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December 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1927

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Page Fourteen. 'I HE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 17, 1927 x. ouhl were we so favored, l..)ft was [ idel has started a vigorous 'drive' for ing the-system of Presidential elec- be all cye:~! It in the buggy l tat ions from IIIIU VV IV k'lll~V ~,.~Ul subscriptions; while, in view of the tions, for he knew that if the elec- Nevertheless a certain loveliness can that blissful hours were spent, on the | who bears the he~V~l~l)ear ~,~,,r,~ , .......... Federal eapltal being isolated before tions are revolutions. To make revo- be acquired, if you are willing to pay lway to dances, to picnics, o~~ just for~ehcerfully; who is t~.~l~r November 22. No more mail, no more supplies from FRANCIS MeCULLA(IH, Magazine. for life. Doubtless they think of tha(l ~ i~ d vehicle with a sigh as they now glide[ 0[~l,'len Allow me to express my apprecia- home! Very awkward! I am doubt- ColonlM Inn, -West Itaven, Conn., - ~ Garrett Br tion of the rich humor and delicate ful if the wine we ordered will get No, ember lq, 1927 ADIEU TO THE BUGGY smoothly, noiselessly and comfortablyI d~e irony which pervades your e.ditorial here before the trouble begins'." ~ -- i alng I ]~l,'~t'~~as~ of October 22 on Mex.ico, and please SUNSHINY PEOPLE Last year, according to the Census I Surely the times are changing and[ l' *t2~**a :~.~ae, excuse my delay in answerig it. The Prediction Comes True Bureau, there were only 8850 bug- I have not laughed so much for a Now this, I think, was rather a long time as I have laughed at your good shot I prophesied troube, and After breakfast this morning, we gies made. The year before there gave thanks for the food, but quick- were manufacturad 20,500. See how assumption of innocent bewilder- trouble came. ly one member of the family turned, fast they are docreasing! The whole ment, at your picture of the insuper- It is true that I said General Go- forgetting the grace and complained: number for the United States last able obstacles which beset your re- mez would take Vera Cruz,, bu~ that "Our breakfasts are always so year would not have supplied one powers in Mexico, and at the despair was only on the assumption that he poor!" prosperous county back in the 80's or with which you wring your hands would not act until the middle of Quickly, the sunshiny member of 90's. before "the strictest sort of censor- next year What I had not antiei- the family broke out with "Did you Mere mention of the buggy brings ship." But as people not in the jour- pared was that Gomez would strike ever hear the Scotchman's grace--- fond recollections to many hearts! nalistic profession might be inclined first, long before Vhe contemplated 'Some hue meat and canna eat; some How smart it looked in [rest paint to take seriously this assumption of revolution had come tea head, long wou' eat but hue no meat; but we behind a spirited horse Jn shiny lea- .=~ A.,'. ignorance and those terrifying de- before Gomez and Sere'sue had corn- hue meat and we can eat and thank~ther harness. What pride, exquisitel SHOE SHOPS M Ltable bar- )leted the ' p ~pm ~tions A out the Lord we hue it. Of course all/almost disdain, shone in the feautres otor Re 2 ditori~ L seri- :hre : .onth ago I v as tel l on ex- the dampening effect of fault find-lof the youth as this equipage of his ,reme , gec nut orit t that the :ev- ing was lost after this sally. ]under his skillful and graceful direc- you really Autio wou t no co~ e off bill ~ [ter So many girls have a dislike for [tion caught the admiring glances of York rimes ~ext, ~ly, ~ , by hat time ~ ae ~ )rld their home conditions which ,nay in-| whole truth .could have seen for itself that the ~ - elude one or more unpleasant fen- seriptions of insurmountable bar- riers, I must treat your editorial seri- ously myself. I would ask you: Do you really think tha~ if The New York Times wanted to publish the whole truth about the Mexican question it could not do so, censorship or no censor- ship, inside the space of, say, one month? I am not going to praise your news service. I shall only say ~hat, because of it, The New York Times is the only newspaper in America to which I subscribe. Some years ago I visited an important per- sonage who is an authority on the Russian question,'and I was not sur- prised to find in his study a com- plete collection of Times clippings about Russia. "They are the best published," he said, and I agreed with him. With regard to China, England, France and Germany, it is the same; but with regard ~o Mexico, which is, in my opinion, of far more impor- tance to the United States, there has been during the last twelve months an inexplicable hesitancy and even a ~cotal fMlure to record many ex- traordinary happenings. This is not only my opinion, but that of every single individual to whom I spoke on this subject, during the last six months and of all ..the newspaper corresponder~ts and diplomats with whom I ta}ked in Mexico. Surely you underestimate ~he ex- cellence of your foreign service, the ability and daring of your correspon- dents when you ask us to believe that the trouble is partly due to one bad man in the Mexican cable office who draws a thick red line through most of your correspondent's cables. The achievements of your represen- 'ta%Ives during the great war, during the Sinn Fein struggle, and recently in China, Russia and other parts of the Old World all speak for them- selves. Your reporters have unveiled for us the distant and mysterious City of Lassa, yet you ask us to believe that they cannot unveil the City of Mexico, which is so near that it can be called up in a few mom- ents on the telephone and reached in a few days by rail. You know perfectly well that if tomorrow you let loose in Mexico the trained jour- nalists whom you keep in London, Paris and China they would, in ten days' time. turn that country inside out, like an old pocket, and make the whole situation there absolutely "c]ea~. 1 pleted their preparations. About / thre months ago I was told on ex-t ProhhS ; tremely good authority that the rev'll] | i ~ I" ~ ~ ~"'- l~tyi[ l ! olution would not come off %ill after[ next July, as by that time the worldI would have ~,een for itself that theI Presidential election was only a l .... n---:-' .~ ......~ .~_~ ,~ _ . . Itures~wmmng zor a more co gen*~ --roe, auu ~,m~ uuregon nac~oeenl ..... . ..... ~ [ .... . spnere---~u* there m no etxor~ maue placed m off~ce by m,htary force arid| .... 1 .... ot with some ..... | , . . . ] Dy gnem zo raven ~nelr I - s h-- s-~ / no~ Dy the vo~es of the people. [ ,. ,, .... .._ __ ~vu.^.~ce ,k.~ta-a,.~ | , sunsnlne, lucre *s un ,,,..uv,, I saw Obregon s elecVion posters . ~: .~. .... *-- *-r .... h in b,, an,~ mere- FROM I -- ~ ~ ,. t WIll.It tahiti o~ O ~t$~ t, .y j ~ ] pasted on the armorea oat- el a rail- . way train and al~o on the walls 0f[bh:efa:hde :e~luYne: a~h:ema~ l~h: STIFFT S the ancient Church of San Francisco],~.. ~ .~ ~in'- a ~ood talker con- Bring You | in Mexico. City---a.~ church which_is } -~:'-:-"verv~,~ v a, =uc~ i2 m.akin-s others Sincere Thank. l| now, Ol course, uovernment proper~y [ +~1~ while the real suirit of ~he con- Whether it be holiday whichas"mUChshouldaS thether earmredfore ha v rearS'bee nand | ;e;s'atina sJ ....... lies in Vhe "artp of listenere born" giftS,brance,a orbirthdaYa gift forremem'the | | | " s n Tnere are no~ so many peop~ bride--there is always an ............ |so h~gh y f vo ed by ure, as to be approprmte one at Stifle s | ~mmune from electron posters a a y " 1 a r nat " " ' ozner uovernmeng Duumng. ,n a ~e~-|loved by everyone What a world this ---at whatever price you | ter to the Excelsior last July Gomez] " " . wish to spend. | complained that Calles had placed a[~ ........... | i IRIN ~nu ~ne uu~ ~nop ax- l large credit at the Bank of Mexico to]AUTO PAINTING -- REPA G fords hundreds of rood- l meet Obregon's election expenses;| crate priced and unique | Vhat he had allowed the Governors of/ ~l~'!~lrt~" ~'~/~n|LmSJ~s gifts impm~ced from all | ........... , / ~a,~,s.u~ ~..vvst~.%lr over the worla / lz ~a~es ~o preslue a~ uvregon s~ , __ _ " -- conventions in those States, and that l sed Ford I i [he had permitted Government offi-]. I XC-- h-- GiftVisitShop.Our |' I eel cials to attend these convent~ions, ange I [ Under these circumstances there it i ~ "~'~'-" ~ LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS i GMLLW0 :':, ,,, was nothing left to Gomez and Set- CHAS. s. , -ROOFIN - I__0 [rano but revolution; for the great PHONE 4-4294 .~-qTIFI~T ..... ] i [_I ]r t'xt r o t i[| political evil in Latin America is ....... ' i ] oave toe olrrerence---- r~mT-~AT~T~T [ revolution, but the gerrymandered Buy Your Cat From Us - k'UlVlr2~'lN I ] elections which make revolution nec- ........ We SellGenuine Ford PartsOnly 310-312 Main Street | I ] "~"'- ~-" '~"--"" j~ essary, hence t~omnei ~umson la- [ SYSTEM----SERVICE i.| bored while in Nicaragu~ at purify- MONEY LOANED ON CARS LITTLE ROCK. I I I : I : : " :1 Ill " : : " : l: " : .... : Our Re{erence: , ~ SATISFACTION ........... " .... " -- "" - .... 15 Years on West Seventh Street ~ ~ _ t mm Rebui|ders of Typewriters of "--'--"__..'--~ All Makes and General Repair. ,Rihhon. andCarho. 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Consequently a hush-hush policy leads straight to intervention, whereas a policy of J~rank remonstrance would clear the air and lead to peace. To me there is .something more ominous in the present comparative silence of the American press on the subject of President Calles than there would be ,in the most hea~ed denunciation of him, You ~ay that some o{ m:~ state- mdnts have been ludicrously falsified by the event, but you fail to specify. As far as I can see, the event proved the truth of my statements in The CODES : Myer's Atlantic 39th Natinonal Review. I said that civil Shepperson's 78-81 war would come, and it came. Allow me to quote from that National Re- view article, written in August last: A. P. Wasem Phone 6496 "As for the political situation, there is every sign of a three-cot- I l--to-Date Hatters nered civil war and a general smash- Ladies' and Gentlemen's Hats Cleaned, Blocked and Re-Trimmed We Call For and Deliver 114 West Marldaam Street Little Rock, Ark, i I I II II up before the end of the present elections. A fight between Obregon, Serrano and Gomez is certain to take place before the middle of next year. "Though the 'election' will not be held till July, 1928, everybody is get- ring ready for trouble, which mayI come sooner, and quite suddenly. I "With characteristic foresight the| "British community in Mexico City[ has just decided to enlarge its ceme-~ tery, and, with that object in view, ROSEBUD .... VIGORO Fletcher Coffee & Spice Co. 1 - COMPLIMENTS OF M. 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