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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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J THE GUARDIAN Page Twenty-three ffERGREEN AND HAWTHORN i A Story ! Papa!" ously, but,with the aftelmoon and arms went around her evening his voice weakened, and when s leek, her cheek as delicate- the girl saw him he was a tired blind L as the tender blossmns of mall, tired of voice, tired of body, i treein May, pressed against tired lines around the sightless eyes, Unshaven cheek, her virginal around the sensitive mouth. appealed to his tired grey Papa, move into this side not the other. Only a been carried up. I'll across the hall into those Gretchen? Wily isn't the as good as this?" I 1 to a window and l long for you to wait, '(would be too a ; ard On tile swell late I must stay until this torrent t the other end of the wfl- has dwindled to a tiny brook. And evergreen tree, [lll emer- against tile indefinite of clay bank, :parsely grass and weeds, ancl to- s, But  " ' .nee they looked, nor her father could but the tree. l's tired grey eyes stan to shut out the T was a Tamenbaum yr, olese garden, an ever- and beneath it a girl, the was now his wife, her love long winter of adversi- in the green spring velled to see how unerringly the blind man's right hand went out in greet- I see the tree from the ing, to grasp the father's hig, callous- t of the house, Daddy. That ed hand; the workworn hand of the I, mother that was so tender on Karl's t .meager helongings of the tousled head, so soothing to his boy- I been carried into the new I ish hurts; the white, small and shape- I on the third floor of a ly hand of his sister; his on, tiny, I tenement which faced[ soft, besmudged. [ itself across the street] The little fellow babbled a bit when[ its back to the valleylIthe growu-ups were not speaking, i river brought cargoes "We were going to move into the! i Piled into immense black lother rode, but Gretchen wanted'to I freight engines snorted come here 'cos she can see a tree from 11 day and all night; here "  [ . chimneys spouted black Then Gretchen answered Mr. ] ords belched fire; questions and he came to know about I , I The girl s cold hand rested lightly[ on the man's. I "We've quarreled. He hasn't cornel I since we moved here. I---don't know I what to say. But you understand, so much better than anybody else, so I will tell you. I love him with all my I die." I  IIIIIl!!!!llllilHIttillillllilllilllllUUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll `uiutiiiiiIiiIuIiHntlitiiiuliiiitiHuuiHIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiituiuMi "Well, you didn't go to your girl  and tell her you was sorry and that l and] L. D. COOPER, President J. B DICKINSON, Secy & Treas. you was all wrong and she not, beg her to make up!" I  J.B. BATEMAN, JR., Vice President "No. 'Tis as 1 said, I was tool proud. And 'tis foolish I was not to heart. We were to be married--as go to Nona, on my knees! How I soon as Papa got well again and could I have paid for my stubborness, my work and the debts were paid--md lad. The long years of loneliness and hey are paid, now MMr. Ford!" longing! And 'twas not myself only There was a lull in the succession "Tis my heart you have touched,' that I hurt. Such girls as None and of human waves sweeping up anti Gdetchen! Ah, young love, and a]Gretchen, such girls, Robert, love but down the avenue. The stenographer quarrel! How I remember--the haw- [ once Proud they are .... would touched Denis Ford's arm. thJrn hedge by Ballyshannon. and llyou have them otherwise? and high- "I am Gretchen Hoffman," she said. Nolla O'Malley and I . . . " spirited, and their love is like Gretch- "the girl who met you this mornin., irhe two sat in silence For one en's evergreen tree, the same when " I there was the thought of love in the' the sky is black as when the sun I wouhl like to wait and walk home I with you." [ present, for the other the bitter-sweet shines, tile same in winter as in sum- "No, Miss Hoffman, 'twould be too memory of love in the long ago. As lmer. A nmn's a fool to lose the love she gazed at the sightless face of the of such a woman, throw it away be- ageing man, Gretchen thought of a cause..." play "he" had taken her to see. It "Oh, I guess a fellow kinda for- don't you worry about me. I'll get I had been "Rosemary" and she remem- I gets after a while." bered "rosemary, that's for remem- I Nay, nay, my lad, he never for- home all right. Sure, 'tis glad I branee." And now, morn-'bloss(nns, I gets. Not even if he marries some' 'Twouldthugh'maket havethe wayyU seemWalk too. .,[ other girl. Love never came to me short anti pleasant." I "Do you read the daily papers?" l again. I would have none of it. A I Karl, ]retchen's little brother, lis-] asked Denis Ford. [ girl smiled on me, here and there, be- tened full of wonder as the girl dur- "No, but father takes a German fore I was blind, but '(was Nona ing supper that night told her parentsi paper that comes once a week. Even:' 0'Malley held my heart. And '(is of Denis Ford. The quick, generous a few ceuts a day . . . " Gretchen }toffman holds your heart, sympathy of the man and wife went "You are wise besides being thrf- and will hold it, always, to the end." i ty," answered the blind man. "I sell The blind man's hands reached out OUt to the blind seller of newspapers. They induced him to leave his lou.ely 11 the sheets, God forgive me, 'tis the unfalteringly and gripped the machin- only way I know to make a hvmg ' arm t  , n th room occasionally of a night, and the ' ' " " ist s ' s. With unexpec o st'e g five would sit and talk. Karl mar- But 'tis not for such as you the pa- he held them fast. pers are printed, my dear. Now t tell "Look into my eyes, man! They me about him. I am sure he', a cannot see you as you see me, but I splendid lad, or he would never have can 'see'! I know how unhappy you won the love of such a maid as you. are. I know 'tis a life of lonesome Tell me his name." misery you are making for >.ourself, "Robert Reinhart. t, te's a machin- and for Gretchen!" ist at the foundry. He s a big, strong "How do you know she cares ? Girls man, Mr. Ford, and (lark, like ou " ,, Y forget Some other fellow . . "As I used to be, Gretchen. Ah, "Haven't I told you such girls nev- know, '(is white my head is now, and er forget? There will never be an- my beard. Your sweet blarney can't other love for her, my lad, nor for keep me from getting old outwardly, though you make me feel young, make me forget I am growing old. When I hear your voice, when you sit beside me the years slip away, md I am a lad again." He said no more, but Gretchen Hoffman and thous- tile evergreen tree, what it meant to', t- .... ,.o,  ..... ,.i,t.i,,. ' . h,w men worked, in the t,,o,,, *,,,s= ,,m,  ,v,,a ..... 1L, the girl, what memorie it awakened , ..... ..n ..... ,., xT ..... n,xo , out of the valley by in the souls of Got(fried Hoffman and ........... .... ' even as she was l;nlnKlng ol: all ever- another to their homes on ms wile. green tree, symbol of constancy, and "I can see the tree," said Denis t of Robert Reinhart. Ford 'From your wolds, Gretcheu, I , westering sun came "  he next day each of the neslla-I know that it is big, darkly green in' ,,  , ,,, ,, ! the third-story rooms, , ,.rs con(amid this versona ad- her Work for a'moment tile day time, greenish-gold at sun-[vertisement. 1 out of all eastern window, set, silvery lr. the moonhght under I "If Mr. Robert Reinhart will call onl the stars I am glad you told me a tree was bathed in glo- " " "" ' ' Denis Iord, 1973 Grant street, hel gleamed greenish- about the tree It will add one more ...... , .................... I Will learn SOillelfllng 1,0 ms aavan,[ to the pictures I have stoled in my ,, ' '" ' tage. I ] mmd, as ,wd as anythmg you can night she worked in " ' '" ' '' " " When the young machinist had en- I | room that was hers. see." tered Denis Ford's room, he felt ill[ What images Denis Ford had locked you. Oh, think of the years to come, the long, long years of heavy loneli- ness, without Gretchen beside you day by day, with nexer,,, the arms of a child around your necek! God gives the young but one first love. 'Tis the sweetest thing He gives to anyone on earth. I--I threw His gift away! You . . . " The machinist freed himself from the blind man's grip, then took the gnarled, bloodless fingers of Denis Ford into his young hands and heht them tight. The sightless face lighted up. the lips parted in a smile of gentle, serene happiness. Then slow- ly Denis Ford released one hand, reached over and rang the little bell. The blind seller of newspapers could not have knelt beside Karl Hoff- at ease. Why had he been summon-I man of the wondering eyes on ed to this tenement, to the room of a lGretchen's wedding-day, if Robert stranger, a pallid, sightless man, who I Reinhart had not hired a taxi to take reclined tiredly in an old armchair?lhim to the nuptial Mass. He was I am Kobert Reinhart. I am here l frced to take to his bed while Mrs. nl answer to your advertisement in l Hffman served the modest wedding the Star." t breakfast, so Gretchen and Robert "Will you take a seat here, my lad ? went to his room before leaving for a I b,ef honeymoon And will you forgive an old man for '" bringing you here and presuming to "We are going to live near the talk with you about something that Park, on this side of the valley, Mr. concerns you very much? Will you let l Ford. From my htchen wmdow I him tell you that he wants to help you ! can see my evergreen tree." and that even more than you, he Then the bride knelt at the bedside wants to help someone he loves? He and kissed the white, furrowed brow loves her as 'a big brother loves his above the blinded eyes. little sister, as a father loves his When next Gretchen came to visit no time in the morn- aright, for she Walk a long way to Company's found- a stenographer At neatly arranged, the cell- lean and almost bare as ace again the girl look: Window, to the east. tree was a silver tri- tip pointing toward Vault whence it seemed itself the radiance Then Gretchen moon crept into her her in its soft girl reached the second- on her way to work the man was about to having just emerg- off the landing. His the floor, one shoulder He could not see morning freshness the gold of her hair, of her cheeks, the' lips,, the youthful- figure. sir! May I help stairs 2,, r loss of the sight of enis Ford when he of the girl. Her voice Was. It was as gold- of her hair, as dell- on her cheeks, it from which it came, and self-reliant and cape- a year the blind a woman's arm in i deeply, strangely, [ chivalry, the Catho- I Within him. With the I .e COUrtesy, he divined s on her way to work. reached the bottom nd come out upon the her: "Thank you, my But now you must With me. You are on Work, aren't you? and t be late. I will be all see, I have walked from every day for more in his memory, ready to come forth' at his command! "You have an evergreen tree, I have a hawthorn hedge. In childhood and youth I saw it with my eyes; for more than thirty years it has been my sweetest memory. Now they are friends, your tree and my hedge, and if you will let me. I will be your friend and you mine." Little by little, tactfully, Gretchen helped Mr. Ford. She made him promise to ring a little bell each morning when, having dressed (which he did with surprising dispatch and accuracy), he was ready for break- fast. Now he had hot coffee each daughter. He loves her because she I morning and often a strengthenmg[ is sweet and fair and pure, my lad, soup. He found that each night his because she has been like a bit of sun- ghine in a dark fife these four or fice months. He loves her because she has the voice and the laughter of one he knew, and loved--long ago. And be- cause he loves her, he loves all whom she loves, and you are one of them. Hobert Reinhart understood, tho he did not know that Gretchen lived op the floor above. He understood that bed had been prepared, the pillow smoothed, and oftener than before he felt the cool, clean, deliciousness of fresh linen. Each morning Gretchen watched the blind man ask blessing on his simple fare, then she helped him in- to his overcoat, and together they de- scended the stairs to the street, 'and parted. Her voice was ahvays golden ', she had found a place, a niche of rev- and merry as sunshine, and some lerence, ill the heart of Denis Ford, a ' " 'S months passed before the ,Blind man , heart empty these many years but for sensitive faculties told him that love's memories. Gretchen was not as happy as her ! "She is to blame as much as I am." voice would make him believe He] I came to know that it veiled darkling "Sure, I don't doubt it, boy, Nonal was to blame, too, I said, 'as much as clouds of trouble and chill unhappi- I I was." ness. ' [ "Nona?" queried the young man, " m dearS" he asked What is it, y " 'wonderingly, a bit peevishly. her one night, as they sat at an east- ern window. "Nona O'Malley, the enighbor's I "Nothing, Mr. Ford. What couhl lass. She was like Gretchen, win- t some, fair-haired, tender and sweet, there be? I am well, I am earning ' . all womanhness, all lovable. I'd have. good wages, able to help Papa. Some gone to the ends of the earth for her, 1 day we will move out into the suburbs, where .... Oh, but then we'd lose my lad, and through fire and water, you!" i but I wouldn't, bend my stubborn it pride. She ]s as much to blame as I i "And your tree, Gretchen. But[ am,' said I to myself, and went my{ come, tell me, what is the matter ? I way. A long, long time ago it is now, I can 'see' something is amiss." but I remember when last by the haw- i "You seem to 'see' everything, Mr. thorn.. "What has all that got to do with} me and Gretchen ." "I couldn't forget, and I was too proud to speak the first word. So I ran off to America Then blindness came upon me, me that had been blind in his pride, and for more than thirty years I've lived alone, le this, blind and lonely, until Gretchen came. For me there is but a short time left. I shall never see Nona O'Malley again in this world, nor the hawthorn hedge by Ballyshannon road. All I have is the memory of my love, fresh .and .sweet and pure as when I was a lad. God willing, 'twill stay with me till I Denis Ford, he was dead. There was a smile on his lips, as when she kiss- ed him on her wedding-day. Her tear.,; fell on his folded hands that held a spring of thorn-blossoms from the hedge in Ballyshannon.The Magni- ficat. The school board of Eugene, Oregon, has voted to release children of the fifth and sixth grades for one hour each week for religious instructions. m m m m I m m M m m . -- _ III T I III Buy Your Groceries From COX'S CASH STORES Little Rock, Ark. i-:-- w m m m ! g Ford, even what I think and feel." "And 'tis white things I 'see,' my dear, white as the coif of a nun. And pink, for maiden blushes. White and pink, like the hawthorn blossoms of the hedge by Ballyshannon's road. Ah, let me help you, accushlai You have been kind to me, an old blind man who is a lot of bother." "Hush, Mr. Ford! You must not say such things. 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