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December 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1927

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Page Twenty-Eight THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 17, 1927 / cape, but it eventually to be Iplain that all the disturbed portions ealne i _ !~ used as one of the means of putting,I of the country are, at present, par- i ~ ...................... ' : 7"i]to death prisoners whom the govern-] ............. 4 6 ~ } , ~ , ....... . , / c~}le(1 ou~ among inllltary enleis, all i I * / [ men~ wan~eu ~o mu, out agamst, ,/~1 I" 11[ l ~]l ~ ~ " ] whom it had no chary, justifying/ of them friends of Callcs for the mo- J Inn iron rlanu in lvleXleO., i [i , .. ,~. " :,g "'. "' tment and all of them busy feather- T ' l i l e.:ectmon, lne marKeo man was i , . I ing their nests by murders, blackmail - ~ By FRANCIS McCULLAGH ~ ~: [rumply arrested, taken to a lonely ~" - " [ ~ ~ ~] spot and there killed, a statement l and terrorism.) There was no trml, i I T. I | ..... , .... ees Inn investigation of any kind, and the =. : z : : : : : : --: : : : : : z : : : : ~-" -I oelng ail~erwarcl given ouL li ne .- " I prisoner, who was charged with be- [ [ [sary, to the effect that he had been" ' ~ ................................................................. -el "shot while t-~ ........... l longing to the League for the De- . | " rymg ~o escape. (This is the second artmle by Cap- tracted special attention because of] In the time of Diaz, this law was fense of Rehgmus Liberty, was not . , 'allowed to make a statement or to rain McCullagh, the internationally the d~sappearance of Father Urfl)e vmlently denounced in the Unfed " . . ]communiCate with any of his blends known coresPondent who recently re- and of the great veneration in which States. Why is it not denounced now,,.~ -" :- J- ..... n;t turned from Mexico. The article ap- he was held by the people. Having when it is far more extensively prac-:bonsequen~ly, ~nose ~tmnus wme pears in The Commonweal, New heard of the incident, some of his ticed? Do our grea~ philanthropic surprised when ~he next thing they York, for November 23.) !friends from Bona Vista went to the and humanitarian associations only heard of him was that he had been wood and fomfd there the dead body denounce wTong when it is practiced "shot while attempting to escape." Soon afterwards General Bartolo In my last article I recounted sev- eral murders that were committed in Mexico by the present dictator of Lhat country. Pre$ident Calles. This ~veek I shall give others. One of the most moving is the ex- tremely well authenticated case of Father Uribe, who was murdered near Cuernavaca, ,at about the same spot where the unfortunate General Francisco Serrano was assassinated ~so very recently by the order of Pres- ident Calles. Father Uribe was a priest 35 years of age, and his life was so exemplary that he was regarded as a saint. He is now regarded as a mavcyr, not without reason, as the reader will soon see for himself. When a young man at the seminary, he had led such a saintly life that he was ordained :at the age of 25, and soon made par- ish priest of Iguala. When Calles began hostilities against the Church in 1926, Faffner Uribe refused to reg- ister, and had therefore to leave his parish, his comfortable house, his books and his friends i~nd to go into hiding. On March 27, 1927, he hap- pened to be in the same ~own of Bona V~sta, near Iguala, where he heard ~;hat one of his par.ishioners in Iguala lay dying, and was extremely anxious o see him. He therefore returned bo Iguala by train, in civil'dress, of coarse, but as ill luck would have it, he met on the train a Callista offi- cial wltom he knew and who knew him--GenerM ~astrajon. The General, one feeis, m~ght have had the courtesy bo leave common police work to the police, but as he is not wade that way, he approached Father Uribe and asked him severely why he had not registered. The priest explained. The General, was not satisfied, and assured Father Uribe that if he did register he would be appointed bishop, When the priest still refused the General lost his temper and told him to consider himself under arrest. The pi~isoner was afterward taken to Cuernavaca and confined, there in the common jail. Whole Procedure Illegal I might pause here again to remind the reader that all this procedure was illegal, even accord/ing to Calles' own laws. A warrant should first have been taken out in due form, and, ~vhen arrested, he priest should have been sent to the federal capital. But. as I have pointed out in my former paper on this unhappy country, con- stant violation of its own laws--~hen such violation is materially advantag- eous--,is a leading characteristic of the" Calles regime. Calles' pat'h to the dictatorship, which he now holds, is paved with breaches of the the'o- retically sacrosanct Queretaro Con- ~svitutio~. Now in Cuernavaca there was an- other General who, in the free-and- easy way that Mexican generals have, used to commandeer privatemotor- cars in which to CaXTy his numerous prisone~ to and fro. One of the cars ,'~ ~ th~s commandeered belonged to a ~omaa ~h0~ chauffeur and secre- Sar &,a~e the following evidence, ,conitmed on oath. In deference to ~he ~exltve~ed wishes of my infor- I certain from giv,lng their ,namlN~ night, according to these affi- davits, a sergeant commandeered the ~ar as usual, and had it b~ought around to the jail whex'e four sol- diers, armod with rifles, got into it. Wfth~tlm soldiers was a prisoner in civilian dress. A~ting on instruct,:ons fr~n~ his employer, the secretary always went with the car on these outings so that he could see that it was not stolen outright. The sergeant directed the chauffeur to drive to a lonely wood on the outskirts of the to~wn, and hav- ing reached this wood, the soldiers .got out, bringing the prisoner with them. The sergeant, who rema,ined "in the car with the other two, seem- :vd in high good humor, but he did not say a word about the mission on which he had come. of the priest, who had been killed by the bullets from Mexican service ri- fles. They brought back the body to Bona Vista and interred it in the cemetery there; but the general opin- ion is ~hat ,it will ye~ rest under an altar, since Father Uribe was certain- ly a martyr whose canonization is only a matter of time. He Has Letter Which Will Aid Canonization On the night before h:s death he was able to send from prison an ex- traordinarily touching letter, in which he said he was to die on the morrow, but that he forgave all his renem]es and prayed for them. This letter, of which I possess a copy, will probably be one of the documents taken into consideration when the process of this brave priest's canon- ization is begun at Rome. The official accoun~ of his murder consists of five words--"Shot while attempting ~o escape" five words which have been made to covet' sev- eral ~housand murders committed by policemen or soldiers during the pasb year. Thls system of official murder is so old and so well-established in Mexico that it has acquired for itself a special name "the ley fuga," or "flight law." "Like lynch law," Callcs might re- ply. Yes. like lynch law, but lynch law is no~ administered by Judges of the Supreme Court in ~his country or by Magistrates, or military officers, whereas the "ley fuga" is practised very extensively in Mexico by Gen- erals in the army and by high civil officials in the government. It is said ot haveoriginated in an order of Por- firio Diaz that his police might shoot .any prisoner who attempted to es- by conservative and Catholic govern- ments, never when it is practiced by communist and anti-Catholic govern- merits? By whomever it is practiced of course, it m wrong. The "ley fuga" is now so well es- tablished an institution in Mexico that the censorship makes no objec- tion to the newspapers nonchalantly chronicling instances of its applica- tion ahnost every day. I shall take a typical case from the Universal of June 27. It occurred on June 26, and I give it because I happened to be in Mexico City at the time and clipped ~t out of the paper. Senor Edward Fernandez de' Lard, a landowner of Tlaxcala, near Api- zaco, was arrested without a warrant by Gefieral Bartolo Rodriguez, who is chief of the Tlaxcala section of military Rodriguez concocted and gave out an official statement o the effect that de Lara had "confessed his crime," and said that "in Acocot'ia and other ~-t.+++++.M.+-t~+++-M-+-t-H" Compliments of MORRILTON. ARK. operations. (I should ex-, .......................... WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM ESTES BUICK C0. DR. J. H. ESTES, Owner Phones 5197--5198 Third at Spring, Little Rock, Ark. Berkmeyer Motor Co. AUTHORIZED STAR DEALERS J. M. TAYLOR, Vice-Pres. F. O. POYNOR, Active Vice-Pres. R. A. MORGAN, President W. E. KING, Cashier KING BASHAM, Asst. Cashier Accessories, Tires, Tubes, Etc. USED CARS EXPERT MECHANICAL SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OF CARS MORRILTON, ARK. THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve System Capital $60,000.00 Surplus $9,800.00 CLARKSVILLE, ARK. 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They got into the car and drove back, and the sergeant, gay as ever, thought the in~iden~c had ended. But he was mistaken, for though waeh assassina- :tions took place nightly, this one at- Service Worth While PARIS, ARK. IitllllUllIlln~llllSU~$nl~|lil~l~$1ll|FINll~$1[fl~l~ PHONES: ACADEMY 8965, CONVENT 8366 / places there were hidden stores of arms which he would be glad to hand over to the authorities." The Gen- eral added: "He was conducted, un- der escort, to Acocotia in order to find those arms, but attempted to escape on the way and was shot.'~ The Catholic Youth of Mexico I mentioned in my last-article the illegal persecution to which all Cath- olic associations in Mexico are being subjected. One of these associations is the Society of Catholic Youth, a counterpart of the famous French or- ganization known as La Jeunesse Catholique. which has done such ex- eellent work in France It consisted mostly of youngl both young men and young and all of them whom I well educated, weli behaved'~ pus, with high ideals of of conduct and of social der a civilized administration society could do infinite under an uncivilized, corrupt and half-savage that of Calles, its very a reproach, consequently it pressed with a ruthlessness cited curiously little (Continued on page 3~:) Compliments of WILL C. GREENWOOD Lincoln Ford*o~ Cars---Truck Tractors PARIS, ARKANSAS ii]11----- ..i| " t Compliments of ,' THE FIRST NATIONAL BANg OF MORRILTON MORRILTON, ARK. J. J. Smith, Pres. W. B. Rhyne, Vice-Pres. Frank Struwe, Vice-Pres. B. C. Reed, Cashier Chas. F. Wahl, Asst. Walter C. Maxey ,Asst. 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