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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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V!-( ":- ",": :!7"" ................... " .... :Y ........ i " :3k- :" " Page Sixty-two . Christmas Day in Own Home! Bq ETHEL COOK ELIOT , Mother, Father M ALMOST and Children glad w e&apos; r e Have Special not geing to 'our Grand- ' jusq at mother's for ' Family Feast c h r I s t m a s tl,ls year," Mrs. Will confided to Mr. Will a week before that great day. "Do you realize we've never had a Christmas here In our own itome, Just ourselves and our family 7" "Yesr '.< , I've been thinking o1' that," " Mr. Will replied. "Let's keep it just ourselves, an(1 gtve the kiddies one t.rnly home Christmas to remember." As usual, Mr. and Mrs Will were ,,' In complete agreement In their ideas and emotions.. Mrs. Will sighed con- tentment. Mr. Will sighed content- ment, too; for after all, such harmony as theirs is not so common in this workaday world of wives and hus- bands. But as Chrlstmss day grew nenrer and nearer Mrs. Will suddenly reallzed she wa,s nursing a sick conscience. There was something she had not tim heart to confide to Mr. Will. Now, Mr. Will had a slck conscience, too. There was something lie had not the heart to confide to Mrs. Will . But fortunately everything was straightened out before Christmas, that day of peace, dawned. Billy, their oldest, didn't know what the word conscience meant. Of ",, course lie had heard mother and fa- ther whispering about lmw nice a trlctly family Christmas would be. ,-j ,He had heard them. but perhaps be hadn't understood their sentiment. Anyway, at luncheon, two days be- fore Christmas, he suddenly blurted, "Say, Morn, Pve asked Jim Larkln to our Christmas dinner and the tree. lieu know his folks are in Europe, and he's Just staying on at the school. Thought he'd like it here better. More homelike." i. "Oh, bother, Billy," Lucy cried thirteen-year.old Lady Lucy. "I've asked Patty Brown, She hasn't any ,' . folks anywhere, even in Europe. Just that snobbish great-aunt who's giv- ing a big imuse party, all old folks, and doesn't want Patty around. She needs a home Cbrlstmas more than your Jim I" Falher was eyeing mother anxious- ly. Her bright smile amazed him. "Well, I'm sure there's room for them both. I am glad you have such kind h earth. Children." But now Mr. W'lll spoke timidly, "I'm sorry, mother, but I, too, have asked a guest. Couldn't help it some- howl That young Miller at the of- rice. He's so cut up about his moth- er's death, anti a hoarding house Is a dreary pktce to spend Christmas." Mr. Will's voice was timorous, alnmst pleading. But Mrs, Will's bright smile had 1sow turned to a calm. relieved one. "Oh, that's splendid, dear," she said. "For, do you know, I myself have In- vited that pretty little Gladys ttaver- Ill. She looked so woebegone when I met her t the grocer's Saturday and asked her whether she was going home for Ciirlstmas. She said a poor school teacher couldn't travel way across a continent even for a Christmas at home. What could I do l And do you know I've always thought Gladys and Ted Miller ought to meet. They're such nice young people--and Gladys is so pretty l" So that's what happened to the Wills' precious family Christmas. But not one of the Wills felt that he had been clieated of anything. On the contrary l And Mr. and Mrs. Will are In closer harmony than ever. You see, they are the same sort of people--not a too com- mon thing In workaday life. And Billy and Lucy are growing up rather like them. (, 1951. West'ern Newspaper Union.) t IN MERRIE ENGLAND The English Christmas is not unlike ours, save that we do not have the& retty custom of "bringing In the Is." In almost every family in Eng. land the boys and girls gather about the burning, log on Christmas Eve to sing carols and tell Christmas legends. <  Often the children who llve In the country assist at the dragging in of the huge log. An English child would : not feel that it was Chrlstnias if there were not a bit of mistletoe banging in the hall, under which the unwary are kissed soundly. Little and big eat the [ rich and blazing PlUm pudding, and all t Join In the singing of Christmas carols ,, and churchgoing. i [ Jt Merry Christmas. yes. s day or laughter, And here's wish for every day there- after: : Wen Chrltma8 goes tm It of course must do, 4Ma wry day that comes be morrlh toe, THE GUARDIAN Compliments of B URKE S PHARMACY POCAHONTAS, ARK. J. R. Grobmyer, President Gazzola Vaccaro, Secy.-Tress VACCARO-GROBMYER COMPANY Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash and Doors, Paint and Varnish Buihl,ers Hardware Purina Feeds, Hay and Grain, Brick, Lime, Cement Galvanize(T Roofings, Composition Roofings FORREST CITY, ARKANSAS For All Crops Hope Fertilizers for All Soils HOPE FERTILIZER CO. HOPE, ARKANSAS P ,,.i,ii.llll..i.,ll,lillll, = Your Account Appreciated == - BANK OF EASTERN ARKANSAS == --= Member of Federal Reserve System =- In Business Since 1886 = - FORREST CITY, ARKANSAS - -Hii CITY MEAT MARKET STIPSKY & CO. All Kinds of Fresh and Smoked Meats Always on Hand All accQunts due when presented as we sell for Cash Only Phone No 8 STUTTGART, ARK. r-- t- HAMM, AN &.SELIG + Gents Furmshing - = STUTTGART, ARK. dlllllllllllllllll|lllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illll|llllllllllllll illllllllllllllllllllll illlllllllllll F. J. BALTZ REALTY CO. hnproved Farms and Farm Loans Buy, Sell or Exchange PROOF OF BIBLE STORY took it about 1000 B. C It is hese Jebusites who lived in Palestine many FURNISHED BY LATEST I._.,dred.+ o, ,.e,rs bofo.,.e the +o,,.s came there, and of xvholn it is said ill MACALISTER FINDS Genesis that they descended from Canaan, son of Ham, the son of Noah I "We shall await with impatience (By N. C. W. C. News Service) f Professor Macalister's written report Dubiin.The latest message o:f on the pottery which he has discover- Prof. Maealister to the Daily Tele- ed, and whic evidently belongs to the Macalister'sc workmen are now r" + ,  tt  , g ,tph eads. Found early Canaan]tel pre-Greek Myeenean era. But the M " .  ing over the ground trbdden bY ycenean pottery, among which jar[ mportanc.e of the find of the jar ban- I David, And by the ancestors handle with twelfth dynasty scarab I dle with the sea] of the twelfth Egyp-' " ed. Jebusites he conquered." sealing. Discovery of Jebusite fort- tian dynasty caroms be over-estimat- In Ireland further news is ress confirmed." s awaited. The utmost "Ibis message, m conjunsction with "Professor Macalistcr mentions this placed in Professor Macalister. that which preceded it, reporting dis- l Yind in his telegram to show the value not by any means fresh to the covery of the Jebusite north walll he attaches to it, for it makes it pos- of Ea:tern archeological S with tower, means that the veil has / sible to fix the (late of the stratmn Before the outbreak of the been lifted from one of the most fas- in which the remarkable remains have War he was engaged in cinating historical problems in which been discovered. mankind is interested. "The twelfth dynasty of the so-call- / excawiting in Jerusalem. "We can positively say," comments ed Theban line reigned more than [ Make great account of your the Daily Telegraph: "tlmt Professor twenty centuries before Christ. These/ciou s trials, interior and exterior; Macalister has discovered the ancient were powerful and successful Pha-I thus that" the garden o Jesa$ city of the Jebusites, the Millo which roahs, all these Amenemats and Usur-I adorned with flowers, that is,, was already centuries old when David tesens of the twelfth dynasty, mighty / acts of virtue. ' I builders and conquerors, whoe sessions reached beyond the Nile aracts and :fro" into Asia. "It is with a feeling akin to ence that one gra(lua]ly sees ing out of the mists of ages positive of the truth of the history. "The spades and picks of J. L. Williams, Pres. Emma Cox Smith, Cashier H. V. Cartwright, Vice-President Raymmd H. 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