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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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i'S STRESSES CARDINAL'S PLEA W C. News Service) days after Cardinal Published his appeal for the prisoners on hunger- Newbridge, County of Barry, a man of 38 had gone five weeks He died on th6 24th He was a na- Cork. He had been in months. He was oa trial. Mr. Barry was by commercial traveler. He athlete, He joined at the inception of the LATE LORD MORLEY'S STEP-DAUGHTFI1 A NUN' (By N. C. W. C. News Service l)ublin.--The step-daughter of the late Lord oMrley is a nun in High Park Convent Dublin. While in Dub-I ]in as Chief Secretary he frequently I I visited her. He often also attended Muss. Although a non-Catholic he' was greatly attracted by the cel'emo- nies of the Catholic Church. In his in point of interest no difference be- tween master and man Tim differ- ence existed only in name and func- tion. The wage earner as known to- day emerged after the French Revo- lution, when absolute in,lividual liber-i ty in industry was established. The result of t]mt liberty had been that a. large proportion of workingmen had been given liberty to starve. He had never heard anybody define what constituted a "just wage." He subnfitted that the wage shouht be in will he bequeathed $,000 to his step- proportion to the element of lubor daughter the nun, "as a nmrk of mvlemp lved to produce a certain quan- nt'" [ tity of material. A "iusL wage" attac, hme . l'ncant wflue for value. MONUMENT TO BISHOP The "living wage" question was OF ANGERS UNVEILED quite a different thing, for the ques- ON PUBLIC SQUARE tioJ of value did not then arise._ How was the standard of living to be de- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) fined? On the whole, the best thingT K. OF C. SCHOLARSHIP GREAT SEMINARY LOST EXAMINATIONS AT UNDER SEPARATION LAW, C. U. SET FOR MAY 3 RESTORED TO CHURCH (By N.C.W.C. News Service) (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington.--A competitive exam- Paris.--When the Law of epara-{ ination for the graduate scholarships tion went into effect, the Great Semi- established by the Knights of Coluin- nary of the Viviers diocese, not hav- bus in the Catholic University will be ing been claimed by a cultual asso- hehl May 3, according to announce- ciation--since the Catholics couht not meet by the Msgr. Edward A. Pace, form' one was awarded at the eml of director of studies Applications are to be filed with the university before March 15. Young men who are in the senior class in college or who already have :received the bachelors degree in arts, science or letters, are eligible to take the examination. Those desiring to enter the law school of the university must have received the bachelors de- a year to the Department of the Ar- deche. The Department kept it many years without being able to find use for it. Finally, at the beginning of this year, the General Council of the Department, which, for the most part, is composed of Freethinkers ann Protestants, decided to put the build- gree in arts, science or letters in ad- used for the textile industry. Again no buyer appeared. Three more months passed, and it was announced that the starting price would be 100,000 francs. A benefac- tor of Catholic work, M. Augu:,, de Lafarge, after coming to an agree- ment with the Bishop, appeared at the sale and bid in th, Greal Semi- nary. Immedie :qy M'ter l)e auction M. de Lafarge ;.|:ccd Ihe buildings at the disposal of n I_;i:imp to be restored to their original ,,.. PRIEST WllO BE(AME HOSTAGE DECORATED (By N. C. W. C. News Setwice) ling up for sale at a minmum pace of Paris.The medal of the "Victims 506,000 francs. The religious authori- of the Invasion" hat: been awarded, to ties pointed out that no Catholic had Abbe Morenval: of . Montdidier, with During the Black-and- Angers.--Great ceremony attended that could be done would be to re dition to the degree of bachelor of the right to buy property which had the following dictation: he acted as a pofice of- the unveiling of the statue erected on nounce once and for all the idea of taws. Holders of the scholarships are belonged to the Church, and no buyer "Gave himself up as a voluntary Ihstage' Was imprisoned and was s ...... h 'Labol market " and recognize the. et'n xtled to board, lod 'ng and tuition , 'OUth of h'eland. Under the public square here Lo ne mere- t e " " ' ' ,., I " ga . appeared. , ................ Gover ment he sent or of M,,- ,,,,pol, -rmer hishon fact that labor was not a commomcYin the university during the academm ,, ........ .,nero at tim point oi a rxtte ior turee- n P Y ob ..... v ...... *" - I . lnree monms later a secona aucl;lon ] . -- ,, s ia n ix,, ,, a ..... who f .............. s to be bou ht and sold like iron and, veal" The length of time which the ............ /, I quarters oI an hour. ,r .......... , .... , _ , ,r ,.a..: .,ear., wa. g +. _ was nelCl wire zuu,ooo xrancs as tile] ' ;t the coroner's inquest the deputy from Brest in the French cloth The feehng of human.sympa-lsuceessful competitor will hold tee :, . .. . . ...... , ,ath was due to inanition( Chamber and the very eloquent a(I-thy shoukt be present even m eom-] scholarships.will be regu!ated bYmhe ;:tai;i:::: ort:nitz:%:ubliatr y " No person has ever yet done big the refusal to tak food ] vocate of all Catholic causes in the mercial transaetmns, degree he wmhes to obtain, me - is. eallin the attention of industrial :, things without doing the little things gave th ) At the inaugural meeting of the S mum enods for the vartous advanced e relatives an order, parliamentary tribune. I , _ ....... "l P . . . _ t men that the buildings could well be first. raQval of the body ;hel Born in Alsace, he asked that his llicitors Apprentices DeDaung octery[ degrees being one year 1or maser- I Lt refused t-L... .'.'. +,k bod,, be returned to his native land, t strikes and bad housing were men- ship in arts; two years for master- I he relat(,, ".ff" ,'_'_] _,._..,a , -^-ome French a,,ain and it[tioned as outstpnding causes of much I ship in philosophy; and three years I [ r -.-s. ,= aDorl'm-m  ,  ' " cities Mr A E  I aised the -" h will be recalled that this wish was}of the misery m .'.  -[for the doctorate of philosophy. . Comnliments of ] question of t e rsr .... = 1 Dull. Mr. Murphy said fuliflled last year when his mortal re-t Wood, K. C., asserted that the x.. I It s reqmred of all candidates to t m aention to retain the body mains were borne in triumph from people to mtrodu?olle:rik:: 1T:h:s: take an exammatmn m3nghsh, hi:- SOUTHERN MILLINERY CO. ] it in the nrison seemed q Angers to Abernai. [ people who cone ] tory and mathemaucs. 'rney are g - t ........ . m at *- -  , - I ........... '.,r Fteel stands lthe earth, l en a choice of chemistry, physics or] .'T. 11111-1 .kll. | r, Was to be treated as on the Place Sainte-Croix. It was un-f Industrmhsm and orgamzed captal] biology; and of Latin or Greek or one l | m I c 1 rattan of the had the whole resources of the race m , | urd , -.- '" " durin- the "e eb ' " I . . " " Iof the modern languages, ]ireneh, [ . - - e laerer on wnom me:l veneofftmth anmvetsar' g of Ms r Rumeau, I control The politicians were but thel German or Spanish Detailed infor- ' v had beeu,,carried f" " y sg . " . " " .... anks and the , " ..... qHIIIIIIIIHllImllmIIIlmIllmIIIlllIllIIlHIlIlllIlIl|IIllIlIII|llIl|IllIltIlIll :::heePteg d ? twhae s Paeh:tsb:htPme 2?::'t;:];l: b::k:: r:tbu:nt:: eatu;es and set'- :::tiO:e :btga:tl;gr? a:daam;::::lg:l: _ _ that in the case of anniversary of his consecration as l vents of induslfis::tvocated pofit ]ment for the place at which the ex- _-- -= if any of them bishop. ] Mr. Ga an y ammatmn may be taken made wtth, __ =_ their bodies would hot be Preceding the unveiling, a solemn ! sharing as a remedy for industrial un- the director of studies of the univer- -- their friends "at this Mass of Requiem was sung in the Ca-Irest ......... Stage.,, The remains would and reverential buriat Prison PePaee a due celebration the Cardinal urges that Possible should be done to Peace in the land. He sincerely with in prisons or concen- thedral, attended by Cardinals Lucon Speaking in the Daft, Mr. Dalton sity. and Charost, three archbishops, 14 said the joint efforts of employers COLORED BAPTISTS AID bishops, the delegation of the Depart- and employees were needed to foster GIBBONS INSTITUTE lnent of Maine-et-Loire, and all the the councry's industries. He urged (By N. C. W. C. News Service) civil and military authorities The'the establishmen of an Arbitration procession passed through the streets Board to deal with the evil of strikes ChurchBaltimre'--Theof Baltimore,.SharnMd., hasBaptiStmade of the city, and after reaching the and lock-outs, a special good-will offering to the monument, the panegyric of the great Cardinal Gibbons Institute of $40. bishop was pronounced by Msgr. Ru- CHURCh FOR' BENEFIT Imeat, by the Mayor of Angers and OF POWDER WORKERS The congregation is colored. Rev. " BEGUN AT BOURGES Beale Elliott is the pastor. m m _= Compliments of == = AMERICAN HANDLE CO. = = JON ESBORO, ARK. = = - i : = - . IlIHIIlHl|I|I|IlI|lIIH|IlIIIllIlIIllIIl|l|IIlIllllI|lIIllIIllllUlIll |lll by M. Bourgne,, doyen of the depu- ties of Maine-et-Loire in the French A considerable num- . I n hunger strikes tol This was his chief] Chamber. to danger to the health even to the souls of those l IEISH PRIEST POINTS tie appeals in the first TO GUILD SYSTEM engaged in hunger AS MODEL FOR LABOR says: I this dangerous anti un- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) and to ee in fu- Dublin.Labor and social problems Ore lawful means of en- are daily receiving more attention. liberation l:rom what Rev. T. A. Finlay, S. J., said in an ad- unfai/, harsh impris: I dress delivered in Dublin that it would be wiser to revert to the old Christian Free State principle that man is dependent upon Place he earnestly ap- man, and that there is a bond of Free State Government Christian brotherhood between them. by halves, but to lib- The dependence of the worker upon delay all untried axed the employer and of the employer up- Prisoners. He says: "I on the worker should be mutually rec- policy of the Free ognized. would be o clear Under the Guild system there was nd camps of all internes, 1 of crime, or li- for crime, without heed to useless under- Bourges.--The Archbishop officiate.} ....... oU ed at the laying of the cornerstone o v I " ................................ be erected here, an(ii the church to - r' which is to be dedicated to Saint Ba - bara. This church will be the head- i quarters of a very prosperous arch- confraternity which has about 70,000 members. This society is intended for the protection of all those who work with gunpowder or who are exposed believes that his ad- Upon, would bring peace ad that it would ca- to get into a d,t- government. ] e- to sudden death. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of" artillerymen, powder workers and miners, Bourges has the largest pyro- technical establishments in the whole of France. Leading a busy life is keeping the door shut in the face of the devil. Compliments of ROYAL PHARMACY ] JONESBORO, ARK. .-111111111lIIIIIIIIIII m =___- m = Compliments of i PORTA LUMBER CO. JONESBORO, ARK. ,-.llllllllllllllllllllllll II IIIIIIIIIlU IIIIIIIII IlllllllllllllllllllllllillilllUlllllUlllllilllllililll Compliments of SCHMUCKER MODERN PHARMACY JONESBORO, ARK. qIIIIIItIII Compliments of MERCHANTS & PLANTERS BANK JONESBORO, ARK. I have made are SUgegstions. Some of found foolish sugges- there is a wisdom which all human wis- which can never err, md guidance of Almighty l d implor ; the Prince I h the intercession of I Mther, that : 7eYr I country, gran g union, and may make her in the] - has been in the past, aSints. ', [ ned from page 46) FAULHABER IS PERSECUTED Xnstnuation unruly pas- the Catholic Church. now,', writes the Postzeitung," of all that must be of the national state, state's power, which has and right, and insults of the religious- constituting the moral the national stateY [ m of the Bavarian Cath- | . not abandon oneself to [ bout the gravity of the [ ational o m has be -s cialis which threatens the re- of hrmany. Immme consolation, and anxities of thought of eternity. i} STYLE AND ECONOMY COMBINE HERE HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Winter Suits CAN BE BOUGHT FOR AS LITTLE AS , $29 OTHERS $35, $45 UP Models for every occasion in styles for men of all ages; in a complete range of sizes. Positively all-wool fabrics. Suits that are stylish, serviceable and dependable. It is not necessary to spend an extravagant amount of mor, ey to be well dressed, if you buy your clothes here. The Store for Quality THE M. M. COHN CO. During the 60 days we have been in business over  i ONE THOUSAND ACCOUNTS ' have been opened with our bank. We sincerely wish thsnk t ho people of both Cities for their faith and loyalty to our New Insti- k tution. " Wishing you a Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year The First National Bank Under U. S. Government Supervision _ Capital paid up, $100,000.00 . 2nd and Main North Lttle Rock, Ark. :) '.% ,: .!llltltltmllll$1}tltlllUllllll)lllUlilIiiHHllllllUlllUlllllllllmw