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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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l i!. f Page Forty THE GUARDIAN . "_:":'_' __2 ........................................................................ : .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... THE 0000-CATHOLIC CA00PAI(;N others have not learned it either. It stand the lethargy and laziness of tory. [ as a Socialist is i is apparently a very difficult lesson Catholics. In my simplicity I had Lethargy a Greater Danger Than 'th°licism ism, a Christian to learn. Human nature is prone to hoped that the Ku Klux Klan would Professional Agitators and a Suffragist in FACTS AND QUESTION OF POLICY believe evil about one's enemies. And scare them out of their indifference, The way to meet bigotry in this Church will have nothing to therefore just so long as non-Catho- an(I I was prepared to bless the Klm country, then, is to do it cheerfully.] own worst enemies are By Rev. J. Elliott Boss, C. S.P. [lics in this country look upon us as for that. But Catholics have remain- Discount it as much as possible. Do fessiona] agitators, but their enemies, and think that we are ed just about as listless as before. ] fighting the public schools and that It is not much that is asked of not look for it. Emphasize the other L I' our allegiance to the Pope is incon- them. Fifteen minutes a (lay given si(le+ the fairness and broadminded- The Catholic Clmrch in the United States is being subjected to one of the country's recurrent attacks of re- ligious bigotry. Scores of weeklies whose only object is to vilify the Chure}i., are being spread broadcast. Hundreds of lecturers are traveling up and down the country shouting out denunciations of Rome 'and the Pope. And this time there has been added the curious phenomenon of the l have never had any but the most courteous treatment. Once when was giving a mission on the Church lawn in a small town, there would be people playing and singing across the street• But as soon as our services commenced they stopped• Not long ago, in another town that was split into two bitter factions, the Klan and the anti-Klan two good Bapts took charge of the music for the mis,;on. last, and today, even the room he oc- sistent with our allegiance to the gov- ernment, so long will anti-Catholic campaigns continue. Self-Training--Some Suggestions This ignorance on which religious bigotry feeds can only be overcome by persistent and wide-spread efforts on our part. Missions for non-Catho- Naturally, it is not particularly agreeable to Catholics to go through this experience. They resent the in -i justice of the whole proceeding, the falsehoods and inventions suppoi'tmg it, the bigotry and ignorance on which it flourishes. If they could, they would like to do something spectacu- lar o make the whole campaign col- lapse. That is probably impossible. Very shortly, however, the present anti-Catholic campaign will die down, because human emotions cannot be kept up to this high pitch for very long. But unless we act more wisely and energetically than we have in the multi-K'd bamboozlers. Elsewhere, because the pews coulo not lies, lectures, the distribution of Will Die Down ,accommodate all who came, we bor-pamphlets will all help. But these rowed chairs from the Methodist only scratch the surface, they reach church close by. Again, when Catho- only a small percentage of the great lics did not bane hynm-books I have I non-Catholic public. There IP; ", in fact, I borrowed them from the only one way of reaching the whole I Pr°testant li public, and that is by each Catholi˘ t churches. Undoubtedly, the Klan has been layman being a missionary. Every I anti-Catholic. It has sent lecturers week practically every non-Catholic in t around who were decidedly unfair to this country comes in contact with us, and it seems to have sponsored certain vile anti-Catholic sheets. But it has not affected me personally in any way. The non-Catholics I know, and even those I suspect of being Klansmen, have been just e.s friendly and cordial as previously. Nor have I ever received any threatening_ let- some Catholic. If all Catholics were 'real missionaries then the non-Cath- olics could not remain in ignorance, Their ignorance is rally to be laid at the door of their Catholic acquaint- ances. It is not asking the impossible to suggest that all Catholics should be Box." [with absolute regularity to reading would in a few. years give them suf- ficient familiarity with the teaching and practices and history of the Church to make them capable apos- tles in their own little sphere. Regu- larity is the main thing. Fifteen min- utes, or ten minutes,, or even five minutes a day will accomplish won- ders. Longfellow is said to have translated the "Divine Comedy" while his coffee was cooling at breakfast. And while some critic has stud that he couhl easily believe it from the re- sult, yet the fact remains that this short time given regularly (lay after day was enough to translate one oi' the lon,'est poems ever written. That same time given to systematic study of religion will do as much. Reading Recommended And in order to male the matter definite, 1 suggest that Catholics com- mence with Cardinal Gibbons' "Faith of Our Fathers," DiBruno's "Catho- lic Belief" and Conway's "Question All of them are published in ent, lethargic, lazy i +'01Jr I hess of Protestants, After that know "The High Cost of tel gn., your own religion. Be able to inform inquiring non-Catholic. Let each to be complained of exceptN Catholic be as much interested in Ca- lniser. •. i, ii THE ALLSOPP & CHAPPLE BOOK Books, Stationery, Office and School 307-309 Main Street, Little Rock, Ark. EPSTEIN MERCANTILE CO. IAttle Rock, Ark. past, there will be only a sort of truce. In a few years another wave of bigotry will swee9 the country and we shall have the same experiences to go through with again. It will be useful for, us, therefore, to consider this phenomenon of bigotry and what l we can do about it. First of all we ought to remember that in the very midst of a campaign practically nothing can be done. Peo- ple are too excited. They will not lis- ten to reason and explanation. There • • ] were thousands of persons m thin country who knew that the Germans were not guilty of the atrocities at- tributed to them, but they never couhl have convinced the American public of this fact during the war. And sim- ilarly it ion- impossible to reach the consciousness of excited Protestants when they are in a like hysterical con-] dition regarding the menace of Pope-J ry. ' "  "Keep Down Passion" It is a hard lesson to learn, but the best thing we can do is simply to keep passion down as much as possi- ble; this hysteria feeds on passion, I and everything that we do to arouse it further makes matters worse. We l ought to be careful, therefore, to be' absolutely fair to non-Catholics. There is a temptation to fight fire with fire, to use something of the same methods against our enemies that they are using against us. But this is not Christian and it does not pay. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is the only safe and/wise policy. There is only one way of overcoming evil, and that is by good. Do"'Not Think Evil St. Paul tells us that charity think- eth no evil, and we must try not to think evil of those who are fighting us. Certainly we must not get into the attitude of looking for evil. I re- member several years ago seeing in a Catholic paper an account of a fire at the old Holy Cross Academy in Washington. The Catholic paper re- marked that probably some anti- Catholic bigot had set the building on fire. There was absolutely no evi- dence of any such thing and to make such a remark was on a par with the "Menace" saying that probably the Sisters set the place on fire to collect the insurance. This unchristian spirit .fans the flames of religi6us bigotry. It does not overcome the evil but adds to it. It is really a'very easy thing to • [ misjudge Protestants and to see big-', otry where it does not exist, l'ar a long time a great Methodist worker,' an acquaintance of mine, always call-' ed me "Doctor" instead of ."Father." I thought that it was because "ST a Protestant prejudice against calling a Catholic priest "Father." But it turned out that it was through the mistaken idea that only Catholics were allowed to call a priest by this title. A great deal that we think is bigotry really is not. Our own ex- cited and inflated state of mind makes us misjudge others, just as others misjudge us. Bigotry Not As Wide-Spread As + Supposed Indeed, the first thing that we ought to keep in mind in regard to anti-Catholic bigotry is that it is not nearly so widespread as some people think. .For the past nine years, I have worked in Texas. During that time I have given missions in a num-, ber of places, besides associating with students from all over the State. Texas, unfortunately, has a reputa- tion among Catholics in other sections of the country as being extremely bigoted. Perhaps it shares the unen- viable distinction with Georgia. But during this wide experience in Texas ters. And while there have been vitally interested in spreading a some tar and feather parties in Tex- knowledge of Catholicism. Apparent- as, I do not know of one instance ly Christian Scientists are eager to where the violence of the Klan was talk Science to any one who will Its- directed against a Catholic because ten. They will buttonhole you on the of being a Catholic. street, in a trolley ca, any place at See Things straight! all, to get in a few words--or many First of all, then, we shouhl see words--on their pet subject. Social- 'things straight. The bigotry is not ists are willing to preach Socialism as wide-spread as many persons in season and out of season. A New think. And there is considerable l Thought advocate m using such an truth in the old proverb that we get unlikely medium as the . magazine what we expect. If a man ooks for. I called "Correct English" to inculcate ;; bl:i th;y,Wihll e 'nd )t;xf e h:n 2 ikt: u h o her religious theories. Assuredly, the o 1 r children of this world are wiser than And the reason is that he will assume J the children of light. a certain attitude and tone that wil[' A generation ago a nation-wide dry irritate others and they will retaliate, i law was a wild improbability. Today Do not look for bigotry, and you will lWe havbe a constitutional amend- be in a"much better frame of mind iment and the Volstead law as the re- to .see how much broadmindednessj salt of the earnest efforts of a little and good fellowship there is and howl handful of men and women w]o start- little of bigotry in the great world of ed the movement. Within our mem- people, ory, Womn Suffrage was a joke. But As a matter of fact, each recurring women inall of our large cities went wave of bigotry in this country seems week after week to the headquarters to be smaller than was the preceding, to learn the arguments for and My own impression is that the pres- against suffrage, to be drilled thor- ent Klan outbreak is not nearly so oughly in the advocacy of this cause. important as the A. P. A. was, and Today women vote. the A. P. A. was not as important as Interest in Our Own Religion .and the Know-Nothings. More and more Zeal Compared we are coming to secure the good will If Catholics taken generally wouhi of the better educated Protestants, of only show the same interest in Ca- their biggest leaders. We have the ltholicism that Christian Scientists do sympathy of more Protestants under in Science, that Socialists and Prohi- this attack than are to be numbered Jbitionists and Suffragists have shown in the ranks of the bigots. All this in their various causes, the profes- is encouraging and we ought to do sional bigots would be out of a job. all we can to foster it. A Catholic Certainly, there would be no room for paper that publishes the good things I an anti-Catholic movement based on Protestants say about us, that is fair i ignorance. But first of all, Catholics and impartial, is doing a great deal i would have to know Catholicism. And more for us than one always harping: unfortunately we must admit that on bigotry and stirring us up by ev- Catholics do not knowtheir religion. + i cheap paper-backed editions, and the i three of them can be bought for less l than a dollar. 'I'here is no Catholic l who cannot afford to buy them, and | who cannot snatch enough time each i day to read and study them. Have J your own copies, mark them up, read ! and re-read them. Really maser them. Then you qm go on to some ! good history of the Church, such as Stebbings or Alzog. For a Catholic to know his religion I is a duty. And one does not get a sufficient knowledge of it in a paro- chial school or in Sunday school. The i average Sunday school is merely an excuse and the parochial schooi an- not give to chihlren ten and twelve years of 'age the mature conception of Catholicism that will be needed by the man and woman of thirty. A study of religion is necessary after I one leaves school. In fact, it should continue through life. t To neglect this duty may well be a mortal sin. A parent, for instance, who has children going to  non-sec- tarian school, an8 who cannot talk in- telligently with them on their relig- ious problems, may be endangering their faith. The man or woman mar- ried to a non-Catholic, and unable to answer their questions about thel Catholic Church, may be responsible for their remaining outside of the faith. Those ignorant Catholics who cannot answer the casual acquaint-I ance on some point of Catholic prac- tice, may have to answer for their ig- norance when they appear before Christ's judgment seat. I have no ! patience with those Catholics ho go to Mass every Sunday, who would not. think of eating meat on Friday,. but t who nevertheless neglect this very cry instance of injustice that comes to its notice, that the We should, then, conclude first thing for us to do in .meting bigotry is to recognize its limita- tions; and to emphasize the lack of -- bigotry among large n'umbers of our -_ fellow citizens. The heart of the l t American people is sound at the core. -- Our fellow citizens are fair and hon- est at the bottom, and we shall help --- that fairness to assert itself more I quickly by expecting fairmindedness -- than by looking for injustice. _- Duty of ReLmoving Ignorance - In the second place, we ought to realize that bigotry is based on ignor- - ance. Of course, there are sone pro-! fessional bigots, men and women, who are in the business of stirr_g up re- ligious hate merely for the money they can get out of it. But their prof-; it depends upon large numbers being ignorant. It is ignorance that is real- -- ly the breeding place for religious bigotry. These bigots are not human monsters. They are not denatut,d in -'- any way. They are of the sam flesh and blood as ourselves, and we ought to remember that Catholics have ueen guilty of somewhat similar bigotry. For instance, l heard a lecturer, sent around by the Knights of Columbus to attack Socialism, who was so un- fair and boorish th t I was ashamed of bim. It is only a few years, too, since Catholics were indulging in the 'same sort of fanaticism and propa- ganda that they themselves are now suffering from. The field in which it was exercised was not religious, it is true, but the nature of the thing was the same. Our Catholic papers,' many of them, were willing to pub- I lish any wild tale of German atrocity without questioning its veracity at all. To some extent they are doing the same thing about Russia today. If we would only learn the Iesson of being absolutely fair to others be- cause of what we suffers, the perse-] cution would be well worth-whiIe. But = if we have been slow to learn it, we! ought not to feel so badly because 114 C. J. SNYDER COMPANY Ford Specialists FORD CAR REPAIR WORK Ford Authorized Service Statibn Genuine Ford Parts Open Day and Night Arch Street Phones HUB Conlpliments of E. A. POE CLOTHING COMPANY ,+ Little Rock, Ark. VOWELL'S All Kinds of Vegetables Little Rock, Ark. Sometimes they are as ignorant as serious duty of studying and know- non-Catholics, ing their religion. At least, they are I must. confess I do not under- going to have a long time in Purga- -- , ,,. . :DI IIIIIlllllll__'. = = -- W.W. WILSON STAVE CO. G. A. LEIPER & COMPANY = = Little Rock, Ark. Building Material = 112 East Bridge Street Little Rock, Ark. . = = _--_- ARNOLD BARBER SUPPLY = = - =[ 513 CENTERSYR-EET ] t ! 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