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December 18, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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December 18, 1920

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1920. PAGE FIVE i i i ofNote . Books of Interest ,/ Elwes, T in the year 1745 America was the ob- "SHAMELESS SIXTY." letter shows them to lack the first ele- Not many weeks ago, fifty librari- singer who is in- ject of his patriotism and the aim of . ments of a gent:eman or a lady; they ans from the Southeastern States with the great his usefulness and ambition. At the To the Editor of the Guardian:-- are proud of their super-intelligence, went to the Mountain top to discuss in Sir Edgar El- beginning of the Revolutionary War Intimately as.oeiated with affairs and yet, their letter shows them to be bthe problems, peculiar to their sec- -- he held the commission of Captain in lawny up in New York, your recent guilty of invincible ignorance; they tion of the country They came in all CANON SHEEHAN'S SERMONS. Cardinal Newman's 'the then limited navy of her colonies./news reports on the Union Jack of are shocked at the thought of "poll- shapes and sizes; some in all the alti- n of Gerontius," has United States for a His achievements in battle, and his the Union Club and Archbishop tics," and yet they use metho!ts which tude of their six feet, and a few rose The name of the modest pastor of renowned naval tactics merited for'! Hayes' denouncement of the "shame- disreputable ward heelers ,tiearded in all the bigness of their names the little church in Doneraille, diocese tour. He is accolll-! . I, " " ' " n r Lady Winefride Ihnu the pomtmn of Commodore and l,ess sixty, made very interest g years ago; thcy are proud of their The Assistant Secretary of the of Co'ogne,, Ire'and, has been lofty position in society, and yet, they American Library Association, the a household word in the Catholic read- to recent announce ire be justly regarded as the Father[reading. Later reports came to me in ......... ^ l- iof the Ahericann Navy He fought oftlcriticism pro and con by New York use tactics that the people of the capable and able Miss Sarah Bogle, tint world for the past twenty years. w. . lew oc'- . . !en and bled m the cause of freedom, !papers. If it be consistent wtth your slums abhor; they talk of "our be- brought a message from the A. L. A., Canon Sheehan introduced himself I but tile deeds of valor did not dlmm- policy of reproduction, the pubhcat on loved Church," and yet but few of Miss Mary Eileen Ahern who faslions/most favorably with his interesting voted Catholic  ....... I g Mr Elwes ' lsn. ne virtues which adorned I of the enclosed article ,frm tile them are identified with it in the most librarians through her popular jour-/story of "My New Curate." Again and El ar, . i hls private life. He was eminently "Managing Editor's Desk' of the mctical way--leading pure Catholic Inal, Public Libraries, was there in all {again he came with his novels, his Catholic to ..... - ...... I genera, Kind, just and charitable, and Brooklyn Tablet (Dec. 4) would cer- :ives--or in any other way. As a mat- her solidity of thought and expression, l esays and his pomens. Announcements mterpretalon oi. no less beloved by his family and tainly be of interest to many of your er of fact, the only time me'st of The addresses of welcome and of put- ]of another book by the Canon Sheehan life and his Eterni-I ........ e I rmns `nan Dy ms grateful country readers, who have kccnly followed the them announce thcir Catholicity is pose were made. Miss Ahern, in her lever brought pleasant anticipations to of realities Mor-, ..... " " i llrm nltne practice of the Roman routing of our sixty higfl-brows by when they buzz around some big talk spoke of tim average President reading public. his friends, M1 ' "" i Catholic Church, he departed this life His Grace of New York. I] we wel Catholic social function--like a d'n- of the Public Library, who sat in all As an author he readily took his Hflane Belloc, and i "" " ' 1 ! on the 13th day of September, 1803, in better acquainted with Mr. Patrick ner to Card!nal Mercier, or when they his smugness and said "I'm the Presi- Iplace among the famous. Now he l'. Anthony Po- ithe fifty-ninth year of his age. In Scanlan of the Tablet, we could en- are arl:ested. ,lent of the Library Board, without comes to us as a preacher. The house ar,,ry cnoob ;ag-Igratefu I remembrance, a few of his' tinfl Newman, for . . joy it the more. A it is, he gives us Biggest Thing in a Century. doing anything to justify his title. A of Benziger Bros: gives us this week, _ . i countrymen nave e'ected this second his platform of Catholicity, and on it e has the deepes rev- I monument, July 4, 1876." he stands "Pat." It wou:,l be well for We think the Archbishop's letter to little later, whdn the informal man- "Canar Sheehan's Sermons" in which ner of rising and stating the name we meet again the polished and ten- . this elite set is about tile biggest and . . . I -- all of us to hearken to lns words. Mr. , ............. and hbrary potation was adopted as ial Irish writer, in the fervent Out- . ves Lnlng vnar nappenea o ale . Family: I Archbishop Hayes, Seanlan writes: ............ I the more expedient method of becom- pouring of his inmost religious heart. ,, . . ,, nurcn in realcr ew xorK in ne . . . . great singer, Mr. i of New York, visited the state pent- Cathohc Bolshevists ........... mg acquainted, one hbrary premdent Whatever of sublime expression, of . i ....... , 1 las century, ll; Will (1o more gool ..... p., , . a Squire of ancmntltentiary at Sing Sing, N. Y. He was Dur:ng rne las rew says we nave .............. Iwas remcan o rose, unui urges re strildng imagery, of pregnant force- , . ,  .. ..... I ulan %fie lan%ous live munon oonar , . .. , . ..... [ of the Manor of invited by the warden to address tile oeen uetugea wlrn requests o tln'ow l ......... cto so Dy ne memDers o nls sall, rle fulness is found in his other literary (If'lYe, or mos] otnel civic or rehglOUS ] . ,, , lptonshire and fp:isoners, and he ,lid so at length a few more bricks after the fleeing{ ............... irose and said: Im John J. Mahoney, work ,is also found in his sermons-- tire. He is also a JAptly ' he 'said:-- gang o ..... nim-nam wanoucs" '" WhO" were[even" .............. xne om utcneu crowu, ulel resioenr oxum 'UDIc '-lvra- but a higher degree The conscious, .... Old stra(ners ann sallel's, tne crowtl reig Sacred Mill- J Don t be a quitter. We have all guilty of the dgraceful episode m I ............ ry, one of those persons Miss Ahem ness of his priesthood was at all times . WhO place nelr pont.its and SOClet ' e " he his John of Jerusalem lquit at some time in our lices, but if. New York last week. And yet, t s ............... lambasted a few mommts ago. S ' doniinant characteristic, and, be- the most ex-  . laHalrs Deore nelr religion, lne barn- " we have been quitters that does not hardly worth while. The Archbmhop olic A P A's and Bolshevists are ttrue to her race, arose and said: canse it is as a prie'st alone that he one of the most an- say that we must remain quitters. Do and several others have booted this : " " ' l"When I heard your name I was not speaks here, we find an unaffected ex- ......... now placed on record. Let Catholiclsu r ,is" at wha" ou sat" now I -Orders of Chivalry, not look backward, men, but if you crows areunn so much ula, aey nave ...... I p'.ea  y ' (, pression of his priestly soul. ............. r- orgamzaons an teauers preserve th " "'r "" " ne " " n f which must show have quit get up and go on again, for ms tner ,our-quart hats, ne,r na a-  .......... Ipropose ar tu . z, ano yoe give With all the beauty and literary .... na nay o names, an ee na no k" an e s i i quality of his sermons, he never i. e., all his six- you will find that happiness awaits the boiled shn'ts are chsfigured, their col- . la come bac , d h wa . In a fel c - mrents must man who can carry on even after he lars hang by one button, and the tails Cathohc movement s hand]capped bY ltou s manner he told of the duties of a strains after effect; from first to last the presence of one of the ShamelesJ rank, or, as the has quit So don't be a quitter and of their long coats have been cut off. president of a hbrary board, and of his whole concern is to send home the armigerous--for stay a quitter, but when you have Flying for all they are wo,h, trying Sixty." the policy-adopted in one library. He sacred truth with which he is charged. of nobility are not left the right road for a while just to duck missles of an indignant pub- There Are Others. injected spice into the meeting, and These are truly master sermons--set- as nobility of rank. get back on it again and you will find lic, some tripping and sprawling as We do not want to be misinter- won for himself the appelation of mons that are, above all, practicaland few present that the real happiness and peace of tlley try to get around the corner, plted in the above All those so-call- "the perfect trustee." The acquaint- forceful. They embody the keen analy- show a clear six- mind in life comes to all who will they have lost everything--every- ed Catholics who We Should beware ance, jocularly begun, began to ripen, sis of the human heart, the wealth of '.The Knights of Mal- !cling to God and trust in His mercy, thing but their character, intelligence of are not among the sixty signers, and later in the course of a private knowledge, the fecundity of ideas, and Catholic body, and self-respect, which most of them Brooklyn was not sufficiently repre- conversation "the perfect trustee" the richness of imagination that made Holy Father who' Mr. Gilbert K. Chesterton, never possessed. It is hardly neees- seated. Here we also have a ce,ain probed the Celtic sounding person to the name of Canon Sheehan known gs in the according to the Catholic Transcript one of their num- of Hartford, Conn., wmlds.a mighty [ sary to waste any more ammunition set who, to rve their own selfish or her soul's depths. "Was she a Catho- throughout the on this gentry, and besides our sup- political ends, misreplesent or dis- lic?" "To any one else, I would re- Canon _-Sheehan's _Sermons, _See, as Royalty, and i pen. He is a good friend, but a terri- ! lfy of adjectives--already diminish- grace the Church by unfairly criticiz- ply, I am, but knowing you are one, cloth, $3.00 net.--Bookery. at the Vat- i ble enemy. Sometimes'he is an enemy ling in the face of a terrible demand-- ing the c:ergy, trying to put the head I must say I am not practical," was I M. A.,is their only to prove his friendship. Nobody might run short. It is on occasions or heads of the diocese "in a hole," her retort. At the luncheon tablet] IRELAND'S IDEAL and by undermining the di'seipline and when all others were feasting on the like this that you recognize the inad- ,lain" in England, lcan accuse him of hating his native I eat sons are at land. He is a patriot. His patriotism llequacy of the English dictionary, and unity that shouht exist in our rnks, material things, they were dwelling[ The following ideals set up by the Christ Church, !is wholesome. He loves England, but These cheap critics have erred morelupon the spiritual, and when the Cel-Iwrld and the war aims of the battling [ , r Elwes was before I he hates England s faults, thus he en- I at the same time regret that this is a than once, but we ether tolerate them tic sounding lady was called upon for'] nations give reason to Ireland to ex- !ters this excruciating indictment: ! religious paper. Grand-Stand Frauds. ]or forget them; the public affair in a talk she told her assembl'ed hearers pect her emancipation from a long Elwes. IEngland's whole history in Ireland Who are the "shameless sixty" who lNew York shouhl make us more care- that she had gotten something from oppression. The foP-owing are the s is also of ancient has been a vulgar hatred of the Cru- wrote the infamous letter of protestful, this meeting she had not gotten from aims, and the dates on which they of the Earl of cifix, expressed by a crucifixion..Com- to he Archbishop? The vast major,-I l,e us cast expediency and discre- any other, and later she confided to a were is'sued: of the Holy I ing f,:om an Englishman, th words v of them are simply grand-stand lion to tile winds for a while and keep librarian, that she was "coming back (1) That th military power of as a peer of are sufficiently strong. The arrange- frauds, society profiteers, silk-stock-:awake. Forgive, but ,lo not forget, to the Mountain to sit down with her no nation or groop of nations shall be She is also a ment is complete. England may enjoy in parasitcs asinine high-brows, con- those who disgrace their faith. Let us soul." pe*Taitted to determine the fortunes Catholic Wom-lthe role of crucifier, but Ireland finds ceited toad;es, disloyal "Cawtholics," teach the sham Catholicsto bware. There were many things of soul in- of people over whom they have no in England, it rather unpleasant to be continually]n d colossal , They pratt R. 0- E. terest besides Miss Ahern's expert- right to rule except the right of in the open-airlcrucified"' of their superior breed, and yet their IAttle Rock. Dec. 14. ences, the negro problem had its mis- force.--(Amer[can Declarat!oh of war lectures given to ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY sionary aspect, and interesting were aims.} in Hyde Park, I GROWS. UNDER THE HOLLY BOUGH ]case is the universal Church The word the accounts given by those who have (2) To see that every people in "Catholic" as applied to the Church, been facing the problem successfully, the world shall choose its own mast- Elwes holds apo- By Charles Macky. has always implied union With others At the Book Round Table when the era and govern its own destinies, not in England. His St. Vincent's Infirmary, with its in a universal society different librarians, were called upon as we wish, but as it wishes."--Presi- .' is of the type [thirty-two years of ministrations to Ye ho have scorned cach other, I After a time members of the Church for personal impressions of recent dent Willson at Versailles conference s. His power lies the people of Little Rock and Arkan- Or injured friend or brother, (3) henation whoa stmggle to "Tmata:ntheeight fire" sas has out-grown its present quarters in this fast fading year; ,eased to ca'l themselves simply books the spiritual note of Philip behind the i and the Sisters of Charity of Naza- Ye who. by word or deed, Christians, and began to call them- Gibbs, "Now It Can Be Tohl," was la t : sing what he feels, lin mere vocal dis- reth are now obliged to increase the Have made akind heart bleed-- selves Catholics to distinguish them- emphasized, the case of "Opal White- regain her liberty has been the longest ly" was pleaded--the little girl who of any in Europe--to complete self- in Oratorio or roonl area. They contempla,e the erec- Come gather here. selves from heretics and schismatics; -, ltin of a fully equipped Nurses Home, but the Church as a body was not so was denied the library shelves of one determination. ( Resolution of In- to the big nlngs . , Let 'sinned aga:n.t and sinning institution because she was "deadly ternational Congress of Women's As- remodelhng the prescnt nurses de- Fob'get their strife's beginning, called in order to distinguish her from linentenus' when "the fault was not sociation at Zurich.) Passion, .Betho- " Iartment into rooms for private pa- sectarian bodies If this had been the [with the child, who could hear a Glo- (4) To realize the expression of and the like .... And join in friendship now-; ,, lens ,, ,, ,, in the fine work ' Be links no longer broken, purpose the word Apostolic would ria in Exeelsis or a Sanctus in the "Its s,mpaty with the expressions cm';IRISH EISItOPS' SUGGESTIONS Be sweet fo:iveness spoken have been adopted The word "Cath- forests, when home conditions in her of the Irish people for a gove,aent Under the holly bough, olic" was adopted as expressing the family of adoption, became unbeara- of their own choice." (Adopted by FIND FAVOR IN ENGLAND Ye who have loved each other, most striking difference between the bit, but with the librarian who the Senate of the United States on g first, last and all Old Law and the New, the former brought nothing,to the book. vote of 60 to 1.) .He looks upon hs! (Continued from Page 1} " S;rter and friend and brother, I having been national and the latter mission to the:believe there will be a general re- In this fast fading year; (5) To uphold the truth that "The Mother and sie and child, universal, as well as between the I The "Heritage of Henry Adams" and above all sponse, Church of Christ and the religions lithe Democratic Dogma" to see what the interest ef the strongest."(Dec- To hear him [ Archbishop Mannix Man of Peace. Young man and maiden mild, wa lifted from the "Degradation of interest of the weakest is a sacred as ff faith of the dy- there is another side of this ques- Come, gather here, [Pagan world Before our Lord came, light it could.bring upon the muclllaratin of American war ims.) assist at a relig- tion that should not be overlooked, and And let your hearts grow fender, all religions were national. They were Idi'cu'ssed Adams family, and the chap-] (6} To insure that nations shall just introduced that is the presence of Archbishop As memory shall ponder like languages, each the possession of lter s revealed why "Henry Adams,, i not be bartered "as if they were chat- of new pieces in- Mannix in this country. The Arch- Each past unbroken vow; a particular race. The claim of the would not be "educated." His grand- tels or pawns in a game---even the series bishop has woefully disappointed the Old loves and younger wooing Church to be Catholic struck educated .father, John Quincy" Adams, felt that I great game now forever discreditea 0 "  Davies of expectations of his enemies, and the Are sweet in the renewing, pagans like Celsus as absurd, and the world could be revolutionized of the Balance of P wer. l'emd.nt Uvdr the ho'ly bough small wonder. Should we not regard through science, and when his theory Wilson's address to Congress, Feb- Ieynell, Francis l organs of the press most bitterly hos- Leslie. The fa- tile to him have failed absolutely in Ve who have nurished sadness, i as did Celsus if a dozen school would not stand the test of practice, ruary,-1918.} of the lat- securing so much as a single phrase Estranged from hope and gladness, teachers proclaimed themselves sent he lost faith in God. Through science (7) To insure that "Govemrnent Religious art as.or word they might use against the In this fast fading year; to supersede all the school systems in alone, he felt the world would reach of the people, for the people, by the of the Tern- Archbishop. Ye with o'er burdened mind the world today, and to institute a and sung by "I have not," his Grace said at a Made aliens from your kind-- new and wQrld-wide school system in the ideal state of perfection, but sci- people shall not vanish frm the reception tendered to him at Harro- Come, gather here. tilei- stead? The Apostles undertook ence was not enough, and neither was earth," and that "the world shall be gate, "made a personal complaint Let not the useless sorrow' much more than this, for our school the faith of John Quincy Adams. made safe for democracy."Lineoln's canst not sad-* since I set foot in England." Not only Pursue your night and morrow, systems are of recent origin, whereas Henry Adams' main object in li.fewas and Wilson's declarations on behalf is this true in every detail, but Arch- If e'er you hoped, hope now-- the national religions of that time had education. He pursued it in vain, he of A, meric&) lore loss bishop Mannix has declared time after Take heart, uncloud your faces, their roots in immemorial antiquity as too, lost faith in God, and so they (8) To uphold the declaration o Jacob's lad- time, when speaking in public, that &nd join in our embraces, well as the protection of civil law. both had to acknowledge that failure Ind.endence: In the name of the he is a man of peace and that his Under the holly bough. Celsus did not know that the Apostles in their own lives that saddens the Irish people, we humbly commit our were endowed with divine power, and minds and hearts of those who have desti.ny to Almighty God, who gave and mission--if he can be said to have a mission in England--is to promote THE WORD "CATHOLIC." in the absence of this knowledge, his been following the careers of the earl- our fathers the courage and determ'n- ous Adamses through the volumes alien to preserve thru long centuries position was perfectly logical. Noth- harmony and not hatred. The word "Catholic" is not found in ing in St. Paul's teaching was more which have come recently from the of a ruthless tyranny,-and strong in my daugh- Bishops Speak in Unison. the New Testament, though the uni- astonishing to the men of his day than press, the justice of that cause which they have 'handed down to u, we ask His One thought alone emerges from all versality expressed by this word is his frequent announcement that in re- The South Sea Islands books divine blessings on this the last stage by the hems; 'these considerations, and that is that there plain enough. It was in' use ligion there was to be no longer any brought atmosphere to the Round Ta- of the struggle, which we have pled- on the water 'he Irish. Bishops, whether in Ireland I or overseas, speak as with one voice among the people before the death of distinction of Jew and Gentile, of ble. Maughan s "The Moon and Six- ed ourselves to carry th:u to freedom.' the Apostle St. John. St. Ignatius qrcek and Scythian. Wry, they prob- pence," "Noa Non," and later titles (Declaration of the Duly Elected /in the interests of peace; that their Barry, t efforts are being directed towards Martyr was a disciple of St. John, and ably said among themselvesthose were discussed and the librarians were Representatives of Ireland, January he uses the expression, "The Catholic who had not the gift of faith,this asked not to form a "polly animus" 21, 1919.) f the American]building up and not destroying, and Church," in one of his letters. Chris- man Will tell us next that we are against them. grave-yard of from this it will be but a short transi- tians was at first the name applied going to have one universal language Bojer, "The Great Hunger," One cannot run away from his con '- Fourth tion to the popular mind grasping the to individual disciples but to indicate instead of the many languages we prompted a good story. One reader de- science. At least that is the press on his fact that it has never known the truth the corporate body of which the dis- now speak! Out of this astonishing scribed its effect up his as similar to opinion of a recent suicide. It seems about Ireland. When that moment ar- ciples were members, another word novelty of a Church of humanity came he experience of a man who has been the departed gentleman three years and sol- rives Ireland will no more be a prey was needed, and the term, "Catholic the use of the word "Catholic" both playing poker all night, a losing game, a.o killed a man with h% automobile of the in the hands of the politicians. Church" was adopted. In the fourth as a word to express it and as  and finally about four in the morning .The coroner's jury exonerated h;m with respect century St. Pacian expressed this very proffer name to designate it.Regis- when he is trying to recoup his losses then. If the supposition be well found rest the re- Even if a" woman doesn't get the neatly by saying: Christian is my ter-Extension, he takes a turn for the worst. was born right kin.of a husband she thinks it (individRal) .a; tholic is my The meetipg had its social, its men- eel, his conscience was not so lenient :][r41ad, i bettr"'h being left. ' family name. The "family" in this PAT_0NIZE OU'R  ADVERTISERS tal and its spiritual aspects and it PATRONIZE . OUR .... proved a delightful experience to those who were privileged to attend. C.