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December 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 17, 1927 Page Twenty-Seven 2 ~uFrln~Eul!l,!ml1~mt!~Jsp,lilli~ll~nl:l',:ml :il::lti:!!Jml:li~l,i,~mllli:ll~ll~ animal, and full of joy I put him on I Once more night came, amt slowly shepherd's hut I found myself again, tcrackting of the fire broke th.o si- eled him. But soou l was to see thatlfrom any human being, high up in had come to save my If're at t.he risk ....... m my shoulders after I had disembow-lhorror stole nearer to me. Alone, far surrounded by my companions who lence. ~ .. { ~'qi~in the faint light of dusk it was dan-lthe rocks, amid stone and me, with- of their own. ! SHE HADN'T FOUND IT TttE CHAMOIS-HUNTER I : gerous to risk the diseent. So lwaslout fire, without light [ l "Never before had l heard thel lwell content when I found a charcoal[ The Dawn of Christmas. IChristmas bells of my native vfilageJ From the Nashville Journal i Christmas Story of the IV J[ I ~ burner's .... hut and knew I emht pass] "But ~ , 'I'here " " ~1 r~,.ro] people who have grown uplsound .o lo, ely as on the da:v I re- was a tnmd knock at the ]the night there and return in theJin the mountains can stand a lot, and]turned home, and mnid the congrega-Idoor. "If you please, Mnd lady," By l)r. FredericdFunder, - T4, ~~ early hours of the morning ,. *. .... " ,, , " [ ' [so I sum lved thls mght too, and also hen, surrounded by my dear ones,[said the beggar, Ire lost my right A Terrible Awakening. Ithe next (lay which frustrated every knelt before the carved Crib, hke one ]leg-- (Written for N. C. W. C. News Service Christmas Supp] } ~ ~ ' " ? ~ "i was tired, and wrapped in my[attempt of mine to escape from my [of the shepherds who at Bethlehem "Well, it ain't here," retorted the overcoat I soon fell asleep. It may]prison. On the third night I thought]knelt to adore the Divine Chiht." Jwoman of the house as she slammed ' ~ have been about midnight when a[that the cave I was in would become] The old man ceased and only the the door. ~I~|~]~$~m~iilIi~n~l~Ni~n~r~IM~N~jl2'~u~IINi~l~I~[!h~N~!~IIII~uiI[~mII~uiI~I~w~1~II~l~ [ terrible uproar awakened me. Re- | my grave. At times my mind wan- [ echeing from the rocks, as if eoming]dered. The next day was Christmas n. ~. he rector of Hmterrms. lqulte a distance And there it hal)- der was rolling. It was a thunder-lmy wife and children assembled round l | ~ "|]" tX ~A[ . * l P /'Ill 17" 1 | ~t~aY In the loneliness of thelpened, in the week before Christmas. storm in December, a very rare oc-lthe Christmas tree and myself amongl I DUlmm iuamna,s oI _at, runes ! hplns, between the stone giants[It was a December day of extraor- currenee in this part of the country,[them. Then I was brought back toll | (h~is~?Wendel Range he dwells[dinary mildness and only on the high- caused by the extraordinary warm[the horrible reality. Evidently I was[[ ~ " ~ , a 1-, ~ , | TL"~0 Woodehoppers and hunt-[er summits was there only snow. On teml)erature that had prevailed dur-[drawing near my end; already I felt] ] t, ommon lt rlCK, ~cme race lt~rlCK ,s-~ ,tuSCany seeking him out . may[. the pasture below the slo)ei I had ing the day. One flash of lightning]that my limbs began to freeze. When l I R fi "" " ' ntai. one of three existing started an old chamois buck Ite was was succeeded by another striking[it dawned the wavering fogs betow/] OO ng laster [ en t'[fiasses" This time I had[:,~ ruffled black fellow such as I had the rocl,:s with terrific crash. [me began to disperce, and I saw the [J Cement Line [ . "~ Steepest of these and on nevel seen befo]e, with mtle,s almost ]ii!:b::~:~!~:e!~ddh * I hoo ,,:;,,RILEY FEEl) M G. COMPA I :aaYMba:k' it had rained in tr- I tw spans high" This ld fellw I @~!nid! : i(~, ~i ; : F NY , so terribly thatl,va.tod to bag had left in, ho e, '?h :t c ) ,|0w;'.d_~ce IL.tiad thought Iwouldltbe hnapsack well filled with provi-;;rou*ght a fitdl 2/x l(i ." ....lit n,,uwn.,.,satthewellpreeipice.sheltered % itsi"nSmi,d~fr which I was ....... thankful, for worse, the rocks S.ere as if covered[image of t was[mountain the a|l Merciful was ~"~ I ! Phone 1021 '. i -~wner~, * -.~ ~ t tal ...... c t~o dass before I with glass. A single step on the slip-~ing on the wood--wouht He not be/I ~ | the f~._u s. tent. Between myseit could come back. It was a day of pery stone might hurl me down a ]merciful to me to on the day on which [ | urester whom I had met on ,,lorious ~unshinc l,~(t the lo(k, ~ay, wa~ -~ .... '- ~ .; s " ~ - : ".', precipice. I we celebrate the beautiful festiwd of [U' ~l~,. of t~ u~e open fire m the p,t-Jpeaks rose hiffh over the brown moun- I hol)ed that dt.lmg the day the l ths mercifulness: lhs Incarnahon? 1.~ .......................................................................... i streto? Stone hearth into which I tain meadows, looking like the white ,:un wouht come out and soften the ] Believe me, Doctor, at that hme, i i ng :~:eo our tired feet with alcones of ~g'ar from the larder of a ice but it was again a stormy daylwhile my strength was vanishing. I -- . grateful relaxation. From ]rdant. a~ ha, been the day before.I wasI prayed as I had never prayed from ! ~:~ckerbockers that were soaked 1~ ,, . ' ~ * SpOnge. th~ ~.~ .............. I My chamois huck was peacefully caught, ttad this black buck that was|the bottom of my soul. I i uaM rseifir- ,. ' n .......... the cosy" warmtht"of browsing amidst his family., close u]- l,nl~'" by. my. side,, been sonic," sort. of/ ,a.s in ast'.e' s, mi-con ciouslt, DAlPH Pllfi|llt~ltl g _~H ake a fo ....... Ider the rocky slopes when I first saw ~ devil that he had led me this way~ ness an ' '~ " ~ ~ : R|J'ils-N I~Se~t~Ul~V|~ ~ ~'~l srn0k g, mlxeu wm~ . . ...... ~ .... * s " ] .~ d ,wth one foot on the ~erge ]l ! e frol ......... hm:. But whether it was siml)ly a I fired by gun to ~;:all for help though]of eternity, when I had a vague ira- I i ' -- " ~'. [ t~--. n.~. p,pes. ~exore us,, ' ' I knew that no one hved in this des' FuneralDlrector ~ t)lue fl ..... , , I crow that betrayed my coming, or a and EmbalmersS ! ~s'- ames, slmmereu a (w-t . " """ ' " err of rocks. Only the ectio froln P;~:2mn if~da:t:bltes:nu::sn~tnld ~ul~a~e Yrolese ~. ..... I~tone started from the leoge oy which k - Ul.AI conslSl;lng O1 t . ,, 'bUtter and fl .... ti was approaching ~nem, suddenly a mountains answered nle. I did not my gun. And then slowly came ~ ! y grey.b o,.~ uur. . , , [note of waruing came from one among suffer hunger yet, but Iknew that] nearer the noise of ice-axes striking] ! ~-~T~VTn "r~T "r~'Tw'r:~ a r~,rr ~ x~'c~ A c~ ! ra- e-.ueu compamon nao. I at th~s height I should not Ion- be Y Silent, and ~ ...... I the heard anti a second later the ani-" '." ' . - g [the rock, and the voices approached. ] I 'IINI~ I31~UJJ~ xaxl%lX2-klNi~2-k~ i ed 0"" 'nile l~l]e s~;orln | , . ,, u~si~ .... ]no raged around our rams were. awa.y ann up the rocks. In able to resist the cold weather. It It was like a dream to me when a i i i he Stared ........... Ifollowlng the black buck I soon learn- [ op . s ung around my body a d] I ' I had hardly room to stretch my limbs, r e was 1 n ~ r. ~rfll' ,,,~o uae Ilre, wl~n nlsn . . t,' dei broad shoulders oen~" " ior-" t/ed I had to deal with an exper|enccd which became .stiffer and .stiffer: / l I felt m-selfy g~--'i~'(nng oo~" rn. hi" a ]1 .~l " i'-" _ ep in t ,,,m., ~ ~_~ ~=:....~_ |fellow. I had to cross from range ,.., .............. , " ,ii,im,llllmi',i,lm,l,,minl ,l ,I I, I, ,llm,llImlIl,lm,,iii| I ......... ] 4 .......................................................................... "+ v,eased, - ,., ..... /to range, from gulley to gulley, but ~.A~ A~A! ............. ,-, , ...... , ......... I ancl (ii{l nor, OlsLurD . . frlreali ~.~,~ . ,~. ..... ~never could I get w~thln range. AI- V'~"~'~'v'~'~'~"~"v~-' - ......... - ............'-'-'--'--'-' ~:-- --= = ~eup~ed ...:..~ ~. ,~_ ^,~|ready it was past noon and still we IIIlll~nllll~ill!lnItl~llIIil~fIIIIllIIIl~llllllBilnlllllllIIIlil~lIIllnilIIll ] --------'~'=------- --- = the IIIIIIlU I)J[. LII~ I~1 1.1 | / 1 T~ J ~1 1- ~ t 1~ /went mgner. ~epeatemy ~ tnougn~ " ' ] '~Idenly he r" ' .... [the. old fellow bad disappeared, when HAMMANS Comphments of :,,~, alseo nis neau ano / ' " * i ~ou k ......... ~suddenly ne woum reappear on a rock ,e ,ow .lr n arsp, ze, .-.-..... Meyers-Groom Dry i nnuncu oel~alrn, Doctor " '- ~ l in the distance, as if wanting to make & i Pas .... , (Ion t yOU I ~ "" 'h ~e~l by it toda-, " " [a fool of me. fi~:dI S'lently riodded, he again [ "I had been caught bv ~.he 'buck-~L~LU9 inc. i killglllquiet for a while, then, ]fever,' and SO I ctimbed on. The \ Goods o v i an Undertone, he remark-[early dusk of a December day had 2k t* Com an i ;a&at I )nee I h |set in. Now I wanted to return, but STUTTGART, ARK. S A -TUTTG RT ~' and- ad a bad experience up ~in that very instant the buck was ShOUld I Shall never for,-et~, it e~en, ,[st mdin~t ~ between dwarf-],ines.." in' t]ont'. , ARK. PINE BLUFF , ' to be a hundred years I of me and a moment later ho fell, hit illltlNi[lltnlll~lnlltlIllttilill[ilntlltlnlIli[Ml[iilUltlt,lllN~llL[ltlIl~ I ']'ell*de fin the shoulder blades, from the shot ~'--aI:AAA~a~~'~al I ARK ~~I~I~ ~'~l~'~llr ~" ~" ~r ,_,_, , , , , , , , , ,._, , , , , , , , * Sepp." ~fired from my gun. lie was a capital ii,,,NtftiinltlliltllillIlllmiIillf!illl!l~ltllillti!!lllilil~lllillti ....... '-'- ..... '-' ' '" ' '-.-' , ,-, Story. ]11 . II ' ~s cup with claret from and started. Was thirty years ago, and Imagine that I was a ~e~ow ~ather proud of his prowess At home I had a dear Youngsters who were mY heart, but to go over the on the trail of deer and rny greatest joy. My gun and in my room at '.an still see the Emperor's I Won at Innesbruck in )n With a thousand Tyrol- ,el1. ~te 'l~ikrhaarspitze, you a Specialty. st Second St. Phone 354 onable Guaranteed CITy Fountain in COnnection t, Arkansas II Our Hobby : 120 MAIN STREET are cordially Welcome I}&VIS ~: STRINGER, Props. IJTTGARTI ARK. +++.t.4M-+++4~.+++++++++++++++ DRUGGISTS "SATISFACTION and SERVICE" Telephone 68 PINE BLUFF, ARK. AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE 812-817 Main St. Phone 94 PINE BLUFF, ARK. ~R Compliments of PINE BLUFF, ARK. R. C. JAGGARS J.H. MUSGROVE Pine Bluff Monument Works Manufacturers and Dealers in Marble and Granite Monuments, Iron Fencing, Building Stone and Cemetery Coping Opposite Bel.lwood Cemetery. Telephone 863 PINE BLUFF, ARK. COMPLIMElXITS OF WELLWORTH 5-10-2 c Stores Incorporated Stores at Stuttgart and McGehee, Ark. VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME!! __1 $ a s s 4 s $ a & 6 $ 6 -$ -|- 6--t--6 t--6 -|--& t Compliments of FURNITURE CO. PINEBLUFF, ARK. Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies. Boys taken as day pupils. The course of study includes every branch commonly taught in primary, grammar and high school departments. Vocal, Music Drawing Needlework Vocal, Music, Drawing, Needlework are taught throughout the grades. The De- partment of Music is one of the special features of the Academy. Lessons on piano, and cornet. FOR PARTICULARS ADDRESS SISTERS OF CHARITY PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS Arkansas Soft Pine Royal ,Oak Flooring CROSsETT-WATZEK-GATES INDUSTRIES Forduco Lumber Company, Fordyce, Arkansas; Crossett Lumber Company, Crossett, .~ Arkansas; Jackson Lumber Company, Locknart, Alabama; Crossett Timber & Develop- ment Company, Bastrop, La.; Crossett Western Company, Wauna, Oregon; *Gales .~ Creek ~Lgging Cmpany' Glenwd' regn'FORDYCE, ARKA NSAS ' ~