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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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3 Pace Fifty-eight /ks Aunt Susan Saw C&apos;hrimnas By ETHEL COOK ELIOT OptimisticNiece__ _ Was I{EAT- AUN'f Touched Right s u s .t N r. 11 uckled. Sltand She sold: Rewarded by "w,ql. r,n Aged Relative n,,t ,:l,,ne f,,r ye.t, even If I huve boeu [ hey l/retry sick. " * . ,..omss as needn't take It for Present Drew rauted I'nl a spent Prize Over old tWOllllin. Vhy, Boudoir Slippers ru ,, to ],:.rope, ('llnle s,tWiilff !" : I],ut nobody answered Aunt Susan, for there was ozfly the canary to bear. Not being lnterrui*ied by the canary, a wise litth; bh'd who knew Great Aunt Susan's ways, she went on. all ever. Wonder how ,lessh'a or Polly nnw wouhl like traveling around With a cross old woman Guess I'll think It over pretty well, lhough, before I ask either of 'era." Then silence fell while Great Aunt Susan tllought tiffs question over-- should she ash one of her great-nleces |'0 see Earope nuder her care?" rYhe canary, swinging on his perch, began to sing Had eilher Jegui(.a or Polly beard whet the eanm'y had heard, they would have IJegm to sing, too. For neither Oils of lheso girls had eww been to Eu- rope, or ever traveled at all. And with both It was lhe loudest dr(,mn. "Flit,), were (.(rosins. but how differ- ent ! Jesslea llvd on Ehn street in a fashionable little tmuse with her wid- owed mother, and went to Miss Flsk's finishing school. Polly llw,d 'way down behlw Church hill on a strt named "Pearl." It wire  decent enougll street, but far from fashtonal)le; and Polly was a sophonmie In high school. Her father was a teacher Ill lhat same Idgh sebool, and tim sm,allness of hls salary explains tile smallness of their llltle house and lis h)catlon While (Ireat-Aunt Simon was sitting up In bed In her dark ehl nlanslon away in tits city, thfnklng allout Polly and Jessie/J boll| those girls, strange to say, were tblnktng qulte concern. tratedly of her, too. For It was only a few days to Olwlstmas and It was theh" yearly habit to send tills rich, ]laughty old aunt a CAn'lstmas present. Jesslca cried, "Oh, motber, what a bore[ Well, I'll go ()lit and get tile old filing her present right away and have4t over with. But what can I give her, she has so much?" .leslca's mother aswered wisely, "Well. dear, It Isn't tim gift that will matter to Aun! lsan. It's the lhought. She has everytblng in the world, of course, It's only Io let ller know yell renlluiber her--and so she THE GUARDIAN S,e was "l,owlng 'e,u" Sb lla,l I, ! Who Is Your Neighbor?  " ...... gun with her servams. They w,:l A Good Christmas Game' the only ones to observe the fact that she w-is up 'md dressed and down- stahs for Christmas dinner. Tlmre. ['7111S Is a very lively C'hrislnuls Ilk')l g..,e, a.d ,,,m eSlmciallv use- all in her griln solitude, she slirveyeK1  fill ill all cltlel'giylll.y, fill' it tun her l)iesenis. .Pher{! welo (loz,na anti dozens of tlleili. " k tal)lt h(`upe,i aud  m Idayed wilhollt l)reparalhHi .. running over with parcels from all her hopeful relatives. She smiled a trill(, wryly. tlt.  conic to hOP ffr(,;it-nie(.os' pre I eats the very last of all. They Imp- ironed to I)e lyln 1,)g,qher qt the I)ot- 10111 Of the pile. A foot:nan was at her hand ready to lwtl with file strin,,. and tl|e, nufoldlng o1' paper, But now Aunt Susan waved hhn aw: y. "1'11 undo tllese myself." she slild. ]n her lutrdened old heart the/'e had always been a spark ef affet:li,m for these two young 111eces wholli she had not seen since they were chlhh'en. She would llke to undo their presenls wllh her own hands--to get lhe perstmal llavor. gesslea's canB first. Off she tore to herself. tllng bolt uprigl|t among, the brown llaper wral)ldngs with Its her runny lacy pilhm's in lhe rich. fig' postmarks and address. Out rolled a bed, "Nol much fnn gcdng alerts, how- wldte paper parcel tied. with eery- day white string. The white paper was rather wrinkled and t'ertalnly slightly soiled. Aunt Susan slipped tim siring. Into her lap rolled a pair of soft gray silken boudoir slippers, "Well, Dear, It isn't the Gift That, Wll.I Matter," won't forget yell, you know. All our hops are on her not forgetting us, re- :lnenlber" "Oh, yes, of course," Jesslca pouted. "But what shall I get herT' "Why not some beautlflll boudoir .sllpilers? She'll probably be sick a hmg time---If Indeed she ever get lletter." "That's an ldea--Iioudolr slippers You are clever, mummy." And ,Tesslca ran off to her Christmas shopping for (h'eat-Aunt Susan. In the little brown house on Pearl street the same question was being asked and answered. "Poor old tbing l" Polly cried. "What's it to her tf she is o rlcll and all that l She's not got a soul to love her. ahd it's almost Christmas. Imag- Ine CIwlstulas without level Well, I cau't spend over fifty cents, even tlmugh I am so sorry for her. I gave a whole dollar to tile Girl Scouts, and after Christmas I won't have a cent of al:owance left." "Well, get somet;hlng cheerful what- ever you do," Polly's luother exclahned. "Nuthing to rendnd her that she's an Invalid, I'd say. It's the thtught, not he gift that counts." But though tills last was what Jes- tgi,'ll'S niolrbe.r had sahl tile lliOtl, watt enlirel.v different. Polly's mother was Ilot prtiellcal-mlnded like Jesslca's. She. was Just a shnple, kind-hearted lvonliln, ,. 80 Poliy ran away to Ohristmas shop, ,for Great:Aunt Susan. $ $ * i $ $ $ Came Chrismas day. And Great- Aunt Susan was keeping her .word "Then Came a Little White Box, and in the .Box, a CompassY hand embroidered wltb laverder flow. era and edged and lined with soft gray fur. Lying in the had of one of them was a calling card--Jessiea's. The sur- name. was Crossed out, of course, and scrawled In a careless, artistic band at the top was written. "Merry Ohrlst- leas." "Well It's cerlalnly a generous gift," tliought Great-Aunt Susan. "For I know they're not an), too well off, even If they do manage to keep up apl)ear  antes. And very appropriate, t(m--- for an invalid." She turned to the other parcel. Under tee brown wrapping she found a neat square of white paper lied with sliver Christmas cord. Be- nealh, tl,at lay tissue., This tissue sqnare was tied with bright holi- day rlbllon and sealed with Ohvlt - mas seals, Then came a little white box. And In the box a ('ompassl On tim box was written in careful script, serll)t o lsy for sick. old eyes to read, "l,'or y(mr travels, dear Aunt Susan! Your affectionate niece--Polly." ilumph ! ' said Great-Aunt Susan. But after a minute her eyes twinkled aml her cheeks grew pinker. "rl'hat girl's g@t sense--and Christ.ross spirit, l,o," she added. That nlght she wrote a hmg letter to Polly, a letter all about a Journey she wanted her to go on with her old aunt Just as soon its she had finished with high school. And the day after Chrlslmas Polly in the little brown house on Pearl street was caroling as gayly as the canary in the line mansion In the city. For her dream of dreams 1 hud !r, olue true, "]3Ul'ope, Europe, u- '. i rope,: she triIled. ] But suddenly she stopped to dsk her motherr "Why, oh why did she choose I ale'S" But Polly's mother couldn't an- swer that. "Old ladles Just take so- t10ns, I R'UeSS." she satd. ((5), 1923. Western NewsFaper Union.) I, . -- ._- .___-_:_. , CHILD OF THE AGES O Child divine, wrapt in the hope of ages; L 0 Thought of God. Interpreted ia love: Thine Infant Hand, within Thy mother Mary's, Llnks all mankind, wlth Fa, therhood above. O Child, unchanged by customs of the ag'P ; O still, small Voles. whose soft Ap- peal we know; Thy plea i ouly childhood's rightful portion, A place of love, In which to live, n,nd grow. Llla Vass Shepherd. HIS SKIN WAS SENSITIVE She was young and pretty and her eyes sparkled with happiness. She stepped up to the counter of a men' furnishing store (luring the busy Christmas rush and asked to be shown smne0dng that would make a nice gift for a man, The clerk brought two grades of mufflers, one ot silk tbe other of coarse knit yaxa. h declded on the silk one in a moment, wltb the remark that the other wa entirely too rough for Ohar|le's e sltivd 'kln. 'e erowl'*a6Ut "thO counter smiled faintly. They ill guessed It, of course--another newl- wed.--Katherlne E<lelmen. (, 1911, Western Newspalr UaloSl,) Of ally kiud. Al'r;llle aa lllany (:imirs as there are players in tile feral of a c|rch,. Wlu,n this has beoil (lone tlie I)arly nlllql divide into sides, one side beiil blitldfohhql lilld llikJii lJ,,ssessioli of l.he (,hah's in Sil,'ll a wli.v lhat eli,:h liliS it vilclin[ chllh' at his riglit hilnd The olh,.r shtt# tlll,ii liiOve silently hito the nihhlle o[ tile ('h'cle. and at n given signill llley niust Jill lilysterl- Ollsly and iiolst,le'ssly sl?llE tlleillsolvos il lli, vacanl cliliirs. At tile %vord "sili" Ihe uliblindfolded ldliyers nlllSt ill] siarl shiging. A wiql-knovcn tune 11111.%' )e arranged bcforelland, or llley may ell sing anytlfing that bal)pens II, ,ICCIII' tO t]lelll lit tile tlnle. All endeavor to disguise their volces Iis lilntql 118 possil)le. 'he I)lhldfohled players nulst li:ten attentively, the ob.le(.t of each beh]g to guess cor- re(..ily who his singing rlglit-band neigh- I),11" is. q'h(>se whoso, ffuesses a re correct have lhelr bandages renmved, and change I)hlees wllll thell' singing neighbors. q'ha llnSuc(.'essful .ll(ssers lllllSt try ugain, one guess only Is allowed em:h lllne.--F. H, Sweet. cl t9;3. Western Newspaper Union.) There Is Satisfaction in Trust in the Future llE was shabl)y and old nnd stooped. As slm walked along file streets l)eople turned and hmke(t after her with pitying ey, and thought to tbefliselves wlmt a bard lot hers nlust lie. Yet, hiid lbey but known tlie truth she needed uo pity, for. although poor in nmterbd wealth, she was far richer In oilier |hings than ninny of those who looked u]mn her with e(mq)assloa. For ller heart was full of contentment, she had a eldhlllke faith and trust In tlle future arid she wax coutent wllll her lot In life, realizing lliat while slle bielte,l nlany Of ttle tlilngs wbIeh wealth couhl buy, God had given her many other gifts Instead: Tile full- ness of years, good health, a little ltreshle to call her own, an income wlHch. If very meager, wns enough lo supply her with necessities, and. !m.t of till, t:he ability to see and en- Joy the llltngs which were hers. So, while the merry Chrlstnats throng hmked at her 1)ltylngly as they mssed. she went serenely on IIl way s happy and as much at peace with everything as if aH the earth was hers.Katberlne Edehnan. 1151, 1923, Wasfern Newspaper Unlen.) Busy Mailmen Add to Our Christmas Cheer tR()M house to house tlley go wlth cards arid calendars of cheer, presents and surprises. Always cheery, never (:om- idainhlg, hu- much they add to our C.hrlstmas joy and I)leasurel If cross expt'esshlns were worn by lho,4e WIle 1)rougllt US ollr (.',]lrlstluus presents It would uot be the same. Aml yet they work so hard, so over- herd they carry so niuch, and all to ,I Ilers ! Our lnaihnen are a pretty wonder- ful lot and our ('hr|stinlls tlnie l added to by theni to a very blg de- l'ee. It seeiiis as tbougll we shouhl do I}tll' llilrt to give u little chPeF tO our tnnlhnen In gratitude and al}preclatlon of ihe splrlt In which they do tbelr work.--Milry (}rabaul llomler. I(FI |923. pHtPI'II Newspalm," [Jnlon, o.- - L : - -= = - _- ...,,.. :,s THE RIGHT COSTUME, O, K. ._..rirr_irr_irr llubby--So you're going to take i)art In the Christmas Eve eutertaln- meet. What part do you take? Wlfey/ take the leading part. I'm (Hn'Istmas Eve herself. KEEP A CHRISTMAS RECORD Why wouldn't It be fun for a fam- ily to kee. a record book In wMch to lweserve the Interesting tlngs about the annual Christmas celebration from year to year? Snnle people keep a record of the important happenings ,t' flmlr everyday lives, but it is rather inconvenient for the average person re take the time to make It completa enough to be more than a date and a I|ne or two. A Christmas record Would give all tbe details of the family's Chrlstma presents, the names of the guests, the menu of the 'Cllrlstmas dinner, tile alnusenlelltS and gaines, and niaybe ii ti'aeillg of tile baby's lirsi Iltt.Jc sho@'. Every sueceedinl year would add Ill Its value and ln- leresl.--C. F. Wadsworth. (), 1923, W,stern Nwspaper Union.) A. Z. Sctnalmurn Gee. Promberger Z. A. Sehnabaunl H.A. Sehnabauln POCAHONTAS tlARDWARE COMPANY (Not Ineorporaied Shell' and Heavy Hardware Buggies, Wagons, Iml)lements Stoves, Ranges, Mill Supplies, Pocahontas, Ark. iiiii[rii]tt]]iLL[ijiiit]]]]][i[i]]r[i[[iffi][i]tifi1if1i[ii]]i[[]t]iti]i1ii1'`Lii1]iH[[iii]f]LL[itiii]i1[[iiii .=. _J z-=-- !i i ! Geyer & Adams Company Wholesale Grocers Established 1869--Incorporated 1891 401, 403, 405 and 407 East Markham St. Little Rock, Ark. The Congregation of the St. Roman's Churc, h JONESBORO Wishes to Pay Its Compliments to The Guardian In Publishing a Number Devoted to so Wonderful a Work as tha Being Carried on by the St. Joseph's Orphanage And May it Grow in Popularity by Giving Publicity to this Charitable Cause I , -,,,% t,i I i