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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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"!L: . J k 'rL Page Foray-two DOES THE CHURCH F THE BIBLE? lwrite. Dying, He left n? written a c- however sacred or inspired, is not a FRENCH NUN, RECEIVES H G. WELLS count of His doctrines. His Apostles teacher The Church is a teacher be- (hly Opp,scd to Garbhd, liad,y "translated or 5Ianglcd Versions ol; the; imitated the Master iJ thi. Only l'ivc cause she is a living, breathing, sen-, CROSS OF THE LEGION CATHOLIC ,crqJture;--.She IL)ts [,'c,lr ,:t Fool Trifling With the Book of Which God ol' the twelve wrotc anything, and tient organism--a personality. She ] i.,.; the Author.. they to churches ah'eady e:;tab!ished, can tell us of Christ because she saw rather than to communities not yet o.f Him and heard from His own sacred . (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Many non-Cathotiics are of the tim writings of the Fathers of the the househCd of the faith. They lips, the explanations of His doc.trines.[ Paris.--Queen Amelia, of Portugal, opinion that the Church fears the Bi- Cimrch tlaa it' Sacred Scril)ture were preached just as Christ the Lord had She was present at the last Supper]presided at a touching ez'emony hehl ble and desires to keep it from the to perisl suddenly, we eouhl recon- preached before them. "They going and m the Cenacle. And so she c.omeslin the apartment formerly occupie(l people lezd they become so enlighten-,;truct it agai,, from the numerous forth /,reached everywhere." (Mark ,: ::dbCbal,ng m her !m.nds the lqbletby the Pasteur Institute, when the cd by its perusal that they give up quotations they have nm,e of it. xvi., 20). No mention here of hand- d : . t .lso .Itmhtmn, that body I Cross of the Legion o:f Honor was the dark and superstitious errors of Moreover, the Liturgy of the Church lug the new converts the open Bible.' oz (tocume, tila of faith Hersl ..... ,_ , , . , ..... j,,'sene(t to xeveren, Mother Cathe- Catholicity. These good people have aboumts in quotations and excerpts Christ's decision was, "He that will rit is infallibly to interpret heard from infancy of "chained Bi- from the Inspire I Writings Our c.hil- hies," of bloody persecutions meted dren, too, from their tenderesL years ou to devout souls who would giye are taught Bible history in the very the pure and undefiled word of God words of the sacred tex when it is and au- rine of Jesus Christ, Assistant Gen- not hear the Clmrch let him be to thee thoritatively to teach. I - oral of the Congregation of Saint Jo- as a heathen and publican." He said There is a widespread c:nplaint'seph of Cluny, who has been the Su-I nothing about any necessity for read- amongst non-Catholic clergymen that ing the Bible, which certainly was the Bible is no longer being read. or perior of the Pasteur Institute for 19 years. Mother Catherine: known in to the common people; and this dis- not too obscure for their chihlish in- available as regards the Ohl Testa- at least not nearly to the extent that the world as Madame d'Ornellas de torted view of things they never teliigences.  - change. With honorable exceptions, Words of the Encyclical I ment in the various synagogues. We it was in earlier years. It is one of read only once of Our Blessed Sa-I the many sad features of heresy that ! Vasconcellos, comes of one of the they keep the fables of childhood to What we have said thus far is viour reading the Ohi Testament, and it is ahvays veering from one point of great families of the Portuguese aris- Shakespeare's "lean and slippered old clearly and concisely put by the great tocracy and it is for this reason that ge M A mlincltab:deinfpoito th: Pontiff in the above quoted Encycli- the ceremony was attended by Queen C cal letter: "It is in this that the Amelia in person. while before the war to become(he watchful eye of the Church shines The Archbishop of Paris was rep- national religion of Americawill not forth conspicuously. By admirable resented by Msgr. Odelin, vicar gen- admit the Llh'b,d,,1 in(holies who laws and regulations she has shown oral. Madame J. B. Pasteur, daugh- join it to eligibility for office on the herself solicitous that 'the ,celestial ter-in-law of the great scientist and excuse that they are not members of treasure of the sacred books, so boun- Dr. Louis Pasteur Vallery-Radot, his an evangelica i re.igion. PeL'aL)s tifully bestowed upon man by the Catholics are too fond of attending Holy Spirit, should not lie neglected, i Mass on Sundays when the Gospel is She has prescribed that a considerable! read and explained to them and of portion of them shouhl be read and then it was to use it precisely as our the compass to the other and is never i priests do nowadays. He read a brief at rest and never at peace. Attempts I passage and preached on it as a text. have to be made outside the Churcll[ That preaching was to be the nor- to revive interest in what was for- I real means of propagating the faith merly the centre and sole rule o I we learn from St. Paul, who writes to faith. In the meantime the Church I his beloved disciple, St. Timothy, "The;goes on in her mission of saving the / things that thou hast heard from me J souls of her faithful children. Let| by many witnesses, the same com- us join our prayer:; with hers that the grandson, also were present. mend to faithful men, who shall be fit clay may soon dawn when, the mists The principal collaborator of Pas- te teach others also" {2 Tim. if, 20). of error an(l superstition having clear- teur, Dr. Roux, who is the present No word of reading the Bible here. ed away all men may come to a Director of the Institute, was appoint- The greatest argument against the knowledge of the truth and there may ed by the Government to make the APPEAHNG FOR (By N C. W. C. N t London.--Parliament l solved, an(l the larlia dates are h)oldng over stock-in-trade to catch the electors. The English ities are seperate themselves, and Mr. I-I. G.' l earing sermons based on the Cospel piously reflected upon by all her min- to be considered "evangelical." "It is is(ors in the daily office of the sacred Bible as the sole rule of faith is the to laugh," as our French friends .-ays.! psalmody. She ordered that in Ca- Bible itself, for if we examine its A. a quest'ira merely of facb ::,v- thedral Churches, in monasteries and character and form, we find it often- one wha'; zn impossibih .,, it in other convents in which study can!times obscure, complicated anti in- o,i(I be in thc;i nays of cheap rdl- conveniently be pursued, they shall be volved; whereas a rule of faith ought tions, free libraries and Gideon socie- expounded and interpreted by capable. ties to keep the Bible from anyone. It men, and she has strictly commanded is of record, moreover, their.our Cath- that her children shall be fed with the ! olic organizations in the Great War, sawng words of the Gospel, at least I especially the Knights of Columbus, on Sundays and solemn feasts. More-I made an earnest effort that. every one over, it is owing to the wisdom and I of our Catholic sohlier and sailor boys exertions of the Church that there has =h:i:i:ioV.e:y :trOnment, naval always been continued, from century . g , y governmen to century, that cultivation of the/ boat ad on every battle front in num t Hol, Sc] tur ,  [ " -  ' 'p es h'ch has been so re- bers far in excess of their proportion markable and has borne such ample of the population) be provided with a fruit." copy of the New Testameot---not that Scriptures Not Sole Rule of Faith our boys had not the Bible at home,' It is necessary to insist thus strong- but we wished to he sure that they ly on the Church's zeal and love of the "propos]tmn," " self-evident as soma, had it away from home, amidst Sacred Scripture, for her attitude to-ins stated, to those who have at all strange and often irreligious sur- wards it as a rule of faith is widely]examined the structure of Scripture,' roundings. . different from that of Christians out- viz.: that the sacred text was never' Historically, the Church has al ' ...... ' ::::'" dltlvge::be 'b?d.'lsme ner pa|e and has led t much intendedtteachdctrine butnlyt :Y:I o:PP:; : Y t mistaken and unjust condemnation of prove it, and that, if we would learn g . *: , O,her As we saw, man fi S r"  ..... .  '. - y nd a diffl-, doctrine we must have recourse to the ,.c lpture. These she does indeed culty in the fact that the Church does. ear. ucn sne nas always forbidden not insist on Holy Walt as the su formularies of the Church; for in- stance, to the Catechism and the children to read, and does now so preme and sole rule of faith. It is Creeds" (Apologia, Chap. 1). forbid them. She forbids also edition God's word, they say; why then does Church Divinely Appointed Teacher of the Bible enriched (?) with notes not the Church put it into the hands The Catholic Church is the means by either the unlearned or the malic- of her children and of the pagans out- divinely appointed to zpread and pre- ious. She fears a fool within the fold s!de her fold and bid them, under God, serve Christ's doctrines To the quite as much as 'an enemy without., fred rehgion pure and undefiled there-[ Church He said: "Going, therefore, Hence a translation of the whole or in. The Church does by no meanstteach ye all nations, baptizing them any part of the Sacred Scriptures in- consider the sacred volume the sole[in the name of the Father, an of the to the vernacular of any country must rule of faith. She does by no means Son, and of the Holy Gbost. Ieaching be made under the direction and su- believe that Christ intended the Bible them. to observe all things whatsoever pervision of the proper ecclesiastical to be thus considered. If faith and i have commanded you; and behold I authorities by "well learned and ver-[ salvation were to come by readingl am with you all days even to the con- I tuous men" (as Blessed Thomas More  why did not Christ display more zeal summation of the worhl." aMtt. I so quaintly puts it), and accompanied[ in writing? But He wrote not at all, xxviii., 20). by the cleat" and simple explanatory nor (lid He command His Apostles to Only a person can teach. A book notes of competent Biblical scholars. There are many things in Holy Scrip- rure hard to understand which the un- learned and the unstable wrest to their own damnation. This the Church, a tender and loving mother, wishes to guard her children from. Author of Bible Founder of Church Why conceiveably should the Church fear the Bible ? God is its Author and God is the Founder of the Church. Can the Deity contradict Himself ? As Pope Leo XIII expressed it, "Seeing hat the same God is the Author both of the Sacred Books and of the doc- trine committed to the Church, it is clearly impossible that any teaching can, by legitimate means, be extracted from the former which shall in any way be at variance with the latter" (Providentissimus Deus). Even a mere bowing acquaintance with history enables one to recognize the fact that the Church has always mos ardently loved the Sacred Scrip- ture. She it was that preserved Holy Writ down through the ages. Slowly and laboriously in her monasteries re- ligious men transcribed word by word and letter by letter the Holy Bible hat handed down intact and uncor- rupted to all generations. God is the Author of the Bible. to be so clear as to be available not merely to the bookish pundit but to the much-mentioned "man in thel street." Nowhere does the Bible set forth definitely and formally the necessary articles of faith as we find them in the Creeds anti in the Catechisms. Above all, nowhere do we find in the Sacred Scriptures the assertion that these writings contain or constitute a rule of faith Cardinal Newman tells us that when he was yet an Anglican he heard in a sermon by Dr. Hawkins Compliments of E. J. SAENC, ER NEWPORT, ARK. HOT SPRINGS, ARK. imlo 41w.oo41 o,llo41me, ou4mlolllmll, ulmu4mm.o.auD o,mmN.iIo .,al,041me4 41110 alu nt  q $$l$$llllulHllllluu$H$lillllllu$[[[llllHlllll IIllll[[llll$111lll[r[lllllllll$llll[[/[$1$l$11X$1111lllllllllllllll[l$11, Thus it is that the sacred writings oc-  - cupy so large and important a part in '- I the Church's plan of salvation, Every Compliments of RHODES DRYGOODS CO. JONESBORO, ARK. uiI] Compliments of SOUTHERN LUMBER CO. JONESBORO, ARK. sermon preached to the people is built up on some text of Scripture whose meaning, scope and application to ev-] eryday life the preacher's duty ancl t aim it is clearly and simply to sell forth. The Catholic priest may'not  indulge in any political harangue, any Iittle analysis of the latest operetta,[ any mere resume of the news of the I week, any private pet views on this or that or the other. There is sounding I in his ears the terrifying word of St. Pal, "Woe is me if I preach not the Gospel." In his official prayer boo], the Divine Office, wlich every priest is bound with strictest obligation to read for approximately an hour every day, he reads year by year the whole Bible with commentaries of the sacred writings of the Church and sermons by, the Fathers. It has been eaid "of be, as the Sacred Heart of Christ de- sires so ardently, "one fold and one I Shepherd." CONUNDRUMS What anima] would you like to be on a cold day? A little 'otter. Why are hay and straw like specta- cles? Because they are for-age Why is the printer like a postman ? Because he distributes letters. When is the soup likely to run out of the saucepan ? When there is a leek in it. Why are an artist's colors used in painting like a piece of pork being sent home for dinner? It is pigment for the palate. How are lawyers related ? They are brothers-in-law. What is the most popular paper at summer resorts? Fly paper Why does an aeronaut dislike speaking about his trip ? It is a sore point with him. What is unable to think or speak, yet tells the truth to all the world? proposes to come forwagt candidate t'or the ]don, has ma(e his ors of the university. Spoils His Among the many university there are ma who have the in his address to the has been widely Wells makes some Catholic schools which ed upon to obliterate may have had to get t$ votes. Slandering But no This is how Mr. great honor and a joy more than sufficient to have been associated with the work of Pasteur. Neverthe- less this cross is dear to me bacuse it wilt please my other. I thank you. May God reward you." Dr. Roux then pinned the Cross on the habit of the Superior, and then, in the name of the Minister of Hy- giene, distributed the Medal of Epi- demics to eight religious of the hos- pital. case before the electors: presentation. Dr. Roux read the pres-i that a Labor Party that idential decree proclaiming that Mo-t itself can have no npa ther Catherine "had directed the nurs- I ambitions of the Ro ing sisters with such zeal and intelli- Church to reserve a largs gence, that she had been the most van I the children of the uable collaborator of the medicall row and dogmatic s " " I qualified teachers in :taft. He then made 'a brief address in which he congratulated the Su- jects as history, biology I would rather not , . . . perior on hawng been an aecom-  ent plished Pasteurienne." Umverstty m I:arliam Very modestly Mother Catherine]bY pandering to the 1 replied that she never desired any tvte''' decoration. "It was," she said, '"a / " Webb Commends This is the kind of been sent out broadcast versity lectors, some distinguished Catholic scholars of the day. Mr. * one of the shining or Day Party and a T. P. O'Connor's merit or Catholic Well's outburst b political views "have erosity that should the university mind." Tradition says that Joachim and I Anna lived in Jerusalem in a house t We have many educated called "Probatica," so-called because!who are not leaders, of its proximity to pond Probatica. It[ Dearth of leaders is dt was here that Mary was born. I of the spirit of sacrffi' Imperial Laundry The Only Laundry OPERATING THE NEW WAY SYSTEM Phones 4-1720----4-2401 ELEVENTH AND MAIN STREET "IMPERIAL SERVICE" Myron B. Lask,er .-":