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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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Eight f hat nothing is more hat Catholic papers e.rature should have so that every day good read- sad w&rns, and promotes the Chris- ICTUs, pp.. XV. | i A Catholic Paper LO a Perpetual Mission.-- Pope Leo XHI. "The Guardian" in everj home--our motto. 'The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas 'ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE SPECIAL ia Its Rightful Place PUtting up the tree in the village house with happy .Mo nwhile two and a (log were en- os a big Ice cake, . As .tile ice moved [ th children iaugiled [ Pluto, after dropping[ zing a nmlueut, sur- / givlug a running leap ] and striking out for the [ / Shn Gannett opened house to see what about and was as Pinto shook dog ran In, stood ga and begged, cock- Is the open door. As this Pluto coat and pulled dOOrway. Thinking _. something, Sire, auu saw tile ice float- th two sm all figures the old fisherman down to the wa- through tile float. YOUngsters and up in the lg boat. were sung that holly wreath that the tree upon but Sire took It and he acted hat he deserved eWSpaDer Union.) Thrill the Createst of All our hearts towat-d en ; the happy, ex- of chll. Joyous, merry white soft deeply refresh. for a into our homes; and the an. shoppers ; the looking their the cordial, are extended extend to others; frlendshlps brlgit Christmas in oln. souls to- Which ring out ardent worship : stars twinkling above ; the of tim Christ. a part of tile There is no unto It IMaq-y a NoWaDaT)or tYnlon. 1 HE youn ii ,I ntmnt on Vehen he ii 'ee he said WOUld be anSWered his I It Wa going I klttyl,, Walled Tholnas. . I sWaP'Par Unlon.) l l w[ Arrival ust in Time wait. all hoped arrive on hl)ed "it" WOUld not the 0hrlstmas season loved "it." the grown. lovel "it." "It" arrived Was glv. though "It" was not too "It" came Yell guessed What "It" %r1"Mary Graham the earli- This was of Celebrating the did. its charactm h,, ' --'. ae ruggeoness of l|llls[ makes the valleys yet more peaceful. I Tile stark, rough "g4ory of tile trees" ] lends decision to a "landspe ; the tl|ln- [ nest, wh|d-whipped edges weave l)at- terns of indescrib.d)le frailty or, i! e[ pages of tile snow. / So it Is with Cln'lstmas. We could hardly live up to Cilrlslnlas every day in tim year. The whole meaning would beconle worn and threadbare through constant association. Wimn it does come, It sllonld stand out by contrast. In great and shining beallly. Tile Worries, fruits, failures and dis- aPI)olntments of the months Just gone sllould lend the proper "shadowing,' so that the purity of the day stand out In white distinction. And If the heart must ache a little. as all hearts do no matter how great the i|applness, let the pal.n be tile pencllings of hranches on the match. less page of Christmas, giving it added beauty and character.Martha B. Tllolnas. ((. 1923. Western Newspaner Ulen.) " --.... - wA- A  s J-I Magic of Christmas Sweeps Entire World HE magic of Cilrlstmas lies over the wm'ld today, changing tile dreary colnnlonplflce events of yesterday into things of wonder and delight and filling the earth wRh happiness and Joy and cheer. It permeates )the whole earih from end to end and mankind In every land and In every clime responds to !t la ,le,rit meaam-e. For Into our hearts at this time there comes a beautlfu something that raises ns above ourselves and brings ns to Beauty of the Snow KLANMEMBERSHIP at the Yule Season IS DISSECTED BY HE beauty of snow Is not on (By N. C. W. C. News Service) level,whie' unbrokenglaring plalns.expanses'The eyen M/kIOR DARLYMPLE; st. Louis.--Archbishop Glennon of- could not endure, nor the heart fie,ted last Sunday at the erection accept, tile blinding nlonotony t Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and oC such conditions. blessing of out-of-doors I a new The beauty of snow lies in contrast. I Members Told of Results of lnvesti- Way of the Cross in the grounds of / Who ires not seen hmg. bluish shadows ] gation of Its Composition. the House of Retreats near this city. / creePwltil delight.ever It attheSnnset?thin pencilingsOr marked.f The sculptured figures in the groups/ 0[ (By N. C. W. C. News Service) of these Stations are el' high artistic[ bare branches shifting over its surface , Cleveland, Dec. 14.--The Ku Klux merit and, according to the Rev. J. P. by'moonlight? Snow requires changes, Klan and what it stamls for was the Monaghan, S. J., the spiritual director interruptions, so to speak, to bring our theme of an address recently delivered of the Laymen's Retreat League, are before the Cleveland Chamber of not excelled by any Stations at" the' Commerce by Major A. V. Dalrymple Cross in this country. ! of Fort Worth, Texas. His Grace was assisted by the Rev.[ A second arraignment of the Klan Matthew Germing, S. J., vice-provin- | from a Clevehmd standpoint was also cial of the Society of Jesus for this [ made in a statement ;o the press by province. Several hundreds of people, Lester P. Barlow, a consulting en- including members of the Society of gineer, who claims to be a member of Jesus for this province. Several hun-I the local body. Barlow says the Khm dreds of. people, including members ofl membership in Cleveland is about 4,- the Retreat League and their families l 000. He stated that he had obtained and friends attended the ceremonies. 1 three copies of the official constitu- Father Monaghan says that more. tion of the Ku Klux Klan from the than 1,500 men were enrolled during] imperial ofifee at Atlanta, Ga. Per- tim 3,ear 1923, and made retreats at[ tions of this constiVution, he said,, re- the Retreat House, which is pictur- quire a member enrolling in the Klan esquely situated on the banks of the I "on his sacred honor to pledge his I Mississippi River, six miles south of property, his money, his strength, his St. Louis. Many non-Catholics, and blood and life to the purpose of de- even Masons have made week-end re- straying every sacred right granted I treats this year at the invitation of to citizens under the federal consti- their Catholic friends. tution." Nine hundred and ninety-nine of I,-i MEANING OF "MARY" 000 Klansmen will deny this allega- The Hebrew form of "Mary" was lion,, Barlow said,, "not because they, Miryam. Philogists give as many as are dishonest or disloyal to the Unit- seventy meanings to this name. ed States, but because they have been! deceived into believing the Klan con- I But the Hebrews understood the stitution stands for perpetuating Am-name Mary as signifying the beauti- erican ideals." ful or perfect one. What the Klan Stands For In his address to the Chamber Commerce Major Dalrymple said: of i ARCHBIsHoP- BLESSE s .............. ,,,, STATIONS IN GROUNDS [ ...... ""-,0 I OF HOUSE OF RETREATS '| Ambulance Service J. B. GREGG & SON Undertakers and Embahners Phonesday, 66. Night 684 510 Main St. In the Gospels Mary is referred to as the Mother of Jesus which even  "tI is my purpose o give you an Luther thought sufficient praise. opportunity to understand sometihng '.'. ......... . .... about Ku Kluxism, tar and feathers, There is no month in the year to whipping bees, mutilation of human which respectable authoHtles have bodies, expulsion of men and women ! uot assigned Christ's birth. greater heights than we ever reach at ]from homes and communities, prosti- any other tiu|e. For with the magic { . of Christmas time man buries self tutiou of our courts, and jurms, pc- In trying to promote the happiness litical domination and control of the ! and well-helng of others and in doing l legislative, executive and judicial l / tills finds greatest happiness for hhn- branches of the state and municipal self also. For tt seems as If the more we give of love, of service and of our- I governments and the presen at- selves the riffler grows the store from tempts of this secret, oathbound, pc- which we draw upon and the richer litical organization to take over and we grow hi the thlns that make for Icontrol every branch of the federal our own happlm*ss. Let us then allow t government. the magic nf Chrlst|nastime to fall upon ns so deeply that it may not "I cite these cases merely to show only stay with us at this thne bul I that the national officials of the Ku through all the days to follow.-- Klux Klan are not only political high Katherine Edehn an. (), 1923. Wlern N'ewspaper Union.) 0. -- --_ - . - -_ tO UNDER THE OUTSIDE ItASS keeps green under the snow, Delicate blossoms hide away In ugly seeds Who can believe the twisted ap- g ple-tree Will be lost In a surf ol pink petals In the spring? There must be many a warm and true heart cased in a frosty exterior, i If we believed more In the covered, antl less in the cover- Ing, we should lnake Christmas a day truly bright with peace and good wlll.--Martba B. Thomas ((). 1923. Western Newspaper Union.) [ Oe -- - ---- -: l" - - = so Bringing in the Yule Log/:or a Merry Feast NE of the most delightful of the Chrlstnms ceremonies was brl,ng- lng In tile Yule-log. According to an English writer, this was binders and traducers of American manhood, but that they are against constitutional government and that the majority of them so far as we have been able to discover are com- mon drunkards, consorters with wo- men of the underworhl, and even dis- regard the laws of common decency." i Major Dalrymple sorted the mem- bership of the Klan into four classes. First, there was the Simmons, Clarke, Evans, Tyler, Harwood and Mayfield group composed of those who are neither religious zealots, nor Ameri- can patriots. He declared they ae sponsoring Ku Kluxism for nothing more than their own gain. Second, there was a group com- posed o flawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, senators, 'and congressmen and men and women in every walz of life who have gone into the Klan for political gain and unfair competition in business through the medium of the boycott. It is a common practice where Ku Kluxism prevails, he said, to boycott not only Jews, Catholics, Negroes and foreign-born, but every blooded Protestant American, who, believing in constitutional government and the guarantee of equal rights re- fuses to join th Klan. Citizens Who Are Misled The third class was composed of hundreds of thousands of ill-advised Americans, who realize that the world war with all of its horrors has left our social order in more or less of a state of chaos and are unable to de- vise any clearly defined means of im- proving conditions. For the most part these men and women are good citizens. $50 ompt with came For your office! VERY office needs at least one Corona. For your phone girl, your file clerk, or s an "extra- machine, Corona is ideal. It weighs only 6/: lbs., and can he easily carried bout the office. Stands harder'us than a hea y machine. Fib, OS PHILLIPS Typewriters 102 Louisiana St. CORONA. The word for Christmas in late Old English is Criste Maesse, first found in 1038. a massive piece of wood, fre- quently the rugged and grotesquely marked root of a tree. It was drawn through the forest with shouting and laughter, while each wayfarer rever- ently saluted it. since he knew It to be rid] of good promises .and that In its flames would be burnt out old wrongs and heart-burnlngs. As it came Into tlle great hall, the living. room of the ohl castle, each member of the family sat open or saluted It in tur!, and sang a Yule-song, after which all drank to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A favorite Yule-song began with: Welcome be ye that are here. Welcome all, and make good cheer, Welcome all. another year. Welcome Yule. --F. H, Sweet. I f(6), 1923", Wsmtern Newolawer Union ) { [ It is by striving to keep a brave{ I heart in our trials that half the vic-I i tory is won.  I BANK OF CONWAY Founded 1890 Oldest and Strongest Resources $750,000.00 CONWAY, ARKANSAS Rooms With Bath REYNOLD'S CAF Telephone 120 F. J. Reynolds, Proprietor Short Orders Fish and Game in Season OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS E. C. arton OSCEOLA LUMBER COMPANY Everything Pertaining to Building Material OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS Thomas Henderson : 'i i CITIZENS BANK OF OSCEOLA Capital and Surplus $100,000.00 J. W. Rhodes, President C. L. Moore, Jr., Cashier R. C. Rose, Vice President OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS TRADE AT MILLER'S The Better Place to Buy Your-Clothes OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS THE G. R. BRICKEY MERCANTILE CO. Successors to.G.R. Brickey DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Millinery, Groceries, Hardware and Farming Implements OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS A. G. Brickey, President; F. W. Brickey, Vice-Pres. Leon Sullivan, Sec.-Treas.; Mrs. G. R. Brickey. 46 Years in Osceola OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS % l{