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December 17, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1982

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Editorial Today, there is much criticism of teachers -- teachers at all levels -- primary, secondary and college. Some of the criticism is undoubtedly just, but it must also be remembered that there are many excellent teachers -- those who seem "born, not made." A major weakness has been in some teachers' colleges. Students are accepted into some.of these institutions without any serious sifting of their ability as shown by their grades in high school. Then in the colleges, the emphasis too often has been on methodology, rather than : on the necessary subject matter. Unfortunately, the economic situation tends to make the advanced degree "all important" as shown by the number of teachers who go on to obtain their master's degree. Too many school boards automatically give a higher salaryto the teacher with a master's degree, rather than truly evaluating the ability of the teacher. If in all teacher-training institutions greater emphasis were placed on the selectivity of candidates for degrees, combined with much greater emphasis on the necessary subject matter, rather than merely on methodology , there would be a vast improvement in the schools. The Advocat6 Archdiocese of Newark, N.J. Pastoral Musings A Mother's Plea TODAY, WE are living in dread of the atomic bomb destroying us and our nation, indeed the world. However, this bomb may not be imminent and may not be necessary, because we are destroying ourselves, especially our young people, with the bomb of drugs. A ninth-grade girl (undergoing treatment) was quoted in a newspaper saying: "Drugs are all over. You can get them just walking down the street." The catechism teaches us there are four sins crying to heaven for vengeance. A fifth should be added, and that is "adults making drugs available to our youngsters." A MOTHER, Mrs. Ned Kellner of Thien- sville, Wise., writes the following: "In Loving Memory of Larry-- Victim of Marijuana." "This is written in loving memory of our son Larry, who was born Nov. 8, 1950, jn Fort Washington, Wise. Larry grew up with two brothers and two sisters - a handsome, happy-go lucky kid, in the lovely little village of Thiensville, Wise. In early January, 1971, one night Larry broke down and cried, complaining that there was something wrong with his head. He pleaded with us to help him. We then learned that he had been smoking marijuana for some time. We were very concerned that he had suffered permanent damage. Only time would tell and our anxiety presisted. "We tried in every way we knew to help him. Twice we had him hospitalized because of the threat of his taking his life. Larry tried so hard to help himself, but he was powerless to bring about any change. He seemed to know this. It was sheer agony for us parents to see our son confused and suffering and come to realize that there was no help for his tragic condition. He seemed to know this also. "DUE TO the mental depression caused by drugs -- mainly 'pot" - our son took his own life April 3, 1974, at the age of 23. On that day, he left a book, 'Dear and Glorious Physician' by Taylor Caldwell, on the kitchen table. We had discussed the book sometime previously, a novel about St. Luke and God as the Divine Physician. Larry seemed to believe that only the Divine Physician could help him. After Larry's death, we learned that from January 1, 1974, through April 3, 1974 (three months), in our northwest metropolitan area, nine young persons between the ages of 16 and 24 years had committed suicide as a result of the use of drugs." How harmful is "pot?" The Senate Sub- committee on Internal Security sought an answer to this question in 1974. The devastating effects of the use of "pot" as discovered by this committee is expressed in the Congressional Record as follows: "No young person wants to run the danger of By Msgr. John B. Scheper permanent brain damage. No young male wants his male hormone level reduced by almost 50 per cent, or his sperm count reduced to zero. No young person wants to damage his or her cellular processes and chromosomes, thus opening the way to ab- normal offspring or genetic mutations." Dr. Hardin B. Jones, Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at the University of California in Berkeley, told the Sub- committee: "As an expert in human radiation effects...chromosome damage...even in those who use cannabis (marijuana) moderately, is roughly the same type and degree of damage as in persons surviving atom bombing with a heavy level of radiation exposure -- approximately 150 roentgens. The implications are the same." THE FIRST atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The atom bomb being dropped in the United States is marijuana. Where are the protestors against the use of this bomb which threatens the wholesale destruction of our youth by marijuana radiation? What is the answer? Let Dottie Kellner respond to this question: "As a wife of 31 years, a mother of five and a grandmother of three, I would like to suggest that the creative thinking we need today is a 'return to God.' Young people desperately need Him. They need a deep religious faith and the personal discipline that comes with it." Such a faith will combat the despairing results of widespread hedonism. The constant pursuit of self-gratification and pleasure is an effort to fill the vacuum created by an absence of God in their lives. Their search for happiness leads them away from "the way, the truth, and the life" -- Jesus Christ - and to damaged lives of self- destruction. OUR COUNTRY was founded "one nation UNDER GOD." If we have faith in Him, we come to the realization that now, as never before, we need His help in stopping the epidemic self-destruction of our youth. Drugs not only destroy the body, but the mind, the spirit and, ultimately, perhaps the soul. We must ask God to help us. Remember: "Nothing is impossible with God." We must act now and in a way to insure results. Will you join our living memorial to Larry? "Tell it like it is" everywhere you go. You as an individual are important. You can turn this terrible, destructive force -- the use of. marijuana -- around. Reach out today to save our youth. (Part of this article was adapted from the Editorial in "Catholic Quote" -- August, 1982. ) [ I JI]0MI W'| :By Father Jerome godell, [  1 " Subiao, Ark. li!: .................................. ........ J 7 Question: - I seem torecail hearing Somewhere that being a godparent to a person at baptism raised an impediment to marriage between the two people. Is there anything to that? A. -- According to Canon 768 of the present Code, both the minister of baptism and the sponsor contract a spiritual relationship with the person being baptized. This spiritual relationship does involve an impediment to marriage which, if not dispensed, would in- validate a marriage between the minister or sponsor and the person being baptized. There is no such impediment connected with Confirmation. Question: Why is the palm and not some other plant or flower used to glorify Christ after his resurrection? A. - The palm is used because it was an ancient decoration for military victory and because of its mention as a symbol of Christian victory in Revelation 7: 9. Question: -- Two linen cloths in John 20: 3-7 concerning the Shroud completely covered the bodY, was it necessary for the Sacred covered separately and what the impression left on the Shroud? A. -- The use of a separate wra head besides the. shroud for the was a custom of the time. The Shroud shows evidence of this separate  wrapping. Question: -- Can those who are those who donate their bodies to a Mass of Resurrection? A. - Yes. There is provision for recent instructions on the Catholic Father Jerome invlt from Guardian st Questions should be addressed Rev. Jerome Kedell, O.S.B., Subiaco, Ark. 72865 Letters to the Editor The Guardian welcomes letters to the editor. Letter writers should strive to be and accurate. A letter must bear the writer's signature, but the writer's name withheld from publication on request. Letters will be edited to conform to requirements and standards of good taste. The Likes Return Likes Articles Dear Editor: Dear Editor: Thank you for being responsive to those who expressed a desire for a return to The Guardian of the columns and features that teach and edify. Seeing them again was rather like seeing an old and cherished friend. The "Know Your Faith" presentation of "Christmas is a Season" by Gabe Huck (12-3-82), for example, is for reading and re-reading and meditating; for gaining fresh insights into the meaning and reason for the season and for renewed gratitude for our church. Have always enjoyed reading The dian, especially articles pertaining to life and food production. There are parishioners throughout the state who are directly or indirectly in agriculture. the critical necessities in our wise use of our natural resources land and water. These are needed food and fiber for our country and tries throughout the world. This generation and future generations. Deloris Soucy Fort Smith Jim Asks Help Dear Editor: First, let me greet you in the most precious name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a young girl and an orphan. I have three brothers and two sisters. We are six in all. We are living with our old grandfather who is now very much invalid because of leprosy. His eyes are red and sore due to his sickness, so we are living in poverty. I cannot buy my school things and some- times, even though we are hungry, we cannot buy something to eat. Please, I am knocking at your heart for mercy. I am begging for your kind help so that I can buy my pad paper and other things to use in school and also to buy something to eat for my brothers and sisters and for my sick grandfather. My grandfather is suffering much due to leprosy. He needs help, also. Please have pity. I am begging for any kind of help, especially for our education, used clothing, blankets and a little amount to buy our foods and medicine for our grandfather. How I wish to hear from you soon. I'm thanking you in advance and in return, we will pray for your good intentions in life. Our prayers will be all yours always every night before we sleep. Goodbye and God bless you. 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