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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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( BRITISH EDUCATION LAWS ARE FRAMED ON LINES I oF RELIG. TOLERANCE trol of the State and conforms fo the place of religious worship, or that he The fact'Ldt a non-provided scfiool is ;onducted by a Roman Catholic. or-[ der of priests or brothers or nuns or I i Clause: "Whereas it has been the cu- [. tom in the public schools of Scotland to give instruction in religion to chil- dren whose parents did not object to CLAUDIUS JONES "JONES PAYS THE FREIGHT" State syllabus of education, shall attend any religious observance of any instruction in religious sub- jects in the school or elsewhere, from which observance or lush'action lie by the Wesleyan Methodists makes no may be withdrawn by his parent, or .difference so far as being recognized, that he shall, if withdrawn by his par- Righl of Parent to Direct Education of by the State and receiving State sub: ent, attend the school on any (lay ex Child Has Never Becn Disputed in sO[es--since these are paid for the clusively set apart_ for religious ob- England  State Aids Religious purely secular subjects taught in the'servance by the religious body to Schools. sclmol. By H. Christopher Watts (Writteffi'or N. C. W. C. News Serv.) [ London.rhe question as to the right of' the parent to control the edu- which his parent belongs The time or i)arental Responsibilities Recognized times during which any religious oh- The Inglish Statute Law considers servance is given at any meeting of th'e parent as having control and jar- the school shall 'be either at the begm- isdiction over the child. It also places lning or at the end or at the begin- the primary responsibility for thel ning and the end of such meeting, and child on the parent. "It shall be the]sTiall be inserted in a timetal)le to be cation of his child has never been de- I bated in England. ]t has always been duty of the parent of every child be- approved by the Board of Lducat;on,  accepted as a fundamental principle of]tween the ages of five and fourteen, and to be kept permanently and con- English law, which has gone very far, or. if a by-law under this Act so pro- spicuously affixed in every school- in spite of efforts made towards ha- vides, between the ages of sx and room; and any scholar nmy be with- the instruction so given, but witl lib-] erty to parents, without fort:citing any I of the other advantages of the schoo, [ to elect that their chihhen should not receive such instruction, be it enacted FURNITURE, FLOOR COVERINGS, that education authorities shall be a: liberty to continue the said custom, subject to the provisions of section sixty-eight (Conscience Chmse) of the Education (Scotland) Ac.t, 1872." The responsibility of the parent for the child's education is also legally recognized in Scotland: "The duty of every parent to provide efficient edu- cation for his children shall continue in respec of each child until that chi(, has attained the age of fifteen years." --- DRAPERIES COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHINGS 207 Louisiana Street Phone LITTLE ROCK, ARI(. Phones 4-2237 4-2238 SCHMAND-PORBECK CANDY CO., INC. Wholesale MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH GRADE CANDIES Jobbers of Baker's and Confectioners' Supplies. Nuts, Cigarettes, Sugars tionalization of education, to recognize fourteen, to cause that child to receive I drawn by his parent from su(m ob- parental rights in the matter ot' edu- efficient elementary instruction in servances or instruction without ot cation, reading, writin and 'withmetic" (E ;;. "  ......  ARE Y OL OWNa  ,,,A. Compliments of T' , .. . .  ..... g " - ' , ......  any or ne oner oenefit ox, , OU FF. L__.._ ............... ne e(mcauonai controversms which I A. ec. 4z.) , the school." (n. A. Sec. 27: nat" 1 Emerson stud: ':'Hitch your wagon JAMES J. RALEY, have. waged, in England, during' the] the point at which the State ir.ter- i. clauses ,,a a._jand _..,h  ..... .!t a star." There is .... ahnost a cosmos past quarter of a century have been] venes in respect of the compulsory ed-] Reformatory ,School Regulations lin that simple sentence. One can see Manager concerned with the securing from the/section of the chihl is specifically pro-I 'e right of the parent to be con [in those six little words the summary state of an adequate allocation 0f/vided for in the Statute Law: "It shalt salted and o lmve liis say in tbe re ]of human achievement, a complete his- Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.. Boyle state educational grants for religious]he the duty o the local education .au-I ligious rights of the clild arec learly ]tOry of civilization, an everlasting in- sho(.)ls. Up to 1870 England had no: h:rtY" for e!ementary educatmn,] shown in the Statute that deals with spratmn to the future races of men.. e::]t:]:n , orgamzed system of popular co I:;:et:vT:l ng to tae purcell :o I chihh'en placed in reformatory schooes. The world is full of people, who' -- , ct on. ince that time a na-] ' p' ' 'ourt of summar. jur-i,,Wheu an order has been made for think that what others have is too Res. Phone 3-1832 Phone tional system of schools has grown up.']s(flctmn wth a view to obtaining a! sending a youthful offender or child good for them; that it does not fit A.C. SCHMUCK & SON"  But no attempt has ever been made SChOol attendance order under thi. Act to a certified school which is not con their humble condition; that thev are to do away with private or religious in the following cases: (a) If the par- I ducted in accordance with the relig not expected to have as good things as Sheet Metal "  " schools on the ground that the state wnouent' of anYreasonableSUCh" ' chfldexcuse" habitually' he' lectsandto Itus persuasion to which the offender- dothSenotWhrealizearehow"mre 'avored." 'lhey , Blow ra,e, ...... rLeaung('J01'C'llacot'Sana Vencimtmg :h:t:inllave obsolute contlol of all ed p.rovile ef.ficimt elementary ginstruc- b:lang'atd:lfa/e:vel, ego:l p:r::h: selves by this men:heYtiiadk:noihs:lf_I 1204 Main St. Metal, Slate and Tile Roofs Little ],m hsh law  1 h r t tmn .or hs child, or (b) I any such [ deprecmtlon or self effacement The g." ' v't eference to edu-,.. '. :' ". " .  titled to the custody of the cffenaer " " . '- ' y/ -- " . . catmn Is contained in the Statute Law child s found habitually wandering orl or child may apply--(a) if the doten - I do not claim enough, do not expectfY" which can only be interpreted by the lnt under proper control, or in the tiou older was nade b- a "ett-ses l enugh' do not demand enough for][ .) , ....... " " " com an I "  P Y  " t   rlF,Jl J N judges Such ruhngs however, do not . P Y of rogues, vagabonds, dwor-lsiona I court, to a petty sessional courtt hemselves. You will never become all HEAGEN H. lay down any new principles because[ ?ery persons, or reputed criminals." I actin in and for the Mace in and 'or ! giant if you only make a pigmy's I the principles are laid down in the act (t A Sec 42) The above section of l ' - " - c aim fo yomself A vat numbei oI ' s, .( " , " . " ,  ' i which the court which made the order[ .... " ' " ] PHIFER HEA-xr - urD v itself. On the other hand, judicial rul- i Lne mgusn aw makes it quite plain ,ctml :,n, t h ; .......  ........... I men and women who are reall_v curia- [ , . ,  vv .]lJx lugs do not derogate from these prm'-jthat .... if the parent., has a reasnable[the Secretar- of State ......... t  .......... rl ble of doing great things, do small COTTO I N ciples. English Statute Law, there-I excuse the cbfld may receive mstruc-[send the offep,o ....... ,a, ...... ,,  things, hve mediocre lives because | tion in some other lace than ........................ - the do not ex ect eno LITTLE fore, zs final and an anal ss of zt P in :t Y p ugh, do not de ROCK, ARK . " ' " ' ' ys'.. " " )ubli , , ' " I fled school conducted iu accordancel - " , " [ " makes it very clear that the rights of [ c SChOOl. !- with the offender's or child's religious mand enough of themselves. [hey do -, " parents and children with reference tol la::'ih:: se of de.fect,ve children thel persuasion- ' and the court or Secretary ot know how to call out their best .... y specnc t;leazez still zs Messenger education are part of the Satuteslth , ,. ". ,. " ' " l of State, shall, on proof of the of- :' " x l:lr DT r o ,,, ....... e (tecz(un rz nt ossess ra..La:xx X)I.UU themselves g g P ed by the , , . . "-- ... " ..... I parent in the follow,m, ! ...... +. ..: ] fender s or child s rehgmus persuasion, . Yl t UIII"AIN ][ mztmn Law ou uucahon l,,+-,^ .. ,,;)----,  ..... " ,".=[comply with the request or the appn- " , , __. _ The British Law with reference tol.:":: :w...1 aymenrs unuer mm[ cant .... " Outflttels fol the Entire Falmly xarT; o ;nlS 2.CC in respect of a blind, A 'Show Me' Boy ] _ . Bobby had his mother's best bread ,', education is contained in the Children (leaf ..... Education Laws ,,r Scot'n, ...... ' , , ] Shoes a Specmlty ................ [ " , aeecuve, or epileptic child at-, .... , , ," . . Kmie our m ne yarn, where he had . ,ct o[ uu an(, in ue zamous Eauea- tendin an school cer ..... P couam has a special Do(t. o eau- been t.,in  to c'-" - ......  ........ I Phone 4-4503 r. . 5t-'' tion Act of 1921. In these two Act of ,, ,g ,-Y- ' fuzed by the cati-, L',-s Th ',,a ln,,,, .... ,-h "Z  " u u,cS ..... --,u-UrF ' _  O09-511 Center main ground so f.'.tr as Parents and .i!!iliil (' " " ' " " " The eharacter 0f the'reii,iou', i]i i]awpassed duringthe reign of Queen/the knife back to the fond" ' ,.lt!:!!ilt!!!ili,ii!i! Ill[ O[flce l,  y l . . .i .... ,. ,, , PM: ulnbing and HeatiO: IPA :elo.olo.fle ' conce,.)e(L These cta- l struction given in the deno,unationa, Vmtor,a m reafhrmed m the following'Columbus Dispatch. P |/ Prom,,t A,+--H-- *^ ^- .160, Main Sheet -i s,,,,oo, s s00ric00,y w,tn,n tno pu,'view, .... [] LITTLE ROCk, ?:[ the whole of the Law m tits re- olY the religious body that owns those ............................... '   ' ' [schools. ]egarding parochial schools, t ............................................................................ I'm'-" All schools in Enghmd and Wales, the Statute Law lays it down that THE WONDER STATE SHOE SHOP for the purposes of the Law in regard "The religious instruction given sha, to the Education Act, are public ele-, as regards its character, be in accord-i mentary schools Private schools and ance with the provisions (if any) of private elementary scboo]s are no en- the trust deed relating thereto, an( I visaged )n the Act, although there is shall be under the control of the mm)- nothing in the Act which legislates agers. Provided that nothing in this .against the existence of such private paraSraph shah affect any provisi ,n or private elementary schools, in a trust deed for reference to the Th6e are certain elementary BISHOP OR SUPERIOR ECCLESI- schools, for example, the Anglican ASTICAL, or other denominatmnm chuh schools attached to the parish, authority as far as such provision of Saint Jude in Birmingham, anSIgives to the Bishop or authority the Saint Peter at the London Docks, lpower of deciding whether the char- which have refused to accept the prin- Iacter ef the religious instruction is o, eiple of S'ate control. These schools, is not in accordance wih the provis- and perhaps others lille them, receive ions of the trust deed. (E. A. Sec. no grafits in aid whatever from the!39, par. 5c.) State and rely absolutely for the sup-[ The unsectarian character of the' port on their church members. There ! State school is very clearly outlined n appears to be no challenge on the part the following Statute: "Every ele- of the State educational authorities mentary school provided by a local co- of the right of children to resort to section authority shall be conducted these.schools. Indeed, the Statute Low .under the control and management o does no appear to lay it down that that authority in accordance with the any particular kind of school is to be following regulations: The school resorted to under legal compulsion, shall be a public elementary school For the purpose of prtmary educa- within the meaning of this Act; No tion the Statute Law embodied in the l religius catechism or religious form- Education Act of 1921 takes cogn[s-lulary is distinctive of any particular ance of the Public Elementary School./denomination shall be taught in the It is necessary to add here that the/schl. " (E. A. Sec. 28.) Act is far from acceptable, in some of j Constmnce iights of Child its clauses, to the Catholic body. / English Law is likewise very ex- Two Classes of Elementary Schools plicit on the conscience rights of the ] . The Public L ementary Schools fall chihl. It particularly stipulates that, into two cute ories those that are in respect to public elementary schools rovided b th ...... ]local authorities may not ass b. P y e ate e(mcaionm as-i law , "' P Y- s wluch molate the religious cot, thorities and are under their eontrol l " ' ' " " " in every way,.and tho,e that'are notl t science, of the child. "By-laws under provided by the State educational au-I hrlSvePntrt of this AcV-(a ) shall no thorities but by some one or other o/p e the withdrawal of any child ..... - . .. 'from any reli ions observance ' - me rengmus uenommauons. _ g or m The former of these are known as "provided schools;" that is, the build- ings are provided by the State; these a'e the State schools, with a non-re- li/gious character and may be said to cincide with the public schools of the untted States. The second category o public elementary schools consists o ose whose buildings are not pro- vIded by the State, local educational ahthorities. They are known as schools not provided," or, more gen- el'ally, as "non-provided schools." Tthese latter, which are, or have been, poided by some-religious dtno!na-: t'n i either Catholic or Protehta1  or Jsh, receive the State subsidies or in aid, known as education These grants are made from by taxation and granted Parliament purely in struction in religious spbject; and (b) shall not require any child to attena school on any day exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which his parent be- longs .... " (E. A. Sec. 46, par. 4.) The Statute Laws also contain a famous Conscience Clause, the scope of which refers to the State schools and not to denominational or paro- chial schools. "Every elementary school which is conducted in accord- ance with the following regulations stial[ be a public elementary school within the meaning of this Act; and every public elementary school co. ducted in accordance with the follow- ing regulations (a copy of Which reg- ulations shall be conspicuously put up in every such school); namely--(a) t shall not be required, as a conditi,n of any child being admitted into or any Sunday school, or any M. RAPILLARD GROCERIES AND MEATS Phone 4-3099 707 Main Street North Little Rock, Ark., QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING 321 Louisiana Stree phone L. L. 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