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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN Page Thirty-seven i i I TELLS CHEAP PLAY DRAWS, folder Morality ilia fashion thorough-lbrought to him, but when he opens hess devoted to the task. i FAITH OF CHINA IN r ly acceptable to tile moderu theatre-lthem i,e finds encio.ed the figure of[ Tile Ben Greet performance of I Health is a gift from God, which NOBLE MEDIEVAL N going public. At the same time, tllelMamn-lon. Mammon laughs to scorn ,,,, _., ,, . , tpeople often abuse because they do " t aNer 3man was excessively severer , . SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT DRAMA SLEHT00} settings, the costumes amt the wholel the idea that he should accompany fol tile v ,not bear in mind how valuable i is atmosphere breaflle medievalism. It is Everyman beyond the grave, and ex- a erage American audience, land consequently do things that in- n very iappy combination of these plains that instead of being Every-iFhe Hofmannstahl version is better]jut e and destrof it. Faith is a&apos; gift C_w,,An. interestingC' Special Cable)analysis of [ New Yor Packsl hcatcr Which Of- i] two elements, man's. slave' he has becn the master, . drama without losing any of the orig- of God likewise, a more precious, gift "Via Crucis" is the legend of a rich lending his power and strength totina] force of the Morality A nation-] than health; people do not bear in nditions in China is giv- fers "Nerw, us Wreck" but Sends, young man, Everyman, to whom the Everyman "tnd playing with him as l .......... - -. ]mind that faith is something beyond " . IWlOe tOur 01 LnIS proclucl;lon, or one - ., . -. .ev. George M. Stenz, S. Few to "Via Crucis" [Almighty has decided to send tile a poor fool. In the depths of his tie- . ........ ,, all price, consequenuy ney neglect has labored as a mission- i messenger of Death in the midst; of spair Everyman suddenly hears a similar to i, is something winch ev-[ what will preserve it, anti do these . . . L " , " -" . I na for thirty years, twenty By R. Dana Skinner his revelries. Everyman believes that small thin w)ice calhng trim. It lsl cry Cathohc orgamzabon should do[ things that weaken it first, and final- Were spent in educational (By N. C. W. C. News Service) money and materia'l riches are slaves the voice of his g?od deeds, almost I all in its power to encourage. I ly kill it. Who is now at St. Mary's New York.--The extent to which Which he may use to accoml)lisl] all too weak and feeble to be heard. But[ at Techny,. Ill., llav- .-+' :v..l ,,,,m ..-- .... -.-.v ...,,"' . ......... o..,: ends. His mother's warnings go un-'. Good Deeds tells him that she alone I  " heeded He prepaes a feast fo] lus to this country to study its amusement in the superficia? and I . " . . i : " '.' ' -" of all his companions will acc.ompany' educational methods, obvious can not be measured more' friends, ,trill' ruins, the bggus  ". awy' ;. him be.vend, tile grave, and that if his modeled upon our latest modern systems were intro- China more than fifteen said Father Stenz. "Many the old type, based purely ideas, still exist, but the are increasing steadily in law of conlplusory edu- idon the statute books, being enforced. This is for they have not the to carry out the work. too, the over enthusiastic of the modern school system fiery zeal to the ex- the good qualities, as evils of the ohi schools. respect of parents was and the very idols of wer shattered into bits or SOme nearby pond. These I witnessed myself nat- the older people. Active based upon modern meth- are being introduced The Protestants have awake to the opportuni- by this new era. At eY have 5687 primary hgh schools, and 291 n- Schools, with a total en- 199,694 students. In ad- have 28 universities. In the Catholics have been This is due partly to means, partly to the formerly enter- to the success of modern the Chinese. We these 'doubts and fears We should have used and means then at our scan thoughy the were. s far too late, and what OUtlook for the future still is the fact that are saturated with lrotestant colorings, Low mean a tremendous purify them of The Protestants also With them a number Chinese who were edu- l, either in Europe or Catholics have none. tes this, I determined the foundation of an school in an old Cheese n had to move to a earned the money nec- Was no such thing as School. I secured the books and doing odd 01ic foreigners for which In this way, by 1914, I erect a large building. soon mounted to and up to the present 4,500 graduates have of these I assisted POsitions. Now, a the universities. The has recognized and the students receive and credits from Pc- / I also have been to than seventy persons most highly respect- young ]nan of 17 of ancestors, within a few entire family, his brothers and their students come provinces, so the again are too be enlarged and a Others built and, among an up-to-date technical more men and to Be Avoided hears that the Chinese l )n and averse on and study of rood- is not true, for we Only men of talent, but real geniu,..;es. One is all importmlt. If to be educated at all, a good, solid Chris- Otl]erise, we are Only to rear unoth- Orse gcl|eratiou of pa-I now there is creeping (li.tike and hostilit$' to i The Chb e.e youths ;'cquaittcd with all the 'cttnce whici, t,ther ed and i)effecL.. must above all. lay tle all their knt)wiedge up- only true basi which SUperstructure from anti crushing them, and ,,and immovable rock strikingly than by the crowds storm- ing the box office at Owne Davis' farce, "The Nervous Wreck," a the pathetically small audiences which witnessed Sir John Martin-Harvey's medieval production of "Via Crucis" (Everyman). I mentioned in a previous letter trying four times without success to get a seat for "The Nervous Wreck." This tended to raise anticipation to a high point. Perhaps that is the reason that this "Farcical Adventure in the Far West," as the program calls it, seemed mediocre in nearly every respect. It is a thoroughly healthy play in every way, and it has a fair play of comedy, which, "ow- ever, frequently approaches the slap- stick variety. The chief objections lie in the disconnected and forced sit- uations, and in the tendency of the actors to let the audience lnow when- ever possible that they are merely playing a Iarce. In fact, they romp through the three acts and four scenes in some- what the spirit or a oup ot amateur players who feel they have a host of personal friends in the audieiYhe, to whom they mus apologize .every now and then for pretending to "take the play seriously. The Story The play tells the story of a young man from Pittsburgh--ttenry Wil- liams, whose doctor has advised him to seek res and recreation in the un- confined spaces of Arizona. Sally Morgan, the daughter of a local ranch owner, decides to leave for the city and get work rather than marry Bob Wells, the local sheriff. Wi,-iams helps her out by driving her to the distant station in his Ford car. The car is stalled and they find that ev- eryone believes they have eloped. From this starting point, te play- wright has devdoped a large num- ber of forced incidents., most of them revolving on the state of nerves of alL the other characters in the play. Be- fore the final curtain, Williams finds to his surprise that everyone else in the world is more of a nervous wreck than himself and thereupon acquires an almost abh?iginal courage. Comedy Descends to Farce Occasional gun shots punctuate the play for the sole purpose of making everybody take cover under tables, chairs, Ford cars, or anything else handy. In other words, a theme which might have lent itself to excellent high comedy has been allowed to de- generate into a movie farce of a rath- er low order. There are plenty of good laughs in the play, and the pur- chase of a ticket by no means m- plies an evening wasted. But the play hardly merits the 'phenomenal box office success it has achieved. It was a bold attempt of Sir John Martin-Harvey to produce the Her.. maunstahl version of "Everyman" un- der the name of "Via Crucis," par- ticularly for a three night run. The attempt deserved a warm reception. Instead, in the whole city of New York, there wera only enough people on the second night to fill about one quarter of the seats in the Century Theatre. It is rumored that Rein- hardt may later tour the country with this version of "Everyman," and., if so, it is quite possible that bgter publicity and an explanation of the ideals behind the production will bring it the success it deserves. At l all events, Martin-Harvey has shown us something so far beynd the aver- age, that, whatever the box ice re- turns, the moral success was distinct. The so-called Morality of "Every- man," as rendered by the Ben Greet Players some years ago, is not of Lnghsl' "  origin as generally sUpl]ose(I. The original story was l)mch, -u(l was later tram.'.llto.d into Engl;Sll. Simultaneously in Gcrn .l 13, a Moral- ity was written kmwl -1.-. "Tle l)etdl ]of I'ich Young Mare" ttugo yon Ho:[nnnstahl thcided to combine I these two stories il "Via (:rucis," and his admirable work ha:4 l)e(]l] Lrans- lated by Sybil Ahnlerst autl C. l,. Wheeler. The entire baelp,'round is, el' course, thorou, ly C, ai.hotic. Mmy of the lineA lind mosL of the s P,m.ot- ism, can be ufl(lersl,o(d m|ly by lhose t.horoughly familiar with Catholic tra- dition and doctrine. "Via t.rucl, and "Ev([rynlan". The es:ential differetve bet.ween "Via Crucis" and tin(, ohlcr versi(m of "Everyman" lies in the tile:]t- rical value of ,ttofnlailii:t:,llil's vet',<don, from his door. But in the midst of faith is strong enough it will give her the feast the voice of Death calls new strength and enable her to make him. No one else hears the call, and the journey. First, however, he must t they can not understand Everyman's follow the Way of the Cross m order sudden horror or the depression which to be cleansed, ha the end, Every- seizes him in the midst of the gaiety, man returns from his juorney clad in ]At last darkness comes, and with it white and ready to face death with the entrance of Death himself. Tile the calmness anti the courage born I guests flee, and Everyman learns that of true repentance. his hour has come. He begs for a few 'days in which to make his reckoning with God, but Death tells him that he ha. but one hour, and in that hour he must try to live as a Christian should. Then Everyman sets out on his quest for a companion to acoempany him on the dreaded journey. His boon companion, symbolizing Good Fellowship, refuses to go. His ser- vants leave him and his kinsmen leave him. He has his treasure chests A Reverential Production Sir John Martin-Harvey's produc- tion is distinguished by its lavish col- or, beautiful costumes, reverential spirit and intensely medieval atmos- phere. He makes use of many nmd- ern contrivances in lighting and stage arrangements, yet bends each to the task of re-creating for the modern audience the true essence of the me- dieval mind. His success is well wor- thy of the intelligence and earnest- I STANDARD OIL COMPANY Little Rock, Ark. CO-OPERATIVE OIL & PAINT CO. Little Rock, Ark. aloll Ill,iloiil,,iIi,liillttii. ii,.iii.ll  gIlI iiliIlI, ile lI    ** -. _= = _= - _= PRINCESS THEATRE = =__ North Little Rock, Ark. _ = - _ = Ill ,,Ira.  ll viii*)li! lIt*lmoI,,.iit*ii Ii. iItiI* li* iiloal   mmm m tll m *- I Phone 4-2675 ACME STORAGE & MOVING CO. 609-611 West Markham, Little Rock, Ark. GEORGE F. 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