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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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i i , Page Twenty-two ,AN HONaT MAN this important virtue. And yet, aN]they assume, in the, an unsightly though we are so sensitive under un-lshape. I just treatment at the bands of others,/ The enemies of our Lord made their I He Now Just as Scarce as in we heedlessly inflict it upon others at/case, in spite of its basest injustice, f Diogenes" Day the promptings of our self-love. - _ appear plausible to the mob. So, too, i The best way to discover the sinu- no just man has ever been or is per-I Some time ago my heart was moved pus tracks of human nature is to ob- J secuted but his enemies have atisfied I to pity A friend of mine who has,serve carefully the operations of your] themselves, successfully or not, that / bien working faithfully for a railroad i own heart. By following this method ih e is a criminal and deserves a] l the l for many years, related sadly that he I I notice I am not inclined to injustice maltreatment meted out to him. 'lherel had to cede a good and lucrative posi- towards others but when some selfi%h is no informant so vile and unscrupu- THE GUARDIAN LIFE IN SIX ACTS Baby Sighing, crying, Night and (lay; Winking, blinking, Full of play. Boy Fooling, schooling, Getting tall; Growing, rowing, tion to a favorite of the manager and advantage lures me. Whoever is be- ]pus but they will listen to and read|-[ take an inferior place witb consider- neath me and offerSsurenOof possible rival- ]y believe everything he says to te[ ably less pay. What grieved him was ry to me can be my good will, contamination and ruin of their rivahs]l' no so much the money he was to lose my encouragement and generosity, tcharacter. Of course, were he heard l madeaS theto opensufferinjustiCeas the victimhe WaSof favor-being positionBUt onCeanda man is a menace to my own'giving his own side, he could easily I a competitor for my pop- I clear himself, and, instead, advance a [ Old Age Ailing, failing Day by (lay; The undertaker Ends the play. Over a tie; aspirations, the more I am tempted to wor J one could go about today, not with alni his ...... " ld thaan have his conscience re- :t:::nse'::lligbl::s :e :h ahgh:ol ,:;iceP:::a;:[; t:l?:u;hdy.anHto bvl:r pr:::hohm :, a single act or senti- ord a just, an all around fair an he '"s spurs me to opposmon Were ummrness, j square man, anti be would be sure to] weaker than I, and were his future! There is scarcely a great man in / die before the successful ss failure as annarent as Is hs r 'h[st " : .... "..ue of his " " . " ". p osperi- " pry who did not endure the bitter quest, ty, I should le kind to him and ,.iehl I~-: ........ .y . ,mgs oz Injustice and spend vears In younger (lays, when idealism and !lira every room. But now, because he l u.n .............. ' " tnreal;en. to crow 1 - - I ,,u,  Juu( oi unoeserveo suspicion[ ophmism run high, one fancies he will . - ( me ou ana ou- , .... "- i ' , ' anti lll-Wl , * fi ........... , . shine and eclinse me 1 a + ^ , II. This is the tesI of true ,,,, u, ur Lne oner man wnose JUS- . ,  ? rfl bh ,j, . / tice in every, department is sure to lnaermgl .his. approach by. what. means. greatness, of soul.. Here mediocrity, i ShT'heh[::ethger:allYb:ftahc: dt:ethi ob-' ::t !IntU(iitiildf! :t::gglvea[:;l;e d::lss :;l b:a:late,Wb;t:l::: d::o=e;: / servance of absolute justice is self survivor cost w" ' erm!ned to be the I fire but what is true gold of Christian love, an element.foreign to no human , na r win. ch ............ - "- rucLer Wll| e purizie(I and clar- h " r " emg. lhen, too, Ignorance and weak- I In this way, I say, I notice that my' fied and but shine and dazzle the more ness, two traits that are also a corn-  heart operates when left to itself l mon heritage oI" our kind often coun- is, therefore , not surprising to what in consequence teract the demands of justice, extreme and heartless measures it will Presiden ts and superintendents. A Keen Sense of Smell A man was strolling down the main street of the town, holding a pointer in leash. He met a friend and entered into conversation with him. The talk Upon seeing some conversation near them, one of them and inquired: me, sir, but have you a bird pocket ?" "No," answered tile man, The owner of the dog was puzzled, but, after a few on deep thought, he again appr0a man and asked: "Excuse me, b is your name. sir?" Playing ball. Youth turned from one thing to another, but Fussing, mussing, at last the discussion centered on the l |nemts of the dog. Yes, sir, said the l What Did She Mea H[ubby"I see that Larking, sparking owner, that dog can smell a bird aldied the other mile away." I day, left his million. How would you like 0 "Indeed," said his friend ineredu-!widow?,, Wifey"Now, you know, I it|sin. On the sly. ularity, my honors or di it Man The same bitter complaint I have si=on,. "'-'-- " - gn y, I am number of sohd and compromisin,l , . hood received in letters fr ^-= ........ , - s.v -,me, o nave a sinister char nc, n;, -:- , ' .  I oomg, wooing', ously. ,,,- pooce em- feehn for hm ':' ' " " '- ve] nob:'lit m enemms, cut ms I Future wife; He glanced at the pointer and was rather be xehal ployes, store andbank clerks' factory ". g " , to suspect hnn m va "Y ...... and ,"" "' -" . . . ours r. -- hands and others, viz., that in their rus^ays and to fer:etout some rea-lhim -, ..... Y .... generomty elevate, Gu_Lshmg, blushing, I surprised to see the dog sniffling ner- y ,dear -x respective departments nromaHan .....  ,,, r oner o sugn l]lm, to decry! ,,-= ,vsc resources an([ rather' Twed of llfe. [vOUSly. --   I decided, as a rule, not'by-merit'" ',,: : and behttle" him," to ignore" him direct-l" bd .... him, imitate tus" D[wne" " Masterl Middle Age I "That do,o at s ......... a ] a mr . Through the generosity  : . . - -, - ly or indirectl to s . I S] " . . t, wa un- nor Clavin of Rensselaer, a " by pure favoritism and Y helve and ehm Who, un(lel the most awng, cavm tier his nos , , ' : partiality I . . . " -t " . flagrantly un-I g, I . se and there isn t a bird any- "The .,: ....... -^rs b, They tell of a quaint Dhilosonhr at" I ae mm entirely ,the sooner the bet- just accusations ....... ; ...... : Hoarding wealth: where around hr" o o-., . . a,.n o uur a-=. ,. ancient Greece, Diogenes who-- = er. I do not say I always yield to tw.._. ......... , ..--, zna;e Dy I Driving, striving, " I T  ..........  :' "'" " .... I|nm bbons, has beenpla"  broad dvl{,h+ ---- o ." : "" this tendency Go( forhin h.+ ,,- , -, uo,ue snenee. He Znows that| Bralt,. h.,u I - own mogeo ano was per-I ranle Transcribers' t.;lum :" ..... .--,-- was seen to o a . ." . .,,.  ne m- . . . ----....a,u. the crowded market ]ae ...... g bout chnahon is there at any ]'ate and the after all it ]s a thousand times bett(. [-- plexed. I and presented to the New y0rg p : Wild] a Durn- . " ' " ..................... " .. r mg lantern. Upon bein asked wh.. shonger my prospective rival is, the to suffer than to inflict injustice anl ,--- ._ _ - ...................................... I' blind r ih: t:sfi: he replied: ,:'I am try- p;::ib:lha:tgli Pa:dttl th.e more I he would rathe]- forego the highest ".-- .......................... , ......................... Z:,-,, g ' honest man. Even at) ' : e higher his l and most lucrative position in the .....................................................  ................ .,, -I In my philosophical musings I fre- quently dwell on the relations of ne irtues of charity and justice. Charity is more winning and fascinating, but justice commands more reverence and  esteem. A charitable man is loved, a, just man is respected. For my friend give me a charitable man, for my have recourse to attain its object, if it is not duly restrained by tile' virtue of justice. No one ever persecutes or in- jures another without justifying his conduct in his own mind. And here even in otherwise good men self-love is wonderfully ingenious and invent- ive. It has microscopic, telescopic and foreman or superior give me a just' kaleidoscopic powers of vision when man. If you deny me charity, you looking, upon the possible rival. It hurt me; if you refuse me justice, you discovers the leas and tiniest flaws cut me and rouse me to rebellion. I of character or conduct and magnifies can easier forego my claims upon your l them into hideous ulcer ....... charity than resign them on yourl a s o vice. what mar their memory more disastrously ] /no other human eye can see looms u than by disregarding, under cover o em::bl:P]ofite t a before it in ghastly colors. Even thP'whatsoever plea and misguided by ,' patient virtues and evident qualities of whatever motive, the sacred demanos keener he feels the stings of injustice nobility it can twist and  " and the more he feels inclined to repel :urn until of justice.--St. Anthony's Messenger. and denounce them. If necessary, he 41[l[l$$$llllllllllllilllll[Illtlll]iitjlrltllll[lllt,,.. "IIJIIlJlllIJjIIIlIifIltllllllll$$l[[[$lI$$III$IIIIIIIIII[[[[$$$lllII$IiIIII[H$$llmll: can be silent under the smart for the l love of God; he can suffer in patience I  TO SAVE SUCCESSI, ULLY ' their leaders On the other hand, they cannot quicker chill the fervor of their i inferiors and into positlw! distrust for their work, they cannot I paralyze their own good qualities anu! Systematically PULASKI BUILDING AND LOAN 00ISSOCIATION of LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS W. 1. GULLEY, Secretary 219 Wes Second Street (Southern Trust Building) Phone 4-0611 EAT EVERBEST BREAD CAPITOL CITY BAKERY Bread Fresh And Cakes Daily (UNION MADE 1309 W. CAPITOL AVE. 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Arkansas" Greatest Store Wishes a still greater success m the coming year to the Guard- mn and the interests it repre- sents. : : . : THE 00,GUS BLASS CO. appreciates the privilege of this space to express its best wishes for a worthy endeavor : : nliiiliHiiiilI?i;dilriIIIIIrlttIiliIIIliIiiiiiliHiIi. ] II/IIIIIIHI$IIIIH$Ifu$!I!I/II$I$!$I!lI!IIII$I$!$IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIr'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiIIIII$IIII!!III1!$I$$$I!I$ir ! i ./ PACE&HALL Everything Fpr, Decprating 216 Louisiana Street Phone 4-4591 r