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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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, Page Twenty-one THE GUARDIAN " found tlemselves h a vast gallery 101MISSION WORKERS IN mid involves a large vocabulary. My lCALLS JAMES KENT , "| different. He has more dash and , - : JAPAN second year students were able to read l STONE OF NE, ENGLAND reserve than the Englishman, but S DISCOVERY meters wide, 100 meters long and 7t ................. l.' 'Continued from p00go 16> tlack, the quality that distinguishe00 meters high. ShaKespeare in tne orlgma during  e t  I 6 last art of the terffa. [his is very -- our mother country from [his nation, 0F CAVE PAINTINGS Walls and ceiling were covered with! (Continued from page l ) " P ....... L/.--heated originally in the article bylat least for Isnglish tastes we, none I paintings in ochre and black, repre-I -- difficult for umm anct tne way m! api " " s,, ,,  ' ' ." " erar which the usually murder an English Mr. Smith in The Sign: ] of us, have weight enough. But: oh, By M Massiani I senting mamnmths, bmow, ammals l e-Io the minute in the scen!!f!c, lit psi.' met -ive y one an idea of the torture ! ",The Newman of New England, solhm spn ls tremendous with all the 5C0r T  '... " I mhllne,,horses a dike and human and religious world, v or tins purp ,. I g _ . . ...... i r :.^ , .... 11 ,T One of those ifted] finer instincts well developed to als- .,'. . W. C. News Service} ! : .... 7- ( -" "'. ..  .... ,t. ..... s-I .  , ..... AAed to their slender fac-t Horace or Sophocles woum sm:ier lli  Hre .  .......... 7 .:   ..11.  ....... a ,11 th dualities to akl and his talents hring him. Yet tie is "Can I but be true to the lofty reveal many traces of the to neglect his pastoral duties, tee pus- ll the modern languages, and in turn This was the work of the Jesuit mis- strong in action, nowhere showing[ ideals he has set before me, all may Work of primitive humanity, tot of Cabrerts has spent many hours labored long and arduously in acquir- sionaries in Japan The Lord has ap- signs of weakness. Fullrvoiced and[ yet be well in that glad day when we parently seen fit to interrupt it. The full-hearted, preaching in tobies of ve- I shall stand to make account of all the of this archeological copying, tracing and photographing ing the Japanese tongue themselves, l is a modest village priest, ; the prehistoric works of art. A Par- The first American born Jesuit in this Father McNeal preached smn review, tae "lllustration," has re- group of educator-missionaries was l slogan that ' " ' in America: "Yours for a bigger hemence the bitter and sweet oflblessings Christ has given me, this pastor of the parish o . , '  " ....... hoto I "-er Mark McNeal, from George- ..istendom p, is 'till echoing in the[Christ's meek Gospel. ' love of ours may deepen with charity i . rouuce(t sexera Ol: ucs v -  au . .r .' , n the Department ot the p .....  ,,,t =-eral tun xn His snecialty was English hter-, minds of our countrymen It ' stilll "I lbve him better,it may be, than divine "--Standard and Times. :emo:l has long been inter- g2P;:ai: :l;r:::e,l at he fact that aime, and his reputation grew so th:tfiieans what it (lid when he preached/i do his doctrine. Of ohl lie reached The recommendation that Protest- ira p/-gY adhts ability had simple and naive a:; these drawings soon he was called to be professor ..... it, and more. Recent State Depart-/my heart not by charm of weakness, ants in Australia follow the example ,e grauu(te of numer- " " .. ", "ect in the Imperial umvermy . es re ort him safe in ne ' " . " " ars . : . are, the proportions and pespective hs sub] ..... .. 1. ........ ,l ment (hspatch . p _ ; .. . ! xr. hue io'v strength of love divine , C, nthMics , td establish schools of . The recent fred has ...... A'nd -'his work was itself. Father Mc,eat s r. ........  ruined city of Tokyo. Omy ne ira- I "'', ...... 1.  .  ............ al . - 'i '. ,':':- name famo- t ale,almo..t perfect. " - I .... . -.--*,,, *-," in 1921-22. . - -" -. ,,- .... .,I ,,,,mh with a breath of flame my their own, was volcect D n v,,,-,,* r .. _ -'" . . one fifteen thousand years ago, to:' many m nls cuu,-, -- .. . . l aginatmn can pcure nls mus,,. t .............. o . ......... .__ r, ..... , - Vic- ^He Bec-me Interested /! ..... : ho , iven 'Sirexnert pal-lhe gave many lectures, seeKg unas! where he is now, thinking back to the/soul and my being. . i Mc.t-nerson, 2cung x.:,i::.^,.nt a =mozi has alwavs lived in the  uc .... 7oo - _.,... - i .......  , threatened restrictive Gov-] ..........  .A ,,-in= ou the/ "I call him Newman It pleases me ltorm, in an auoess ue,v ....... toa a. :-  : , I eontoliglss o ne (tecorauons. LO ,,v ...... . ._ _. .fl work oI ue pa, ......... o  ..... ..h hatwoo, them He' Methodist church in Memourne. u txt Oltlogne waele,  measure, true LO tett. - LO in irk ne p. a .... xe last ....  , . t q:hese inestimable d6cuments of hu- ernment s . .. treasur , I ruins of the present.  ............ _ . . vu years the arcneolo-i ....... ,.,  .... , omained monev in the Umverslty s 'l ......... ==- . .................... ... ................................... e do  , , I lnan nlslory wout(l ,a. ....... '"-   leldl , .he oo much valuame work . -" ...... h ^ historic .erse- Thus in Japan I iather McNeal 1 I ................................................. il.__[._i..i.,,iii...fl ............ i.,.i,i,,,,ii,; .............. ,,,,,,,,,[,t,!it!!lltill!!!]ll ]!q!pllltt,Ht[lltq)l;;!ll t q t!tt.Vl:, q" ,q!!i!!!!!!q!!t!l!!!!!!!!tlll [ILLi!tl[!t!l!l!llltlil!!!! ltlttli !ll!l!!l!!ll[!l!ll[ILll(illLltiLtl!ilUU$$t rue unKnown ou or  e v mm III1111 llll! ntl$$l$l$$1Ill[mIt$iiuiiiliiiillttttt"ttutttu"tt* d so much lib ,,- th x ' " ? , - . " ' . [ Ulllll!$$$1 !!ill $11 ........................ " of ,..: ..... s ........ -', verance of the pastor of Ca0reres. two positions a once. [  v-mitve humanity It wa. ...... :- -.'ork and of the i ,,. hs part o the countrylv c,Aq,,',,:-'v wxr N HISTORY .. .   ,vl :OUn er" ,. i' v., : t *-'x ' ....  .... '" .......... Iw k of the Jesms m gner ........ !_  ivY-o.  ..... pre-msory, is(,- I To select "the six greatest men in! -r ...... t., -th I .-.= . -' IOUnd in " .  " , the late earthquake may ues o,." s,' "  - o. ,. 1864, the tnst histor-"' ut of the whole of hmtoryst . , [_ L'._,i.....,,,...,,,,,,.=....,, "rydatmgfrom the rein- role can :t best be "only a parlor [ ered from his own partmtaemtssn'/ U_Alt00ltgIl:00t:; , was in other, nearby I vame, though a very good parlor IIn 1918 he sent over ths (mserq)uon_ JL-  ;:l_rst ske!eton of a ma game;" that, at any rate, is how Glo f his English classes: I v  'x -'', perma was iouno.. K Chesterton puts it in his own short / ..... *irst el.'ss, which is our fifth t  | - .  -, i-,,1,, [ t-   7" :_-ls betonging to these ro-! ,tribution to the nastime in the cur-! my - , _,,: ....  " ,--adin-/ l .! l [ l I ! lt'?.l k A I11 lt-]Okl IV ors of t  ,,. .... t ....... ...... - .. " ..... i. [ year of Enghsn, is oecupeu ..... o /  .l_--alq.a a.   v.  ][-- d } 1o^  h_ v ............. rent number ot the trann luagaz,,,-. I  - , 1. ..... ,...n q.ho!  --  ,' ound here -,. th head of tbe list he does not'. Lamb's Titles from naev ......... / ,mozi, aftel studyin  the e " ...... rs le m  hich some of these,--  ,re'." '. " s . g " follow H. G. Wells and some othe., involv,d sty " ;" ' : .  Sixth and Center Streets . tie, t)ecame passionately "I have no doubt," Mr Chesterton _..^ written makes them sufficiently[ the search for he test-]writes. "about the greatest figure in :c ....... , tax the acquirements of/ aIlaws or .... . t , OllJ.lcu, ...... ':  SASH ........... lgm. During his historv; but that involves transceae,,- ...... qo diffi.ult words l | IIDi2D llllE[ ned the habit of explor- tal truths not relevant here." Divid- our pest u(ten ....... ,-. ....... m I LUtItULdX, jtaai.,st$, a/her cracks in tne chffst ing his six greatest into three main and sentences, an analysis oit e I t, tOO ,fuMrM/ - e roads and rivers So categories, and then choosing two matical constructions and an P "t= lLl ljurj[ll - become aml so thoroughl fro m each, he puts Shakespeare amrltatio n of part of the story with some! iug of the aspect am, iNapoelon as the marvels of geniu,[ the lecture period ..ure or' the rocks, tha! who applied "a sheer mass of creative erudition fill ou alactltes thlch nave accu - ntall to a attic ' " f' ' -Imind almost accide y . p -. We generally read As Yoc Like It, i the centuries he h::iular job;" Aristotle and St. q:homas Winter's Tale Merchant of Venice, I :over the I0arvel '1 Aquinas as those who may be saidlOthello, Macbeth, Lear and Hamlet in, nught otherwme have de the mlnd of " ..... ahnost to have ma ' " " :lthe order .amed. ] forever. I others;" and lastly "those whose "My second class generally reads- thus establishel in his rec- greatness was hardly mental at a, , .  , aSem where he has classified! of bones, reindeer antlerst but entirely moral" of whom Mr. some extracts from the Alhambr.. Chesterton selects as his examples St. The method followed is the same. I POons, axes, polished and Francis of Assisi and St. Joan of Arc, have many occasions in boAz classes , silex tools, and molds of l adding: , "I am very glad that one oI to point out lessons of mcralitv and and paintings.  .. ,, my six o a woman. [especially ot' chiwflry which make a I LUMBER Detailed Mill Work a Specialty Prompt Deliveries LET US FIGURE ON YOUR P, ILLS PROMPT SERVICE ago, while excavating  ]= , ............ ,llllli!'.il ,,q,,,,tt, !illlllt',li::,.! Under the rocks near Roca- The Weepy Part cumulative impre,,,,;ion. Ta:gible re- / h,dll$111llllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllll$111HIIIII IIIIIlllllllllllllllllUuttlwt$11$11111llllllllll{llllllttIl' IIHill ....... ... IlUlllllHlllHtUllI,,, IIIIItlll!!lVl!lllll/ Unburied'some large stones Professor (explaining results ob- sults are seen in the inquirie, put to', !lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllltlllllll . ill tllllt, . ,uum, Illll!l!llll ,.1,,11!t',iI :'..' surface o:l' which weretained from the inflection of the voice me and still more in the number of : of a deer, a rein-'. --"Did I ever tell you the story of an really desirable candidates who ask for _ .... ,'ve n them a horse ht rehgmus instruction to be c.t , - = a,,- . He also broug actor who could read a menu so as to . . .  ge quantity of mlex toos .... -^ -" .....  .... e wee 9'' [m private. With the ,,,m .............. ,, -- . results of other ob-] Student (strongly moved. -- He My.t!n'd .c!ass s .devoted to corn: , proved that *hi- must have .... ' " "..r-, / merciat English. i give a serms o ... '  " ,must have rea(t lle prices. v .- . , . . .. _1 _.. I e of a workshop in the pc- I, : , / simple lectures on advertising, and a,- the archeologists call the t t)aY"'-,mtiation s Still Possible /other ies on history of com- e "Where Seroice Counts" epoch the lt epoch of , , 1 n't mar , the melce ln, tead of an Enghsh author " "" [ You say you xoud ' . " " "' "; ' : " . ' ! s ' . . volldai(were d" ,! t/m ,,.e:d h.. copy oftheanagazne Sys./. - - , ,i , ..':- y:riige:ce is required to pur-l)e,E:pha:h the urmslTd:botn ;ottr:lll  l as this. When thel t .... -,, ,rl I for a year anti all : ' s -/ the trace of a streak, of a!"',,,' :.' -'s  use m', nro-osing"i marks on business ethics. For trans 1  Under ]_nen nere : 1 v . t  ' " I an = the surface formed by[ ,,_ .... - uite the best latin into Enghsh we use the Jap -t. lation of dust and rain dur-I Oh, Put you le no q Wash I  ?f L.ttle I,or(] Famtlero -s, he spends hours and ]man m the o,ld, me you '' le}e. ve'sln Y'I s knees, o soiaaetimes lying mgton Star " which makes qmte a difficult exercise hammer in order to un- Phone 4-4872 Phone 4-4872 MOTOR TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. Office and Warehouse 712.714 Broadway W. F. Gazette, Mgr. We Crate and Pack Household Goods LITTLE ROCK, ARK. W. C. Garrett, Asst. Mgr. "Home Furnishers Since 1889" BOWSER FURSTURE CO. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. WILBUR SHOEMAKER School of Music Studios 910aA Main Street Phone 5809 Res. Phone 4-6472 I)icture without damaging' it. days of hard work lead At other times an appar- find leads to mg- results. Thus, in 1920,. in the the Sagne, a minute breach , cleared out by dint of gave access to a cave deep decorated with curl- of animals. this 150 meter cave, th . 'ti~ Cave, that a still more inter- l  SUhterranean hall, the most : :e:if:ltef all, was discovered a few baVid u"" A 14-year-old boy named :.:'th|all l,  the Abbe on the track of - ad i ynr find. The pastor of Cabrerets ;Aaleo-rested, the young lad in his ":da,,,l:lgical researches, and one i:Ved by curiosity, the boy jump- :tvo  a crack in the ground, about  eters dee oak : ,:r ._ P, at the foot of an %e. lie Perceived a sort of corridor on one side and leading down- a Very steep slope. of Cabrerets Cave g David came back and inform- &bbe of his discovery. The organized the work After entering the col fOUad that it widened and became higher. After hundred meters further, of unwearying effort, he the corridor narrowed it became a mere hole 50 wide. The intrepid pries himself 0n \\; the ground, with bofii sl[oulders alde of le pas-fi'age Progress. Young ho of them [ .way to gain a Boy, and were ',, did, nor.glum day, dt the end 'on'hs wor,, 'y suddenly -. .... THE ONLY AI.rrliORlZlZD BAH4gR Ol  ,'IE ELGIUM SYS- TEM OF VIOLIN PLAYING IN LIq[qLE ROCK. ALL BAND AND ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENTS TAU(][T @ Peoples Savings Bank L:00ttle Rock, Ark. i $! i i !I!i!!i!liLi![!!!!!itlt[l[tiiiIiii$uu$iluI[It[Liun[!iH!!!!!ll$i$u!!!u!u!ulu[tiitLt[i!!l[ii!I!!!!!!iitititiii[i[luui[i$Iiil[[Iii[!uuu[Iiliiiul!i[iil[[i[iiHuu Aetna Life Insurance Company CAMPBELL & HART, Managers Agents Wanted Bank's Trust Building ,Little Ro&. Adm00