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December 22, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 22, 1923

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Section One ;hat nothing is more [ ,hat Catholic papers should have so that every day good read- and warns, and Promotes the Citris- "BRNRDICTUs, pp.. XV. J i A Cathohc Paper is a Perpetual Mission.-- [ Pope Leo XIll. "Tire Guar{liltn" in everl home--our motto. ..,--,IID,II ! ................................................................................ '.. ; ...................... " ..... LZ 2. -7""Z'Y-'TZT".'.7--22_ L Z: IL U._" .................................. .......................... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ....... :. _---- The ()tiicial Organ (if the Diocese (if Lit lit Rock. Arkansas | - .......................... . . ..................... 2 ................................................................................................... 22Z--U-L=T22:__.__::L- 2::/C.2 ..... -.. --_ MTTI,E L()CI:, ARK., I)EC. 22, .,,,.')' Remember The Orphans of our Catholic people every year giv, e of Lies to the little children of St. Joseph's It is one of their Christnlas pleasures to the: have added to the joy of these ol'phal' 's, not the blessing of Christmas at home with and friends. Sister Anne, wittl the other good Benedie- are mothering these children all the year. give to them a Most Merry Christmas, if it hearts dependent, but no, the merriment de- their means. We know how inadequate these US he!p 'uhem'ward St Joseph's Orphanage is a !estonygen'el osltYofomtO er faith: Let 1s all, on this Christ- rheart and purse and be the recipients give of ou and prayers of these little orphans and 0us Sisters who tlouse, feed, teach and care for a Bantu Claus to the Orphans. BARS SCHOOL PAMPHLET FAVORING KU KLUX PUBI,IC SERVICE PROPAGAN I)A WAS DENIES TO MAYOR THAT 1NTENDEI). The president of the school commit- tee announced that teachers will be notified that there is only one publi- cation authorized by school authori- ties. He said authorities intend to find out from every principal if the paper has been found in other schools. Nature of Offense Given The protested issue begins its treat- ment of the Klan after asking ques- tions as to why it is discussed so much, and what the origin of Thanks- giving Day teaches about 100 per cent Americansm. The ousting of Governor Walton of Oklahoma is dis- cussed in detail. Real discussion of the KKK begin% however, under the caption "A Thankdving test of Am- ericanism and KKK." It is stated that most persons do not "try to un- derstand KKK, but take sides violent- OF C. News Service) R. I., Dec. 12.--The committee has burr- PUblic Schools of this city Places in Current Top- Pamphlet, because z contained a discussion of is viewed as toward propaganda article appeared in sUPplement to the subjected to careful authorities after against schbols of such 0se Denied had any pur- Propaganda for the denied by the edi- ly for or against it," and that com- a long-distance with Mayor pulsory education is intended to train l, "People and' young people to study every such Topics,,, is issued movement as the KKK as they would for Public Service," avenue, New York institution. The to the statement wit  the purpose i ;ca ; discussion of I day's news, and not t doctrines or any ar nature. According n had re- from varying to present all and other questions of the school had been used as reading and the for the pro- questioned by the of the school to Judge Gor- said they hen- Pamphlet to be a Events," for school use, it would be use- The barrel periodi- Objectional matter issue, the committee. Accord- the committee Paper was in three as yet it has not TUCSON FOR TOLF00kNCE ' Newq Service) ec. 14.A plea for throughout the the Rt. Rev. Dan- instlled bishop first Public ddress the University of Cardinal new bishop. attended by mem- denomina- Who professed no Whom joined in ex- to the new Catho- 'Will Work among all., denominations s celebration of installation. P00PE APPEALS TO AMERICA TO SEND NOD AND CLOTHING TO DISTRESSED GERMANY (fly N. C W. C. News Service) W.lshinp;ton. Oec. 17.-yThe famine in Germany has assumed such p}'o- portions that the Pope, through Secre- tary of State, Cardinal Gasparrb has felt himselt compelled to make a (h- reel appeal to American Catholcs to ::ome to his aid. In a cablegram to His Excellency, Archbishop Peter Fu- masoni-Biondi, Apostolic Delegatc, Cardinal Gasparri, speaking in the name of the Holy Father, ays: Pope's Apl)eal By order of the Holy Father I sen([ your Excellency this telegram and solicit for it all your attention and all your zeal. Your Excellency can only a faint idea of the economic sit- uation in which the people of Ger- many are struggling. All are in want, but especially in the cities tne working people anti tho.'e of the mid- dle classes are literally facing starva- tion. In the winter, which has al- ready set in, besides the lack of food there is the want of necessary clotb- ing; so that freezing is added to hun- ger. It is needless to say that be- cause of these privations, children,  the aged, and especiaily pregnant and nursing women, are perislfing. Such is the truth well known to the Holy See, to which from every part of Ger- many hands are stretched out begging for help. In the face of this sorrowful spec- tacle it is not the time to ask who is responsible for 'it. Rather, it is the l Arc.hlfishop Fumasoni-liondi has transmitted tiffs cabl of Pope Piu.s XI to member of the American Hier- archy anti has asked lhem to (It) all in their power to assist the ]Ioly Father in his relief work for Germany. Ar- rangements have ah'eady been made to handle efifciently and quickly all contributions, whether of food, or clothing that may be made for Ger- man relief Archbishop P. J. Hayes, of New York, bas appointed a committee to be known as the Catholic ('harity Clothing Commiitt, which will receive and expedite supplies to starving Ger- many. Tbe committee is as follows: Chairman, the Rt. Rev. John J. Dunn; treasurer. Jacob Mattern; secretary, the Rev. Joseph F. Rummel, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Gallus Bnlder, Rt. Rex,. Fretl- crick Schlatter, Rev. John A. Nagel- eisen, Rev. Urban C. Nageleisen, Rev. Anthony L. Rochlauf, Rev. Venantius Iluessing, O. M. Cap., Rev. Gerard H. Huntsman, Rev. Frmtcis S. Albert, Rev. Anthony L. Strube, Rev. Francis T. Parr, S. SSR., and Messrs. Henry Heide, Victor S. Rithler, Charles B. Mayer, Win. Burgess, Alfred J. Amen'd, John B. Hoenninger, Lorenz Strack, Dr. Francis J. Schirp, Philip J. Schindler, Joseph J. Krug, Henry Rid- der, Jacob,Mattern, Killian Klauer, Joseph Schaefer. The committee has procured a cen. tral depot located at the Mission or the Immaculate ConceptioR, 375 La- fayette Street, NQw York City, to duty of all those whose hearts beat lwhich all donations shouhl be for- with sentiments of humanity and t quickly' warded't It o.i in direct contact with Christian charity to come as the Charitas Verband, a German or- and as effectively as they can to the I d aid of these poor victims, who, surely, I ganization equipped to ,istribute . I American gifts. cannot be held m any way responm-! Conditions in Germany Alarming ble. Germany is reported to be fast ap- V To this end the Holy l, ather, ha -. ink exhausted whatever means, moral J preaching a situation very similar to , the one which held sway in RUssia l and malerial ,were at his disposal,j during the winters of 1921 and 1922.i appeals to all the good and generous Particularly in the cities, amongst the Catholics of America. Your Excer- lency will please provide, in the best laboring and middle classes is the lack way possible through the Bishops and of food most pronounced. The food No. 25 Hclg Falhcr B,' les00.,s ]=)less Washington, Dec. 17.--In response to an urgent message, asking the blessing of the pope on the work o: the Press DepartmenL of the National Catholic Welfare Conference and the editors using the News Service, Rt. Rev. Louis S. Walsh, D. D., chairman of the Department of Press, Literature and Publicity, yesterday received the following cablegram: Rome, Dec. 16, 1923.--Rt. Rev. Louis S. Walsh, I'ortland, Me., U. S. A. The Holy Father readily grants the Apostolic Christmas blessing which you request for your Press, Publicity and Literature De- l)artment, and for all Catholic journals and maga- zines woi'king under the supervision of the hier- arehy.--P. Cardinal Gasparri. Y. M. . A. IN POLANI} CAUSES CONCERN . BY ITS ACTIVITY Menace to Faith of Country in Vigor-, ous Work Carried On by National ll'anch. * ' By Rev. Nikodem Cieszaski (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Warsaw, Dec. 3.--The growth of the Y. M. C. A. in Poland and its re- I cent activities, cause concern among those interested in preserving the Catholic faith of the nation unim- paired. Among all the Protestant agencies, Methodists, Baptists, advo- cates of the "National Church," etc., that have invaded Poland since the :orld War, the Y. M. C. A. presents the greatest menace to the tradition- al Faith of the country. The Asso- ciation has now been organized into CATECHISTS SCHOOL BEING ERECTED BY 'OUR SUNDAY VISITOR" (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Huntington, Ind., Dec. 15.Women missionary catechists of the Society f of Missionary Catechists of Our Lady of Victory will be trained for re- ligmus instruction in the Southwest United States at the Victory Training School which is being erected near here on a'part of "Our Sunday Visit- . or" farm. Work on the institution which is being erected at a cost of $100,000 is well under way, and it is hoped to have it completed by next June. The field of labor of these mission- ary catechists will be the territory extending, from Brownsville, Tex., westward to the Pacific coast. Possi- a national branch of the international bly 2,000,000 Mexicans reside in 'this organization and is carrying on vig- vast ar --- r " , " ca. The' religious training orous work has surf r " " " , e ea irom neglect because of IriSs:i:!Vmn:heaSr0:ior[:!ulM!wtda: li!:;!i;:caCr:i:ri, s::T!?:!CL!  '! ge t Y any other problem. Then "I agree(, i upon facts about Ku Klux Klan" are 'cited, among which is the following: "It has,, in several places, given money to charities and churches; worked for better government and cleaner cities; backed public officers in doing their duty; worked hard for prohibition enforcement." Further on, "Reminders f, or you" are given, of which the first is, "KKK has a legal right to organize and the same right to life, liberty and the ?! !! :iht !h!!d :!e?!mCde : !:h:!'ii Catholics, all Jews, all non-church] members, or all women, hay fever I victims and bald headed men to have] b" a natmnal clu On the other side of the question, it is pointed out that lawlessness by the Klan is n.o "one whit less lawless than !bootlegging or theft, ever though the reason for  is to punish lawlessness cenc " Also, "When collecting; ::ld':: an dollars for the World i War, our negroes, Jews and Catholics: Special committees, that food and clothing be sent to the people of Ger- many. CENSORSHIP OF PLAYS WILL BE MANAGES OWN FAULT, SAYS PROFESSOR (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, Dec. 14.--Prof. William Lyon Phelps of Yale University, in speaking recently before the Leagqe for Political Education at the Town Hall, on contemporary plays and books, turned from his subject to play censorship. During the course of his lecture he was asked by a woman in the audience if he thought play cen- sorship necessary. In reply to the were not exempted." Despite the declared attempt to to such a pass that the public is be- I give "both sides" of the Klan ques- tion, the periodical will not be toler-!ginning to feel that something must ated further in the Providence schools, be done to clean up the theatre, and I question he declared that censorship of the drama if it ever comes, will be the fault of the managers and authors. and not the fault of the cranks or the Puritans. "I do not approve altogether of the l theory of censorship," he said, "which unquestionably is to some extent an infraction of the principles of liberty CLOSING 0f GF&X00 and freedom. But matters have come UNIVERSITIES 1S MILS. NOLAN APPOINTED HEAD OF CO00llTff00 I IN THE NEW CONGRESS (ByN. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, Dec. 14.--Mrs. Mac E. Nolan, Representative from Califor- nia and widow of former Representa- tive Nolan, is the first woman to be appointed to the chairmanship of a something will be done. If we have a censorship it will not be the fault of the cranks and fanatics. It will be the fault of the managers and authors who are offending public decency by presentations which ought to be sup- pressed. "Excess always leads to prohibi- tion. Ordinarily, public opinion is sufficient to prohibit excess. If it is' not, some other, scheme must be de- vised." Congressional Committee. Mrs. No-I lan heads the Committee on Expend-BIRTH CONTROL "AD" itures in the Postofifce Department. LANDS EDITOR IN JAIL She is also a member of the Com? mittee on Labor of which her late (By N. C. W. C. News Service) husband was Chairman. New York, Dec. 14.--Convicted of At her own request, Mrs. Nolan violating :the postal laws by publish- has been retired from the Committee:inK a birth control advertisement, on Woman Suffrage because she does Carlos Tresca, radical editor, was not wan to serve on more than two sentenced to Atlanta penitentiary for committees, a year and a (lay. problem in'recent months has taken', because of the efficiency with which, Victory was founded in the Rev, J. J. such a grave turn that twenty million after the war, it carried on welfare t work in a manner to popularize it Sigstein, of the Arch-diocese of Chi- (Continued on page 5) ...... le cage, aad ,was incorporated in the with many elements_or ...... me peep Archdmcese' of santa Fe, where the :,,':=,-: ',:;, The "Y" came into Fo}a:] 199 ti::d first trained catechists are now at eral Itallers army in Ap 1, , wor ..... s o 'z " RliLtllllitlOl' LUIILII ............ K. ,m. rgan, atxon of women from the t,me of tne esammnment o wii vi . 1 do rtually the same work in the ELECTED BOARD MEMBER its first soldierg' home in Lubm, xts south " " - ' ..... . wes which the Missionary Ser- fll7 IVII;WWN RI PRflI activities developed on an enormous 'rants of the Most Bleeped ,-*, -,- , nu,,tavs aaa,, ,.,atvt$ , ,, ........ ,.A built motion ic-  .......... * '*" scale no,,e --- - ,  doi "n ' " " ..... iven ng  the southeastern Umted _:_ . i ture theaters establisheS, am g (By N C W C News Serv,.# States Was'-' "'" -- ' . ...... I to charity, courses in hyiscal train- _. ' . , ' .'mngon, uec. ,a.,ne aostl  d libraries and reading The generosity of a California don- Rev. Michael J. Curley, Archbishop ofi mg lnaug::::: , and arrangements l or who gave $50,000, is aiding in mak- ltlm . rooms op , Ba " ore, was elected to rqembershlp .... to soldiers at re ] mg the institution possible It is be- Ion the Board of Incorporators of the l::ka;y Sl:w;:ices It has been inK erected here because this benefac- American Red Cross at the annualt brou ht out ..... mat n'November, 1920(tor insisted, on it being connected meeting of the General Board of that . g ...... '  --ent e50 000t with "Our Sunday Visitor." The 1 lone me x. v,. w. ,. v. v , . . . . ,. a " , " here. a , " Poland. foundation of the building has been xgtmzatmn . for welfare work m . . O_hers elected to fill vacancms on ,_ #ocern f]mshed and the superstructme Ires uel Gem era President of the Amer I the propagation of the Protestant re- . .P :' ." ...... ;. --I liion issued warnings from time to style of the ohl Spanish missions. ican eaeraion o Laoor; isnop wil- 1  ' " ..... h ..... liam E. McDowell of the Methodist f. rgal T:;r: of u" Episcopal church; senator Capper of b " .g . " ......  Vwlatkow- RECOVERING HEALTH Kansas and Senator Simmons of IJesuitlatnersorOanan .... h Carolina. i ski, was,,particularly effective in this (By N.C. W. C. News Service) NortJ respect. London, Dec. 7.Monsignor Bic.k- Dr. Mott'a Idea the[ erstaffe-Drew, widely known under Suspicion as to what might be ] ' attitude of the Association was con- the pen name of "John Ayscough," firmed by statements made by Dr. has recovered from his illness suffi- I John Mott, international officer of ciently to leave France and return to CAUSING PROTEST the organization, and William Rose, England. Monsignor Bickerstaffe- Drew, who had gone to France be- another Y. M. C. A. leader. Dr. Mott, cause of ill health, was stricken with tufter a discussion of the necessary paralysis at St. Male, November 3. work of regeneration, in an address,. t "this work cannot be declared tha It is extremely easy, therefore, to thank God for our friends. But have achieved in the narrow bonds of dog-[ we ever thanked Him enough for our matism and the Church."  dear enemies? ----*" As to Truth The same spirit was revealed in Till the Tenth Century Christmas statements by Mr. Rose that the Y. M. counted, in papal reckoning, as the C. A. could not accept cooperation beginning of the cclesiastical year, from araan who believes that he pea- as it still does in Bulls. sesses the whole truth of God and ............................................................................ that other religions are in error. Mr. being in conformity with the letter of Rose al'so insisted that in the reading the Holy Office of November, 1920, rooms of the Association the liters- condemning the Y. M. C. A., and call- ture and publications of the Protest- inK upon the Bishops to report on its ant denominations should be display- activities. Although the new Polish . ed, on the ground that all could aid y. M. C, A. is a'national autonomous in the search for truth, body it is directed by the same men Catholics Forbidden who formerly conducted its activities, The Polish Hierarchy has definitely most of whom are known to be "liber- forbidden Catholics to become mem- als" and as not friendly to Catholic bets of the Y. M. C. A., their action interests. By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron von Capitaine *, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Cologne, Dec. 3.Great indignation has been aroused in :Vestphalia be- cause of an announcement made in Berlin that the government plans to close the University of Munster. The e.nnouncement indicated an intention to discontinue maintenance of a num- ber of the smaller universities includ- ing Jena, G.oettingen, Giesen, arc, i Grmfsald. Westphalians object to including Munster in the list of those 'to be discontinued, pointing out that degrees from that institution, for theologians at least, rank among the most highly prized in Germany. The academy connected with the seminary of the Paderborn diocese has been closed recently because the Bishop did not have funds with which to support it any longer. > i: ! '