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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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I ! [ I i .,$ L New Jersey at the age of eighty-four, has a large store of memomes to kec. idm company in his retirement. He shares some of them wiLh the world in his book, "Memories 04' Many Years;" which came off the press re- cently. As a boy he knew Femmore Cooper; he dined with Commodore Matthew l?erry, who opened up com. merce with Japan in i52. tie vis- ited Lourdes before the apparitions came to Bernadette. tle  as the first American to receive the t le Monsig- nor. He was shown over lhe British Iouse of Lords by Benja in Disraeli. i-It knew England during, Le Crimean Page 4 ......................................................................................................................  ......... GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 22, 1923 "*** * * *LISTENING* * * * * IN* " * ** # | ................................................ ............... --'" ! intellectu.fiitythe nation. [tandiS alowtrUiSmmoraliLythat higilmay e..0o --"" .... .......... i Washington Letter ] I exist together in. tim same individual. Iy Autolycus * i It is needless to remin(I a committee of this kind that the mission school,, Good Memory ,. ................................................ ..... ..,., --" " the school in which mental instruction I CONIES [ the stage is not set. The char anl religious training are united, was MAY BE SHELVED were filed months ago. The lines at work civilizing the Indians of our  | 1.0 FOR'A PERIOD have been drawn. No adequate rea- country long before the public scohol son could be given for delaying the ystem came into existence. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) 'investigation and rendering a prompt "I am ready to give due credit, to | Washington, Dec. 17.--A plan up- decision except the political expedi- our public school system with any | pears to be in process of crystalliza-'ency, and that ix hardly adequate, man, but I say emphatically that the oi tion looking to the shelving of the whole history of our country is a pro- ! ISSUES RAISEI) BY CI'*LAGLI,'" test against the contention that it has [ Mayfield contested election case until The letter of National Committee- a monopoly of good citizenship. That I some indefinite time in the future, man Creager to his Republican col- the mission school is producing the ! The motion to refer the controversy leagues, appealing for a clear and most sati'factry results anmg our In- ] _ to tbe Senate Committee on Privi- definite statement of their attitude leges and Elections will probably be toward the Ku Klux Klan and reiter- made at once. Beyond this no defin- ation of the constitutional guarantees ite action is in sigbt, has not broken the rather noticeable mosphere. It is regarded very gen- silence that prevails at the national dians is a claim to which the well in- formed on this subject will not. take exception." Bryan Supports Bp. Lawlers Views Following Bis}lop Lawler's address, War period, and the Fr: ce of the era|ly no in a judicial but in a politi- headquarters of either party. It is William Jennings Bryan, also a mem- Third Empire. Make $2.49 cal light. Whatever tim general view becoming more nnd more probable ber of the Advisory Council, spoke in might be of the political influence of. that if any stand at all is to be taken support of the Bishop's statement. If I understand tle itr ration of the of the "invisible empire and, however against the Klan it will for consider- "I think it would be a great mis- professor who has jusl produced a vehemently ktansmcn mght protest ation, at ]east, by the resolutions corn- take if in our series of resolution: topical New Testamem he is anxious that their organization is not actuate( mittees which have to do with the adopted here the wor[ 'religion' and to bring Holy Writ . n some shape by political motives, this influence is drafting of the platforms, the thought of religion were not in- or other before th/, masses of the real enough to be talked about very I)iscourage Further Amendment I corporated," Mr. Bryan said, "because people. His volume is now on the seriously by those who come most di- There is, however, a growing dis- religion is just as much the basis of book counters, at prices from $2.50. rectly in contact with it and tangible position on the part of some political the life of an Indian as it is of the Problem: If there are people who enough to be weighed and measured leaders to make constitutionalism an life of a white man. will not buy a copy of the entire Bi- so far as a thing of that kind can be issue the retention of the constitu- 'It is not sufficient to educate In- ble for a dollar, how long will it take measured as a political factor. Many tional prerogatives by each constitu- dians, any more than white men," before the masses are induced to buy members of the Senate would gladly ent branch of the government. More 15r. Bryan continued. "We have good a portion of the Bible for two-fifty? shut their eyes to it if by such a directly this would cover the courts scholars enough in pcnitentiries to I)angerous l)iversion f course it could be made nonexistent, and deprecate the movement to cur- equip all our colleges with faculties. The danger that people might act but there are few wbo would not re-'tail the power of the United States Education is not sufficient. If the [] upon the predictions of fortune tell- gard such a course as futile. Supreme Court to declare unconsti- heart goes wrong, the mind decays era, to their own detriment, upon Political Caution tutional an act of Congress. Incident- with it. I say of the Indian what I which 1 commented recently, is borne The prediction is rather freely made ally it would discourage the further say of the white man; it' he is going out by a news dispatch from Mexico. that inquil'y into the Mayfield case amendment of the Constitution, which to be a scoundrel the less education At Pueblo'a man was so disturbed by will be made very leisurely, and that is target for many resolutions intro- he has the better. a local seer's prophecy that an e':rth- it will no be brought before the Sen- duced during the first :few clays of "I want religion in the schools. I quake was imminent, that he took an ate for decision until the campaign is Congress, and imply the reassertion want religion outside the schools. I ax, killed his wife and eight children over, and the results of the elections of constitutional guarantees. It would want it remembered that religion is and then committed suicide. Even are duly recorded. For this there is provide a roundabout way of frown- a necessary part of a life, and I want fortune telling "for fun" is a danger- apparently some ground. Even though ing upon the activities of the 'invisi-]it known that this committee com- ous diversion. It is practically cer- it may not take on the proportions of ble empire" without saying so in so mends the government and the Secre- lain that the fortune teller's "read- I).on't Have to Fear E]ettien de- mavy words. This would afford atary of the Interior and the Commis- I iag ' will contain something that cor, It will be for the committee to dubi(us way out for some politicilns stoner of Indian Affairs for their at-[ responds to the past experience of the cide first whether an investigation (.f who proclaim an unwavering (levotion titude, their broad attitude, in which I consultant and the victim, who tries the charges made against Mayfield to the constitution and yet hesitate to they encourage all sects and all edu-I the thing "just :for fun," usually be- shall be undertaken and when. The incur the displeasure of the Klan. cation in their effort to bring re-] gins to argue that if the fortune tell- members of the committee upon whom MATI,IRNITY AND INFANCY ACT ligion into the thought and life of the er is right about one thing, he is this responsibility will fall are: Sen- 1 " s" probably right about others. Then he Forty states are now cooperating t ln(han.. ators King, Ashurst, George, Neely with the Federal government, under is apt to guide his life, consciously and Stephens, Democrats; and Sena- their terms of the Sheppard-Towner MRS. GEORGE SLADE, or otherwise, along the lines of the tors Spencer, Wadsworth, Watson, maternity a}(1 infancy act, to reduce; I)ROMINENT IN CHURCH prediction, i Ernst, Shortridge, Bursum " mothers and WORK. DIES IN N. Y. Catholic Calendar and the death rate among . A calendar is a thing that you have Greene, Republicans. Several changes babies throughout the United States. have occurred in the personnel of the (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) to live with for a year, and if you i committee" It is to be observed that ' 1,240,000 Appropriated Want a Catholic calendar  besure that The first official report of activi -] New York, Dec. 14.--Mrs. George you get a Catholic calendar. In this most of the present members will not ties under this Act, through which] Slade, one of the most active women age of misrepresentation it is easy to come up for election cluring the forth-I Congress is permitted to appropriate workers in Catholic welfare work, be deceived in the matter. A non- coming campaign. Consequently their . "political fortunes 'are not to be af Catholic concern is sehing, b mean. ect F ' " ".. $1,240,000, annually for the welfare died here at 6 o'clock this morning. s ' 'el, at least immedlatelv, by an of maternity and infancy, is made Mrs. Slade, who before her mar- of door-to-door agents a reugmu. "   " y '" ' " " t " ' non action they may take With re md to public today as part of the annual re- calendar wnicn is ctaimea ove - g' " sectarian," and hundreds of Cathoiic the MiYil:lednCease . port of Grace Abbott, Chief of the riage was Miss Charlotte Hill, a housekeepers hve been misled intol , of Klan Feared Children's Bureau of the Department daughter ot the late James J. Hill and ' thinking tlfiik it is therefore suited to: There is no question that Senators I of Labor. Miss Abbott is also chair- sister of Mrs. Michael Gavin, presi- ' ' man of the Federal Board of Mater - dent of the National Council of Cath- Catholic use. But a non-sectarian on the committee and off it look up- religious calendar is just about as!on the Mayfield case with some ms- nity and Infant" Hygiene. The Na- olic Women, made many gifts to the tional administration of the materni- Cathedral of St. Paul, including the useful in a Catholic household as a!gving It is a subject of more or] sun dial at midnight. The essential less discussion in the senatorial at- ty and infancy act is lodged in tim fine main altar. During the war she point of a Catholic calendar is to re- a national issue for some of the Seas- Children's Bureau. gave herself unstintedly lethe work mind people of their religious duties, tore who face re-election, it is pivot- ty and,Infancy Act are: Vermont, of the Red Cross, which she organized by denoting the days o obligation, of al in some states and wherever the Massachusetts, Rhode Island; Maine, i very thoroughly in,t. I)au], hcading tt ,, / fasting and of devotion. The publish- invisible empire has extended its (Continued on page 5) a corps of workers that produced ramifications there has been a politi- . ..................................................... splendid results. er of 'The Cathotie Art Calendar" . Following the armistice, Mrs. Slade (Extension Pres) lel]'s me that the cal caution developing which is re-, BRYAN SUPPORTS became greatly interested in the res- safest way .to', judge a religious cal- flected in the body of the Senate. I toration of the Louvain library, which .... ' BISHO LAWLER endar is to '/look for the red fish Mayfield's Use of Money P cause she aided not only with gener- which appears on the best of the It is perfectly understood that the Catholic, ::calendars, and which of .absent from. the others. CONFESSES BIGOTRY INJURED BUSINESS AND LED TO CRIME issue in the Mayfield contested elec- tion case is not the Ku Klux Klan. It is alleged that the Klan is at the root of the conspiracy which resulted in the electionof Mayfield, but it was merely incidefital, No charge is' "ous donations but by earnest work on ON EDUCATION ', "cOmmittees. Much of her time as well l as her mony was given to service for (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) the Church and charity. Funeral services will be held on Washington, Dec. 14.--The state- Monday at 10 a. m. in the Church of meat that "the public school system St. Paul the Apostle, at 60th Street Portland, Ore., Dec. 12.--The dan- brought against the Senator-elect "f r ger of exploiting religious bigotry for rom Ixeas because he s a Klansman. W ' business purposes is exhibited in the he substantml charge is one of col amazing confession of A. E. and J. H. rupt practicethe expenditure of ,, h-hr   funds greatly in excess of the amount t during the meetin here ............ s, h- they set fre to . I , g of the Ad- ,,e,,'^- ,a,,-*^*^"2 ,,,.,,.,,,xT ..... , , t ollect- 'allowed by. law, irregularities m" the I visory Council of One Hundred on In .  . ] ' o o . c pzmtmg and counting of ballots and d]an Affans rec] tated a the insurance and aver(t bankrupt Y l "  ' ", " p p debate in which had been brou ht h on them by various other things The principle the course of which Patestant Jew the inclusion of their firm in a direct-I involved is one that has been advocat- ish, and Catholic leaders ppose( the --::  -- ......   ,, led insistently in other contested elec sentnnent expressed hshed under ant-Cathohe;,ausp]ces m ltmn cases--m a word, money, l'hej Bishop Lawler Takes Exception this city a year and a half ago. In senate has put itself on record as The Rt. Rev. J. J. Lawier, Bishop of their statement to the police made frowning upon the exnenditure of Lead, S. Dak., speaking in opposition is the only effective agency in our 'and Columbus Ave. I-- country to turn out good citizens,'" " contained in a ,resolution introduced' . BRADFORD DRUG CO. The House of Quality Phones: 4-0227, 40218 December 1, the brothers declare that large amounts o money to secure their business, prosperous before, be- election. It was the point involved in] gan to decline immediately after the the Newberry case, atuough in that pUblicatio.n of the list and for the past case there was no allegation of ,con-] year has shown a loss of thousands of spiracy such :t. there 'is in the May- f dollars. Their Catholic and Jewish fiehl case. Many Senators cannot patrons, they say, quit them in larga reconcile their vote in the Newberry I "mmbers. The business was in the case with a vote to seat Mayfield, if center of the retail shopping district the facts as alleged are proven. and had been in existence for fifteen Therefore, it is obvious, many of them I years or more. would prefer not to vote at all this The 100 per cen American list. time. The immediate question is not which caused considerable comment whether Mabffield should be seated i when issued contained the names of but whether the question of seating I about 200 business houses arranged him shall be taken up 'at once or putt alphabetically by businesses; S. C. by until it will have a less disturbing have collected from $5 to $15 from effect upon the political situation each firm represented. .The list ear-lwhich exists in a number of states. ried the information that 5,000 copies Stage, is Set had been distributed. ] In any event the legal forces are It was apparently the publisher's gathering.for the contest. The Ku intention,to confine the circulation of Klux Klan attorneys are said to be the directory to the Ku Klux Orange at *hand to conduct the Mayfield de- ,'element in the city, but within a few I lense and his opponent is no less fore- days it was reprinted and distributed I armed. If there is any disposition on in thousands ofcopies among citizens the part of the enate to delay ring- I generally, proving a boomerang for ing up the curtain upon the dontro- many of the firms listed, versy it is .not due  to the fact that to the resolution said in part: "The only true and complete educa- tion for the Indian fis well as for the white man is education in which re- ligion is included. There must be en- lightenment for the mind and there must be guidance for the heart. The Indian should not be treated as if he were all body and no soul. as if he were an animal intended for this earth alone and not a spirit also destined for an existence in the eternal here- after. The physical nature, the intel- lectual faculties, the moral and re- ligious nature, the whole human be- ing must be develobed harmoniously. Head training and heart formation must go hand in hand would we have the best citizens, the noblest types of 209 W. Seeend St. Little Rock CAPITAL -. $300,000.00 $b00PLUS -.- $60,000.00 We ha,e inaraa! r Slflt Iv Nlli4r the new *.ss f smt ae 80 per ee above our Par,  mwpl 'lk Im InersaNd from $45, u well I,I the new smm. ENGLAND NATIONAl, men'andwmen' Religinineduca'LEA00 HAID i]Bi]A lion is a principle for which the Catholic Church has always stood feaclessly, and it is gratifying to note M Jy that prominent educators and patri- R@SE CITY otictc people everywhere are begin- ning to agree with her and to dec}are that religion in education is the only salvation for the individual and for 0 FH II MOST SlMrl'lltY loll JUNO, x LIMITED NUMBER ON HAND 0RD0 1924 $1.00 Postpaid Mail order and checks to The Guardian OUR BANKING DEPARTMENT b able to ex/end to Its eusientes every leeemmtodlt We have plenty of money on had to lend ou Llt   or etir eptabl security, ami lleit aplieaiemL W. B. WORTHr00 COMPANY, "Sln 187?" Corner Fffm end Mai It. 4 PER CENT I1rl]gT PAID ON IAY]U(4! Central CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, Let us take care of your money for you. Let us soil or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let ns write your Surety Bond. Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully ma*taged Bank can do. "Come Grow With a Growing Bank." OUR ASSETS ARE TWO glLLION We make a apqcildty of invuting name in flrlt mrtsage loas-..ud therefore supldY er and estates we re, t.emt with vutments. We act as admmistrator and tars under W/H of many vstat in other eounties in this State. We will be to assist you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS LITTLE RO(K, ARKANSAS St. Vincent's In Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE- EXPERIENCE- EF] Official Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN 1887 ! h Sisters of Charity i [ f Nazareth" [ 1923 %! ST. VINCENT'S TRAINING SCHOOL FOR Offers exceptional opportunities for experience and classes of nursing to young women desiring to enobling and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical taff connected with them, provide a Three Years' Cours eal, practical and modern training, fitting the graduate future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The'Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. he next class .is now being formed. Applicants year ot ign cnoo] or the educational equivalent, and from reputable parties. FOR FtTRTHER  PARTICULARS ADDRESS SISTER SUPERIOR ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little I Bankers Trust Co.. MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK; ARKANSAS --We are agents for practically all the important Companies. --If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business y__o_u desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of the 1 Winter Crnises do not fail to call on us for information, be cheerfully gven, without charge. --We wish to remind you also of our Foreign which is in position to effec money transfers to by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT