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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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:",:, ang00al,a AHEAD I i. case no decision is reached atT But every day it is hrin in- a RT HOL the family bcr of picture post .'" ithe first monthly meeting, the case i clearer recognition to both FRENCH COU tiP DS The selection played by the lano!Wilhelm, the crown IIP.! AII IM IIIIIMDi Nff is carried over to the second monthly I ployees and the su er i " JlLdlJIJ* 111 IIUIIil, Plki[ Ul" t meetl " i " p v stag em-  .......... * P t "rig, ann in case no decision is ployees, who are re-resentin-, "' I lflllIOR WH fl llNflllN/Tn ,,,as none other than "Keep the Home:former royal person ATHfllW HflgPlTAI q reached then, tile committee shall de-'management, of theirVmu,,,,, g,, [nel v a,aJalv,, Fires Burning." One of the Leviathan's vAaJv-a-aju'lt laJntLnJ tide 'l-"  " - - . .... -, r c,,-/ '"" " ...... -  ' . . ', a zurtreu steps shall be operative responsibility, because wet VlL I'UBL I pleased surpr,se that the .. - I taken t,o dispose of the case. are handling questions that vif./h,i ]CATIONS OWN PICTURE TO Inaval men had never dis . fl::y N. C. W. C. News Service) { Jn the only disputed case, it waslinvolve many of the functions of'l:l ,,, ' I)UNISH INTOXICATION!secret room when they Lond(w.--Australia is far ahead of referred to a board of " - -1 (ly N C W C  ..... -,..:--, ' - - . - - ., . ,, " . , .. . arbitration, I management. I  . " .......... rvte) i searched the liner oelore u rnglanl in the matter of Catholic eme what further steps shall bel In discipline eases we me di-~in =l /ars.The N. C. W. C. News Ser- Peter Bernstein, drunk, was sen-In war transport. hospitah, declare, tlae Hen. Sir James'cision. tdeep into the solida'rit- , , sss vice announced sometime ago that tented by a Brooklyn ju, ge last ----'-" -, .  , . , ' y o l;ne or- A " " : '' ' (i;omml!.', .lhgh .Commassloner for, rhele ls a good b,t of humanlganization as a transportation ma .] .bbe,]]ethleem, Director of tile re-lweek, to have his photograph takenl THE POWER OF IIll .ustraua, n opening a bazaar m Lon- ps3cn0mgy oack of our reviewing chine. The handlin of the em ..... vew Lea ectures had been prose-land then sent to all his friends. I St. Philio Neri. the wend of God, and other hospitals in the t This really is a quasi-judicial net. was to have come to trial in October, lliq ur has done for me." it above sense to the love before the civil tribunal of Paris, but care of the Blue Nuns. Two of the body which has the power of inter- A Prediction largest hospitals in Sydney are also pretation because it decides in easel One of the most vexatious ques- .....  " of dis ute wh, Cathohc msttuttLs and m the c',ire .P at our various work-ltions that the employees have to of nuns. rules mean as applied to the sev-lhandle is that of seniority, the rights elal conclete cases which are It is very necessary to have Catho- "" " '" " " pre-lto runs. A few years ago tile dis- lic hospitals, the High Commissioner sented to it. The members of the putts between ourselves and the said, because alo g with the care of reviewing committee are sixteen in management over these questions lll e body, there s a very real and number, eight from each side. were much more irritating even than This plan was formulated at a our discipline questions. very ,mcessu'y interest taken in the ' meeting between the general chairmen[ About seven years ago the manage- spiritml welfare of the patients, and i s true that, i the case of many / of the four transportation organiza. I ment concluded it would get rid of people the time ,f sickness and suf- tions and the several general mann- I that vexatious matter and in so many f:rig is the rod3 time in which it is gers of the system, at the initiative words they said to the transportation possible o indue, them to think of of Vice-President Atterbury in Dec. organizations, "Gentlemen, this is their soul:.= 1920, becoming effective Jan. 1, your trouble, settle it"; and turned -. 1921. i over bodily all questions of seniority l The question immediately arose as and rights to runs. t AN EMPLOYER'S VIEW to the best form of making decisional I do not know of a shrewder move i of the reviewing con,ittee. Ought any railroad company has ever made. (Continued from Page 41) we to make all decisions unanimous'? I It immediately got rid of a very vex- underlying thoughts in our plan. Immediately there was the objection latious question and the employees He said: "If two friends sit down that any man couhl block a settle- have had it ever since. together and have all the facts before ment on any question. That manifest- We recognize our responsibility as them on any case, they ought not to ly was unjust to both sides, r Should la compponent part of the Pennsyl- have any difficulty in arriving at a a majority vote decide? ]?he ob-lvania management, of the Pennsyl- common judgment." jection to that was that if a majority I vania personnel, settling our own The other great basis o our plan is voted and a division was at"l[ :along employees troubles. things. Cardinal Newman I has been postponed at the request of SECRET BARBER___ SHOP the spiritual son of the . wrote of music in one of the attorneys. ON LEVIATHAN mind, music is an importer Another case, connected with this education where boys have same matter, has just been tried be- Behind a panel in nmin hall of the it; it is a great resource fore a court in tile provinces. La Croix de l'Ardeche, a Catholic news- Leviathan, which arrived Nov. 16, one are thrown on the world; paper, was sued by the same publish_ I of the liner's stewards discovered on cial amusement, ing house for having quote(l ' the criti- her last trip a fully equipped barber and, what is so great a clams of Abbe Bethleem. he direct- shop in which were scattered a'num- their thoughts. II or of the publishing house, who is a German by birth, although naturaliz- -llllll|illllI||l ed before the war, engaged as his lawyer former Deputy Dalimier, who -- was Under-Secretary of State for Fine Arts in the radical-socialist Cab- - inets. La Croix de l'Ardeche was de-I fended by Maitre RiveL Judiciia] Councilor of the Committee for Re- ligious' Defense of Lyons. M. Rivet maintained that the editor of La Croix was absolutely within his right as a journalist, and the court concurred in his opinion by acquitting the Croix de l'Ardeehe. ICADO0'S TAXATION PLAN I.------ each month between the general chairmen and the general superin- tendents, between the general chair- men and the general manager, and also our court of review meeting. These meetings 'are consecutive, spaced far enough apart so that a disagreement between the local chairman and the superintendent can be referred to the general superin- tentlent, allowing the necessary five days, and in case of a disagreement there, can be referred to the general manager the necessary five days in advance, and in case of disagreement with the general manager can be re- ferred to the reviewing committee five days in advance. This makes a cycle which is com, plete in not to exceed 60 days, and ordinarily in the 30 day period. The general chairman, on receipt of such a joint submission from his local chairman, considers whether or not the local chairman is justified in] the position he has taken. If he de-I sides that the local chairman is not jusifiod, he declines to handle the case. If he decides that the local chairman is justified in his position, he refers the matter to the general superintendent and it is tliscussed at the regular monthly meeting with the general superintendent. In case the general superintendent and general chairman disagree, that disagreement is rSduced to a joint submission in the same manner as the original joint submission. It, in I am going-to make a prediction I that if two parties make an agree- partisian lines, it would place the onu.ltha t on the Pennsylvania and, I be-I In his appeal for tile Democrat c merit, neither has the sole right of de- of any decision on a single individ- ual of the minolit li " tiding what it means. ' " Y group. It he were eve, on many more railroads with- nomnlatlon for President, William G. -- This plan is a recognition that the an employee particularly, there, m the next two decades, the same McAd,o,o, according to his friends, will - would be Insinuations thin will l u ' ' .'" ese agree- er " ' .' : "mproper co- . g ge y occur on matters of ..'g a, sane policy on taxation and - two partms who make th of i ar l 1 e merits have an equal right to decide[ el on.. I dlscphne. Now, that is quite a mance, to win the conservative cost, -- THE GIFT what they intended by them. /thiWe finally decided on a two-I radmal statement, while he will have other ideas to im = THAT TEACHES THRIFT our plan also aims at the elimina-[ "ds vote and tile longer we sit thel But the recognition of responsi-,pre,s voters elsewhere. -- more we feel that ou I blhty on the part of em lo ees mdl I he new tion of delay. [ " judgment was ' " " P Y " taxation schem " -- How the Plan Operates j! som.ld If there as" a dvlsmn' " " along wdually,' collectively, and represents-, McAdoo is. said to be Tel e-? out'Mto I-., l I parusan lnes, the ma ort I tvely, has advanc ' The new p an comprehends, first, " J " y group " . ed so in the last get votes in the east, accordin ......  = Open a Savings Account for the kiddies a meeting between the local chair-I must convince at least three membersl 10 years, as well as decognition on] backer, is , tax ....  ,o m2 1 = beautiful book bank with the Savings pass the nit of . " u, me volume oi' - [of tile other lou befo the m man and the superintendent on each I g P re a decision l P " anagement that em-t business. Such a tax, it is said, would I - their nane on the Christmas tree. They division once each month on a day setlCan be reached. It is manifestly im-l.:h::slth:.sShOuld I assume, conscien-I:temployed in place of all the pres- I  having a real bank account like big folks. in advance so that both sides know it, l psslblemost halSfrof anybodYsu to coerce ai-lmat Y :ume tt em, that I believe' taxes on corporations It is a - a date which cannot be changed ex- ' " ? ch a unit. e s of discipline within the next modified sales tax without man of I = By adding to it regularly you can build a cept by mutual consent. Ether the We have handled almost 800 cases few decades will be left almost en- the disadvanta-es of " Y '= , and have made '  SUCh a tax. = college or any other purpose, and at the saree superintendent or the employees re-, a decision on every tirely to the employees. case exce t on . . presentative may present matters for I " P e. The reason why Infractions of rules are matters PLAYER PIANO WARN' - ---- teach them tle lesson of thrift. discussion at that meeting, the only I we did not reach a decision on that Jpl:ty :Sal Cmha::de:V:nt,Y bm! To be awakened by theSmOuscFfRE hrmtation being that they must be! was to save the feelings of one of e :tt:l :a the older mere i pmyer piano, the switch of which had presented to the other party at least l bern f the employee cause no employee can infringe the been turned on b ..... five days before the meeting, l group . trules witthout injuriously affecting! . . y ilames cna were 00merican Ban00 of Commerce if the superintendent and the local[ A:t:zitog Record I the safety and comfort or well-beingl, ring the house, in time to es- , . cape emg trapped in a burning luild- ] -" chairman agree, that settles the mat- When y P think that onel of his fellow-employees. It is not ing was the uni-ue ...... -- & Trust Company ter. If they disagree, tile case is re- I of the most vexatious things in the itmind in a day or two- ; ;o - q experience o 'i " . ...... I to Seifert and famil duced to a joint submission, which contact between employer and em-, matter of education. But I believe 1- Y, formerly of  first, of the subject matter; secono, ployee on the railroads is the ques-I it will come. Dale, Win., now residents of Shawa- " The bank that takes care of its c tioin of discipline, that is an amazingl  H no. The fire broke out in an under- 1 - what both sides mutually agree are I MOROUS TALES retrained relevant facts with reference to the / record. We handle dozens of dis-I , . , manner, early in the morn- -" ease; third, the position of the ]ocal[cipline cases and yet e have not had l John Henry was aoouz as carezul ind. In some way the flames caused i  Third and Main Little Rock, t chairman, and fourth, the position of/one that we have not settled, i of a quarter as a man could be. He the switch of the piano to be turned the superintendent.  Where formerly on i .... .[married a widow worth $200,.000 on, and the piano's playing awakened lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll """ ....... I Shortly after the ceremony an old Regular Meetings Speed up Matter matter was in dispute for anywhere I friend met him. Our plan also calls for a meeting from a year and a half to two years, "Allow me," he'said, "to cengratu-  - it is now settled in from 30 to 60 ] . ,. days. The individual or group of ate you. I behest your wedding was individuals aggrieved on any par-I worth a clear $200,000 to you. titular question is not aggrievedl "No," replied John Henry, "not quite so much." long enough to be at all irritated be-[ "Indeed, I thought it was every fore a decision is reached I I do not present this as the only/penny of it." "Oh, no," said the benedict, "I had plan. 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LnocIaw mey hi,agree, such disagTeement is i again tfe!iced to a joint submission1 and refe&$o t.'e :.,iwin ,em" ',: .... . . .. : .  ,: . : .... mittee';':': U!' \\; '" " ":( .`$iI$IIiI$iII[$iI$!I$ii!!$iI$!!!m!!$iq$H$ii;-"!!!$I}HI!$P$!:"$I..;:i.$'!l!! ]" '"" " " ""  II $}$111115111 . !I1I!$!III!!!l!!!!!!!$!$!!!!!!!III$!!!!$!!!!!l1$ I  !!!!I1!!!!!l1!!!!lIIJ![!!]I1!!] I I $i11111!1m1151155!111111111111!, i ! IT COSTS VERIy LITTLHEoTOHAVE MUSI C We can arrange terms for you that will make the purchase a nlatter of only a few cents a day A niano is s " d = " . . - oon paid foi, an l lasts for years after the cost s forgotten. To be without a piano in thehome is a real inconvenience. Where there is a young daughter, a piano brings to the home many friends and informal social pleasures. Here is our lis of distinguished makes: _== ! STEINWAY WEBER CHASE STECK KRAKA UER iADWIG JESSE FRENCH BEHR HOUCN BROS" LAGONDA VOSE M'PHAIL the Wonderful Duo Art Pianola Piano And. I O.K. 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