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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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Page Thirty-eight THE GUARDIAN 1 STURDY CATHOLICISM By J USTITIA One of the most popular novelists, when asked what is the secret of the wide popularity of a book in these days, said: "People today are interested in moral problems. 1 don't mean media- eval Christianity or abstract ethical the Bible) from reading the Bible, and I part of the factory and talk to the he laughs to scorn those old thread- men and women; my office door is al- Lare myths--"Good Queen 3ess" and ways open, and I make it a point to ' Bloody Mary." What Begbie has accomplished each mall and woman can accomplish. Dif- ficulties are not overcome when they are shirked. The more the great na- tions know of one another, the better friends the y will be. How can that hal)pen ? It can happen only by erad- icating hate, and sowing the gospel questions, but concrete questions of seed of the love of Christ. Leaders personal conduct. They like in real of opinion cannot act intelligently un- life to watch other men and women, i less they think clearly, and they can- and see how they conduct themselves; not think clearly unless they love their neighbors whom they do see in I order that they may love the God they don't see. if the heabeas corpus is the palladium of our liberties, the love of Christ is the hope of our peace. To be peaceful we must love, and to love we must understand. It they like in fiction to read the same sort of thing, it is just the working out of one of the basic elements of human nature, eternal curiosity in fellow humanity; the same element which has made, and always will nan- see every worker that wishes to see me. If' you want your workers to be on 'the job and work hard for you, set them the example of hard work your. self. Speed, combined with accuracy, spells success. To the worker, I say--what than has done, man can do; others have come up from the ranks, so can you if you try hard enough. It bent and moaned with inarticulate pain, But kept its heart uncowed, and won at last. TttE FIR TREE Against my window a green fir-tree stood And many are the quiet souls of men Whose ways are simple and whose lives are rest. We deem them spiritless, and wonder when Tempestuous fortune proves them of the best. Lifeless, like fir-trees, when their day is warm They lie inert within the hands of fate, But in the grip of hurricane and storm [ They stand firm, imperturbable and great. Silent and solid in the Summer sun; Selectetl. I Its color caught life in its faintest I make, gossip indizpensal,le to mood, I kind. all implies change. Of vital force and gesture there was WOMEN STILL DOWNTRODDEN "Interested in moral problems?" I NSw, the Catholic Church is the none. Yet, the entire stage setting of mod-I greatest moral problem of the day, It played, for me, a lovely picture Management Won't Let the Oppressed ern life is constantly being shifted in anti because she is the greatest she part, Creatures Even Smoke in This i sympathy with the conspicuous taste shares the greatest praise and blmne. Its green against the fields ofl Office Building t for novelty and enlarged ideas. In this!It was Hilarie Belloe who wrote: " brigbter green, [ [ respect, our environment resembles "Outside the Catholic Clmrch we But, seeing it, the Morning lost alll Poor woman! She gained the right to vote, to smoke, to go to boxing t Our bodies, whose parts are continu- see in our day as the abiding place of heart, I matches, to participate m atet,cs, I ally decaying and passing away like i the fast-failing sects, a spiritual While Evening its twin sister might I " " " ' ] the waters of a stream, and must be. desert where the hot sun of the un- , have been. to enter businessin fact, she's on a l constantly renewed t aided intellect parches the life of the ] par with man in every field of activity But he who loves old things is not: soul. Its shifting sands of negation The winds arose and coursed across says the New York Sun and Globe. I too passionately pleased at the mod- are swept by the burning winds of the skies; , ' And not on an equal footing with I I ". " " ' ern craze for change and novelty, he hcense. The swallows swayed m their hs- man, but surpassing him in many S takes pleasure in queer fanlights over] Catholics do not contemplate any ordered flight, thing:'., she insist., i front doors and chimneys large attack on non-Cathohcs here or else- The hills retreated wth nusts m their I But, alas! In one instance at least i enough for factories, not that these! where to advance Christ's cause. They I eyes, I she is doomed to defeat. [he scene I peculiarities are much in themselves, i ask the non-Catholic to read the Cath- I But the brave fir-tree stood in noble is a downtown office, where smoking! but because of their historical remin- olic side as well as the non-Catholic, i fight. I is prohibited. Yes, siree, not even iscences. To the student of history We may be individually progressive in] The storm-fiend merciless urged it I the manager can use his favorite they are a nation's fame in stone or America but we are collectively I in vain; tweed while sitting at his desk., but ohc Ibackvard Om criminal statlshcs are he England tell the story of the Cath "', ' " ' "" ' : ' ", ' From root to topmost branch must join tbe office boy anti lowly Church as plainly as "Oddsfish." The being aired well now after the Bar smote it fast; salesman out in the corridor when he annals of by-gone (lays reflect the Association meeting. But New York -.----= tastes and ideals of the people, just as will continue to be fifteen times more .................................................................................................... , J ,  n i o , , our changed conditions since the days! criminal than London unless "the peo- : ................... ---- ............... of Washington bespeak our tastes and l ple" change and value moral problems ideals, as Begbie says they do. No sane man Greek art revealed the spirit of has much confidence in statutory Greece. Roman art mirrored the Ro- remedies. The great legal reforms of man. Both alike were faithful to the Jeremy Bentham were brought about ureter the pressure of public opimon. laws of symmetry. And American art reveals the spirit of the American.  Fabius can never conquer a Hannibal. "To flock into cities" is our slogan . Prejudice and hate never immortal- said a ranchman recently. Why? lze men. Had Canon Sheehan only Canm)t people entertain thmselves' written "The Blindness of Doctor any longer at the fireside hearth?  Gray" he wouM never live with us to- ttave they r,o interior strength to sup- day. As Dickens appeals most to our port them in solitude ? Is life simply, sympathy through his love for man- a mixture of work, theaters and "any-I kind (and especially little children thing that breaks the monotony" as I like Little Nell and Little Dorrit), so the ranchman says? idoes Sheehan live because of his love Life is change and change is life. The ranchman moves into the city to inhabit a tenement, sandwiched be- tween alien layers of humanity. Aft- er a time he mu.t- recognize what a fearsome jumble is the modern city for mankind irrespective of creed or color. "My New Curate" displaysl his keen seuse of justice (he believed I I what Itorace Plunkett said that "Irish 1 history was written for Englishmen' ' ! 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KEMPNER Diamond Merchant---Silversmith CONFIDENCE--RELIABILITY--SATISFACTION Second Floor--Boyle Building--Fifth and Main Streets Kempner's for Fine WatcIVes Kempner'sfor Fine Diamonds WE 'SELL IT FOR LESS with its constant change of art, peo- ple, and laws, As he seeks Oscar Wilde's "Little Tint of Blue" the sky- line would recall a bad dream. Build- ings along the street to him are like, the recruits in an awkward :.quaa, "They toe the line and that is all. Like the ranchman we all change, It is frequently said that we fail o morna" which, in the light of recent happenings in Ireland, might well be regarded as prophetic. If non-Catholics are "interested in moral problems" (as indeed they are), they can't refuse o study Catholi- cism. The Catholic. Church was the first and will be the last United States of the world. Today patriotism must give real recognition to distinguished men who are in our midst;; that we cannot qute grasp the fact that he who is easily accessible, whom we are able to see every day, may be a far greater man than some of our dead heroes. Harold Begbe held a foremost place among modern writers before he went to Ireland twelve years ago to study the Catholic Church and Ire- land. And because of his name his confession (Chesterton says that no real man writes "an apology" for not finding truth in the Catholic Church' today, but ought to write "an apol- ogy" for not finding it) is as interest- ing as our many moderns who claim to call back the (lead as we call our friend, on the phone; and who utter such plattitudes as--"We Went Back " ,, , to Babylon for the 1)elugG Noah s Flood Couldn't Have Happened in That Way," and "The Old Testament God Neer Had an Inspiration of His Own." In Harold Begbie's "Lacy Next Door" he says: "I was compelled to admit that I had greatly misjudged the Catholic Church. So beautiful is the influence of that Church, so alto- gether sincere and attractive is the - spiritual life of Catholic Ireland, that I for one, rather than lift a finger to disturb it, like the man in the Parable would stand afar off, bow my head upon my breast, and utter the honest prayer , ' merciful to me, a sin- m stifle personal ambition; and if it does not, ere is little hope but that an-] other great war will shatter civiliza- tion. Americans can't sit still like stoics, with the Ku Klux tornado on one side anti the growling Ruhr Ve- zuwus on the other--they mus ge back to Christ, the world's greatest lover. He founded the church which incorporated Federal and State prin- ciples long before tiffs world beard of Hamilton and Jefferson. Politics rouses the hellish depths of tile hu- man heart. Politics produces hate, the Catholic Church being the Chm'ch of the God of love, produces love. It is that church Harohl Begbie exalted (if This is an Age Wherein Special Training Is Paramount When youtake your work with us, you come in contact with teachers of known practical experience. You complete your course in thd shortest possible time. Your friends who have become successful in the business world, were inwardly no more capable than you--they merely developed their opportunities. IT WAS THEIR DECISION TO ACT WHEN OPPORTUNITY PRESENTED ITSELF WHYTES COMMERCIAL SCHOOL 210/ Louisiana Street. Formerly .Webb-Whytes School one can exalt a divine institution) :o ........................................................... ,:, twelve years ago It is the love of ,to .....  .......................... Christ mirrored ill the. Church which, | nmst a,,e Europe from tim nenace [ -- of war, and America from the dis- [ A POSITIVELY PERFECT RECHARGE grace of crime. Heaven preserve us ]- IN 8 HOURSNOT 48 from the terrors of anticipation if Americans do not become so "inter- e:ed in moral problems" as to give their best to the service of tile .bride tha liveth forever! --No Station within 500 miles of Little Rock can give/such a perfect recharge as this station in 8 horns.4, I' --Tiine saved--Rent savedLess inconvenience-- I less outlay. Patronize "THE BATTERY DOCTORS" [ --They give you honest-to-goodness service every day in the year--they do not "gig" you because you HOW TO SUCCEED Here, young man, is some sound ad- vice on "How to Succeed" by J. }t. Barringer, general manager of the National Cash Register Co.: Do more than anyone eles on your job--and do it better. net.'" Work where you have a chance to I=I(as the reader found a more force- grow, and make good. ful i)iudication of the Church in New: Learn the business fom the ground man's "Apologia," Benson's Confes- up. Ask question anti keep your eyes and ears open. Never do anything without having a good reason for doing it. Use your bead; think for yourself. When you know you are right, go ahead. When in an executive position and you want something (lone, go to the men you want to do it, what you want done, and tell them 'what you want, why, and how you want it done. There isn't a day I don't visit some ] know little of batteries or electrical troubles. You can go away with the REAL ASSURANCE that you have received the value you are entitled to. BATTERY SERVICE COMPANY "Electrical and Battery Doctors" Distributors of Philadelphia Diamond Grid Batteries and all Auto Electrical Supplies 921-23 Main Street, Little Rock, Arkansas Phones 4-2504 and 4-2505 sions of a Convert," or in the works of any apologist, ancient or modern, than in these trenchent and sincere dicta of the author of "The Lady Next Door?" Of course, it is always easier I to make the sincere and simple (as all great men are)) see truth than the man who is half educated. The Begbie type (of non-Catholic) knows that Henry VIII. issued a decree pro- hibiting the common people (and Henry VIIL was a good Protestant 1 and we are told Protestantism gave u. desires a smoke. . [ 'HOME Not so for milady, who ha.. Jdst as What is o become of the t much work and responsibility as at in the homes into which a least half of the office force. She paper never enters? likes a "drag" occasionally, (too, but keep in touch with Catholic where can she have it? The rule tie-' C, atholic thought? How nies her tim privilege of deriving be able to distinguish truth for in the teachings of the inspiration from the weed wlIe sbe. press? Asks the Southern type:, and only the men occupy the er. These are weighty hallway and in the lounging room the tions which should be a matron bsolutely refuses the girls'cern to those who watch the right o smoke. Poor girl, what Catholic thought and good do women's rights do her? tion. i LITTLE ROCK FISH & OYSTER CO. G. 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