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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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R,vls Swry d Christmas I Our Christmas Days • as They Used to Be OMETIMES It seems as If the N TIlE far- "elder days" were the best. i flung Imd tff Think of t.lleir Chrlstmases! the west ttle Where Is tile grace and gen-. erosity of those times? Tile early winter warm welcome, tim large cor(ltality, Itati been lul- the mellow fuu of innocent eelebra-] usually mild and tlons? although It was near- lng Christmas, now the weather was bright and clear, dirtiest spring-like In its mildness. Everywhere that the nles.aae of the Christ Clllld had reached, men anti women were busy and lnll)py pre- parlng for the great day,  new and added Joy of life surging within their hearts. Into each Imme tllere Ilad come a strengthening and rekindling of family ties and llt --,<:- Perhaps we look back tlrougll tle, softening glow of distance, but there is a ronlance, a delicate, fine flavor of something which indeed seems lost to US now. How the neighbors rode tl, rougl, tim snow on horseback to large gather- ingsl How tim pretty girls were muffled In rugs and furs, skimming over the road In s.lelghs! Itow the bells rippled and ragl And how tim wide doors flew open to greet tlmse /L/  a new birth of guestsl love and service IAght of candles . . breath of that reaclled out pine wreaths . . sprigs of holly 1 even beyond tile . .  and the high thrill of holiday home. thonglts. Out on the res- Laugidng faces . . . graceful creation, lmwever, and the Vlrglnia reel In the evening. the Indians went It Is a h eartsome tlflng to thhlk about their tasks about.  Let us try to hlSert some of as usual, for no this gentle beauty nntl spirit Into our lflnt of the wonder Christmas day. We have not the and the glory of iclsure anti spaciousness of those the Ohrtstmas times, but Iearts cqn reilect Just as time had yet come truly tile invisible yet invincible power to them, And if of love aml loveltness l--Martha B. they felt a mys- Timmas. l'l-., terlous something ,. 123. xVetern Nw,n,r Union.1 in the air at this s. _ -( --.%:... :a time, they under- stood it not at all, 'Old Yuletide Hymn for the brightness from the Star of Bethlelem had not yet burst upo them, Moonlight Brook was very lonely le had only little Silver Star, her daughter, with her new--the big chief had sent Strong Oak, her husband, with other brave, on a mission to a distant village. And Moonlight Brook had missed him every hour, for their love was still burning as bright as the big camp fire that blazed near the tepees at dusk. Her love of the great open spaces helped to cheer her during the long hours of his absence. ]]]very day with little Silver Star she wandered afar. In these lonely places that he west tlere always came to her the aen of some unknown presence--the had4 of some great power. Early one morning Moonlight Brook called little Silver Star to her and told her that they would go for g long walk, away up to Roaring Oreek. Moonlight Brook.was lost in wonder at the beauty of the scene, bat a great and sudden change had come over the day. Now, looking at the lowering, t reatenlng sky, she decided that she must make all pebble haste back to the village. For with the dark- i i hess and the gloom that had come over all there had come, too, from across _ the prairie a low menacing wind Favorite Everywhere I HERE is scarcely a cimrch of any denomination tlmt does not soma time during the Christ- mas season echo to tile strains of that beautiful and soul-in- sl)lrlng hymn, "O, come all ye aithful." It seems to be a favorite at Yuletide In every land and tn every clime, whether It Is sung as el)eve referred to. or in its original fomn as the "Adoste FIdelis." The hymn was first given to ,the worhl In the Thirteenth eentury by a Franclscnn monk. hut did not gain world-whle popularity for a long time after. The EngllS}l translation was made I)y Canon Frederick Oakley over sixty years ago. Since that time the hymn has been n'anslated into the hlngusge of every nation and the sweet and lofty words ring out at Ci|ristmng time In many remote places. But wMle the Englisi translation ires superseded tim 9riglmd I,atln to a great extent yet tile beauty of the .rlgi|lal composition Is such that there are many wire still prefer to hear it even though tle language Is not their own.--Katherinc Edehnan. (), 1923, %V.ern Newspaper Unlon, .- - - -:.. -'ag 2,S Receiving Christmas that carried with' it at times small, i"immmm"muu"mmttti"i"mu""""mmtmiu"i"ii"mmm""mmtuui"m"""t"". Gifts Is a Fine Art dry snowflakes. -qi-i|li|lili|t|l||l|iilH||lliilli|iiilHl|ii||ll||liililillli|i||l||iiiir t With Silver Star in her arms Moon- r-l e couItSE, every gltt given -" light Brook started in the direction of I Ji. l means also a gift received. ---- Compliments of =-, the village, walking with the swift, ]  (,'hrlstmas alwnys has two -- i' strong stride of tile woman who llvel  ldes, and certainly there Is -=- - GANS CLOTHING COMPANY much In the open The snow now was - 108 Main SL Phone 4-2816 coming down in large flakes and the great Joy In receiving the tok- -- -- wind had grown blizzard-like in its mlS of Iow and friendslflp that come to _ velocity. Hope was fast dying within  us. not because of altair money vahie, _= LITTLE ROCK, ARK. her, for she was trembling from ex- few nlom gifts are .bougi,t for small .=dl|HH||lll|llH|l||Hl|lll||llIill|ll|l|l|llll|ll|l|ll||l. haustlon.did the thingThenwhich°Verwr°ughtshe had triednaturehard ] expres.qonSnms' but beemlSeof sonleone'stl|ey conveYaffection.tO us anl to keep from hapRening--she sank heard t, young girl rem||rk when a lit. upon the snow--her last thought as tie gift came to Imr, "Well, that didn't Compliments of ,ahapS,re felttheConsciousneSsblanket closerleavingabouther'littlet breakAs If Christmasnny°ne's Imnk."could hnveWhatin Itn greatPity' Joy, for anyone who looked for the SHRADER'S PHOTOGRAPHY Silver Star and to waft a prayer to ,rice tag on a gift: Our character is the Great Spirit to take care of Strong likely to he revealed by the spirit of 102 I-2 Main Street Phone 4-I193 Oak wlmn she was gone. our receiving quite as well as by the * * * * * * * splrlt of our giving. It is thls fine LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS But the prairie has many stories nrt of receiving well thnt will not only , __ to tell'of strange things that have nnlke Clrtstnms tile more oyous, but happened there, and on this day there will also he an all-year virtue, if it i was added to the list another of those is cultivated In our hearts.F. H. coincidences which Swett. , t happen oftener in  c. 192' W,torn News1aperUnlonJ r e a I llfe than i[lll"ttt a, --__ _-:_=.. t-- __ ,l'- :.S some would have . us believe. For [-.-'tt] . LIKE MANY OTHERS Strong Oak and I..-:_11 his party came bY I%" " '='rJ 7 I  the very sp°t l---' i  " where Moonlight I1 - Brook and Sliver i \\;'WaffllillJJl  " Star lay a short [N'..'[ri-. I ' time after they I',-l_,],/I ARKANSAS ABSTRACT & GUARANTY CO. had sunk eximust- I . :"l'-t.=/I ed. Some oi the I( -- I People's Bank Building men had tried to I@, 1 take "the other I   J LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS trail, but some- I - '1 thln within him,  v I that strange, un- I-7 known force which I ,lr 1.* ( comes to all at times, made him t }e, choose the Roaring Creek trail instead and he found his loved ones and with / the help of the guides they reached i_,lltllllllll Illllllllllllll Illlllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I - Compliments of = = "ARK..TRANSFER COMPANY the village In safety. A few hem's later, Moonlight Brook and Strong Oak sat hand in hand, the estasttc haplness of being reunited ' surging within them. Mooulight Brook whispered over and over that it was a miracle that the Great Spirit had wrought that Strong Oak should have found her. And Strong Oak told her that while he had been gone he lind lleard tile story of the Christ m m m m dlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIII Illlllllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllilllllllillllllllllllllillill j t.. tllllllllllllillllllll Hllr` I = --i m Compliments of = ---- DANIEL BANKS ROOFING CO. : = 214 E. Markham St. Phone 5859 =- -= LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS . -- |ll||lH|l|l|||ll|||l|lH|lI||l|ll||l|l|I|lI|ll|llll||H|ll||l|l||lI|l||l|||||l|||||||ll|| m 314 Scott Street -, Child who had come upon earth on LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS =' this ,lay, which ever since has been called Christmas. As Moonlight Brook listened to the beautiful storY that has been told so much, but which keeps Its thrill through the ages, she felt that this day vrta indeed s day of miracles, for, like her bronzed brave, the sory brought her a wonderful peace and stilled the ,restless long ° hags wh|ch lied come to her so often ha the past. ( Ill|, Wutaill Ilwllpaper Union.) "She says her' huslnmd attends church regularly," "Yes. lie goes witl Ier to the ('hrlstnnls Service every year." SAFETY FIRST The Clirlstmas slioppers hesitated at the crowde41 treet crosslng. To try o et over seeined like an attempt to dodge fa]te.. Automobiles dashed by I , , continuous procession. The tall imI]('en]an, however, convoyed a group t tlcross like a battleslllp leading a I Ih,t'k ,f sctlooners. But one old lady HUel"ed. afraid tO launcll away. until 1 ..urae catne with the policeman's I 4ssurlln(,e', "Come right along, ma'm, 3,,u're JUSt as sltfe with ,e as if you was In God's pocket !"C. G, Hazard. ,,, I2L %Vist.rn Newllpaper Union,} On account of popular merrymak- ing the "Laws of King Cup ordered fast from Christmas to Epiphany. Faith is the most priceless posses- sion you will ever own, If we do not care hardly a right to expect ttim to for us. The highest exercise charity towards the u Cherry i* r  - CONWAY BO rTLIN (, WORKS G. T. Fiddler & Son, Proprietors . { Blossom Distributors of -BudWe# ARKOLA--The Favorite Drink Phone 304 7) r) oo0 North Front Street CONWAY, ARKANSAS Bread BON-TON BAKERY Jno. Starch, Proprietor Cakes Wholesale and Retail 311 N. Front St. • CONWAY, ARKANSAS • i , Compliments of FAULKNER COUNTY BANK & Capital and Surplus, $108,000.00 CONWAY, ARKANSAS HIEGEL, THESSiNG & MARX Dealers in General Merchandise Our Motto is: Quality, Price and Service CONWAY, ARKANSAS ' A. A. Haltes J' CONWAY LUMBER CO FAI Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber • Sash and Doors Cedar and Cypress Shingles CONWAY, ARKANSAS q .... i, :',,,: :%!:': ,,, .....