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December 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 17, 1927 Page Fifteen 0li'] A]-~,ok [The Church does not intend to im-lremarkable,~vork' "The Itouse of the bunal of the Almighty, presents it-lgood works that you offer today =for tion of anyone, though that person 11.1 1IY(~ pose any limit on the mercy of God;[Good God. Therein is a pasage self thereat in a state of serious un-[the salvation of some dear soul, die in apparent impenitence, without --------- i she does not intervene to withhold which I desire to quote for you The jrepented sin, it will be lost forever dead for twenty-years, God ha~ s'~en the last rit s ~n ...... ~ .. . . - . ~ ~ e. of Vhe Church and .~. that has probablyl melcy. Melel3 a~ a matter of dls-!heiome, Frances, is ~sqmeted about ] On the other hand, and equally with-land heard from all eternity. They without the blessin of the riest. e l m print (,'as related[rather' she appeals from 3usOce to]the salvation of a man whom she lout doubt, God can, if He so wishes, lwere presented to Him at the me- Surely that is all ghe more ~ason (olfax regarding Abra-]mercy Merci yas a matter of dis- t dearly loves. She seeks (he advice in those last moments work mar~celslment when your fliend, erhaps a ~h ou should ~edouble om L. I " ,," ,. ,. .... , " " . .... " . P i 'Y Y " " Y " l.~, otWas during, the dark]cqflme,, s ', to .... avoid scandal and. . . to re-[o. . a pliest who, tetales to her. the[on the soul by mspnung it with the[ great stoner, came to die and 'have l prayers and good works, being as- ,: n the evemng of a [.lmenmrol ~)r a ~lcKeo Jlle,]story of a ~ox~n that was practlcallyl contrition nece.~sary to pardon. Now ah'eady helped to save him at the I sured that God has heard them in ,Jon g,ven at the White th~ uatnotlc t:nuret~ retuse her put)- engulfed by in]meuse floods and ho~ .... * . , ~ - / ........... ~ t God can do it ff He w~shes, but does!last moment by a sincere asplratmn advance and that He wills not the redreign Legations were !He ann o~lcla~ pl.ayels, Du~ m no]~: was saved. And he closes thus:[tie wish it, some doubting Thomas t for pardon and mercy. God Js a di-Ideath of the sinner but rather that around the oPre~ident way Goes rms iorom private prayers 'My child, there are many souls ma., ask I answer this ~uestion b"',vire *.--~--* - ~-^ :- -~ :~*'-: .......... . , ~., : . .~ ~. . ~,,~=r **,,,, ,~ ,,, ~,--,~e u:s-lne De conver~eu an~ liVe. E ..... and mtercessmn for pardon. [saved from the tidal waves of sin by ............. ~ ........ UgllSn n(~hlann.~,~~. .... [ ~v . ~ ~.. t .t , c,~ ~ - o . , ., , . askinganother: t)oes ice llOI; W1SII 11~. ~ counter ~,VlI:D l~J.ll'U no prayer is los~. resented to ih~e'~'~=::~:a~l no~ coum l~ oe. o~neluv,se. ~neltho prayers and ialtn ~nac do vm- And once more I cite Father de Rapt- And are w ..... ~.~, ,e +~:~ ,.,~ ~. ~. ...... ~--.~.~.~-~ ..~ ],~ . ~ment. sees only l:ne exterlol; see Goes1-~o~ lence to the eterwfl battlements cry- t ..................... "l ICAIIKUI~I~Sr., rl~lYlr., II~DU,~I_~](~ ni~' evidently ovcrawed [judge the intentions. How much!ing o~t to the divine rescuer to'cornel gun'. "We a~e unab)e, ~t :s t~ue, tOtact~ve efficacy of prayer and-this an-! r--r- ~..~, f^..~.. _,. assemblage, was an good or bad faith, ignoranceor 'rod ......... v~..~ ...... ~ .... ; .... re r ...... penetrate the secrets oi mercy; tieipation of merit as yet urine- "~'j ~, ~.-.'--~T~*~''" :":. "'~'"~ 'eel[a farmer who shrank'knowledge there has been in the }mpe,:di~n~g"'~t~.~\'a'l'"~(~0o;n"~Instea~{:t neither can.we kno:, nor say what!quired? Most assuredly; no one canI ,n~u~/r~:: 7:ySN~eyOme -g crow , . " . . . ~ha ens in ~e las~ eta cs oi a cruel red oV. , d until he and [culpable act no one can say. Shelthen, of casting aside despairingly all I~P . g ...... I be saved but by the merits of Jesus [ ~-~ ,, tag chn 1 l ann mNs~eHotls agony, ouc as '..)Fills ~re urge Y- " g'ng to [leaves to God alone the judgment of~ hope, redouble your prayers, for the I:. " , " .. , - , - [ Christ. How then was penitent[ t,ommerclal ~o~e(l back ~lans unael the law oi hope, no tess , " to the [ that soul, wishing with all her heart soul whom you have reason to be- I '. " I Adam sa~ed. How were Abraham,[ ,.~ , ~ ,,.. ' than of faith and lo~e, weshould [that the sentence may be favorableilieve far removed from the friend-! .. ." .... Jacob, oseph, Moses and the patri-I lrucg 15Gales ~dent, tall ..... I to the accused. Does not the Church ship of his Creator and leave thel unceasingly bear m mind the mfimte I archs of the Old Law saved? Simplyl in h" ,~,u m a meas- h n "d ,, 'bounty of Our Blessed Lord, who in] " [See me about them A full line ot ~s ne ....... o or St Paul, the most rab~ per- rest to the Lord. who said: I will not " , through the pre-appheatmn of the . . . 'the head:~o~ialtl~:e:::e?:' [secutor of the early Christians, but the death of the sinner but that he. His human capacity, also,passed merits of Jesus not yet incarnated. &f~::tD:Zl_esB:~i:s?nd" ~ne En~,li~t-. ~"'- ] who later, when converted by Jesus be converted and live ' " , through the valley of death. ' lAnd how was Mar the Mother of[ P ' ~e ~,, , ]Himself, .... was able in all sincerity to When the Duke of Orleans, son , ............ ~...~ .... .,u.. .... God, preserved from original sin?[ CHAS. H. ROSS''~ nomeman: Y, f .:"~,.uord, there's an [write: "I did it in ignorance." Hence, and heir presumptive of Louis] ~, ....... _'\ ~:"':.'~ ........ . " .*~': I Pope Plus IX, defined it: In viewl ............... '~fJesusl" '" ,,[." . " ". " - ha: st, ill mole a~dently desired i " " . , , ;.:1 Illl COLLINS SHEET METAL WORKS tilt ~^._ n my body. lie is ~rue, but however hostile and " " [istent praver nave nan SUCh e fi-, IIH Illl ~re set on s in ] r l - se for God' Business Phone 5619 912 WEST MARKHAM STREET laves wh(~[" d'ffe ent it may have been to God, But how can God realize this de-: ency. Very simply, becau [][] " ][[t ,~a. slaves consecrated [there may have been some goodsire? Without doubt, tf a soul which ' there is neither past nor =future, but~ li~'n captives, and [somewhere; perhaps a pious and de- is to appear shortly before the tri-'an eternal present. The prayers and ~ ~ ~- "~ oranded the name [vout youth, during which he received .I .rai ! on part of their~the sacraments reverently, or if all _-. .-., _~. -'_- . ~. [these are lacking, it may have been!"' [[!1 ~'raneis of Assissi was the fault of the parents. Some ex-~ ' [H[ l)..]| l).-..~4vr.~ ~ ..... ] ~ ....... aUs to keep his an- tenuating circumstances, known but: The [I][ D~III=DUIItUII IJli:lYUl l_A)lll]J~lly ~Y days in honor oft God alone, may intervene to save ...... ~._ ~. ~...... [U[ " ~ " L BOnaventure tells that soul from eternal death. Let L}~-~U(J ~W(..)l~J~J ~ Phone 4.3788. Long Distance 133. Benton 93 ?v aargdFrancis saw a us.go further. )Vho.know.s but the in the Heart of the Shopping District ll[I cit Of i.e Home l...ra.ce B.ildin, ruS him. There aylng one has rau m llie some " [1[[ LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS a naan a~-~.~.~ *~ ~ aspirations to goodness---he may [[[[ he Wings:'After~th; have been charitable, kind, loving. ~ ~ ~' v~~ ~ ~ I' "~" ~ ]Ill Plant and General Ofhee, Benton, Arkansas -~d, th Perhaps, even in the midst of sin, . e hands and t Were marked with he turned to God through hfe and ~~U~~ b':LL][~ ~ CAPACITY 100 CARS PER DAY Was a wou "--" ..-- cried out with all his fervor: "My Jill nu In nls . . . ,, t Weres . God, ff you exist, have pity on me. Fourth and Main Illl .. . .. , . . ..., . , d-by A~:n oy someYears ago we all enjoyed M Fleg's [[[] Concrete ravel, ~ana aug ~allroao Bal- anoer . " .... last Bank run gravel for highways and " " streets'[}AtONED? Millinery }0000000000000000{ WE FURNISH QUALITY AND SERVICE 703 Main Street follows, appear- ~Ssue of La Re- hMonsigner Eugene as been translated a member of the Workmen. Ap- a Phrase selected and is the name of Catholic lay- History, Dec- earnestly en- young and are anxious to of God that ow, to come and af- Inquiries may be ~a j. Townsend, N.Y.) We always hope Here is a sin- who re- of the Church and Priest. He dies of repentance. SUch a soul derive a Very important one-well during to the souls of into .eternity. despair of any- or dead. Even die apparently eath had had a we must still ~r never ought a and supplica- New Donaghey Building Complete Showing of the Newest French Models Quality Hats Bracy Roofing Co. BUILT-UP AND COMPOSITION SHINGLE ROOFS APPLIED ANYWHERE Call Us for Estimates on First-Class Roofing Root Repairing and Painting the Church does ticially the sane- -~ ,, v souls; she has, to expression, canon- raen and women. she declared damn- ',C .rch official- Gasoline, related of o,e Oils and certain French Works assigned realm in Hell, Greases d: "Tell Pou- a~ for his book; on the dam- From has no right to can .ch an ARKANSAS' object and LEADING OIL PRODUCTS' hers, to du hem l~s declare t eans: It doe CONCERN I Will admit, but :oh simply dis- ns a notoVn.s- flt0p8 8,t tha~ .1 ~H~,,(~!I. UPHOLSTERING & CABINET We manufacture anything in the Cabinet line, repair and upholster all kinds of furniture, also carry a full line of Pictures, Picture Frames and Artists Materials 320-322 Center Street LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 0000000000 Compliments RAMSEY TOP SHOP 811 Broadway Phone 4-2322 LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 4 With 50 Years of Experience This bank can look back upon an honorable record of half a century. But its vision is to the future. It is the endeavor of its officers to keep the bank mod- ern and Up-to-date. We build business by building up our organization and by giving to customers in every department the best service possible to secure. W. B. Worthen Company, Bankers "Since 1877" CORNER FIFTH AND MAIN STREETS J. J. BALL, President CHAS. M. KING, Vice-Pres. and See. OPAL PRESLEY, Secretary We Loan We want a good agent in every town in Arkansas to handle loans and sell investment stock SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 314 Home Insurance Building LITTLE ROCK WHAT LEADERS IN BUSINESS WILL ASK YOU Are You Trained? What Can You Do? BUSIHESS 117 East 4th Phone 5388 Little Rock, Ark.