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December 24, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 24, 1927

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PA GE TWO THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 24, 1927 Published Weekly CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY ef tko Dioc~ of Little Rock s~ WEST SECO~rD STREET ~ tag se~md-olaes mutter March Zl, 1911. at tho poetofflee mt [JSble Reek, Ark., under t~o Act of Congress of MarohS. 187|. ~$gTRIPTiON PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR CHAN(IE OF ADDRESS JJsp~J~ ~.--~~J 4KB4J hs"~t~d~ add,.. |. desired the .uh..r|b..honed ,|co new address CORRESPONDENCE lla~ haS4md~[ for publieatft~ in The Guardian should rameh us land ~ Wednesday moz~|ing Brief news correspondence is ~Na~rs w~JmmL The kindness of the clergy In this matter is cer a~e~at4d ~IF~. else. H. M~DERMOTT ..... Managing Editor m~mm~iestlons about "The Guardian" should be addressed to ~e ]bey ~o H, McDcr]tott, 807 West Second-Street. OFFICIAL ORGAN , ~e ~r41an is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rusk. ~/~ I ~ ~ that it may be an earnest champion of the auss of ~ and truth and an ardent defender of the religion which ~ a/] love es well. I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope ~* ~ ~~tr r~a be long and prosperous. JNO. B. MORRIS. Bishol) of Little Rock. December 4, 1927 g, IN THE AIR lANES--MR. MORROW IN MEXICO Rt. Rev. Francis L. Kelly--Bishop of Oklahoma. Courtesy of the Southwest Courier A letter from a man who lived many years in Mexico, and passed these years studying the country and its people, is on my desk before me. An extract from it may be interesting-- "I see that CaIles has ordered Archbishop Orozco to be taken 'dead or alive.' Apparently his interviews with Mr. Morrow has encourag- ed him to believe that such a command would be received with benevolent tolerance in Wash- ington. Our policy with Mexico appears more and more as fumbling uncertainty, while the conduct of Mr. Morrow reminds me of nothing so much as that of Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf. How'any person beyond the age o2 belief in Santa Claus and possessing a shred of are made subservient. But it is harder to ex- plain why the word has been passed along to i the press to keep quiet. Reputable editors have l listened and heeded. Money does not explain everything, but what little it does not explain perhaps secret lodges might. In the meantime, the Senate of the United States has appointed a Committee of Inquiry to find out if any of its members have been receiving Mexican propa- ganda money. The inquiry matter might well go deeper. Mexican political refugees have been taken from their homes in the United States, brought across the border, and summar- Sly executed. Could that have been done with- out help from this side? A Mexican bishop gious tests for public officers lenged by Protestants and of Protestantism. Meantime, Catholic Church are continued conceal the true intent and movement. THE MEXICAN elf-respect can associate on intimate terms !l Lincoln's Threat To Leave I with a thief and murderer, someone should be Country no longer the maple one killing and rob-: bing Americans; it has become an international, nuisance and an affront to civilization." Do you know that Abraham Lincoln, ad- These are strong words, but words worth pon- mittedly the greatest character in Ameri- dering over, it is not Washington alone. Peo. it-can history next to Washington--and by ple have now become pretty well convinced some even ranked higher than the Father The present situation in the most tragic in the civilized scoundrel with neither mercy, hood in his makeup has robbed his way to power. He the representative of what world's worst government, To date Calles has outraged principle of civilization and American ideal. He has tram acred ri,.;hts of' man and worst i lied about it. Bad as are of His Country was so disgusted with the bigotry and intolerance of the Know- Nothing movement that he threatened in the event of its suceess to leave the coun- try ? If you have never read what the great martyred President said on the subject of intolerance, you should read in Dr. Peter Guilday's series of articles on "The Cath- olic Question in the United tSates, "which will begin in the Guardian on January 7th, his interesting chapter on Know-Nothing- ism. was hailed before a Federal Court in Arizona terrible as the sufferiag and on such hmsy ewdence of helping to scar up a ,yranny, ne-'el'theless, $he Ur revolution that the judge immediately threw first government in the world tol the case ou! of court. Why not inquire whot divine right of man to worship 6 was respong;ble for that arrest. Was it a Mexi-I according to his conscience, ha can official? Two self-appointed eomrnissions lself to the point of not only toler! went from the United States to Mexico and be.]dillon which has wrought untoldl gun propaganda for Calles as soon as they ar.]fering throughout Mexico but it rived back home. No one has as yet been in-lther, it has deliberately that there is a hidden reason for the silence of formed who paid their expenses; but the Hearst[] tempt to white wash a scc I revelations show that money was given for that The former Ambaosador to Next Sunday, the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord and Saviour, -O. the daily papers. There are those who believe that this silence can be explained only by rea- sons not at all creditable to those who control the press. Mr. Hearst was a long time coming out with the truth, but he could not for so long a time have been ignorant of it. The Depart- ment of State has known from the beginning. Mr. Kellogg took over the Wilsonian policy without, I hope, the ignorance of facts which characterized it. Mr. Wilson's policy plainl: was to uphold revolution. The policy w hich today seems to be followed ig that of accepting a bad situation and making the best of it; but the result is not making the best but the worst of it. The principles that our Russian policy clearly proclaims to be those of our government, logically followed, would, require us to with- Monday is the feast of St. Stephen, the first draw recognition from Calles. But, for some Martyr---Tuesday the feast of St. John, the reason or other, we do one thing in reference Apostle and Evangelist--Wednesday, the feast to Russia and the opposite in reference to Mex- of the Holy Innocents--Children who were ice. The silence of the press, even in the face slaughtered by King Herod, vainly seeking the of the Hearst revelations, may be explained in death of Christ the Infant Saviour. part by the fact that the New York financiers o want regular payments af interest on the Mexi- The Guardian extends its sincere greetings can bonds which they are holding--and they to its readers, advertisers and friends with a prayerful wish that God may bless them with his choicestgifts of health, happiness and prosperity. .0 There are 160 orphaned children under the care and protection of Sister Anna and her Benedictine Sisters St. Joseph's Orphan- age, Levy Postoffice. The 160 waifs are all praying for the visit of Santa Claus and they give to you and to me, 160 reasons for taking the part of Santa Claus and being generous with God's own children. O' The flood sufferers on the lower Mississippi Valley' have reason this year to hold His I-[oli- ness Pope Plus XI in grateful memory. He proves himself to be a real and generous Santa Claus in distributing among the sufferers, his gift of $100,000.00 during Christmas time. ,0 If you would have the true Christmas feeL- ings, pious feelings and acquire l he spirit of Christmastide. go to crib with its manger. the Child, the Mother, St. Joseph and then offer a prayer to the Infant Christ that the peace off the Crib may mean for you the peace of home and of friends. "O" On your list of friends to whom you feel little Christmas gift may be appreciated as a friendly token, do not forget the mail carrie ! from whom you receive so faithfully what you so desire even though at times his message is not so very welcome. O Ambassador Morrow in Mexico, but a fear days, opened the press publicity of that secreti; e nation to the several press associations of .this country. We are now receiving a Morrow series of uncensored despatches, but there is no news that has not the stamp of Morrow, J. P. Morgan and Guggenheimer. o Ham and eggs with "Turk" Calles now spell "applesauce." The "Turk" is some diplomat and Morrow spells "Tomorrow" in the settle- ment of what seems to be our only. Mexican fuss, American oil rights. O The Anglican State Church of England the established Church, according to the Parliament of Great Britain with King George as Head and Defender, appears to be on the rocks of Dis- establishment and this comes about over the Common Prayerbook. The House of Commons hold almost all-- and therefore feel they must do everything possible to help Mr. Calles. To that end all other American interests iff Mexico rejects the Common Prayerbook and it is now a matter of "confusion and anxiety" according to the Archbishop of Canterbury, England's Angelicar Primate. We would suggest that the Ar.chbis hop fall back upon the old Catholic prayerbooks like the Raccolta and the Key of Heaven amt thus return to true Catholic nor- malcy: .O Ambassador Morrow, Commedian Will Rog- ers, Co:li)nel: Lindbergh and Ma Lindbergh are all partaking of the ham and eggs of "Turk" Calles,. Presiitent of Mexico, as his Christmas- tide guests. This feasting does not spell "Peace on earth to men of good will," but does spell financial peace for the Morgans and Guggen- hefmers,, are truIy Sorry for Lindbergh and' his good: mother--but as to Rogers, his middle name is "Bunk.'" O' / LPPE L TO TRUE CHARITY The Christmas Leper Fund annually gather- ed by the: Satiety for the Propagation of the Faith through: vol untary contributions goes into, a work that. commen s itself instantly to the truly charitable, person. In the course of a year we yield otto SUl port to so many dubious charS- ties that the recognition of a charity that is charity gk)w of fi e feeling accompanies the .inspiratii) to iend some degree of help. The pressure organization methods, even when applied in natably worthy causes, robs us of much that mii ht atherwise be enjoyable in our giving. Not so with the Christmas Leper Fund. It is for those who heed the appeal of pure charity. "Ta pity distress is but human; to relieve it is Gad-like." No great stretch of the imagina- tion is needed to transport one's thoughts to a leper's abode. Even mentally we are conscious of a shrinking at the visualization of decaying humanity, in forced submission to a living death. Were our contact closer, likely we would blanch dt the.cry of "Unclean! Unclean!" Such has been the lot of the leper in society since time immemorial, not that society has not pitied distress, but that society had not taken steps to relieve it. It was Christianity that imposed charity upon us as a virtue exemplified in the alleviation of the suffering and helpless. It is within the means of all of us to give purpose by Calles. The murder of Mrs. Evans[apparently sufficiently careful ,has never been properly investigated, The hold-/ of certain interests, particularly ing up of pay-masters of oil companies, and thelTl is resulted in the sending ( robbery of the money in their possession, is lC erk of the hous of Morgan an something worth looking into, especially in view [ to Mexico. of the fac that there is a suspicion that in both cases the "bandits" were really soldiers. In f ct, the whole business of foreign governments spending enormous amounts of money to influ- ence American public opinion is a proper sub- ject for inquiry. So far as Mexico propaganda money is concerned, it would be of particular interest to know how much of it was spent on the border, and what connection, if any, there is between the zeal of our newspapers to stamp out any activity on this side against Galles and the laxity which marked our relations with propagandists from other countries. It is of course quite proper, according to international etiquette, to see that the territory of the U. S. is not used to promote insurrection against a government which we have officially recog- nized, but why "make fish of one and flesh of another?" It-is sincerely to be hoped that the coming Senate investigation will be permitted to cover considerable g ound.--Southwest Courier. the little bit which in the aggregate is much. The Christmas Leper Fund invites spontaneous charity, which in the Christmas season over- flows into so many less worthy causes. O PROTESTANTISM IN POLITICS Two fresh examples of the way in whii h Protestant organizations, as such, in them- selves ihto purely political affairs were furnish. ed by the recent elections in the' State of Ohio and the City of Detroit. The Anti'Saloon League in one case and the local council of Protesta, nt churches in the other instance were the agencies which sought to exert sectarian in- fluence in the enactment of laws and the selec- ti'on of public officials. In Oh4:o,, the Anti-Saloon League was the proponent and promoter of a bill which, would have prescribed the judicial procedure to be. observed the trial of persons accused of of- fenses against the State prohibition statutes. Detroit, l;he Protestant churches, with the not- able exception, indorsed one candidate for the mayorMity while condemning and opposing another candidate for that office. There is no need to, debate the merits of the issues .or the individuals that were favored or fought by these sec,tarian organizations. The point is that by their political activities they have multiplied the evidence that most of the Protestant groups which made the false charge that the Catholic Church seeks "control of the civil government of America" ar$ themselves notoriousiy a.t- tempting to suhject the secular powers to their dominion. "This ineonsistency between the professions .and the performances of Protestan organiza- tions with political objectives may be merely apparent. There is indeed ground for the sus- ,picion that under the pretext of "saving Amer- ica from Rome" these sectarians are all the while preparing the way for a Protestant hege- mony in the politics and government of the United States. One fact in the situation is in- contestable. It is not Catholics and aliens, but Protestants and natives that are striving for a union of Church and State in America. ,The ef- forts of the protestant g ,oups to dictate legis- lation and nominations are increasingly wide- spread and obvious, The guarantees of reli- Collier's Weekly degcrlbed hir glowing Alger terms and thusiasm the sacrifice of the clerk of the h ouse of Morgan, million dollar job to. become of the greatest government on Mr. Morrow is doubIiess a Chief Clerk and he has Mexican conditions were ve T blue or depressed but black with charters Will Rogers, a Chamber of Commerce lC the world about Mexico. .. Apparently the cowboy a lean time of it. He "over." The world must be ice. Morgan's Chief Clerk and with a cIerkly zeal sought stunt for CalIes and his and being efficient as a must be, Mr. M rrow thought Lone Eagle, America's beloved haired Viking of the air, who has and greeted and loved by the was sent to Mexico through doubtless of Morgan's chief of Guggenheim the Copper Kings, Lindbergh's tour throughout Of course, we cannot blame th Morrow, chief clerk of the for taking care of his firm's or any place else, t:hat is what 1"or. But it is an insult to the at large and a humiliation of thislt sVood always as the guardian' of ties to allow its Government to cheap minded bankers and who attempt make good their ta:ading in the honor of A, meriea- There is a more serious side the United States Yoday there are Catholics and when we regard titude of our governmen we are that: as far as the present hat in like circumstances these zens would have just about the justice that the people of This is a harsh thing say humiliating to say it but the humble. O ,. Editorial HE'LL DO THE RI!lS During a recent parade in of Columbus passed bearing Stripes. "Wlmt's that soldier with an American flag?" asked looking man on the sidewalk. was quickly answered by an touched the important looking re to attract his attention and the ,ou ever fight for that flag? did not, but that boy carrying it s reet did fight for it, and if the thrashing of your worthleSS ,:here and insult either the He'll do the rest.", The " effaced himself.--Western