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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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THREE nothing is more Catholic papers should have that every good read- and warns, and Promotes the Chris- S, PP.. XV A Catholic Paper is a Perpetual Mission.m Pope Leo XIIl. "The Guardian" in everj home---our motte. The Otficml Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas OSt',PH S OI:PHANAGE SPECIAL ST. J '," ' ,  , , WORKERS AMONG CATHOLIC WOMEN CALLS JAMES KENT STONE NEWMAN, NEW hNGLAND Walter George Smitll, ill the course SitE WORLD'S GREATEST WOMAN MISSION WORKERS THE NEXT WAR , IN FAR OFF JAPAN A Visit to Alntost Any Religious In stilulion Will Locate tter, With ltih Professor A M. Low, a British sci- Ideals Strengthened by Unselfish Service. entist and inventor who is said to have of a sketch concerning the late Jame' The idea of a foreign mission ofte|| played an important part in the (le- denT. Goessmann Kent Stone, the notable convert wire leaves ll5 imnression of 'i m '' . velopment of new xea ons . ..... lsslonel ''P " (luring the 1 . .__. , , , , . . , .. ('1, - , , . . C ran d yet practical spirit l was best known urlder the title of Fa- (Nm V olhl) that pool .,oul, at a clucml nerlod, going at ound xxlth book and bell b:m- eat g ar, has been writing his im- Ous Ptrtion of the ,;even- ther Fidelis of tile Cross speaks of Solnewhat ()vet sixty years ago, a was uppermost in the struggle, fel tzing the heathen a: fast as Divine'r pressmns of what warfare will ne like rY Was univers,d 'Marylthe great difficulties which confront l'i'[tle 'irl c'llne to Ohl ....... r. ...... into l:he mothering arms of Good Sis- Grace will allow. In our childhood l rle hunttred years from now. He sees Pazzi, said to'ls1 wori;11 Protestants when they first begin to -'., - ........  ........... ---- ...... da ,s whm .', ... ',wireless transmis-' , .... leave this ,,oll,t ;ithout t sense the truths of the Catholic French Caw"b'-,,. "":**,t,, ...... ner palents i of te, , ,rod found thele the m-, ,5 , the i ole,gn, mlssmns were ' ', t " . s,on o1 e.lectnc cher- t ............. . '" couragenlent, the synlpathy the ddrtneaehed m the Sun(lay school this is g5 ,. he dominant factor. Heat wil ,y-Stvttj ,, N a o, s . .  , , , , . . . l been able to undelstand[ Church The zealous tassionist l'a- . ............. : ....... g L. ne ente12cd the she so needed to impel her to take the Iwbat we lnaaglned was mission life in!tl us be transnntted to make wimle r- PosSible that a creature ther for years before his conversion .... ,(,^,,,.,,u,.,,: ,o.s..v,,.__mtnes..: .... sters. ot...the Good,, , right road,. :Is,she came to ythe.,parting- strange lands Sometimes ,, it, is.(:s FOrof .gmns uninhabitable.. . . Ditches, full, seef to offend God, and tol"belonged, at least in part, to the af?;r":2; e(:une,bste.ann, lof tim ways. tile Jesuits in the Tokyo mission it electrically charged water will mae sin against its Crea -' spirit of the Church." Mr. Smith century of ac- I For tm t)ast eighteen ea-, how was not Amen,,. the casu'flti,- . cavalry obsolete Sahlieis ,,ill says: use her ...... 2_-- gmlg suong, to ever Sster -- has been attach-I September first the Tokyo Catholic and hear wreless, and radio receivin u*n worts, allrt ,'ood " " " ..... r g daughter of a pro- "lt would have been impossihle for g J(n ed to tlm mdu::tlial home for colored]University is reported to be number- sets lll be used by the enemy for many more years of work, if' the Ben gir/s, down at Prairie avenue. The ed. There the book and bell were the in Venice, lived and spiritual life and age of twenty-eigbt of learning, this Y lady of Venetian high- raistress of SpaMsh, Greek, ancierlt and i and the Arabic lan- 1 by her words and m her rlat>e tongue, was ahvay and instruct. Iter and her skill in instru- course of theology offered by any Christian denomination, not to have given study, eventually earnest stu( .v, to the proofs of Catholic truth. Too mmly men seek in the study of relig- ion and philosophy to sustain precon- ceived theories which fit in, either with their personal interests or with ease of life. It is so nmch more com- fortable to go with the stt'eam. "All the converts, from the subtle- a mind so open and candid as that of Dieu wishes iL" James Kent Stone, offered by any W'hen tile writer ran across her, the other day, busily engaged in direet-]goo d simple folk most of them ing an inaportant department )f a I come to her with their little troubles. large institution, he saw a wenerou.%' And they find that Mac's an expert in kindly soul, more active than lnau-a ironing out little contrarities of this woman ef half her \\;%ars, bublfling kind. She is friend, counsellor to all over with geniality and gee(1 naturer of them. Slle knows all their family with tlle sympathetic understan(ling ot youth and its prol)lems possessed bv a real mother; the same inclination to pass off, with a joke the littlecontra-' rieties of life, tile same faith in hu- little girls look upon her m-; a Moth- instruments of salvation but no ha er--and their parents and rel-:tives the Sunday school sense. For the book 'what nlanner of men and wcmen one Ifinds in those won(lelful clutrltuol= institutions conducted by Catholic re- ligious orders of nlen and wonlell, any- where, at any time. If one wish to sound the depth of the truth uttered by Sir Henry Taylor, English drama- tist, critic and state,reran, to the el- feet "that the world knows noz its greate,t," one of tile quickest and stl est ways to do so, ix to pay - vis; to ahnest any religious institution. There one will invariably find high ideals seated ill the heart of courtesy and one will inevitably, run across a least one great, bi hearted humm-. soul, like Sister , for instance. The chances are ten to .Was as )ronounced as minded Newman to the humble mall nLan nature. She was "t who can grasp but the penny cate- A i.-+ .... '" . ,.ut, ljO llave spent :,o lnlllq/ of philosophy,, and, chi,, n, ll'tve found the same dHficu ty. t ye-n's,, ." in .su(h worK" must" na' oe' ' ' g' ' " ! , . ' . .  ,, "e. ,ell ake part m dis- [he charm and beauty o the lmghsh ac*--'^- ' ......... on, y, mathematics liturgy, adallted by master writers in ,l, rue'i.fUo,TcY .aareatt npeilntel(':ill { autiful plw,dcally, the Elizabethan age, and repeatc(tl sims ..... :- , .'. x-- g f;^ . , [ . , ,,*, ,  , , . ' . -*, i.tOOUt; lfleals or l(lea ism she -u on tiffs score,)zrom Cllll(lllOOtl, llave DrougnI; lnSlILra- would L, it-,-,-  . a " "" " ' ........... ,tUle be give one, Ilgur}l- ' nd humble, that tmn and consolatton to many a soul. tively s-eakin- a ...... , . ..... ," g,  rap Oll tile KnUCKles " e notice andl Even stronge" t t lnS!mctw . ' t 1 an the association OZ'by ignorin one!s (u .... .. , -_ oeea s , , , . , .... g I el ,, Ol b. t eat iOns. forms of prayer and chinch setvLces.lng It wth levity Good Sis Work for Poor ]arc the socml and family tLes whledl ; + ............ " to '' ,u ,,,aer Ot lacL--tOO orac- to Work for God's pooL" mean so much to all of us, but :: tical--for sueli things as ideals or ety she found manylespecially strong with an affect on' I idealismtoo busy to bother about m he rl and gentle natme Added to thesethen ,, g" hooat' ., . . " ..... ".1 " --asleast so she thinks. And yet, ne vow of chas. - ) consmeraions s um memncnmy. . actl what an ideal must. ha're oeen" ners' " I . : .... " .... .I t .till be hers, the i(teal of serv- Paents told her of four hundled ears of mstepesen mus s hex mat 'ration until the very atmosphere otm her .... ' . s g Maker, b. being of service to consen to en- Catholic truth has to "be created her fellow lluman,;. dedidate her tal- tmong those who have inherited the And such service! The whole worhl refused their con- prejudices of far-off unhappy days." knows What great work the Sisters of one, that one wilt run across many was human knowledge and the bell was the prosaic classroom tinklc ' summoning classes to assembly. The story o f the now ruined Jesuit Ulfi- t versity goes back to the days of lius tfe Tcntlb who knew tlm kin(l of miz- affairs, their litUc hopes anti ::s/)il'a- s,onar:,, endeavor that was needed to tions. At timcs :file is cven juttge carry the Truth of Christ to the and jury---they all have such implicit he:u'(s of the Japanese If they were faith ill her. , to be \\;v(ln over to the Gospel they And Sister --- is just a type-- )nu;:t [irst be attracted to an iniellect- a type chosen almost at random--of Lll.t] al)preciation of the Gospel. They propaglmda which wiii terrorize a whole population. Wireless-controlieci automatic airplanes will be used by the hundred to drop gas bombs, killing or rendering helpiess, the populatum of a whole crty in a short time. [ As many other writers havc done, ), , . . l:of. Low paints a pLcture of a wa 'fare incredibly brutal and horrible, . wiping out whole I)opulations, slaying inon-combaants even more ruthlessly and cfficiently than soldiers in the field, it is hard to ilnagine that man- kind, confronted by such appalling re- sults of its own mectmnical inventive- hess, should not find a n, tt,  vc,, were a keen people, these children of .... , ....... -. . between natLons WlUCl woul . NlPl)On, who m the space of lmlf a .... _ u dlscald centur'y lutd passed from the state of ne appeal to force. Yetto derive ...... comfort fronl such a notion would be world isoIation to the position of a ..... , , --. ,, as tae ,qew kepulie ' No 458 ' :urst-class power, if the Church coum . ( ) pomps give them learning they wouht be like- out, to "ignore the phtin deductions ly o listen to the Church when she from past hstory." gae her message of the l-tighe .... Learning. i!ence, the foun,,'tion not WIT AND HUMOR merely of mission stato,,s but of a Very Remarkable Catholic University. Mr Thick -. , ............ )  12(1(1 yyllfn & real 11301.1[, Ihe three Jesuits who went out to s " , " ...... - ome of thee wonderful inventions m dapan In IUUb carried a message o"  ' , " ..... ''  " electricity it makes me think tttle iearnin alon with ne )reacnin  or " . " " a l", , " g ,g . I  g " Miss Stuart "Yes s e Cross. ihey tinned to put Catho- : .,% ",n't remarka- lic philosophy before the Oriental ble what electricity will do?"Ev- mind, and when they actually got t heh change. University in running order in 19Ib,' Impressive Forever they added classes o finance and There are occasional doubts in tne that one so gifted in the society of She implored them vow solemnly iF- h-pliealed to her from this. mind was satisfied laersonally tried to Mr. Smith quotes a tribute to James Kent Stone which was found among the papers of Theodore Dchon Smith (Father Maurice, C.P.), who died February 15, 1894, at Buenos Aires, while working with Father Fidelis. It (Continued on page 21) the news brough ........................................................................ of this release was she fainted on she made a truce of her parents by with them in This pained so deeply that to heir desires and of Padua. Her her spiritual est WOmanly m'ein or Special honors, acts of the Uni- entry: tress of liberal arts, and acknowledge her as such, in the name of the Fa- ther, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Done at Padua, on the 25th of June in the year 1678, in the cathedral church of the same city because the halls of th-ecbTiege could not hold the vas concourse of persons present." The orphan children who received dole from her, the unfortunate girls who felt her sisterly and merciful help, the sick and forsalen wno were helped to health and friends, blessed her"'n Venice. No one was too' for- of Arts ]saken or sinful to be sistered by her. tribunal of the] When death came, the entire city acknowledge that] poured out o do her honor, and even Lucrezia Cor- the thoughtless merrymakers, as the din sciences and]barge passed bearing her body to the eserve a place I family tomb, made the sign of the o this universi-]cross and checked their outbreaks of eeive her ntis- [ folly. - . fhe Good Shepherd carry on--what such--but, even to meet one -- is a commerce. This was the bait they kind of work they specialize in. Hear-, life experience worth remembering, spread to catch pagans into tbe Chris- en knows of the wondcrfu] reclama- accused by them of having been "tak- en in sin." How many a bruised heart has been soothed, healed, by contact with Gocd Sister in the past haft century ? How many a young girl, now woman, who had lost all faith in hu- manity, though her contact with the sordid, was awakened to new hope, new resolve, simply because in her too- i tions they have effected, and are ef- fecting every day, amongst the poor, I ' OUR GREAT GIFT unfortunate girls confided to their care. It seems as if these good sisters were established for the sole purpose Wheu we understand our religion of re-enang, daily, ill the worM one and meditate upon the riclmess of tm of the most beautiful incidents o all gift we possess, we realize the advan- the evangelical narratives--the one 'wherein Christ gave peace and for-!tage to ourselves of allowing some of I giveness to the bruised and battered i the things we cannot take beyond tim girl, who lind been dragged before I grave to slip through our fingers for Him, 15y the hypocrites of those days, the benefit of our poorer brethrea. The river mirrors the colors of tne sunset sky, and becomes It picture an artist woula love; but the most insig- nificant little steam can take to ilself a little of that celestial beauty. No matter how unimportant you are the most glorious things in the universe, love and faith and hope, are for you as much as for anyone. ment of black disupair, she had Good Sister's aid and counsel? And let us ask it bluntlythis is no theor- izing-how many a soul, now m heav- en, is there simply and solely, becaus in the design of divine Providence an net. Their success, of cours,,, was gradual but sound, and they . [east did this. They made the prouu and intellectual Nipponese take n- lice. They made the Chureh respeetetl for qualities which alone in Japan wouht win respect And that heped along the work of conversions all the way down the line. [ Of course, advertising the Catholic nfinds of the elders of tho Moore fanl- ily as to the quicknes of Tommy's wits, but there have never been any doubt that a lesson learned by him, membered. "Won't you shake hands with me, however s]6,ly, is forever after re- Tommy" asked one of his sister's ad- mirers, but Tommy hung back. "I don't care to," he said, with terriblt distinctness. "Don't you like me ?" asked the un- Church as a real going concern, wor- thy of the interest and study of the Japanese, was by no means the onIy aim t'hese new and modern mission- aries set before them. Their special work as missionaries lay in the iield of education; not primary education or secondary . not for everybody, not for arge numbers even. The other missionaries in Japan were fighting on the front line, but the one thing they lacked was a body of trained officers to lead heir people. In other words, wise visitor. "No, I don't-" replied Tommy, and then there was a shocked chorus from the family. "Tommy, said his aunt, reproach- fully, as she withdrew him from pm)- lic gaze, "why did you say such a rude thing to Mr. Jones?" "Because, auntie," said her wrig- gling charge, "I got licked last weel for not telling the truth, and I shanr never take any risk again-" Boston ] Glbbe, . Compliments of MANN & STERN ARCHITECTS m m B u m m m i m _.._ m m u m m m m m m m m m B m M i !R. E ,' lay educated leaders were wanting.[ The task set the Jesuits by the Holy The only pictures of the last total Father was precisely this: to su-plJly eclipse of the solar system were se- the missf6n stations scattered over cured by Rev. Jerome Ricard, S. J., the Islands with leaders, educated up director of the University of Santa (Continued on page 21) Clara. Never look forward to the acciden of life with apprehension, anticipate : them with a perfect hope that God, whose child you are, will deliver you from them according as they co,ne.] . St. Francis de Sales 11111111111111111111111 IIIIilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lIIIlI' 'lj]l]]iiINN[IINIi]]H[iN]IN[iIlil]NiHNHN]HN]NiNmNiIINIHHHINWmH !11111111111111111 illlll I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIII, m llllllll/llll I IInlll I111 Itl IIII II II l iU IIit11111111111t111 IIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIill tUlIIII III II U lII III II I1t111 III III IIIIIIIIII I1 l lllllllllllillllllltllllllllllllllllllllllll II I1111 IIII111 It IIIIIIIII IIIIIIII I IIIIIIIItlIIN  illlllllllllllllillllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllt ! m San d e rs & Gi n occh00" o Architects N IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID [ i URQUHART BLDG. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 1 luHiuuiHiiHiiHuIIiW II111111t1111111111111t111111 i`i l