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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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Page Thirty-six THE GUARDIAN o WHEN CATHOLICS SAY "OUR SAVIOUR" By Rev. C. Mennis, D. 1). Our Saviour, or the Saviour? that is the question. Whether it is more i)1 harmony with Catholic instinct and I are any other great personages of the past. I say this, not as setting (Iown the mental attitude of the good people who prefer that phrase. They use it that way. I merely wish to point out the intrinsic force of the phrase, the verbal reach of it, aside from the dis- position of the user. Take a parallel case. Our Blessed tradition to say "our Saviour?" or Mother is never clothe(l with that en- "the Saviour?" !dearing name by non-Catholics. They Before gripping the question, it is refer to her as "the virgin." And yet pertinent to touch on a possible Our Saviour said to John, who then touchiness in this connection. The wri- and there was the representative of ter from whom I borrowed the ques- tion deprecates the waste of fire on ,such minor matters and sagely sug- gests that the wasted fire be spared for larger issues. Isn't it possib] to discuss even minor matters with malice towards none and charity toward all? Super- sensttiveness is,a temperamental dis- order that readily yields to Coue's auto-suggestion. "Every day in every way I am growing less anti less sus- ceptible to imaginary slights." No man is perfect. Omniscence is not a human attribute. Why stay we Imre on earth if not to grow? ? And to eliminate one's mistakes is to grow. .How are we to discover our errors if, having eyes, we see not, and if,having ears, we hear not and do not heed the charitable corrections of a brother? Instead of reaching angrily, the wise man graciously acknowledges and faithfully amends his failings. Look at the victims who edit our Catholic papers. They may write like angels and no one commemls them. They rack their brais to select suitable sub jects, and deck them out with all the us all: "Son, behold thy mother!" She is ours, our own mother. That heritage, that divine gift is and ought to be denoted b ythe use of the pos- , sessive pronoun, "out'." It empha- stzes our Catholicity. It pleases her. It displeases no just man. And if it did, we shouhl use it none the less. "He that is ashamed oi' Me .... I will be ashamed of him." All the honor that is man-gven is a shadow, an un- substantial, evanescent, deceptive thing. Anything we pay for it is too dear. But the honor that God gives is priceless and eternal. 'Tis worth all the jewels of Golconda. Words are living things. They not only express our tl{oughts; they crys- talize and animate, they incarnate and beautify our thoughts. When we say: Our Saviour, we pJead and pro- test our claim and ou faith in a childlike franknes: that cannot be de- nied. Whe we say the Saviour we exclude the warm personal touch, we I subvtitute a cold, critical attitude for I the clinging filial appeal of the chiM. I FATHER'S SHARE It looks as it" the searchlight has resources of rhetoric. The readers been turned on father and his respon- read with delight and profit. But how ...... . [SlOlnl;y towards his son. Forr, tOO many readers sit down and write :long a congratulate the poor brain-fagged burden time father has escaped the scribes? Let a seeming indiscretion| of his position, possibly be- cause his wayward son was loaded be printed and lo! a flood of protesta- tionsand threats swamp the sanctum. One irate subscriber dashes off the la- conic eostic sentence: "Stop the pa- per." Another depreciates the gauch- eries of the editor, another more vain and not less unreasonable requests the public, ation of his bungling trade. The editor, every (lad, in every way, grows more philosophic. Else the pen wouhl[ drop from his hand, and the everlast- I ing canon fixed against explosive and expressive epithets wouldn't work. Newly-weds pass through a lille pleasant experience in learning the with it. Father thinks that he has done enough when he pays the family budget out of his weekly check. If he is a imme man this only .means that when he ig through with his work, he wants none of the problems of fami- ly life thrust on him. If he sees rec-[ reatoon outside of his home too often the other members of the family have no share in it. In fact, what bonds I bind him to his own he wants loosed !in taking iris joys and comforts, nil some queer way the overworked' mother must also assume all the care for'rearing the ehihlren as well as wisdom of mutualforbearance. If theY[bearing them. There is too little blurted out what they think and gave team work between motlmr and father the unquite evil of the tongue, a full in family control. When things some free swing on every provocation, they to a bad pass, father is called in with wouhl shake the pillars of domestic[ the net result ttmt there is a blow-up, peace and divorce courts would be a slmw of violence and maybe a tran- glutted. So, making a virtue out of a sitory punishment which mostly will necessity, they acquire from motive human and divine, the fine art of J charitable silence. They cultivate a diplomatic blindness and dumbness that is the quintessence of eloquence and clear-sightness. Lest we forget the subject before the house, the phrase "Our Saviour" is Catholic like the "Our Father." It is all-embracing. Every man or woman born is included. Not only that but we emphasize the family spirit, ex- cluding no one, not even the black sheep. It is modeled on the Our Father He who taught us the Our Father knew the strength of the mystic bond woven by a strong, verbal threads whose elastic strength compassed the children of God everywhere and bound them, if not actually, at least poten- tially to one another and to Him. If God has a claim on us, reciprocally we have a claim on Him. We are His property. He is ours. For that we were born, for that we came into the world, that we may possess God for- ever. There is faith and hope and love divine in that God-worded phrase: Our Father. We believe be- cause He taught us, that He is our Father, bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh. We believe that all the :affec- tions of all human fathers and moth- ers, could they be packed into one heart, would'nt be one millionth part as mighty as the love of Him who 'said: "I have loved thee with an everlasting love." We hope that what we now believe we will one day see, that what we now possess conditionally, we will one day have absolutely and irrevocably. And the foundation of that sublime hope is bgttomed on the faith ex- pressed in the phrase Our Father. We love our Father with a divinely human and a humanly divine instint. He taught us that sweet lesson of love as He said: "When you pray, pray thus: Our Father," etc. There is magic in the words. They lift the feeble hands of our souls and entwine them around the neck of our Father. And for a like reason we say "Our Saviour." If a man should say: "The Father who are in heaven," etc.. he would of necessity assume a cold, stand-offish attitude. The Father that I don't care to claim as my Father, nor as anybody else's Father, except in a Platonic sense. The Saviour ? An historic person as remote, as unim- personal, as unconcerned about me as happen to be hit and miss without the slightest speck of justice. Judges presiding over the juvenile courts are much inclined, these days, to hale be- fore the tribunal recreant fathers an mothers. It is beginning to dawn on them that the source of Juvenile de- linquency and crime may be lai(t squarely at their doors. No amount of legislation or .police supervision can do much towards abating youth- ful crime. Tlie average American family has already emancipated itself from all religious control. With no example from father and little from mother, other forces for good are ob- literated. A cheery optimism usually characterizes those who deal with boys. The conclusion is that the av- erage boy is sound at heart. The trouble with many boys is the faers they have. Not only does father lose his leadership with the boy and his influence through his own fault, he comes into genuine disrespect. The intuition of the young readily detects fraud and hyocrisy. Ninety-nine cases out of a hundred a good father means' a good son . The opposite proposition, that a a bad father means a bad son may soon give the courts a key to the solution of a very troubled prgb- lem. ANGEL BLESSING There is a beautiful thought in the story of the patriarch who wrestled with the angel, and who when morn- ing broke, held his heavenly oppon- ent fast, declaring, "I will not et thee go except thou bless me." The gray angels with which we struggle, the angels of adversity and disap- pointment and responsibility, by forc- ing us to put forth our utmost strength, increase it, and each of them has a blessing if we hold fast. Struggle on bravely, however long the night, put out all our strength, how- ever hopeless it seems that victory will be yours. ,But the dawn will come at last and with it blessing, if you have the curage to claim it. A COUPLE OF SMILES Fair Visitor:: "Is there some place aboard where I can get a drink of water ." 4, The Gob: Certainly, miss. At the scuttlebutt, on the starboard side of the gun deck, 'midships, just for'rud the dynamo hatch." PRIMATE OF AFRICA I IS MADE KNIGHT OF , LEGION OF HONOR (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) Paris--M. Poincare has obtained ON THE SAI. E SII)E ings to be, The gentleman from the North was We Christians would offer our praises paying a visit to London; and, before to Thee, he had been there many days, his For God is our Father, an(L bends friends prevailed upon him to accom- from above, pany them to the races at Kempton To keep the round world in the smile Park. of His love. Arrived there, Sandy ventured to stake one shilling on a horse; arrd, as NOT THAT KIND ly candid with you, doctor, believe I possess a soul." Doctor--"Then, with sion, sir, 1 will withdraW." Patient--"Why this doctor?" Doctor--"Because, sir, timated that you have no s0ul. to be quite frank with you, a veterinary surgeon; I'n One good turn deserves patronize our advis the signature of the President of the it was an outsider ,you can imagine Doctor "1 regret, sir, that your Republic to a decree awarding the his delight when it came in first at condition is beyond medical aid. You Cross of Knight of the Legion of long odds. must senti for a celrgyman." Honor to Msgr. Lemaitre, Archbish- He hurried to the bookie who rath- Patient "Indeed! However, I have op of Carthage and primate of Afn- er grudgingly, it seemed to Sandy, no intention to succumb to tim fatal ca. doled out his winnings. Carefully the malady. And besides, to be perfect- Msgr. Lemaitre, before becoming Scotsman looked at and bit each coin ................ archbishop of Carthage, was Vmar before pocketing it. Sneeringly the bookmaker watched] | Apostlic of the Sahara and of French him go through this performance, and i == ' Soudan. ' a pastor in the then remarked: == TWNY aACaA,  pl.A(,l He was formerly "Well, are you afraid they're bad?" I =: ,_, ,, uu  .... w- Nevers diocese, and each year, after" "Na," was the reply; "but I wis jistl - V[,, 1,i/,,.1 I-, 14acf {n +hn if.V makin' sure that the bad ane I gi'ed -  ,--t, s leaving the seminary, he requested _= All Kinds of Lunches--All Kinds of Soft 191.. iis bishop to let him go to evangel-[ ye wisna amang them." . _ ize the Africans. His bishop would WE THANK THEE not give him up. Having become the senior pastor he renewed his request, By M. E. Sangster and at last it was granted, after six- For peace and for plenty, for free- dom, for rest, For the land from the east to , the west, For the dear starry flag with its red, white and blue; teen years of waiting, lie entered the order of the White Fathers, who soon made him director of their farm school in Tunisia. He was such a re- markable technician, grew such' won- We thank Thee from hearts that are derful wheat and grapes, and raised honest and true. such splendid cattle that he became I the general advisor of the colonials. I For waking and sleeping, for bless- ,;.m,.gm m.,.m " LET US SOLVE YOUR MOTOR REPAIR PROBLEMS Competent motor)repairmen, complete equipment--in fact, every essential to insure completely satisfactory work at moderate prices. ZUENDT BROTHERS MOTOR CAR CO. 923 Main Street Phone 4 4914 YOU ALWAYS PROFIT BY BUYING AT BACK'S No matter wha you needapparel for men, women arrd children-- Furnishings for the Home--you can secure it at BACK'S at a lower price! .If you c-mnot visit our store personally, send your mail order to us for quick, efficient Service BACK'S 410-12 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. ,! :.ZZZ-ZI=777-__- ....... ZZ ............................ - Beer on Draught Cigars and Candy Imported Olive Oil and Macaroni 119-121 E. 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