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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN Page Thirteen flagrant contradiciton between theory I hours, and (luring the latter years of I ORDERLY IN IRELAND repeat, for Irishmen themselves to [ON and deed, what defense is left but par-]THE GREAT COMPOSERS, his life retfihed to the fewent prac- I "Most Americans have lost interest settle their own affairs. I think the tice of M religion. He (tied on/in the irish question," said Arehbish- young Free State government has OF BIGOTRY tial mental aberration? Cardinal New-] WERE ]*HEY CATHOLICS? 00arch 26th, 1827, at tile age of 56. lop Curley of Baltimore, onhis arrival man, most urbane of controversial- - The funeral took place on the 29th at Athlone, Ireland, for a visit at his made marvelous progress. They __ ists, did not hesitatc, it is true, to use ota nome. rne nasa p op " n'Connell, in nAmefica" the strong language of a John Bap- One often encounLers the above from the Church of the Minorities af .... ,, ..... e le hae took over the country without an " ' ' " list in describing the similar phenom- (uer when he hears it asseted that ter a solemn Requiem Mass, during gone tnrougn ........ a (ermine experience, army. without police, witliCut judges "'" ho continued "and ou ht'f courts working, and in twelve it h:Sada:YasP)ltl::ghUl.l  ::?n:f h!TedlaYess'oDrehiitt::ti:lh: M aYrt, Haydn, Beethoven and Webe Th: h llllLn: ::,M::::C:tlWo;c ong: the Arcs(us p , ' g . ....... oz o ..... courts working in a ttIlernt pos- Wonder "f the afflictiofi be very structure' n t. ot*'Luelr ........... ,,ora, ,a"'ture *[-ere. I not Catholics. _ lposers , acted as pall-bearers, namely:lto be able to determine or them- . ,. , . nl , _ ,, r /selves 'at the coming election whalY / tmn, they ha:l:il:; th:o:::::n  oral. Ltke many physt- . . nethin  in tileir case, A sufficient answer to such an 'as lyblel, Hummel, Seyflmd, Kreutze , . Has not .Ol g , , . , 's0000,toms a00'e 00oad00ly rec- , ....... l,.00t of naturall ............ l;emlWe00g', 00.ansbacbor, 00eh0000ert l,hey-00va,% 00ey, not t00,e Americanslsocure an,, o',e'." g u"" , '. ..I (troppea ouL ot ue . " l serdon is na sucn an(l au oi  / " have to lve"l']an, an it is, to Ireland." " o 1SOlute the germ itsell ,' ......... * man 9'' t' Present! .... , - ' '-'d in the  On the same day a so emn Requmm / . [ a *-: , quallt.leS proper o ' t "  were oorn aLi201lCS all(| ole t 1 [ " aUmph for a RocKefeller  ..... .... .-- ,,..,, .... i,,  , ...... ]was suug for the repose of his soul Ill 0 I .t-OSlLlOn 01 anollcs I. Ju,.s,t,,..., x-. atnotic ]aiul ...... ur own country at the ......... " "  -' - corn at the Church of the Augustines, Vi- time :- I . . uo). A Iew Iacs concerlanlg nese - ,  can scarcely De galn- profts, conscience- [ Here we say summon modern alien-[ posers will be the best way of dis-] enna, Mozart's Requiem I)eing sung. [ SIEPIELA AND KACZKA, 'rop. accounts are the inslfira-[ists to assure us that mental disease pelling any doubt on the matter. I Weber [ Urges on the '(brains" of Iu[ may be local in the same way. as are[ Mozart / Grove'sAs tODictionaryCarl Mariaof Music,Vn aWebe"/stand- / SANITARY GROCERY 'eraents, the emendated P. I. certain bodily afflictions. G ue may I Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, to give/ New Home 204 Main Street Just as every war produced have very weak eyes ana yet be oth-/him his full name, was born at Salz- ard work says: The Weber family erwise in perfectly good health. May, zurg, Austria, in 1756. His father,] was, and is still, Roman Catholic." THE VERY BEST IN VEGETABLES latl0n of new-rici, :i -ie inan- FRUITS*GROCLRIES every outbreak of bigotry. ' it not be that our prejudiced country- Leop ld Mozart, was choirmaster to It may interest readers to know, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. there is not much mental men have similarly so strained their the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, a that Weber (lied in Lomlon, and was buried for a time at the Roman Cath- required to see the sequence mental vision by gazing into the arti-lposition to which his more famous son ficial light of bigotry that religious/afterwards attained, olic Clmrch of St. Mary, Moorefields, thousands of c'neap :egalias I Daltonism has resulted? True to the / We are tohl that both father and London. A few years later he was re- Try Our "Honey Brand" Ham and Bacov ore of gokl in tile heart of/cnditin of all the color-blinded they son, in the devout practice of their re- move'd to Dresden for re-interment. Kt00SAS tiP/MEAT & PROVISION CO. IPrfiteers thereof. "[he pe-[woul d be unconscious of tlleir afflie-|ligion and their zeal for art, journey- Yes, these famous composers, afiu confidently be asserted as| tion, an(l to bring home to them a ed to Rome to attend the famous Pas- many more besides, lived as Catholics PORK & BEEF PACKERS motive for rousing re- in the United States. realization of their state is all the sion Week ceremomes at the Papal and (tied as Catholics as "tff6 above A.K. BRISCOL 920 West Markham Street clearly proves. As to their nation- Proprietor Phones 4-0860 and 4-0861 more difficult. Chapel. It was during this visit that the of "easns of LITTLE ROCK, ARKA,TA,.q for the Established And the sociologist corroborates thel young Mozart performed the famous ality, moth Beethoven and Weber were man of science. Ihus E. C. Hayes of/feat of transcribing from memory A1- Gernmns. Mozart and Haydn Austri- England at ttV ime that " ins. "' his lectures, so pro-ls fl'Otl'i:n'tl?adv:tOll tO Tle ir:(tilin;to do: an(lt e ard-/the G'hlen Spur" the/leg b'Mth:P:P: w'Hlth tla: sd ho: How true are the words of Plus IX: TELEPHONE 4-1296 W.H. CLARK, Manager of mirth anti sorrow., "The e f "In this noblest of arts many (i.e., of Catholics." h h composer' have gained the highest CLARK ICE CREAM CO. then tlat Karntims ar-'e est, if we wish to see the world as it In a letter to his father shortly and instigator s of preju- is, is to.,get rid of our colored specta- 'after his marriage to Constance Web- )raise." MANUFACTURERS OF FINE ICE CREAM also true the AmeriCan peo- cles .... This is 'the supreme intellec- er, a sister of the famous composer of Let us then cherish our glorious We Sell Wholesale and Retail " - st the tbousaTds hat are tual virtue!' It is intellectual hon- that name, Mozart, tells us how he heritage, and make full use ot it.-- ,  ..... 405 MIN STREET and his wife had not only performed John McDonahl, Glasgow. ', ORTH LITTLE ROCK. ARK. belong to the three K or- esty and far harder than the honesty 1 Wish to be fooled? If so, that will not lie to another .... I do/the usual special devotions which ac- the necessary state of mind not say that this emancipation of company tlle marriage of gcod Catho- VOCATIONS --- e .... and preserved? Here is an mind must be possessed in order to be lics, but had for some ume been in ' PHONE 4-3437 " "' ' '   : " though necessarily dis -a tolerably good person; there are]the habit of attending Mass and tak- As the deparmentc of ttholih'v52; - C PLUMBi CO Study in wlmt might be many good persons who do not pos- ing the Holy Sacrament together, a tivity multiply, and as each expands & ELEC1]UC . epistemology of bias. sess it." they found that the), never "prayed to meet an re'gent need, th, oroblem .,. 313 MAIN STREET effort m a course of phiI- Nature's revenge is, as we know, so fervently as side by side" (Lady of sccurhg competent readers and  Plmnbing, Gas Fitting, Electric Wiring the syllogistic rather retributive than emendatory; Wallace). It is also related of this and Repairs show that truth can be at- retrospective rather than prospective, composer that he wrote many of his workers becomes (lay by day more North Little R(k, Xr]L the human mind and that The intellect is no exception. Abuse it Masses saying his Rosary. serious. The success of a religious !acts presented to the by certain deliberate falsehoods, re- Later on in life we are informed enterprise depends to some extent up- latter must by its very peat the ac indefinitely, and the God- that in a conversation on church nm- on the natural ability and character BLUE RIBBON 1)IARgT to such proposi- hke taculty while not refusing to re- sic Mozart said: "A Protestant could of those who have it in charge. But Proofs offered are easily spond to all truth may become inert not possibly conceive the sentiments if it be tly the work of God, it must by the embryonic Aristo- to a particular stimulus. Nursing, which the service of the Church be carried on by those whom He se- Dealers in Fancy Meats Who can deny that the proper atmospheric conditions, skilled awoke in a devout Catholic." leers. To His Apostles the Master D.C. FNEASAL and B. ILGNER, Props. is greater than 'any medical aid may restore complete So much for Mozart. said: "You ]lave not chosen Me; but 229 West Capitol Ave. even though the state- health. On the other hand the proper Haydn I have chosen you, 'and have appoint- labeled a metaphysical functioning may never be regained; I Joseph Haydn, the father and fouR- ed you, that you shoul(1-bring forth Phone 4-1574 Little Rock, Ark, that the country recently the strain may have been too severe;I or of the Vienna school, was born in fruit; and your fruit should remain" Cold spell, or that mothers the remedy may be lacking. 1782 at Rohran, in Austria. Haydn (John iv., 16). Of the priesthood St. ---- children, examples of phy- The picture is bleak enough, but so was a most devout and practical Paul declares: "Neither doth any GOOD MATERIAL GOOD WORKMEN truths? Why, every too are the realities. It may partly Catholic, and looked upon his genius man take the honor to himself, but he self tells him that he account for the American species of as a gift from above, for which he that is called of God" (Heb. v., a). M. MALNIK the truth and that he wilt prejudice that seems to defy explana- was bound to be thankful. Of his The same applies, in due proportions, Shoe Repairing Shop till he possesses the tion i'n a free land. Such afflictions early days he used to say: "Almighty to all who wouht enter of the religious BEST IN CITY itself! are not, however indigenous to our God, to whom I render thanks for all state. And since our educational, All Work Guaranteed it is certainly a most natural countrymen alone. Of his own New- His unnumbered mercms, gave me charitable and missionary undertak- 4709 Main Street : North Little Rock, Ark. (is to tell the truth. Men man said some seventy years ago: such a'facility in music that by the ings are for the most part conducted time I was six I stood up like a man by the priest, the Brother and the at times they even perjure "Nor will the growth of reason set .... But the deeds are at the them right; the longer they live, and and sang Masses in the Church choir." Sister, the number of vocations must greater or less self-violence, the more they converse with men, the One is familiar with the story of the increase to supply the larger demar.d. Fords Bought, Sold & Exchanged Phone 4.4294 ot spontaneous acts. In more will they hate us. The Maker of composer seated at his writing-table God, assuredly, in His unfailing USE FORD EXCHANGE the intellect rebels. It as- all, and only He, can shiver in pieces attired in full dress saying his rosary providence, has marked for tile grace too at the secret this vast enchanted palace in which in order to get inspiration. On all his of vocation those who are',to serve ef an untruth. There must ofir lot is cast; may He do it in His compositions are found pious inscrip- Him as His chosen instruments. It 926-928 W. Seventh Street apparent gain in sight own time!" ("Present Position of tions--"In Nomine Domine," "Laus lies with us to recognize these vessel Will thus injure 'the intel- Catholics in England," p. 82). bed," "Beatae Virginal Mariae et Ore- of election and to set them apart that Cars Painted & Repaired LITTLE ROCK, ARK. hurt does not cause the And He will do it. nibus S anctis." they may be duly fashioned and tern- . . These facts reveal the whole heart pered for the uses of their calling. To -- Pain of deliberately cutting but there is a protest Work out this new lesson--bring of the man, and show us the ,pirit in this end, we charge all those who which he approached the work of com- have the care of souls to note the CHAS. F. WUNDERLICH, every action, word, and thought to the posing for the Church, of which he signs of vocation, to encourage young Winner and Sheet Metal Worker is the difficulty of bar of Love and Justice.--Lord of the was such a devout member, men and women who manifest the re- the workings of a pre- quisite dispositions, and to guide them YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED ad, not that, to be sure, of World. Beethoven rewarded organizer or his Ludwig Van Beethoven was born at with prudent advice. Let parents es- salaried subaltern, but Education is no more a very import- Bonn, on the Rhine in ]770, but the teem it a privilege surpassing all Phone Main 2703. Ordinary everyday Ameri- ant question than wealth--at least, so family originally belonged to a dIlage worldly advantages, that God should 922 West Seventh St. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. call their sons and daughters to ttls .. eaa he bring himself to be- repeat the factory-labeled far as you mean by education instruc- near Louvain. At the age of four- teen we fil( him pliying the organ service. Let teachers also remember us and to act on them ?tion in demonstrable facts or exact for the six o'clock Mass every morn- that, after the home, the school is the Compliments of gain urging him sciences.--The Light Invisible. ing in the Church of the Minorities at garden in which vocations are foster- SALES CO, eSsary moral violence. Bonn. In regard to Beethoven, how- ed. To discern them in time, to hedge OLDSMOBILE - does. He cannot Religion admits the heart and the ever, it may be stated that during a them about with careful direction, to believe the false- whole man to the witness-box, while part of his early manhood he became strengthen and protect them against 407 WEST CAPITOL AVE. against his fellow science only admits the head--scarce- rather careless in regard to Cath .lic worldly allurement, should be our con- Sooner or later, he pex- ly even the senses.--Whe Light Invisi- practices, but on no occasion did he stunt aim.--Pastoral Letter of Hier- LITTLE ROCK, ARK. the same American mold ble. give up his faith, e;en in his darkest 'itchy of the United States. , ,_ ................................. ,_ ..............  ........................................... , ........   ,,, FIis iutellect rebels at its _,,-_ ................................... ............................................................................ Still he keeps it enchain- " ......................... that he wisheSthe questiont be ig-in Darragh Company does he nerve him- I.O. RUNYAN, President Manufacturers of mental pain ? Ask him to tWo and two are five, that DR. J. P. RUNYAN, Vice- Pres. ICE CREAM, SHERBETS and to proclaim these I]IWuuiu]Wm$$HHuIl Huw,wu,muuummummuumtu,,utmtuuuttumuu,uu' J.T. RUNYAN, Sec-y.-Treas. and COUNTRY CLUB BUTTER to his fellows, his reply worded, if he LIME With words. Ask him CEMENT ., that his Catholic country- PLASTER that they spent their METAL LATH lives in the late war sham and hypocrisy, ROCK, SAND, SEWER PIPE The protested readiness to to murder! Can it be Foot East Sixth St. Phone 4-1363 and moral nature gradual'ly perverted?The Runyan Creamery Is but brain-storm C.T. SMITH now freed pris- bar of ustice and the of such pleas is THE BASKET GROCERY--SELF SERVICE jurists andneurologists. "The Cream of the Country Such an explanation seems left o the resources of 901 W. Markham St. Little Rock, Ark. 'he, too, has within the stern dictate, bidding if not leniently the A.P. WASEM Phone 6496 actions of another human on is tho I UP-TO-DATE HATTERS Pie of Christian love. The, American, adding to the I Manufacturers and Renovators NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ml as a vle proclaim him- I WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER ,verlovef Him' wh'se o::s ]one,s nexghb 114 W. Markham Little Rock, Arkansas When then we see such