlaa':aa''~a v ..... ,ministrations of our Sist ~mmacum~e~..oncepttont.nurcn, ]for the missionary. The missionlcl°sewithTeDeum" Ith~ regular practices be not enough~]U[ADTV[~'~J~DT, 26 ] friends, keep faith with • wynue, Ar~• ~ ]house is now almost completely fur-I Confessions will be heard SaturdaY]to get these down perfectly, the per-]l~l~[~l ll~O ~]|~ &~L| lmartyred by sharl,ng your ( Gr.ow!h is a charactermtlc of hfe---Inished in every detail and greatest of] evening at 7:30 p. m., until all are l formers are making use of everYi I[ l[?~ll~||tt~ll'~|~i~.ll~ ~[!' ]['~]'~]~[blessings with us. unmm~:a~aoty true of the eongrega-lull, meals, well prepared and delicious-]heard and again at 11 p.m. All who] • • ~ I AUlll lilLr-I) I)I rYl't,I The Marquette Leag available moment m an effort t ue h~ :=:::c~iY~tnefo/t ~iP°ssessed'°f thelly flavored, are served in my ownlp°ssibly can should receive the Sac-lreach perfection before they face the/ let 105 East Tw, ~econ~ y w cn ]t was Known {dining room. Yes, our pravres have]rament of penance at 7:30 p.m. DO~public. At recess, before school and -------- ~. ' - INew York City one year ago, and a constant gr°wth/be-n~ c answereo .......... ano ~ nave-a nouse-" [riot wait until the last hour to cleanse I after school, the boys may be seen (By N. C. W. C. News ~ervme:) o[ • _---.-- is the natural result.Last SundaY/keeper Mrs Frei from Jonesboro, Iy°ur soul. New York, Dcc 9.---The ieast Oil marked the .largest attendance . at[desiring to do something for the mis-] St. George, Knohel. /in would make Houdini 7nvious, and Blessed Isaac Jogues, John de Bre-lpflRTfl RIf the yard o.oino, throu,-h tricks which =a:So:nt:r~n: estavnsnment Of]siena and especially for the mission-[ High Mass will be celebrated at]which the startled nassersb~ have no beuf, and their Martyr Compamons ava,av a,,~ ~ " nmy be celeblated on September 06 n; ry ±vlore pews Wlll • ]ary, has given up her home to make]9 a. m., followed by the Benediction]doubt concluded must be connected "" "io ese of North f~'~][~ ]~'~| |~'~ soon be necessary and ifthe growthta Home, Sweet Home, for the mis ]with the Most Blessed Sacrament and[with a circus. Many good wishes, of each year m every o c . _ I.]l~l ] [Ll,~|l.] ]boys and girls, for success America, according to official notifi- , carton r~,celved from Cardmal Vmo, Christmas Day, at St. Winand s will " " " " " AT NEW + ~ ~ Lord Po e Pus XI Cur of contmues, a new church will be sects] , ,, , oU ;~ -]sionary. If you brother missionaries[cl°sing with th? Te Deum. Confes- sary. ~do not believe in Home, Sweet Home, siena will be heard before the Mass• The members of the choir deserve come to visit and eat w't"" St John's, Newport "e a re riatel ushe ....... Prefectof the Sacred Congregation I ~ n me ana you " " o pp p y ret~ m oy a zvnu- • tbe Con much credit for the great interest will be convinced Low Mass will be celebrated at the ni ht ~Iass The choii .... of RitesBy th~s decree of - they have evidenced in the rehearsals. I When Mrs Frei reads this item Ideal Laundry in Newport, at7 a'. m. p~g~t lnonth: and under the¢~bli~i::ce gregation of Rites the feast of the (By N. C. W. C. News Under the able directions of the or- she will n " " ..... Confessions will be heard before the .. ~' , ~,•, .... " " Jesuit Martyrs of North America be- Aguadilla, P. R., Dec. o~ approve oi wna~; ~ nave ~ . .... non oi ~er ~eona, has seen prac- ~' ..... v nce "~ ...... maculate genial, Miss Mar]erie Moore of Earle, Iwritten but that will not " .. Mass giving all an opportunity ~o re- ticin,, a new Mass Ever ..... comes oz na~lon-wme o~ser a. reuse o~ ~ne ~m • cnange ~ne . ~, .. y~)ooy in ~ne • • , ' ' " i, they have mastered a beautiful Mass!truth celve Holy Communion. ,uriah who has r~-i,,~,~ ~,~o ~;--~* Cardmal V~co s message of notfflca- was the occasion on wh which will be rendered for the first] 'Rex " that is the n ~ -" ~ Communion will be a r~ " " ~ . ties is as foAows: rebglous habit was confe~ ", ame o£ the " , eelplen~OI . . • . . time on Christmas Miss Moore has wa,c~. .............. ST WINAND'S MISSION HOUSE ~, ._ ~.._~__..: .... ..... "Everywhere m North America native Porto Rlcan young • , ~ m,aa empmyeo ~o guaro tne mis-• uur r~ucnar~lc ~oro on l:nal~ nay ...... , .. _ , .......... . . likewise arranged for several ~sdlbsIsi.._ 1_ ...... • .... -- ,~...;o+,~__ . .. , .... there is a grea~ rengmus ctevo~lon to ~rst irm~s oI ~ne native , .... o~l .ou~e, ~ex. is a genuine uonie .... ~, wm ~e uegun properly ....... e and a vmhn selectmn The ChrlstmaslThe ~ ........ By Rev Thus. F Lllhs " I1 wi ...... ~. ~. . the mwnclble athletes (f the froth, cently estabhshed on th • t-- • n~sslon I~oru ano ~ne missionary " • " re o ng ~ne lVlaan~gn~ lvl'ass a'~ ..... ~ , --~ ---~ - ~ ~ . .. e program promies to be one of unpre-~haw ~.,_,~., ~ ......... ~-,~•-,-d -- ~ .......... Isaac douses, aonn ae ~reDeu~ annBlesseo ~rln~y who eondU =" . ,,. I t~ auueu~ex ~o ~nelr IISE OI ClOSe .[~tc~euee, gne lvllSSlOnS Will De arlene- . ,, . ,_, . , :_~ ~.. . cedented solemnity m tths section, a~sociates We n----- ~" ...... .. :_._: McGehee. "~ +,~ This t"""" ................. their ~v~arLyr wompanlons wno cr,,- importa~ ±ulssmnary The ladms of the parish, under the]u,~ ,,,.:. • . ,, Energetic, enthusiastic representa-. .... :, m. sorted that region w~ththeirblood;throughout the Umted S ,,e ~r~umvlrage. " el o,vvv square miles. ±sere arc " " i ineleasinsocohstantl'" leadership of Miss Effie Eekles and l M~ and Mrs Ed ....... I tives of the circles, assembled Friday man-- missions ana th ..... ' .....ana tinss • g - " ' ~ Porto Rico ~ • . ' . ~sn nave leI~ 1or . y , u ~ p~opie, bne . . . " . .~ Mrs Ballard, two energetic parish Califmn: ............ morning" at the Friedman Building,~_~_,: ......... thattheB~shops of the Umted States This marks a new era • , ~ )• t~t Venere Liley Wlll spend . wa~not~t: people on ~nese missions, -, . . . . .. . , ,,~ ' ~ - ;~ workers, are arranging for a Christ-tclt;stmas with Mrs A~" " "" where our annual bazaar tooK place . ve not had h ....... of Nortn Amemca a~ rnelrannu,,, tory of the Church on tms ,~ "- . ~n s nro~:ner. ~ na lass on ~snrls~mas lor " """ t' mas tree celebration and the coming lSacre-, ,-, .... ,,.i_ _ . ...... ]the next day, for the purpose of get- ~ .... +a... I+ ,.m ~, ..........~Conference dec~dedto peuuon our cradle of Catholicity in • u xlt~alt ~-NUrCN, ~raw[or~SVllle. , . ~O~tt~ ~v. .~ VV~L* ~X~ a v~rX ~¢a~ . - of Santa Claus for the kiddies of the[ Mass was offeredin "~ . _ ]tmg thm vacant ~tore ready for an--leasure to ~isit them on ~hi -1 Mos., .{oI.~ , P " " World Formerly most • , . brawloros- ~ . p , - ~ s oay--- " " b parmh. The mere fact that Miss Eck- Iville on the fohrth ..... ] occasion which may be chalked up as *o sa- Massfor them " •., the privilege of the feast of the afore.. -ious establishments of t ~unaay oI P4ovem- ~ Y ~o give them ~ • l lee and Mrs. Ballard have tbe matter]ber The outs+andin featur _ . ]a milestone in the progress ofSt.HoP" Comnmnion It will b . . said Martyrs. His Holiness therefore, were conducted by SpaniS .... • ~ g e ano in- . , . y . e a ~rea~ t " . • • m hand ~s sufficient proof that it wilt cident out ........ Wmand s. The bazaar went over b~,~ for them Man ......... at the instance of the undermgned and "mite a few by Amer~ . . ~ : oI one orolnary was ~nel_ . . ,, . . ~'" • y o£ ~nese XOIKS, nlOSI~ ..... ~ ~., ~ ..... tl ] be an overwhelming, success. These//lar-eg atten-~' uanee. ......... ~ was ~ne larges~l By ~ar exceeoing m, expec~azions. ~,,,~f them in fact, .~-.s-,,~-~"";'~""n ..... ~,,,,= ~,,,.,*""~" .~ Lena Uarumai rrelec~. . oI tne . t~on-. ,,,,ious.. The immi~'ation¢._ • "~, ladies are al~o receiving the supp0rt|~,,.....~ ........... : ..... " L Just a Few Drones. I ....... -+;..~ ...~.~..^ ,-~..;~,.... ~..~. [gregation of Rites, has gracmus~y .... ,,~,+,~! +h,, n~e~.~ crY and co-operation of the entire par-~thi's most bee" ~'~ g .... ~s I This congregation, like all others, l i~ as common as dail- M~-: ....... [deigned to grant that in every diocese S~)a~:ish nuns to fill the ~as~ . | , UL1ZUl cnapel, the only! .... is b a~. ~o nave[ . . ,~ ., _ .~.. up ~ ~ , isn '~Cath-l: .... "~" ....... |na~ its (trones ano its workers Y°ulr'-rist brou-ht ~ -" I of North Amemca, on ~epcemDer zu ..... ir Sisters r • / u ~c eu]~Ice iocatc(1 in ~rktenoen, ' • ,