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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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r % ;%, " : ' I THE GUARDIAN Page Eleven THE PRICE I Christ with His lost lamb in His arms. OF THE EAST Ola, why were these things erowdin SHRINES in upon her now? She had put them A Srory I away with the old times. 'lX',v wer By Joseph J. Dorney shnple things that had no pxace in the (By N. C. W. C. News Service) new sphere she had chosen. She had Our Lady of Martyrs a shade of condescension that I am a dear friend of Miss Ca' meant to go back some tmaewlmn In August, 1885, on the Feast of greeting of her one-' serley's--we had not seen each other the world had given her all she wan- the Assumption, 4,000 pilgrims gath- confidant, but Netta for years ultil this morning. We were ei; hut the desire had grown fainte- K ered on the brow of the hill that rises not let it affect in the constant companions at school and m-lan d died and left her a worldling ut- back of the village of Auriesville, N. apparent pleasure in terwards, until Netta began to disap- ter]y Now she was here like inky. They were mainly frol. the par- meeting. Since the tP rve of me." sSaken reed in the midst of these sa- ishes of St. Joseph's church, Troy, hi. ways there had come "Disapprove of you? What awfm ,red symbols, with thc tenrible evi- y., and St. Mary's church, Amster- and the worldly ad- thing did you do tlmt gentle Miss Cas- ' ence of her nhgn power lying be- dam, N. Y, and they were visiting the to the career of a serley eouht find bad enough to be ore her--her triumphs empty, her Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs. Re- to the other only the harsh? about But there--1 did no pr]te abased. ligious banners waved in the breeze, of the lowlier worker me---"mean to be rude. You nmst not tel'[ She felt Agatha's cohl hand on hers. the chant of litanies and wrens float- "Are you going, Mists Gilsou? I am ed on the air, Masses were said at the attainmen of her am- "But I shall. Your interest wa sorry that I made you feel so badly, temporary oratory: and 1 500 receiv- sacrificed that which i quite natural. Netta was very cordial I never spoke of that to anyone, ex- ed Holy Communion. of life to Neta, so lwhen we met this morning. Perhap cept fo Miss Casserlcy yesterday. envy of the successfui tshe has foumi slm was wrong and is don't know wlmt made me. I was l This was the beginning of the p- inclined to be more lenient toward. I grimages which have since continued logan( in tim clear i thinking just now what a power for to be made to this place famou for what she once regarded as a capital good a book might be, since one can historical and sacred associations, for fiYLina'sCladcorrectlyyUng toiler.] crime 'cn" You see, I wrote a book tlmt be such an influence for evil. l am it was in 1642 the scene of the tor- of deligI at their, was not at all to her liking. 1 canl sure your stories are like that, hell)- ture, captivity and labors of the first a breathless intensity o, hear her et pleading with me not to ful and good and uplifting." " mmsmnary to the Mohawk Indians, W) ich elevated the eye- try to publish it. You would not have With a strangled sob Lina sank to the saintly Father Isaac Jogues, S. J., quondam friend l thought her gentle then. When every you try ' it nothing short of al argument failed to shake her deter-i her knees, the death and burial place of his corn- we should have met like 'qVIy dear, oh, my dear, will panion, Rene Goupil, and the birth- ruination not to waste the result of so to forgive me? They me -,or good place of the Indian Maiden, Kateri been thinking of you ah nmch thought and labor, she turned o, they are like that first one--all o1: T ' ' egakwltha, who hved such a God- ldeed praying to me in a passion. "Suppose it should tlaem." I'fearing life among the savages of tlaa send souls to hell?" she cried. "Are "You mean--you cannot mean you territory as to deserve the name o" laughed, you willing to pay a price like that : write the 'Birds of Paradise ?'" on the brightness- of Silly and absurd, wasn't it? But 1 was Lina bowed her head miserably. To "Lily of the Mohawks." It was. the scene of the torture of Father Bress- -% but the brave right not to listen to herthat book her dying day she never ' forgot the ani, S. J., in 1644; of the death ef Fa- her cynical one [ made nay name and fortune." ' look on the girl's face.  thor Jogues, October 18, 1646, and of The sick girl turned her imad quick- "May the good God forgive you!" his companion Joseph Lalande, the anti--was it possi- ly and looked at her. Lhm had seaed been answered, you I herself out of range of the gaze which she said softly after a while. [ following day. Both were tomahawff- gtie lay with closed eyes and Lina ed, meeting the same fate as Rene me think of you was somehow disconcerted her. thought she would not speak to her Goupil four years before. interested for some "l think that must be why she men- again an got up to go away. But the Many other missionaries and girl at the Mercy tioned you to me yesterday. We were wide, tired eyes opened and smiled at Christian neophytes were tortured Yesterday she tola} talking about books, and I told her that it was a book, an evil, fascinating Iher' and Lina's heart was wrung frand, martyred on this hallowed spot; life." I the quenching glory of them. others tortured and made slaves of h fat Netta's pale. story, that led to my first false step." esltated as if seeking I "And she told you she knew a nor next words. Lina] woman who wrote that kind of distrustful. ]books?" Lina's laugh was not exact- ' that I would give tlY 91easant. - to have you hear "Oh, no, no! She said only that is material in it that, you were gifted and very successful lite value to you." and that she would like to have you SOulle I I ss lau h ran come and see me It was kind of you g g l. . ,, ' I re come---nero. . I Ys impulsive, Netta, I A sudden presentiment, a vague a- 1 t lm  tahon a something she knew not .' P'oved you. But " , hs ricia find your-!what, impelled Lina to instant flight. / Passionate desi'c to But an incontrollable desire to learn t COnsigned to the in-'why Netta so wished her to know th, ,d forsaken sinners, lgirl's history held her. Y of a rescued soul  I "Tell me about this book, dear. Wa er. f" ,rg" to -om'e. of itandVerY, st "ailrdef: lg n di"theSle fanedfl;ve:.u ed p ow for me," Netta said and lifted Agatha up a little o that could bring to it she could talk with more ease. its lights l "It wasn't dreadful at all--that wa lence and tact, she can secure to her With all my heart the cleverness of it. It was full of life lt the opportunity and joy--no, not josgaiety, ahd the partner and to herself a com0etencd kind of gaiety that I have found to be I in old age, no matter how small their just noise, sounds to down the cries of beginning or how adverse a fate may iN:tta's eyes haunted Would give her no of Netta's I would give you hear-- value to her and her et read for puzzling this terrible earn- be a natural ou- Schooi-glrl lnren- irritation of the In- to visit this girl at story, she told .ss prove corn- anguish that the world must not hea. It told you things without quite tell- ing them, and you wondered if you knew them, and wanted to know mor, A laughing sneer ran through it, mak- rrI flJink I could die happy if you the savages. , wouht promise me never to write a Auriesville is a station on the West book like that again Will you prom- Shore Railroad about 40 miles west ]se me Is it asking too much" .... " [ of Albany, and 50 miles eas of Utica.. N ," ao promise you! And I will dO:Fends, the Montgomery County seat, l all  can to help Netta undo the hm m t   , - ' i's the  earest toxn of importance, l= that. ias been donee-atone,for it by I Few places are richer in the charms ! nelpmg in ner brave weak' A " "" " land beauties of nature than the spot l m tuna, who for a few short l , .. : ." where now is the Shrine of Our Lady l hours oetore had een self-sat, sfied,' of Martyrs. Ascending the hill l_ proua o many nings, was grateful southward from,, Auriesville, u,p the for nothing so much as for the kra,iroa d called the Hill of Prayer, and , of forgiveness from a humble, repent- t bordering on one side by drooping wil- I  ant sinner.--Anna Cecilia Doyle. lows, an ever-changing view expan(Is WH--  itself before the eye. Standing 0n the l @ . AT ANY WOMAN CAN DO hilltop and looking to the north m2k; thf: :d mother a woman can across'the valley the placid and pie-I une and happiness of turesque scenery is unrivaled. Far to I_  her husband and children; and if she tie right and left winds zne bending IN did nothing else, surely this would be sufficient destiny. By her thrift, pru- be theirs. By her cheerfulness she can restore her h'usband's spirits. By Bet counsel and love she can win him from Bad company, if temptation in an evil hour has led him astray. By ing all the good safe things seem ]ier example, her precepts . and [for childish and foolish. There was the sex's insight into character, she can sparkle of wine in its brilliant sen mould her children, however adverse tences, and its characters did and said their disposition, into noble men and sudli clever and wonderful things un-] women. And by leading in all things a true and beautiful life, she can re- fine, elevate and spiritualize all who come within reach; so that, with oth- ers of her sex she can do more to re- generate the world than all the statesmen or reformers that ever legislated. She can do much, alas! perhaps more to degrade man if she chaose to do it. Who can estimate the evil that woman has power to do? As a wife, she can ruin herself by ex- h'avagance, folly or want of affec- tion. Se can make a demon or an outcast of a man who might have be- come a decent member of society. She She could see that I couldn't find the way back. There can bring the innocent babies into We der the exhilarating influence of wine that I who wanted more than any- thing else to do clever and brillian things began to blush for my prue.- ishness. Oh, perhaps no one else of arrived late In all the thousands who read that boor as a friend of Miss was so weak and so easily influenced The young l as I, but ]or me it opened a door, and Was in the mhrm" - I I looked through, timidly at first, but down at the white full of curiosity about many things that it made fascinating and of whose , e was startled[existence I had known nothing "until sty. Even before[ then. I ook one step down the shim- ed she knew that lmering pathway to see what lay on wr 11. It was in-[eithe r side, and hands grasped me and that looked out of' drew me on. And then it was too late. was nothing for me but to dance down [ men afi even into vile women. She to death on the way nay feet au can 6Wer ie moral tone of society strayed." itseI and thus pollute legislation at A hectic flame burned in either the spring head. She can, in fine, be- cheek, come an instrument of evil instead of ."Oh, my dear, you shouldn't have an angel of good. fold reel And I shouldn't have let Instead of making flowers of truth, you." ]purity, beauty and spirituality spring Lina's haughty, self-complacent]up in her footsteps until the earfli calmness was shaken to the depths.] smiles' with a loveliness that is at- She knew now why she was here. But I most celestial, she can transt'oriii she must know beyond a doubt. ]into a black and arid desert; covered "The name of the book? What was iwith scorn and evil passion and swept i?" by the bitter blast of everlasting n Birds of Paradise.' An innocen* lovely.,, name enough, was it not?" contracted, A blaze of hot anger against Netta " 'S the for sending her here dried Lma tears as they threatened to fall a.nd wOuld not make betray her. Was she responsible f6r her," she said every weakling who attempted to imp- and sick tate the characters in her book? Must me all tila] she employ her talents in depicting do for a little only the straight-laced and decorous, But she ha] deviate not all from the good-goody many other l subject s that satisfied Netta and her I made kind? to her. 1 have Then he roves fell upon the spent and bright and would never be tha had wash- and the hard- close them for- COuld regain any- heritage of joy. an apology .for an hour, mentioning of Miss Casser- rs is welcome at very kind to net to be kind to things of her you could about herself." md Candor of this appealed to Ltna She fei form upon the bed, on the white beau- tiful face where Death's gray shad0} rested; and she was ashameff and humbled and araid. She looked away to hide the tears that suddenly blind- ed her, and her eyes fell upon a cru- cifix showing dimly on the white wall On the other side, when she turned from that, was the Good Shepherd, a death. That is what woman can do for the wrong, as well as for the right. Is her mission a little one'.' Has she no worthy work, as lass be- come the cry of late? Man may have a harder task to perl'orm, s rougher road to travel, but he has none loftier or more influential than woman's. A moving picture film under the fltle "The Wandering Jew," was the subject'of a strong protest addressed to the Watch Committee of MancheS- ter City by the Salford Catholic Fed- eration, 15eause it presents a distortetl and prejudiced view of the Catholic Cfiurc in-c0nnection with the Jews. Oul of considerations of courtesy for the Catholic Bishop of Middlesbor- ough in Yorkshire the Anglican Bish- oip of a new diocese formed there has adopted the name of Bishop of Whir- m ows, till the view is dimmed in the counting the Martyrdom of Rene Gou- azure of the sky above the distant pil and Father Jogues and recalling mountains, the early missions. On the panels of The priests administering the Shrine are Jesuits and remain at Au- riesville for the pilgrimage s from June to September, the remainder of the year reslding at 80i West 181st Street, New York City. The IUex. Francis A. Breen, S. J., is in charge. the base is inscribed: "The Bloo of Martyrs is the Seeu of Christian s." The new City Hall of Rio de Janeiro was solemnly blessed by Archbishop Sebastian Leme, Coadjutor of His The property of the Shrine comprises Emineuce Cardinal Arcoverde, who about i'en acres. An octagonal ora- had been invited to perform the cere- tony, large enough for an altar and[mony. The Archbishop was received for th'e pri?st and his server, stands tby the city authorities, who asked him on the bro of the hill--where the In-! to bless the Palace which is to house dian paltfofm of torture was located-- l the legislative body Of an eminently and the grit cross which surmounts t Catholic city." may be seen from far down the valley. The pilgrims hear Mass in the open. Over the altar of the oratory is a life sie Pietathe Sorrowful Mother holding her lead Son on her knees. , A glass plate in the front door en- ables visitors to pray before the altar during the part of the year wlien he oratdry is closed. Southward from the oratory, centrally locateff, rises hgh up from a large mound the grand crucifix, with an heroic-size figm-e of the Crucified, at the foot of which are the statues of tlm Blessed Mother mad St. John. Thfs is called "The Cal- vary." Around this in circular form is the Way of the Cross, each station marked by a large wooden cross. Westward at the top of the Hill of Prayer, wooden steps leal up the bluff into the grounds at the entrance of the Indian village where Rene Gou- pil was struck down y a tomahawk. Here is erected a Memorial Cross re- a bit, % girl's praise of t let You go on g The chairman of the Kingston mag- istrates, near London, recently sug- gested that if a stop is to be put to juvenile crime, there must be more re- ligious teaching given to the children in the schools. Boy criminals, he de- clared, were the product of the pres- ent nmi-reiigious educational system. Father Joseph P. McQuaide, w!{o saw service with the United States forces during the Spanish-American and Worhl War, was appointed by Major-General Liggett as chairman oI the reception committee for cfiapiains visiting the fifth annuat n'A,hal con- vention of tim American Legion, held at San Francisco last month. The reconciling of a soul to God is a greater thing than the roeoneiling of. East to West.--Lord of tim World. 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