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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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{ GUARDIAN, DECEMBER &apos;22, 1923 stu,00cs the Catho0000c 00n00ve,sit¥, AN+ON L*NG AN,, OT.E,, ' DUBLIN CABLE Washington, D. C., Father l)ineen wa. PASSION PLAY ACTORS NOTE "' 00no,, c,,orc,, ARI'IVE IN NEW YORK (N. C. W. C. SI,erel"('I'Sle) of tioly (;ross, West Forty-second street. It was during his stay at Holy Cross" (By N. C. W. C. News ¢ervice) l)ublin, Dee. 17.--The immediate church that hc w)tunteered for war New York l)ec. 12. Eleven of the po icy ot' the Irish Free State to re- abbe Rollin, service. Oh his return lie became a actors of tim Passion Play of Ober- lieve une nplo.vment in the ranks of of the entire garr,son chaplain iu the Regular Army and ammergau headed by Anton Lang, unsldlled labor is to spend whatever the prefect muni,:ipal was stationed on Governor's Island. who takes the part of Christ in thai money is available on construetio,, the General, cmmna,ld01 ol After his resignation he was appoint- great religious drama, arrived hei'e work. l'resident Cosgrave, in deelar- Placed the ribbon of con)- e, to St. Stel,hen's church, East to(lay from Europe. They came to, ing the Governmm]t's attitude toward w the Legion of Itunor Twenly-mghth >treet. acmnphsh the double purpose ofl unemph, ynmnt, has aaid that Ireland of this French prie:.,t, raising f'Ulitts to wipe out the deficit j is oo poor to continue the payment appear surpris- Judge E. It. Gary,, remauing from the last i)erformanee of the unemployment role. ribbon of commander as President o f th( U. S. SLeel Cor- wleh also threatens staging the play Twenty thousand men will be en- for high ranking" poration, recently informed l-lishop in 1930. and to relieve the poverty of gaged in remaking roads and bridges, were it not known Gannon of the Erie dioeese that his post-war sufferers in Bavaria. while ten million dollars will be de- Rollin is a former fiehl of- corporation ias made a g¢. (,l" $100,- Enacts Role of Peter . voted to work. A large ubsidy also regular army, aud that 000, to be used toward the eompm- In Vim 1)arty were Andreas Ltmg, will be provide(I for the buihling of the war in the Jr- tion of St. Joseph's lton)e for Chil- who enacts the role of Peter; his son, four and five room houses. The need the rank of colonel, re- dren now being built at Kahl<wa Andreas, Jr., who is the Matthew ef + for more urban and rural dwellings to enter the prie'sthood. Park, in thi. city. the pageant; Guido Mayr, who plays has been strongly urged by the Cath- t year. News of tile gift came to Bishop the l)'trt of Judas; Joel)h" Albrecht, olie authorities, l'resident Cosgrave the 1)resentation o: the Gamma in a letter from Judge E. H. the Apostle James; and Emmanuel has statetl there will have to be con- troops filed pa,;t the Gary, president of the board of di- l,ang, brother of Andreas,°Sr., who is si(lerable reduction in the (:()st oi in aceordanc.: wK!t vectors of the .teel corporation, and in the casL as a fellow-traitor of Ju-i buihting, and has asked labor to help ceremoni:fl for suc official tmnouncement of it wa. made das. Other members of the party are in its accomplishment. Labor repre- by the Bishop. musicians-rod ehoirsters. At the pier sentatives have resented this state- Judge Gary's letter to the Bishop they were welcomed by Josel)h Haag, ment as t'ore,ha(lowing a reduction in Walter F. Martin, stated that on November 27 the fi- assistant to Mayor Hylan. wages. aPPointed Executive Secre- nance committee of the steel eorpora- The actors o.f the sacred play will N. C. of Catitolic Men. tion voted the gift because of their sell thei,' ,vood carvings and pottery PARIS CLE of the former Colo- appreciation of the efforts being in the Grand Central Palace for three General Staff, U. S. A., made to care for the children of their weeks. Then they will tour the prin- of St. Loui.-;, has been employees, eipal cities, including Bostou, Balti- (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) byAdmiral William S.i 'l im people of the Erie diocese had more, Philadelphia, Washington, Chi -1 Paris, Dee. 17.--Dora Joseph Po-' lresident of that org-miza- l)reviously subscribed $400.000 to- eago, Cleveland, Cincinnati Milwau- thier, widely known t'or his work in artin will succeed Dr. Mi- wards the building of the institution, kee, St. Louis, Kansas City, and pcr-[ the restoration o£ the Gregorian Page 5 R..I PAPAL DELEGATE O -= {BOOKS ____RESI" { w o/INf,, ___{ lily Washington, Dee. 13.-- Archbishop .. , .:. Fumasoni-Biondi, the Papal Delegate to the United States, accompanied by Why not choose SUCh titles a:, Ma- the Rev. I)r. George Leech, his rion Antes Tagart's "The Wonder English secretary, and the Rev. John Stm'y," the story of Chri:t's t,if¢, toht J. Burke, CJS.I'., general secretary of in beautiful, simple English for chil- the Nattional Catholic Welfare Con- dren? Profusely and artistically illus- fcrence, called at the White House to- t)'ated in color, the book will make a day. The purpose of the visit was l)]easing gift to any chiht of tenuer to enahle the Papal Delegate to pay years. At this season thought shouhl his respects to the president., be given to the books that come a= hnmediately after the Delegate's Christmas :ifts. arriwd in Washington, lie pai(I a vLit There is a wealth of material for of respect to President H:trding. Catholic children, if'only the th!nkiag Shortly there:tfter, the delegate left people would plan their gifts fa{" for the west to visit v.u'ious dioceses,, enough ahead of the time to provide and to day was hi. first ep))ortunity for their being procured, if they have to pay his respects to President to come from afar. Coolidge. "A Striug of Sapphires" tells all When the Delegate an,,I Iris party the events and incidents in tim life of arrive(l at the White Hou;;e, there{ Christ from the annunciation to the were many members of Congress Passion, in so pleasing, so true waiting to see tim chief executive, to fact and form, that ttelen Perry lint the ])elegate was ushered in to Eden has rendered a real service to the l'resident's office without delay, the chihh'en on this side as well as President Cooli(Ige received him most the other side of the water. graciously, lle asked the Archbi;hop The St. Nicholas Series of books, regarding his previous servme, and on which number such lives as Katlterme being lohl that he had served in Tynan's j'.!,'ather M.athew,'" the Apos- China aml India, the l'resident ques- tie of Ten)peranee in Ireland, and tioned him eoneerning both of those Louise hnogen Guiney's "Blessed I countries. On leaving the White Campion" are gifts, worthy of the House, the Papal Delegate and his name, if remembrances be coupled secretary posed :for several photo- with books. graphs in front of the Mansion. Feelingly and beautifully does Katherine Tynan tell all the little in- who resigned re- Of this amot,nL $.i10,000 had been haps t, os Angeles and San Francisco. Chant, is deal at the age of 88 years. " l)aid in and about $80,000 is in All but Anion L-rag are wood carvers, He was born in tim Diocese of Saint MRS. CARUS() MARR1EI) cidents of value in the life of a man, L _, Secretary was maker. of holy images and toys. I:le I Die, the son of a public tettcher. He t IN ACCORI) WITII who is thought by many to be little l,ledges. . ,,a,, ouis,December '3, 1877, The original plans of the institution is a potter. I entered the Benedictine Order at So -I LAW OF CltURCH less than a saint. Our interest is ar- . and Ellen F. Mar- called, for a cmnpletely equipped hos- lesmes, in 1860. l)om Joseph became (By N. C. W. C. News Service) rested at the :first chapter,when we Annommement is made by the Rev. the Abbot of Saint Wanderille in 1898.1 I,ondon, Dee. 10.-- To correct the meet Mm, a jovial member of a large received his ed6oation in St. pital for chih|ren in the east wing of Martin E. Fahy, chaplain of the Pope Plus X appointed him head of false imi)res:don created by cable dis- family, whose mother longed for a Brothers,d SehOmcollege andin thest, the.. buihting, with sixty beds and pro- Catholic Actors Guild of Anterica,,. the Pontifical Committee for tim Vat- patches to sec, ular papers in the priest from among her numerous ' wstons for doubling its capacity when that the members of the Guihl are to ican edition of Liturgical Books. As United States, the Vicar-General of sons. It is the fond wish of almost 1898 he enlisted in Battery the finances of the diocese permitted, hohl a reception in honor of Anton head of the Pontifical Commissmn on Cardinal Born'he has stated that the all Irish mothers, to have a son at ouri Artillery and The Bishop t'oun% however, that ev-, { Same year was commis- cry dolhtr of the $400,000 pledged I,ang, on Friday, at 3 o'clock in the: of the Sixth woudrd be needed to eomplete the or- Hotel Astor. This is the only invi- I Gregorian Chant, Dora Pothier was marriage of Mrs. Enrico Caruso to the altar, and the mother of Father largely responsible fro" the official Captain G. A. lngram conformed Mathew was too much a daughter of tation accepted by Mr. Lang for his edition of the chant, stl'ictly to the regulations of the Catholic Erin to differ from the type. Infantry. He was phanage proper, not leaving him any Church. In an interview with Mrs. Tbere was a love of feasting and of a first lieutenancy dur- funds to go ahead witlt the hospital{ stay in New York. I " 'N Caruso, carried in one of the press parties, a love of dispensing hospital- yearand, after set'- project. After consulting with tim -BISItOP llltE WINS was honorably dis- best authorities on children's care, the L Do all the good you can, by all the! FIGItT AGAINST LEVY dispatches, she was quoted as saying ity that is apparent in Father Ma- in 1899, he was eom-i Bishop ascertained that it would gake means you can, in all the ways you ON I)ENVEI{ (,EMLIERY ttmt she was not born a Catholic," thew, and the trait never left hint, Lieutenant in a at least $200,000 to finish and prop-! eaa, at all the times you can as long 1 that Captain lngram was not a Cath- of Infantry and (By N. C. W. C. News Service) olic, and beeause they intended to even after he began his crusade of temperance. He espoused that spe- to a first 'lieuten- / nmnificenterly cmnpletegift ofthetheinStituti°n'steel cornora-lThe as ever you can. .... Denver, Colo. Dec. 12.--A perpetu- I make their permanent home in Rome ! cial cause at the solicitation of a d Battalion. Enter- /tion practically assures the eomple-l{ ol! al injunetion against the city of Den-', it was necessary for the sake of'! Quaker by the name of Martin, amI Army, he was com- lion of the institution in the early.{ IN MEMORIAM ver frmn selling Calvary cemetery for Gloria, her little daughter, to have a I Father Mathew's sweeping p ersonaii- Lieutenant of the' summer. | James A. Gray unpaid tax assessment and a decree church ceremony in England. i ty, his gift Of oratory, his earnestness in t901, and served In announcing the gift 8f the steel ! ,, cancelling the tax levied by the city, On investigation of these state- to save a nation from the failing of a [ regiment. In 1902 corporation, Bishop Gannon said:] The announcement of the death were granted by the District Court in' ments, at the instance of the N. C. W. vice, that was bringing squalor, poe- the grade of First "The gift reflects great credit on one honored and esteemed in any eom- disposing of a suit entered by Bishop i C.., it was found that the nmrriage, rwhich duly took place in the church jerry and unhappiness into the lives of he 'hehl until 1913, Judge Gary, chairman of the beard munity cannot fail to f'fll uon the Tihen. . . , many, brought him hundreds upon . a "Captain. Duringl of directors of the U. S. Steel Corpor-, ear as solemnly as the :oun(' of the ( The assessment.was nade against of the Oratormn tathms at Bromp.-{ hundred s of people who signed the , rv ation and his associates I visited',, " ,, " " • { ...... meterv alon, with all other ton, in London, was perlectly in or(f] ..... , • . . and 1911-12 he se - ' , • .- ' -. .. t., ce ., o .  , . ...... ) peage ana vecame amocaes o tem- in, hora he nar-! and observed the Rotarian's clinic re-I passing bell. { nronerty in the East Denver Park,dis-{ er, The Vicar-taen;ai ssuect::Mm ms- )erance :' " ' '' ever ..... ,,ns aainst[ cently in the Elk's auditorium. This If one whom we have known and  trict to defray the cost of the Ovtc pensation m the usual form. As s, His was no esv hath to trodl for " ...... '' .... • .' • . • •  " -' • • • { . ' is ' ar certian dis 0sitions had to l. ,  *- '  = Ioro tribes During thin ehnlc showe,1 that there me ,360 ertp )espected m hfe. how tenderly do we{ Center and boulewrd system which ,. [custom. y, . . Pl , ,..___ Im preaching temperance he was ./ ,  t Oi nearl be maue alia (eltaln (locumenl;s pro { served as Military At-I pled chihlren in Lrie. I estimate tha recall the many kind acts annd alas,, being established 'at a cost .' ' Y' ' ' i. ,'. , 7" ,. , striking a blow at an industry, owned throughout nmthwestetn Pennylva how mncmel do we neve e ' sunt of $15,99754 duced One o tnese (mcuments as Am{ .... dinlomatict " • . ' s. '- " ,'" ". Y g' thatw '$3,000,000 I lte ' " " ' " ' "' - , " by many of his own people Water ........... - lnia there art bout 800 It is ith'did not ex)ress more to the h m of' amst the cemetery 'the proof that Mrs Caruso nau oeen . • i ' *- ..... ;""s coun-' " " '  • " " -I s," " 'v" g "was assessed ag'" . .......... . ' . -. - , tooR the nlace of all other drinks at -- " ' '  1 in {the (tea of rendering service to these that appreciation, that we' hasten to' The cit- authorized the sale ot: the baptized m St. aPtncKs tatneala, &merlca, asslste( " Y bestow upon the dead" We brin our - ........ the tax was not paid. New York. It was upon the basis of l his own table, his rectory became the organizing the Army of helpless little ones that we conceived . • .  property -, as ' ' " ' is I mecca for all those who wer too part in the Indian the hospital project." If owers to b ossom on a newly made Other points decided in favor of this proof that the ecclesmstmal d •- weak to abstain without signing a The Bishop said that now that he grave. When we should have bright- Bisho') 'Tihen were that the law oft pensati0,n for a nfixed marriage was T s [ t tenes as con ssued In comphmce wgh the egu United States entered the had the splendid gift of the steel cot-- ene(t tl'm ick room. here thoughts, 1887 exempting ceme " .' ' s ' "t'.. . . .. • . . pledge to do so. poration, he" felt coufident l:hat the c.uster about the friend of whom we stitutional, that the title of Bishop'lation in regard to such marriages, So successful was his crusade that Captain Martin was pro- additional $100,000 needed wouhl soo write,, the late James A. Gray. iachebeufti, who established the cem- there was no tousle at the actual nup- all Ireland was soon following him, grade of Major in the i be raised. The present orphanage in Sehlom has a death necurred more etery, was absolute and that the city l tial ecremony, though music was per- and he was eagerly sought by all oh- which capacity he Erie is accommodating 360 children at Battalions of the present time. It has long been strongly calculated to spread gloom! didis then°tpolicy°Wn theof cemetery;he state alsO,to preserve[that it mitted before and after, erhutCOuntries.the abolitionists,T° AmeriCawhose hecauseCame,he and the Military inadequate for the needs of the dio- over a large mrcle .of,frtends, who . , . ........ a had espoused, from afar. tried to urlal )laces ol tne tmu ) , truly appreciated hin in life, and who sacred the b ' I " ' ' . . " I LAN FOR TWO MID-DAY , make him embody their cause with 921d Division. Later, he cese. The new home will have ac- • . . . t ))e'tl b the city attorneys to the to report to the Chief of l ccommodations for 700 children, now with saddened hearts, bow thmr An al I  Y MASSES IN ONE CHURCII his. His tour through our own South- as Liason Officer withi, heads in grief. New York, Dec. 14.--'rhe Rev't hind was attended with some misun- Military Mission. I-Ie] Rev.' Thos. Conry His loyalty, sincerity and frankness I supreme eourt was note(t. • (By N. C. W. C. News Service) derstanding because of his statements of Lieutenant- Rev Thomas Conry, vice-president --'-d courtSs " , , CZECHS MAKE PLANS Msgr. Luke J. Evers, rector of St. An- / favoring tle abolition of slavery, but ..... superceue .y, re:{inemen anu TO OFFSET CAMPAIGN drew's church, City Hall Place and I .tenpeament was so harmonious to the General of Columbia College, will . celebrate ...... H w" " • mtemgenee.  e as a true christian OF Y. M. C. A. AND SECTS Duane Street, who founded the night[ his of Military Attache. hxs. stlver 3ubllee on. quesday. . Fathe } ever ready to lend a helping hand to l  workers' Mass more than twenty| to that of the Southern people, New made Colonel of th " e elebrant of the Mass - " ' '" ' " ' ' I Conry will b e . I tlose m neea. yew there are among/ work on Which rank he held at and will be assisted by former class- , ...... ' (By N. C. W. C. News Service) plans Orleans, Arkansas, and other favored ' . .  ms rmnos an(t acquaintances, who} Prague, Dec 4.A congress to fur- I years ago, s ow at places gae him a pleasing welcome his resignation, July 1, mates who also will celebrate their ..... ' to open the basement of the old and heartily endorsed his cause. ) ubflee" some time during the'" wee.' _ coum ..... not recall, some kind act, some/, ther plans for uniot of the churche { church so that it may be used for mid to become Man- j • ood deed, tnat eminate(t from his| and to offset anti-Catholic propagan-{ These are a few of the books the Iavana office of the His Grace, Archbishop Keane of Du- I 7 , r and -enerous heart mr'l a" . mnae g ' . '1 u y, ' da will be held in Velebrad :from July" day Masses and other services. This season suggestsl They make accept- teel Products Corn- buque, will preach the sermon. At 1 o'clock a lunchoo in honor of the l life such as his must reap a rich re- 29 to August , of next year, accord-; will be for the accommodation of hun- 'able book,gifts, which dan be procur- military career Cold, tel visiting clergy will be served in St. ward. ['ing to 'a decision reached at the re- dreds of persons who attend the noon- ed from any of the Catholic book ' In the desolated home, a devoted'union of the Apostolate of Sts. Cyril day Mass at St. Andrew's. dealers in our own country, though Gibraltar, Ma).ta, Francis Hall. I wife and daughter are bowed down I and Methodius held last month in If the basement' of the church is op-] Singapore, Colombo, Father Conry, who is the senior ened, as is planned, it will be possible' the inspiration to write them has come from abroad• ) and the Virgin Isl- member of the Columbia College fac- I in grief, and in the hearts of those I Olmutz. Thi column wi#nes to render a ' ....  Catholics in Czechoslovakia are to have two Mhsses at the same hour. ulty in point of service, has been a t who loved hm, there s only sadness, appointment of the professor of English at that instiu-] but it lh:Y ti::age their anguish to obliged to increase their liberali£y in - bOOkgivenServiCeover tot°theCath°liCSexehangeat a seaSOnof gifts. Secretary, the head- tion since 1901. Within the past few know, . "s of sympathy mois-tsupporting Slavish brethren in theirt!lRlS0NEDPRIFaT S It shouldbe our aim to make our of the National Coun- years he has supplemented, his clas tened his grave; that retrospection, material as well as spiritual needs. RUSSIA REPORTED ,lie Men has been in room workwithmanyother duties, will delitghtt:rdWellup°nhisw°rth"Refueesin this country, Russians IN gifts symbolic of' the kinglY gifts °f g , , , • . O. " J" O'Connor, as Acting He is chaplain of Mount St. Jo,eph and tha ' y will embalm the r,c- and Ukrainians, are exposed to Meth- I AS FARING BADLY the three wise men. ary. College and editor of Tlle Witness, ollection of his many virtues. ' odist and Y. M. C. A. propaganda.] ' , "------- diocesan organ of the archdiocese of A Friend. They are supplied with food and, Warsaw, Dec. 3.The "Kuriex WANT ROMAN CURIA /. clothin'g and in return are expected to Warschawsky" states that the situa- MORE' INTERNATIONAL lather Dineen, Dubuque. conform to Protestant teaching, tion of the Catholic priests detained IN ITS PERSONNEL f the late Msgr. Dineen, (Continued from page 1) The reunion was attended by dele- in the prisons of Moscow has grown Madrid, Dec. 4.In the comments of the Diocese, and a for- published on the subject of the speech gates of the episcopates of Bohemia, 'steadily worse. Several of the pris- ehaplain, has been ap- ONCE FOUS AVlAIOR POPE APPEALS Moravia and Slovakia, representatives oners have been removed from Mos- made at the Vatican by King Alfonso, • of the National TO AMERICA of the Students' Iague and priests of cow to Jaroslav. Negotiations for considerable emphasis is given to the York by Governor NOW A MISSIONARY IN the Greek and Russian rites. Arch- the return to Poland of Catholic request that the Holy Father increase • bishop pr,,can presided. [ : nt. op approved the Germans face starvation unless some- priests now imprisoned in Russia have the number of Spanish members of FIELD _ made no headway, the Sacred College and of the Noble N GUIN thing is done quickly to help them -- capacity of chaplain of the " -  VASHi'Nj2  'ON LEq'rER { A recent dispatch from Moscow to{ Guard" ']:his request is interpreted Qtard, Father Dineen sue- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) meet the situation• Winter has added to the misery of the Havas Agency states that the as demonstrating the necessity of giv- Peter E. Hoey, who is 1aris, I)ec. 10.--The aviator Bour- the German people. During the past (Continued from page 4) I health of Archbishop Cieplak, who is ing a mere international character to gade, one of the greatest French war confined in a very small cell, is grow- the Paulist Fathers and heroes, Who shot down twenty-eight year it has been impossible, because where the legislature passed an ac- the Roman 'Curia. of the rapid decline of the mark, .to ceptance act which was vetoed by tte ing worse each day. It is not believ- " " ' " goveru'or; Louisiana and 'Illinois, ' '  attached to the Church German machines, and who disappear- buy suitable clothing and wearing ap- Apostle, West Sixtieth ed aftdr the war, has been found in parel. Millions are therefore only where the act received a substantial ed that he can live much longer. RECENT FRANCISCAN CENSUS "ili I According to the latest news from Paris, Dec. 7.:he most recent sta- sr I-Ioey has been trans- majority in the senate but failed of Moscow, the Soviet Government ististics of the Order of the Friars to suceeed the New Guinea. The frmer ..aviator inadequately clothed. Competent reed- who was one of the most decorated ical observers have already predicted passage in the house;; Kansas, where said to be preparing a new anti-re-{,Min0r reveal the fact that there are who, in turn has to lew York City. men in the army, i a missionary and the approach of pestilence, which will the act passed the senate unanimous-] ligious campaign. The Superior of ain°w 17,000 Fr'anciscans in the world, challain Was borrt in New a member 0fa French religious" or- ly, but did not come to a Vwh:r:n :i Conveut of Dominican nuns and sev-:divided among 99 provinces and 1,612 'house; and Connecticut, eral religious have been arrested and reUgious houses. The second Was educated at St. def. , sweep away thousands, unless means health the Clarists are soon taken'to supply the German 1923 legislature instructed the set)t to prison. A priest and several[asteries; The regular Third Order, He was ordained to ..... fimds of his parishioners have also been t men or women, has 34,709 members . at St. Joseph's Semi- Who has an answer for every (rues- people with coal and sufficient warm department not to accept the After continuing lion has many of kis answers wrong, clothing. ' available under the act. arrested, with 2,800 establishments, !- 1 r4 i /;J.