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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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sO that every day good read. warns, and Promotes the Chri "q, PP. XV. A Catholic Paper ia a Perpetual Mission.-- Pope Leo XIII. "The Guardian" in evex home--our mort,,. The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas FINED WOMAN AT POINT OF DEATH :W, C. News Service) Court of a 'fine of sixteen pastor of Auray a religious mar- in extremis before the ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE SPECIAL anti man became a living soul." AN EMPLOYEE'S VIEW Coming back to Brooklyn, we find , that this splendid patrolman, being u ' THE good Catholic, and fearing that the newborn child might die unbaptized, ltOW THE PLAN OF EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATION ON J gave it a lay baptism according to the I'I,:NNSYLVAN1A RAILROAI) ACTUALLY WORKS rites of the Church. And he christened Mrs. Byrne's By II. E. Core the Lines East. Mr. Long, of a prop- baby Ruth. General Chairman: Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen osition to meet monthly and try to Then came Dr. Louis Steiger, of , ....... settle our differences Such differ- the Cumberland Street Hospital, ad-] Mr. Core is recogntzed as the spolesman o! the 11,77g.t,le (,ja. ". , , ,  ,  ) ences as could not be settled across ministered adrenalin to the baby and] Trao ,er;cc Employees. on the Pennsylvanm. Radroad. He de- the table were" to be lefered" to a brought about normal respiration. ' scribcs the amicable settlement of industrial disputes by the meth- t board of arbitration to be selected, And the human female became a od, s in effect on this railroad as "an amazing record." The ad-} , one by the management and one by stipulates that the per- living soul! dress fro,m which these extracts are repriated was recently de,- I the employees, they to select a third, should plsent Ruth Byrne owes life and its glori- lh'ered before the New York Railroad Club. " who were to sit one day each month a municipal officer ous possibilities to the love of her and decide such questions as we had of their union parents, to the practical wit of a pa- not been able to settle. That was re- the blessing of a trolman, and to the efficient science Industry started in this as well as, Only by better acquaintance can a evade this obligation is of a physician, other countries in small units. The'recognition of our mutual reslonsi- jected. In 1,(}18 there was more or less agi- by a fine. The A striking story--and peculiarly employer unit in many cases was a bilities be re-established. tation on this question. The duties to ask for the civil American. single individual who not only w :s That does not in any way entail and responsibilities of the general by the mayor, anti You have noted from the names of employer but supervisor, and in many either social or political companion- manager had become too great for this precaution he these friendly conspirators that the cases a fellow employee; the era- ship. But certainly not the least ira- any single individual. We had reach- accomplice. I Byrnes are Irish, Barbieri is Italian. dividual.Plyee unit was perhaps a single in- portant companionship today is in- ell a time when it was often as long of Auray, was Dr. Steiger is a Jew. dustrial. The closer the industrial as a hundred clays before we couhl o'clock at night to see a In Europe these elements wouhl The employer, although a strong companionship or relationship be- get a meeting with the 'general man- Years of age who had either be distant from one anoiher, individualist, maintained close contact tween these three great groups, the ager, maybe another hundred days a German by whom] or, if brought into contact, would be with his employee. That inevitably more efficient the organization, before we couhl get his answer on children She was at I mutually hostile, minimized his own individualistic ob- The better acquainted each group is grievances. You know that delayed .h. She marriage was: In America it is a matter of course ses'uons, and permitted him to secure with tim other--with the rights, justice is often denied justice. the Presence of two re-I that the conditions of our life should a first-hand conception of the rights, needs, desires and limitations of the That led the four chairmen of the operative plan. It started nearly 10 years ago, in the offer of one of the general chair- men in the transportation orga,fiza- tions to the then general manager of i ]not an emplovec-reprcsentation plan. CATHOUC GAINS IN It is a Pennsylvania plan; it is a co- ENGLAND SHOWN BY MANY NEW CHURCHES (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London.--Protestantism as an or- ganized system is falling to pieces, dechu'ed Cardinal Bourne, speaking in I London at the diamoml jubilee of the i important church of St. Charles Bor- romeo. The importance of the sainted Car- dinal Archbishop of Milan for Eng- fland was emphasized by Cardinal Bourne, who showed that St. Charles nmst have seen hundreds of eites from England, who passed through. Milan during the pe.rsecutions of Henry VIIi and Elizabeth. The Saint's own Vicar-General was a member of Oxford University, who had lived in England during the per- secution; while the Jesuit martyr, Blessed Edmund Campion, visited the Saint at Milan in 1580. Return Gradual But if, said the Cardinal, St. Charles witnessed the beginning of the separation between England and the Holy See; we of today are wit- nessing the gradual return to the old ] bring them together and that they needs and desires of each of his own several individuals--the more consid- transportation organizations to pre- to court, the priest'L shoud cooperate toward some con- employees, crate will each group be of the rights sent a proposal in 1918 for monthly of conscience and in- structive end. Effect of Industrial Expansion and needs of the others, meetings to settle our .differences The judge re- Ruth Byrne must live to be a lover, As imlustry expanded, a very mate- One of the great defects of indus- the board. In neither of these cases impossible not to an includer, rial evolution in the status of the two try today is not that it is inhum.m, was the plan tt all as comprehensive faith. he had disobeyed the Loyal to her Church and reverent groups occurred. The employer group but that it is unhuman. One of the i as the one adopted. I am not at all ' There are many signs of this grad- towards the Emerald Isle of her an- expanded to such a point that today it great needs is to hum:nize indhstry, l sure that it was not a fortunate tiling ual return of which the Cardinal has appealed the case. cestors, surely she will become the, i,, largely an absentee group, having "to deal with individuaL, not as cogs that neither was accepted, because in Archbishop of Westminster spoke. It " most ardent and human of Americans' no contact whatever with the employ-in a vast machine, but as human be-lboth cases they wel incomplete ann is to be seen in the increasing aver- TIlE BJkBY RUTH when she learns the story of her ees. The employee group has ex- ings whose reserve, initiative and in-I compromise propositions, age of converts, which each year is in birth,, her being and becoming, panded so that it no longer has direct dividuality are infinitely more valua-} Sitting Down as Friends [excess of that )f the year before. But personal contact with the employer, ble than the routine of a mere cog. I Mr. Atterbury, I judge, coming lit is ntost noticeable in the increasing Jew and Irish Co- There is now a third group in the Fundamentals of Pennsylvania Plan [ back from the world war, had a some- number of Catholic churches, and the in N.Y. WASTING PENCILS industrial situation that did not exist One of the present-day attempts to what fresher view than those imme- ambitious plans, such as the new ca- With twice the population of the even a generation ago; that is the solve this somewhat perplexing 'and diately on the ground. I recall at one thedral projected for Liverpool, which Fleischer in New United States, Europe uses only half group of supervising employees. As infinitely complex problem is now of our early meetings a striking state- the Catholics are not only able to. Aaerican) as many pencils a year. This is the an illustration, on the Pennsylvania taking place on the Pennsylvania. ment of his, which I feel is one of the conceive, but apparently also able 'to of her par- statement of Lothar W. Faber, one of today, the employer group consti- It is not an Atterbury plan. It il (Continued from Page 48) pay for. of a po- the ]eading pencil makers of the tutes some 230,000 individuals. The up-to-dateness world. Why should the American use employee group constitutes some 220,- ......... ' .......  ......... : ........  .......... all necessary to four times as many pencils as the Eu- 000 individuals. The supervising em- ropean? Mr. Faber says the prime ployee group constitutes some 15,000 ork American told the i reason is waste. The American individuals. Louis :J. Barbieri throws away a pencil when it is only This emar.gement of the several Brooklyn .traffic half used. He-cuts' off a lot of it in groups in industry inevitably brought ss boy came up, pant- unnecessary sharpening. He is about a loss of contact between em- thoughtless careless. Tle European l|yer and employee, which has reach- holds on to the pencil to the last frac- ed a stage where all too large a pro- k in the sit- tion of wood and lead. portion of each group are strangers that a woman had to each other. Curb, helpless. He A HYMN OF LOVE Now, ignorance is the great cause nearest store, of suspicion. It is not the known was born. that is terrible, it is always the un- .abulance had been Jesus, my God, L love Thee, known. Did you ever hear of ghosts tk further actin" To the d0r f mY heart take the key appearing in the daytime? They al" P I U n k e t t Jarrell was not breath- That it may be Thine forever ways appear at night, because day- In life and eternity, light discloses their non-existence. Placed his lips ten-  That is knowledge. It is not our 1.nfant,s mouth anti Jesus, my God, I love Thee, friends and close acquaintances o Into it the breath of Help me to do what is right, whom we are suspicious; it is strang- Help me to keep my soul always Co. Wl00olesale Now for Chzistmas Shopping f'v ......... IN ]:'OUR MIND AND OURS rr.-'f GRAND XMAS STOCKS NOW READY FOR YOU/ )UT the entire store Christmas readiness is supreme. d ady to sel-ee you with vast stores of gift merchandise. GIFTS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN--. of Dress Accessories, as Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hosiery, Q] Toilet Articles, Eta. Coffee FOR THE MEN--Including Jewelry, Leather Goods, Smoking Stands and Sets, Bath Robes, Lounging ers, :Etc. IIAIL ORDERS will receive Roasters special Mail Order staff, prompt and careful attention by our ' ]EWPORT Pleasing and pure in Thy sight, trouble ia industry today. in the sordid met- The employer is a stranger to his eCalled the dramatic Jesus, my God, I love Thee, supervising employee; he is a stran- And grant when lfe's journey is o'er, ger to his supervised employee; the God formed man I may rest in Thy Heart forever, supeiwising employee is a stranger to ground and breath- Never to leave Thee more. many of the supervised employees. the breath of life; --Una Danaher. t Need for Closer Contact T,I-IROUGH( , are ready ADY-TO-WEAR lts of Dre! ckear, Toil OITS FOR esk Sets, SI 0bes, Mufti, EXARKANA iHOT SPRINGS LITTLE ROCK IOXIE CONWAY MORRILTON RUSSELLVILLE i