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December 18, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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December 18, 1920

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PAGE EIGHT i THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1920. i ii'" lwhen the clock stops we are going THE o ring him up and get the exact time. Funny Mrs. Wilson didn't show the White House kitchen to Mrs. Harding on her recent call. Perhaps the "dish- es were not done" or the cook was in her "tantrums." She could not even show Mr. Wilson to the next first lady of the land as he was busy in his own room reading. Mrs. Harding has the reputation of being a good housewife, VITALITY OF He has a great voice, which may soon TI-I PHPlgTMAg gDIPlT be heard around the world. So far it] lllla llllllJllligiu UIiitil reaches from Ohio to Arkansas as the I following news items in last week's ISepticism Has Destroyed Faith, Says Arkansas Gazette shows us . Arnold Bennett, But Longing for t "The Unknown Voice." Faith Still Shown at Christ- Fayetteville, Ark. Thursday, Dec.3 mas-Tide. The mystery of "the unknown voice," which sounds like the title of an old- (Written by the Rev. Albert Muntsch, time thriller, is the problem the wire- S. J., for the Press Bulletin) . Service less operators and engineering stu- of the C. B. of the C. V. tion and to those teachings which will National Collection to Help bring light and wisdom into the angry discussions of opposing factions. And Starving Children this ideal and these teachings are pre- sented by Him Whom the world hon- (Continued from Page 1) ors on Christmas day--by "the Wor lenthusiasm, seeing that your work is not confined to any made flesh, Who came to dwell among i that it embraces all who are in need without distinction and US." I ;innocent children of those who were the enemies of suffer all the more. DIOCESAN NOTES AD.RESSES BISHOPS OF TIlE WORLD. FORT SMITH. Inspired by these noble sentiments, We lately known to you, the Bishops of the whole world, urging thei faithful to be charitable on the Feast of the Holy so she could easily excuse the hostess for these little oversights of interest- ing insights within the precincts of her future home. It was her first meet- ing with Mrs. Wilson and she report- ed her visit as a very pleasant one. Up to date, Mr. Harding is shy one cvp of White House tea. He was not invited to "come up and look around," so he just talked politics with his own kitchen cabinet down at the hotel. The Irish on Fifth Avenue--- A young Irishman, after landing in New York, got a position as chauf- feur. Driving along Fifth avenue at high speed he crashed into a new car at Forty-second street. As an officer stepped up to arrest him, the chauf- feur said to the cop: "Is your name O'Brien ?" "Sure," replied the cop. "Are you any relation to Maj. O'Brien of Dublin?" "You bet I am. I'm. his brother." "Well," said the quick-witted chauf- feur, "I married his sister." "You did," says O'Brien. "Hold on a minute utltil I arrest this fellow for backing into you." As the North Views Us. The solidity of the solid South has been a misfortune to the country. While it remains sectionalism will cloud every issue. The World War is over, and the Civil War ought to be. The United States can never enjoy full political health until its people arrange themselves in parties with- out thought of the Mason and Dixon line. There is, for instance, an unreal- ized community of interest between a manufacturing center in the South and one in Connecticut or in Ohio: and the farmers of the West have much more in common with those of Georgia than they have with bankers in Chi- cago or in New York. The South will reach its deserved place in American affairs when it be- comes the home of two real parties. Of course it is slow business-- the creation of a Republican party in a region where every able-bodied white man once wore the gray, but it is worth while.  The day is bound to come when the whites of the South will di- vide and bid against each other for the colored vote. When that time arrives Southern political leaders will sit up nights thinking over plans for" per- suading colored people to go to the polls.--Boston Globe. Fared Well, Considering. The recent experience of our local institutions in trying to put over pop- ular and paying "drives" consigns the slogan "Over the Top" just to war memories. Here in Little Rock several drives did not get half way .up the • "fund hill" and it looks now as if the bottom has dropped out of this war time method of financing our big pro- jects. The Y. M. C. A. has to report the failure of collecting an improve- ment fund of $50,000. Mr. S. A. Ack- ley, the general secretary, acknowl- edges $28,500 as the returns to date, with hopeful promise of obtaining $1,500 more after the ground has been more thoroughly canvassed. Even " at that, considering the unsettled con- ditions of everything and. everybody the Y. M. C. A. fared very well in Little Rock. No Tercentenary of Pilgrims' Christ- mas, The Mayflower family have repro- duced every picture and sermon of their Pilgrim ancestors in celebrating the tercentenary of their landing on the famous rock, but that of their first Christmas. To reproduce that properly they would have to load a few old flint locks and shoot the "Pa- pists," Baptists, Quakers and the only real Americans, the Indians. Present- day Christians have written a lot of sane religious prose on the "Adora- ble Rock of Plymouth," and none with more effect than the children of that Church called the Rock of Peter, the erstwhile "Papists," who are now sev- enty per cent of the population living in and about the historic Plymouth colony. These will celebrate Christmas as did their ancestors for the past 1920 years, in the spirit of Christ, seeking peace unto all men, even to those abiding in the intolerant spirit of their Pilgrim forbears. dents of the University of Arkansas are trying to solve• Every night about 9 o'clock they hear a man's voice over the wireless instrument. Apparently he is talking to one who does not respond by the same medium, for he often says, "It is now 10 o'clock. When you get this send me a telegram." Then some time I later, "i have just received your rues- I sage." The identity of both persons] and their location are unknown, i The sounds are received on an ordi- ] nary wireless receiving set, which is tuned to 450 meters, and it is thought that the operator here is getting mes- sages from a wireless telephone. Be- cause of the difference in time it is practically certain that the possessor of the voice lives within the eastern tirae belt. Not only has the sound of this voice been heard, but concerts of vocal and orchestral music are occasionally re- ceived. The origin of the entertain- men, has not yet been determined, but it is thought the Philadelphia orches- tra is heard playing, or that the music comes from Pittsburgh. Letters have been sent out this week to determine the location of the musicians. The operator, S. M. Sharp, a stu- dent from Ahna, is certain the music comes from the east of Fayetteville because he has heard aft exchange of Eastern time signals._ I Mystery is Solved. • ' 1 e Little Rock, Friday, Dec. 4: Th unknown voice," which has been baf- ]fling radio telephone and wireless stu- dents at the University of Arkansas has been solved by John M. Clayton, 1301 Welch street, local member of the American Radio Relay League. A dispatch from Fayetteville published in Thursday's Gazette told of a mys- terious voice coming out of the air via the radio waves, which was ap- parently carrying on a conversation with someone who answered through another medium. In addition to the voice, the dispatch said, concerts of vocal and orchestral music also was heard. Mr. Clayton yesterday said thKt the voice probably is that of Father Man- ning of Salem, O., who by the use of a radio telephone sends out phono- graphic music ahnost nightly. Fath- er Manning's station number, Mr. Clayton said, is "8ZG." However, two other amateur operators frequently use the wireless telephone at night, according to Mr. Clayton, and their messages from Washington, D. C., and Pittsburgh, Pa., frequently are heard by Mr. Clayton and at the Camp Pike station. • • • . ,, 6, • 8CZ Talkmg and Smgmg. "Hello! Hello! Who is this? HEL- LO !" '8CZ is talking.' This is 8CZ.' "Yes! Is that you Father Man- ning ?" "Hello Arkansas! What's that?" "What time is it, please? This is Arkansas talking." "Oh, yes! Well, it is just 9 o'clock here in Salem, Ohio." "Thank you, say! Father Man- ning, will you please sing 'I Hear You Calling Me.' We are trying toput the baby to sleep--yes, we know you are very busybut just one verse, Father, Snooksy likes to hear your wireless tenor." "Allrigl--but please remember it is not to be a nightly lullabyI have The blight of pessimism and skepti- cism is one of the unfortunate results of tile pseudo-science which has been preached from the housetops during the course of the last century• The ef- fect of this dark gospel upon the toil- ing masses has been disastrous. Deaf- ened by the roar and rattle of ma- chinery, lashed by the urge of indus- trialism, driven by the fierce compe- tition of modern capitalism, the tired and aching heart hardly knows of an escape from the drear monotonous days of dull routine in workshop and factory. Need of Ideals and Days of Peace. The amusements so lavishly provid- ed by the modern enterprise often fail to bring the healing balm and the spiritual uplift so sorely needed by the large masses of people. Speaking of "the discontented laboring man," Mr. David Harold Colcord says that "after several rounds of the movies, a plate of ice cream, and a jazz selec- tion on the phonograph, his store of amusements is exhausted." He needs something better than tlls. He craves ideals; he sighs for peace. But these are not to be found in earth's paltry pastimes. Their source is in the lofty truths revealed by a merciful God and Father to encourage His children in their efforts to support them in their trials. What Has Happened? But these benign truths which mean so much for the weary way-farer through life, have been rejected by I pseudo-science, and stolen from those who most need their inspiring mes- sage. Many a man now gropes through the darkness like a battered ship seeking a port of refuge. Seduc- tive, sense-begotten phantasies lure him on, but he never finds the won- derful "blue flower," the happiness for which he yearns. What would he not give for the faith that makes glad the soul of the child, and that once was his, when the heart was young ? The Perennial Vitality of Christmas. Who would expect a thorough man of the world, a modern among rood= erns, to give expression to thoughts like these? And yet, in his charming book "The Feast of St. Friend," Ar- nold Bennett, (the English novelist and essayist), deplores "the decay of the old Christmas spirit among ad- ults," though "in the old days of not long ago the festival began to excite us in November." He attributes the blame to the "spirit of denial" let loose by Spencer, Huxley and Darwin. "They inaugurated the migity age of doubt and skepticism." And what has been the dread penalty ? "Having been compelled to abandon its belief in va- rious tatements of alleged facts, it lumps principles and ideals with al- leged facts, and hastily decides not to believe in anything atf all." But the supreme need of the Christ- mas spirit can never be questioned. "And people know it. Somewhere in the most central and mysterious fast-[ hess of their hearts, they know it. If I they were not, in spite of themselves, convinced of it, why should they be so pathetically anxious to keep alive in themselves, and to foster in their chil- dren, the Christmas spirit ? Obviously, a profound instinct is forever remind- ing them that, without the Christmas spirit they are lost, The spirit of faith which is the Christmas spirit, is ira- Patronal Feast of Church. The patronal feast of the Immacu- late Conception Church was solemnly observed by the Forty Hour Adora- tion which commenced on Monday and closed on the evening of the Feast• During these days of devotion large numbers of the Congregation availed ttemsclves of this time of specia grace, by spending hours in silent Adoration and assisting at the Mass- es and Benediction. K. of C. Initiation• On Sunday, the Fort Smith Coun- worries of my own up here in Salem just this once, remember--now lis-j ten!" "You're so kind, Father Manning-- let her go---Snooksy is listening." (Ether vibrations a la John McCor- mack does the rest.) Snooksy sleeps. mortal amid its endless vicissitudes."lHours Devotion continued until 5 The Christmas Spirit and Social Io'clock Wednesday evening. Mass was children of Central Europe, and led by a like motive We to recommend and promote the work "Save the Children We doubt not but that with God's help, all these efforts happiest results; nevertheless We believe that the object in easily obtained if the different organizations at work closer together by means of a practical understanding. Wishing that your labours may be crowned with the fervently pray God that He may be pleased to bestow choicest rewards. From the Vatican, Rome, January the 9th, 1920. and await further increase of their' promising colony to enable them to have a new and larger church, and prospects of better schooling. Mr. An- cil was augmented by the addition of ltonio Paladino is an active booster for forty-five new members, the initiation lcente r Ridge and is seeking acquaint- being carried out by the Springfield ianc e with any of hi Italian people team. " Idesirous of making  home and a In the evening the aDughters Oflgoo d living for themselves and fami- Isabelle selwed a banquet to over two Hes. Father Haeringer too, is anxious hundred Knights. Rev. Father Try- I to build Ul Center Ridge to the limit nan of FaYetteville and Rev. Father of its natural qualifications as a resi- Kordsmeier of Dixie attended the dent farming center. initiation. SHOAL CREEK. St. Edward's Guild. On Friday and Saturday of last Profession at St. Scholastica's Con- wv.ek the St. Edward's Guild held vent, Shoal Creek. their annual sale of needle work and The 8tl of Decemoer, the beautiful never met a ut those WhO came description he had it is the heart that tenment. "1 he wants lllore. Could build her throne on $ ocean and bid the treasures she would one swallow and the Sister had Him a.l. Going about ings the day before serene countenance did the most menial happy wherever the ever work they are their heart is the fulfillment of pantry supplies• i feast of the Immaculate Conception, breath of their It was a success anti the ladi;2hdlwas a specially happy day for .eight These are only a loud of the amount le justly p" "" l novices of St. Scholastica s Convent. perfectly stated of --three hundred and fifty dollars. tLike a bride looks forward: , the daY labl e address. The 1 which goes towards the X-ray equip- I of her nuptials, so these spouses of lent regrets th'tt he meat at St. Edwards Infirmary. Clrist had been longing for the hour ]him while he "heard .... of their consecration to the Lord. I some ,,assaes in ' e • ' lc : St. Anne s Acad my. Here are their names: Sr. M. Tari-I On Saturday afternoon the Inter- sin, Sr. M. Albina, Sr. M. Hermana. mediate pupils of the Music depart-Sr. M. Liguori. Sr. M. Victoria, S': i. CALIFORNIA MIS] men, of St. Anne's Academy pro- Raymond, Sr. M. tlenew, , Sr. M. sented a well rendered program to a Irene. Three of them had been large and interested audience, brought up in St. Joseph's Orphanage, Program. and though all diocesans are the spir- Our Soldier Boys ........ Anth°nYtitual children of the Bishop, the or- Gavvto ................... Goldner Garden Swing ............ Schueler phans reared under his eyes, in the dorsed a campaign home he has built for their comfort, tars to restore the In The Park .............. Williams I claim him as their Father in a special sions of California I Tyrolienne ................ LindseY]sense. Nor can tits Lordship's heart state. It is probable [Maple Leaf Waltz ....... Crammond resist an appeal from any of them, sion to be restored I Dance of the Li,y Buds ..... AnthonYlwhen they invite him to be present Carlos del Carmelo Echoes of The Forest .... Fieldh°useS at the joyful occasion of their relig- home and burial Playing Tag ............. . Preston ious profession. Serra. The Moonlight Fancies ......... Preston Accordingly, in spite of the inclem-in scope• Dancing Moonbeams ....... Anthon ency of the weather and the forbid- "As most of I Grande Marche Nuptiale ...... Renk ding condition of the roads, the Bish- cated in the diocese Pianists. op was there to tone great joy of the Los Angeles," said Helen Redmond; Loretta Redmond; good Sisters. Assisted by the Very in discussing the Ruby White; Ruth White; Josephine Rev. Dr. Altz, the spiritual director sponsors, "it will Brun; Elizabeth Blair; Rita Cooper; of the Benedictine Sisters of the die- ing to me to know Annie Sharum; Alice Sharum; Fay cese, and by Father Aloysius, O. S. meet with a Crawdford; Francis Yutterman; Mar B., the local chaplain, His Lordship the people. I gladly Adele Wallace; Georgia Blanchard; received the profession in person work and pray Doroth Van Ness; Vera Bishop; Ern- In his own paternal and felicitous forts With estine Ainsworth. way the Bishop gave what he calls a The Piano selections were inter- talk. In all his life, he said, he had lPATRONIZE spersed by select readings given by h'ene Tancred, Tancred, and l  Eugenia Shirkey. On Tuesday the twenty-first the Freshman Classof St Anne's will• ' THE BOOK present a Christmas play: Fezx Aeternus," or "The Christmas Bride." I TERRA NOVA. ST. VINCENT. SPECIAL Forty Hours Devotion at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual .- Help. Last week once more proved the popularity of the devotion to Our Lord' in the Blessed Sacrament with CATHOLIC HOME the people of St. Vincent, Ark. Beginning on Monday morning with 191 BENZIGER BROS., PI: a High Mass of Exposition, the Forty A Ready Book of Information on Catholic Subjects. (By N. C. W. C. Los Angeles, Dec:' J. Cantwell of LoS Wayne B. Wheeler. The doctor has his forces so well trained, that oppo- sition to his views on the "part of any Senator or Representative, starts a backfire movement away back home within 24 hours and the represen- tative of all the people finds that he is the pawn of the astute few. Such politics are ours and we must make the best of it until reformation of our manners and our methods have been Justice. of chanted on the three da) and the The virtue which the real lovers people gave themselves over to for- human-kind are trying to introduce vent adoration of the Eucharistic today is social justice. It has become Lord. the slogan of many social service or- Each family of the parish were as- ganizations and the lofty ideal of sin- signed special hours of worship and I cere workers for human bettetwnent, their faithful and punctual attend- But never did that sublime virtue re- ance left no hour without its watch ceive higher praise than on the first and prayer before the tabernacle. Very Strong Lobby. Christmas morn when the Angels Confessions were heard every day Next to the U. S. Senate and Con- brought the tidings of gladness and land Holy Communion was received gress comes the "Third Wheel" of the peace to the world. "It is a curious tby every member of the congregation. American government, the Lobby at fact," says Mr. Bennett, "that the one I Father Haeringer, our pastor, with Washington. Of the many lobbies as- faith which really does flourish and preparatory instructions prior to the sembling for this ession the Anti- wax in these days should be faith in Saloon League is the largest and most the idea of social justice. For as so- formidable, and is directed by Dr. cial justice simply means putting into practice good will and the recognition ° f 2 she l b:gt h:;:: °:s °h: a:::: d; men need the cheer and inspiration born of that great event, which brought gladness to an erring world, and led the human race out of the captivity I of vice and brutality, so long will Christmas Day come with a vital mes- sage which no other institution and no future discovery can replace. And this cheer and heavenly inspiration we al- ways needtoday even more than ever. Vain are the heroic attempts of social reformers to root out selfish- lands in and around the Center Ridge hess and greed from the heart of man, section of our parish been offered at y to the where such a reasonable as at present. in its full Italian are Rev, Father Alfred J. Manning, 8 accomplished by the third wheel of Z.G. this representative (?) branch of Up in Salem, Ohio, in the Cleveland our government. Meanwhile Dr. diocese, resides Rev. Alfred J. Man- Wheeler of the third wheel gets three of St. times the salary of our legitimate person- he is a good a 't his and of p opening of the Forty Hours, had elic- ited on our part a desire to obtain all the grace bestowed in the beauti- ful devotion, and the full attendance of hi's people in the church and at the altar rail gave to him grateful satisfaction. The devotions were brought to a i close on Wednesday evening at 5 o'clock, wit h event one presen at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and in hearty chant they lifted their voices in the Te Deum, praising God for all His favors. Center Ridge. Never before have the desirable A Yearly Calendar of Feasts and Fasts• A Reading Companion for Catholic Children. PRICE 35 CENTS ST. MICHAEL'S 191 TECHNY MISSION Printed in English or German PRICE 35 CENTS STERLING SILVER CASE AND LATEST LOCKET EFFECT FOR LET US QUOTE YOU OUR PRICES ON ALL KINDS OF NEW INVOICES OF CHRISTMAS. THE BOOKERY-309 WEST LITTLE ROCK