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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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DIVORCE AS CANKER IN HOME Tells Curc-LWomd Keep With Parents for Nation's Cooking a Remedy-- Help Do House Work Wife Aids Him to Make a THE GUARDIAN should be. "If conditions compel her to help .upport time family, then the man should take equal responsibility in helping with the household. She should no more be expected to work outside the home and im:ide it too, taking all responsibility, than time man should be expected under ordinary cir- cumstances to work at the office all day and do all the housework when he gets home• [ "If the man neglects to help, whel the parents part. Separation affect;; the future of the offspring. Kindness and forbearance, a little toleration and diplomacy will generally bring good results; every individual has a sense of justice. "But if these fail and separation is advisable for any good cause as a re- sult of the intolerable actions of one parent or the other, then it shouh[ be a legal separation and not an absolute divorce." "What if one party becomes insane • 9" or is sent to prison. d "Those are misfortunes that must the wife is working, they will fred rising generation is all right. [themselves drifting part. But, if the a lot of loose talk about a I man courts his wile as assiduouu 5' af- be borne, unless it is shown that there , age. But the human material to- ter marriage as before, and if the wo- was fraud before marriage. No con- is !ust about what it was fester- man tries to please him in the same tract born in fraud should I)e upheld I the day before. In fact, the proportion, you will find a very happy and in that case there could be an an- s !reproving. - 'outd be ir - couple." ]nuhnent; if a man, for instance, con- hll further if absolute divorce Justice Morschauser was asked if he i trived to hide the fact that he was in- Permitted.,, wouhl suggest any recipe to bring that I sane at the time of marriac. But if he the opinion of Justice Jo- about, sane at the time of marriage.But if he r of the Supreme "Yes," he replied, "If the wife finds then it is a misfortune that shouht be ;0f New York, who probably has she's being neglected, let her keep n0re divorce cases of note--in- after him. And vice versa. Don't let be no drifting apart. "People talk about cabarets and jazz as causes of divorce. I don't be- lieve they have much to do with it, generally, although in specific cases they do, of course. In going about, or on journeys, often there is lack of cir- cumspection and too little regard or the status of a married person. Indi- viduals take chances which on reflec- tion they would not. But as a whole the morals of today is on a par with that of the past--it is better, in fact• "The war has not increased tension. There is nothing like a hysteria of un- rest. There are more people than for- merly; therefore, although the situa- tion may be relatively unchanged, more people are reckless. And there are more mediums for spreading news of cases that do come to the fore. But the majority of people are still living together as man und wife, despite the number of divorces. "When the public makes up its mind not to regard divorce as a popular I status, then the num?3er, of divorces l will lesson. There is a tendency to undervalue the solemnity of marriage.! It is a rule that the husband is morel likely to disregard than the wife. But the other one form any associations or] acquaintanceships that might lead to downfall. Let each party to the mar- riage take the other into confidence on all matters of importance. Make it a heart to heart relationship. Trust and I confide in each ether. Then there will iIorsehauser has a keener I mn factors than is usually .o the bench. Recently, in t , e Governor to spare a lad of t :ed to die for a murder an attack on the youth's the Stillman case than any licial contemporary. this judgment on the generation in his chambers in House at White Plains, and ,he Would lllce to see the le- for divorce curtailed. sister, he wrote: "This] case Where the law fails to take ] ,°nsideration the human ele- I I he became a Justice of the Court in 1906 he was one of. men to ascend that the intervening year. he many divorce actions: And now 'as he blieved then human factors, often center- children, are arguments divorce. Justice Morschauser urged of public opinion to spread of divorce. And he to outline for a represents- New York Times his atti- the factors which enter question. of the present genera- brought forth by statistics recently in Chicago. They during the first three f 1923 one divorce was no more reason for divorce than if one of the parties contracted a dis- ease."  When the weather bureau reports Another phase of the divo'-e ques- tlmt an inch of rain has fellen,  tion came up--the reporte(t edency of means that the amount of water that Page Nineteen WORTH PONI)ERI NG OVER 2 Cardinal Newman in a lecture to Catholics once said--and it is well for Catholics today to remember his words--"Protestantism is fierce, he- cause it does not know you. Oblige men to know you; persuade them, im- portune them into knowing ,ou. Strive to have men look steadily at you. 1 do not say they will become Cathohcs. but they will cease to make you a by-It word, and a reproach, or o1 inflicting I on you the cross of unpopularity. Our' enemms know that if non-Catbolicsl- ever come to know what the Catholic I- Chm'ch stands for, all hatred and op- ---- ,_- position will pass away, hence they l= strive to fill the minds of the ignorani l'---- olics and their religion." l---- An lnch of Rain =_ = .,"Sung fiiarriei couples to live with the parents of one or the other. w s h "As a rule parents try to advise their chihtren, especially if they live to- gether. There is less opportunity for the young people to go wrong, per- haps, if they live with the elders; but advice is often resented. If they have a home of their own they are put on their own responsibility. It awakens them. They must remember their du- ties. "The form of vow in which those duties are imposed is not of first im- portance. I don't believe half of them think of whether 'o]6ey' is in the word- ing or not. If they do not love one another you cannot expect mucll from such a couple. Man'iages of that kind are mercenary. With the present demand for a na- tional divorce law, voiced in many quarters, Justice Morschauser express- ed himself in sympathy. "I would rather have no absolute divorce," he said, "but if you must have it, then a unifomn ltw would be preferable to the present condition. In New York the interlocutory decree has had a good effect." Marriages contracted in other States subsequent to divorce have his condemnation; also divorces granted to Americans in France and elsewhere descended from the sky in timt par- =- ticulticular shower wouhl have- coy ered the surrounding territory to a i depth of one inch, if none of R ha,l li run off or soaked into the g|'omm. It means that on_ one acre of ground enough water to fill more than --= 600 barrels of forty-five gallons each _= has fallen. That quantity of water m- weighs more than 110 ons. I f tile --- rainstorm covered 1.000 acres, which = - wouht be a very snmll shower, indeed, . 113,000 tons of water would fall from _ the clouds• _-- Rainstorms frequently cover whole - states, and ofen two or three or five - inches of water falls in one storm. In [ that ease the weight of water that I falls to earth is simply enormous. A I single widespread and heavy storm l t might result in 100,000,000,444 tons of,t rain. --FATHER --MOTHER --YOUNG FOLKS --THE YOUNG CHILDREN --Many Guardian readers do their Banking with us. Vfe invite those who do not to COME IN AND GET ACQUMNTED ! Chicago for every three issued, and that in 7,285 divorces o 33,- divorces having dou- ght years, against an in- only an eighth in the num- Appended to the the statement that Chi- ascribed the increase to conditions. much jazz!" Justice Mors- and looked down into street beneath his "No, I think not. The rising is no different from its . It is no more sophiaticat- generation. A good deal de- association. You must not entire generation because a Young people are as r; they have as much self- gentility. what is the biggest or what are the big- Nobody knows. You ust What leads to disaster in cases. But I am sure that o/: women into business Ustrial life is not a prime i Recently hat a :, ,Justice Morschauser ruled ,e s ea • ha d . rmngs belonged to her ed o,n. |ess it was definitely lat u,:'aerw|se in the beginning. !tiiis:ng " brought criticism from .aa:';. n his attitude toward the vt t ge'earner in the home how- • t, ' ae tli'-' • llitieo Z)Ctes the household respon- M Wle zffty-fifty between husband Cooking Helps aid," he continued, breaks up homes; if she works for wages lets the delicatessen take kitchen. There are two It is the wife's duty of the house, or super- if it is done by others No man enjoys a neg- Home should be word signifies, a comforta in • • which to repose and eat whidh to have an enjoy- those who comprise the a saying that you many a man's heart ts Stomach. That is true of Woman can' be expected to the family and take care as Well. She cannot give to bread and butter busi- th.e .Other business of car- home and all that goes not fair to expect this; neglect one or the other. .s other persons who will good manage- It takes a woman's to make a home what it it is only the neglect of one or the other that causes the gradual pul'ling I apart. Then there is the failure to[ have children, which are expected in I matrimony. Not to have children is to i take a dangerous chance. The child is I something to keep the parents togeth- er. It awakens responsibility, and the l desire to live together, even if there is' When fools go to market, peddler. a little tension." I make money. Would Keep FamilT Intact A man of words and not of deeds, Justice Morsehause_,. was asked if!is like a garden full of weeds. he considered it more injurious for a , A wise man changes his mind, but child to live with bickering parents or a fool never. to see the parents divorced. Industry is fortune's right hand, "It is worse," he said, "for the par- and frugality her left. ents not to stay together. The results[ No one is a fool always, every one are nearly always bad for the child ill sometimes. abroad. "If the law allows divorces, I be- lieve the utmost care sboutd be exer- cised before the decree is granted care not only in the examination of the evidence produced, but also as to jurLu(liction if tbe case is undefended." Standard Lumber Quality Costs More and isTrue Building Economy .'' , [ One Piece or a Car Load QUALITY 6UIRAflTEEO _= _= D i m m i illllllllllllllllli Why Not Let Your Friends Write Your Fire Insurance? 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