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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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Page Fourteen OUR CATHOLIC CHOIRS By W. F. Markoe The following "Dents for Cathonc pertaining to tie success and progress Choirs," have been compiled n'om Ee!of the Choir. Motu Propz.'io of Plus X, now the su- 5. Absence from services or re- preme law of the Church, and dec,s- hearsals twice 1]] succession Vithou ions of the Congregation of Rites, { valid excuse sliall be cause for dis. binding on all Catholic choirs, missal. Don't play the organ at High Mass I 6. Strangers and visitors must nL* during Advent and Lent (unless ab- I be invited into the choir gallery with- solutely necessary to support a weak out permission of tim directoh choir) except oil the third Sunday of/ Two mem]rs appo:ncd by the Advent (Gaudete) aml the fourth Sun- director shall THE GUARDIAN and love.h, Mary.. . I THINGS OF INTER, EST has ] . . Twic ="-:-:'-''= t|urm Twice Despoiled  I tricalm:d:::me so.essentml n] e]et.-]more swiftly and less " g ne eight cycles of one There is :ust abe " ! . . y that the larger ele,'t]'i-]a writer in the Echo. J " , ut enough iron in/cai supply manufacturing companies/troubles to all hundred years was bitter war waged the entire blood su l of , . .... . . beal, so do against. Antwerp's holy shrinesby make two small' carPPet y tacka man to / own and ...... opmate then on mme,,. |not add to ............ the h,,.ao- of the followers of Calvin in XVT+] .... ,m .......... P _ s. The fastest flowing river in tl,| , - tur and b _ ......... - _ --= cucumoer is one of the oldest world is the Sutlei. i- T,n;.._.' igomg aoout with a gloor Y, y the henchmen of th uf the a ,on ,,+.-, ...................... , v,,:i, . Fren_ T, ..... _ .- . . e ears a -x': ..... --oes. ome 3,ooul rises 15,200 feet above the sea, and |the]r presence. .... ,evom]on at the close of the lY  go m the Far East, probabi-[fa]ls 12 000 f .......... | D ................. -vuJm o sooner was the stormlin India, it had i*- ^-:-:-- / .," '  Jn tim course of 180{ u ,,, epme a zau,. " ,  ul'Jgz] { runes. I :;eelns such ]nay ]lot be so. 0ul scu]ptorsPaSsed thanwiththe thePep]etaskentrustedof chiseling their I important i dustrv]he nmnufacture of paper was fa,'anl motionMtr cars, horse races and Ue liure one may reap riches of backastheltime-of  apan as pictures are among the amuse-tel. There is no faihn'e ssl new statues, or they brought back to ko A D 592'629 the er mperor Sui- meats now available 'at the leper col- ai;tue of sp;lit and heart in their accustomed places those they tmi,]o({uced 'fr-om ' " a t having been ony at Molokai, Hawaiian Islands. " " " act as librarians, dis- had succeeded in saving from the mad' " ' China. s day of Lent (Laetare Nothin  tributin .... . ........ , f ......... . . . The world is mostiy w'ter n ..... we are sincere if our work .. ........ ,, ..... .. es .  nu conec[lng ne music De- -y u me image sormers Alas for  is never oo cold to Slid,,, ....... ^  ..... , O  ,. _:;j,i, :n?.e seasons wT.!.he atmos-Sore an(I after the service, noting ab-,our art]stm and religious inherit,nce!Icordmg to the statement of an eft;- cover ,., ,vaci 1,] ne oceans x, ou,t. m,sfotune, no lack of at helping to preserve orde00 were saved from the craze-of cml of the United States-Weather, depth 3'f2Ofa of the globe to, no mahce can ruin us.  organ' while notlfing" emp'ha:,z. ;i:{ an8 a]'c:P:]::Jre ...... !tge ueux m 1566. Then. d]sappear-].ureau: The worst bhzzards ]lave . I Safety matches are.used in l'emo tulness and earnest end0avor triumphal joy of Holy Church more'on the efforts of h: :h::mgh3.i Ga :]:e:2e:f 7 cunts for the numerous leg::e:nt:th3IY low temperature or!localities around the Red Sea wh(ci{ we can face the worhl with' .... " " " "" " "" "': " " " '" salS'after the sur: nalssance style made, The first Govr:l:/ry at zero. /have ]level. been visited by a v,-hitc] On the lips and gladness of than the levlval of ts jubilant hat shall open and close wtn paym the ender of the cit ........ , and Chief flus t- man . - . nles on Holy Satmday and Eastei l"Our l, ather, .... Hail Mary" and the!Duke of Parma in 1585 Cn::a[;(71 ice of Maryland was Leonard Ca]vert, I |shining mom eyes. ....... ,7" I " ' , t ....... I onowmg prayer is recommended.[ during the tenet, tie- ^v r,._::_,,_ I a Cathohc, and the first Catholi :,,, , xr,,u,nr,-,, ........ ] Ihen whatever ]nay come on r repeat he irst words of the'"L t .... "' . ..... ,,,,m . .  ..... - ,,. .... u,' ur riwERFULNESS , .............. . ......... . { e us play. Grant, O Lord, thatIVandahsm by the French thos vr+'-Ie)nl of New York was Thomas Co-/ Glen ................. |hfe, let us seek the gladn br:7 :.i? eo momu oy um uele-t what we stag with our lips, we may I century images reappeared in ";814"I .gan, an Irishman. His commissien/lon,;']if=:  We nem)-gmg. It plC.:There is ahvays a bright ,d ,, 7"7' "*', continue rom me words,, oeneve in our heart, and believing in'popularly known as the ......... : bears date of Sept. 30, 1682 /cheefful:_ .. ::, !.uv ne goot] ot |make the best of it. If we $ .... " . . , . . .yr u uv . l nv n ne SlCK room. I i/(Tfi q,1 .S ,em eHa m the :ozmer, anal our heazt, may perform m our works, lrestoration of the images. ]. M]c., the transparent, heat-resist- just as much need " . .:.Y . 1 of. the cheelfu]ne._ . 'al;rem ommpoenem in the lat-;Amen." (From the form of ordina-' Most of th r ............. ,mgmlneral, familiar to manythro, wh] :...) ...... **^ e!,Jn eve!yday hfe. lan ' hfe will be full of bleSsl teZon't ,ccompany the priest du'rifig : ]tCY;ts::ieb.ed by the Fourth Council I form one of-the qua[ntei':':::'a:;:t:t ts use fez wmdo,,s m heating stwes, !singing at :nes t:;k ;,ak::]:p.,:: I "d,:::': us thing !o ca:ly a the Preface or Pater Noster. Before s=. _ of Antwerp, were erected by the trade L; .....................................................................  l ..... s ,e go turoug the publication of the Motu Proprio la,,s,v. m= .... I]:ldldOr by pmus confraternities. I ,{.|I.I{{II[}} I{{,){,{}.1] ,I i,,, I),),ilI{[.,,UH{IIi IIH! .......... )")'),,{0././H,,IiJlll ' ",,,,,r""{{H.{.ll I H}!IH ')"".{;.[1,I I " t {.{,,,,,,:,;,,,;/n,iH],{;iili,:.,,:. .................. ................ ".-'- .-'.....,a.r  ., I sel; rules, tlelining not only, thuthoWty itugy -,,lwrdtr IO ra,ll)ltal. lthe care to be bestowed upon eacht " : . ' . ' " ] iPl]YI.I PlUqFwtanr ar :shrine, bu 'also various other duties enough, some organis[s who never ac- I 151ll | ll Fal]la/UI Ol  to be performed b,, the mem *--* ;: I  c0mpanied these prayers before, do '6 ...... i, _ # .......  now. Let us hope it is due to i,nor I I}E|.T||IN T ]A]Vi nnr of their Lady Queen--such asl o " ,,,--.,.,,,,,,,,,,,.=..,,,a a aull waiting upon the priest, carrying the ance rather than deliberate defiance of i I Blessed Sacramen to the sick, eschew-/ authority. "Obedience is heeler than City Has No Less Than Four Hun-ling the use of profane language, keep- sacrifice." [ dred and Forty-Four Artistic Street ing a record of all the feasts and hap- Don't keep the priest wmtmg at any Shrines to Mother of God. penings connected with the shrine, .. part of the Mass, no matuer now many etc. Several prescribed the bestowal - "Amens," "Alleuiaus" or "Hosannas" By Rev. J. Van der Heyden of a pint of wine upon the happy an incompeten[ cornposm; may have written. (Louvain Correspondent to N.C. mother, at the birth of a child to a - NEWBURGER COTTON CO. Don't sing "Dee Gratias') after the Epistles. There is no authority for it. Don't sint"Laus tibi Christe" after the first Gospel, for tbe same reason. Don't sing in the vernacular at High Mass or at Benediction from the be- ginning of the "Tantum Ergo" to the end of the Blessing. Don't indulge in long solos, espec- ially female solos. Church nmsic is mostly choral. Don't change the prescribed texs for others selected at will. Don't omit the sacred text in wliole or in part except where the rubrffiS allow some verses to be suppiied by the organ. Don't sing during the Elevation, though the organ may be played in a grave and devotional manner." Don't forget that the three great .vanMaria'.' (Antwerp Renowned for I fifth anniversary by the restoration of objects o church mumc are, tne lory 3; venerauon .of Mary"!, counted 444. {the images removed by the sans,cul- - "  - .... ... ; I . mese, no wo are mike; or their dottes theCouncfl b 1 oz od, the e(micaion of the faimzul, _ .'. . ., " e'ng anti-clerical, t = and the salavation of the singer slWorKmansmp was ever entrusted re l contemptuously overlooked this old- soul. ,, /artists (Thyssen enumerates, a hun-i/time tradition. It was as unheard of l theabo e"Don't." ,' dred) who eschewed coloying ant[ tb' outrage, which an electrician squared I simpleandSmef easyofVfulfillmentarthat pride in executing the ideals of their with the City Council by turning a ............ Iowa inspiration. The connoisseur will stream of light upon the statue from -- mey demand aue more man an ace,find food for admiration not only in the roof of one of the houses facing of obedience to authority. Such, for, the statues themselves but il -- example, are the ones forbidding ren-I--. , i every the Hall. Mary's devotees rejoiced ....... - ;mmg connected with th m" and felt avenged. In i914 they were  euuon of me words of the priest, and  . , e , for iron, certain responses; but they furnish an } glass, and poreclain, workers, gold and to celebrate the one hundredth anni- a:iod d tweet of the purity of motives and hial::rpmthh'eiP::reSci: d tilewrights, ]verary of the same restoration of   g ill of every choir. On the ther belhshmg the lmagesP and're artSln maklnin em-t their beloved images Nar prevented/ hand others are more or less difficult " " " " " g I them from doing so. Meanwhile, to the altars, niches, canopies and the the fund collected for the Celebration,} and require careful training and prac- brackets, whence perpeauIly hurning] interest has been steadily accruing. It rice, such as singing "a capella," that lamps are suspended, proclaim fealty I will provide amply for next year's is without organ accompaniment. Fre-] , _ glorious eighth centenary. quently choirs otherwise entirely ] competent, will come to grief during, l|ll||ll||llH2 holy Weel services, not for lack oft= t)a. r.=.  ,n , _-- - ability, but through the poor judg-j  |aL U,L  .JkJ 0MPANY} . ment of the director or organist in,-- Coal -- selecting a Mass that is incomplete t , Lumber and Railway Timbers = without the organ accompaniment, ] --- --- I -_== deither' lacking, in harmony,) or intro- i . GENERAL OFFICE, KANSAS CITY, Me. I uemg different unrelated keys with- / Mines: out the preparatory modulations of =_= Mills: i Carson, La. Conroe, Texas Wyoming - _ the organ. Some Useful Rules Observance of these "Don'ts" will prepare the way for some of the im- portant "reforms" in church music so earnestly desired and advocated by the ecclesiastical authorities. The good work amy also be aided by the W. C. News Service) family inscribed in the confraternity. Louvain.Next year eight hundred The main obligatio n, however, was  . . , years shall have elapsed since the con- the maintenance of a light before each  ncorporateu secration of the City of Antwerp, and! statue [ f,_  .  . ,the dedication of its mother church, Lights Burned Before Street Shrines  ,At[OI1 uyers ano lxporters ito" /-Ieaven's vlorious ...... a,,+ I This pious custom of burning lights{_ werpians are preparing ev3n'"now'to/befOre street shrines originated in I MEMPHIS, TENN. she . . Paris, where Louise de Lorraine or-  Little i w proof that the present zs hnked/ .... ......... { P)ck, AIk. ,with thep.-ast boy the ssamevat ," . )aerea lamps o De Kep Delore all tne) that prompted lmho- .,.,.auu,'=]":'f'! Saints' statues of the city. Thence the [ ' , P " OI US - ...... .... . I age spread throughout Europe, pro-- oamorab m ne year I1Z4, to place . . . . . ........ I v](hng, historians say. the first e mmr city under uary's patronare I -" P /- .....  ' |manent street lighting known uuon | ste:r:;gh: citas t omy o walk the [the continent. "- - werp 'is Mary'sYf;: e tahsatA=t Upon religious festivals, the Ant-[- nnrn,,,,,.,,,+,,-^o,_,.___; l werp citizens vie with one another to I " ,,-,uo-a m e ms e sat ever,:'::'""'::-"-::e-':e'''euesfl enhance the beauty of their shrines; ,[* . . Y Y[ at dusk they surround them with for-  . turn--stem the facade of the city hall I sts .............. " , e oi ugns, ;ne cly aumorles car-  to the corners of its thoroughfares.{in for the illumination of the Vir in Fw:::: TvheYS:::: t t:o:dteh:rc;reAe::g I nhat18?r:,h3:O:tonf tthh: ::hehl) {{Hf}H{{{{H{HH{{{{{{{H ,HI /1 {{1{{, II},11 {l ,11}1111 ,|| , z,, Y lllll{ll{Illll lll}Iff)i " {{{{I}III Ifl{II}i{{{}ll{{{{{{{l{{{{{{{}{l{{lll{H}{l}II{f{lllH{lll{}{{i}l {II II}{l}{{l{ll{l{lllill{}{{,W,Hlliil{l{ ...... Hill{{ l{{l{{{II{l {,II{}I{{{{IIH'{,I{{ [{f{lq ...... ,,,I{II{ m = = = Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma Coal Department LITTLE ROCK, ARK.  C.E. HIGGINS, = District Sales Manager Edlllllllllllllllllllllllllll III{IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiii I|I{III I III|IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH adoption of the following rules and'= Ii {lllllllllHl}llllllllllllllll{llllllil IIIIIIIII II lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllr regulations which have Seen found - i' most efficacious in maintaining dis-  ARONSON, SIMMONS & CO. = cipline 'and promoting ey in many choirs, both adult and juvenile, . in many churches by the writer and _= have won the hearty approval of ev- - cry pastor and competen 'irmas- =-- ter who has read them: [n return for a course of ree in- to sng in the Choir of ............ - = = ................ for at least one year [ struction m music, we hereby 'agree _= from date and to abide by the fol- lowing rules: 1. To sing in the church for the glory of God, the edification of tlie faitb_ful and the sanctification of our - own souls, rather than from mere-- motives of vanity and self-gratiS- _- I To observe the utmost ({ecorum[ - in church and abstain from all unnec-[ _=- , . essary talking or mo;ing about .dur- i:: in, Divine services. --- ,, 3. To be regular and promp at all church services, and at all regular --- and speqial rehearsals during fJie year. 4. To pay closest aentn to the = instructions, and render implicit obe- - dience to the director in everything COTTON BUYERS ARKANSAS BENDERS A SPECIALTY OFFICES Little Roc, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. Texarkana -! @ -- LITTLE ROCK, ARK. = lll|lll|l|llllHlllllg|llHlll|l|ll||l||tlll|l|ll||l|||||l|l||||l|i|||ll|l||||||||||U|||||ti gll|l|||||||||||||||{|||||||||||ll|ll|||l||l|l|||l||||||l||||||l||||||l||||l|||||||||||||l||{||l||V  GOODWiN AND JEAN -=- _"2 POULTRY, EGGS & BUTTER = -= Quick Service on Fresh Candled Eggs and Live and _ Dressed Poultry = = Get our Prices before Buying or Selling Phones L D 90; Local" 4-4511-7851 CHAS. I'. ABELES & CO. Established 1880 THIRD and SCOTT STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS SASH, DOORS, MILL WORK JOBBERS PLATE GLASS WINDOW 6LASS MIRRORS We operate our own Beveling, Grinding and Polishing Plant, and Resilver Mirrors Wall Board, Prepared Roofing QUALITY SERVICE IIf[{{{{lJ{{i{l{{{{ili{f{{{lili{{{{)H{{i{{{ili{l{{{{{{{{{I{{I{l{ ,, illllili ....... ')'')n{{){{In'*''{{{H')t'i{i{{i{H{{{i{{{i}{{I}fH{/H{{{{{{iiiiiii}iiHHH{{*{if' )ll)li,I; {{{il{ilililm,,.. ii{i{i[}}{H{{{{{{ii{iiH}iH{ii}{{{{{{{{H]{]{{{{]{{H[fH}{{}Hi{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{i{{{{ I{IHHlll}l{l{l}{{{{llll}fl{{ll{lllll{l{{{{l{l{lil{llllli{l{l{{I,,,,,, IIII . II{ {{HI r''''f{{{{{{{}{ff){{{{{{}}HI)){{{{{{{HIf{It{{||{){{{ '{{{/H)m,.. IIHIIII{.If{{I{I{{{{{,{{II{I}[I[{II{II{L.: ' .-lll}llH{}{I{II{{llIl{ll{{l{h{j{{{{H}flfl}{ll{{{{{{l{ll{ A. N. Shearman, Pres. R.S. Lander, Sec.-Treas. SHEARMAN CONCRETE PIPE CO. INC. MANUF.TURES OF PERMANENT DRAINAGE PLAIN 6 TO 24--RE-1NFORCED 15 TO 48 Little Rock, Ark. = . 410 E. MARKHAM ST. =- = .  _= llllllllllllllill IIII!HIlIIIInlIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIilIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II !1111 IIII  { ,ll{llil{{IHIIIII]llllHIIIIH]llHl{{llllllll{ll{l{l{llllllllllllll II,,, I`"'imi||{{fmiin}I}H{ii'".jf{{: ]lllllllll}{,nn)tllllllllll{ I ll)lnll I,,lllllllf"'"[IflllfllUlll]{llllllllillllflllllllHlU{llllllllflf}lllllUl{llll