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December 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1927

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/ Page Twelve THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 17, 1927 ~ :-- " "-: : ~ :+++++47 [subject which had never yet failed to ~Vevoke enthusiasm from his Janie. *!- ............................................................... ~ "Say, girlie, I counted my cigar i I "~ ~-: . +l coupons today and we only need two ! AT [ r]~|iAr~ ~| ]-r]Dr~[~, DC i ~lhundred more for the lamp.,, Now $ ! /iLL lIl l LII[IIhDtD i iiwhat do you think about that? :~ ! i :~1 Swiftly there swept through the i A Sh~r h ~ -t-[ dissatisfied mind of the girl in one * i GERTRUDE A ~LYNN i *lbrief poignant moment of compari- :I: i ......... i $Ison those weeks and weeks of count- i i fling cigar coupons, saving for a lamp $ ............................................................. 4" ~:lwhich her inherent good taste told :~ ~: her was duplicated in every cheap in- stalhnent store in the city; months Janie was a good saleswoman; as Long after she had checked in the and months of hoarding the flimsy pretty as the girl on the cover of sale which ordinarily would have little pieces of paper--against fifty your favorite magazine. Her beauty and abiiity kept her on the payroll of Mme. Nunette's Millinery Salon through dull as well as busy months. Mme. N, anette (known to a very few outside the exclusive millinery world as Miss Anmie McCarthy) kr~ew that a woman who grudgingly pays five dollars for a hat bought at "Miss Mc- Carthy's Hat Store" might uncom- plainingly part with twenty-five dol- lars for the identical creation pur- chased within the quiet elegance of "Mrne. Nanette's Millinery Salon," made her appreciate that a pretty and clever saleswoman can sell more hats than an equally clever but plain one. "Why, Bennie," Mine. Nanette was saying to the road salesman for ' Mann-Tailored Hats," whom she bad known since her plebian Annie Mc- Carthy days, "why, the worst fright of a thing is classy on Jane." "Yeh---she's a good looker, all right," agreed Bennie. "The old fair-fat-and-forties never see how a hat actually looks over their triple chins once she's tried it on." continued the lady with the French alias. "Every time they look in a mirror when they're wearing that hat, it's Jane's face they see under the bonnet she sold them. You can bet I'll hate to lose her." "'Smatter? Elite people hiring her away??' "'No," in hopeless tones. "Worse than that, Bennie. I think she's go- i*~g to get married. Been embroider- ing unnatural-looking blue-birds on guest towels. I never knew the guest- towel sign to fail." If MaTiemoiselle could only have known it, affairs between Jane and her sweetheart Joe had progressed even beyond the blue-bird guest-towel filled her business-like soul with ela- dollars squandered in a few minutes ,ion. the brown eyes of the girl stared fixedly before her. But it was not the dainty headgear, nodding at her in gay confusion, that she saw. She was visioning again and again the miracle reflected in the glass--the Cinderella-like transformation of a little shop-girl into a handsome wom- an. wearing the plumage of aristoc- racy as her inalienable right. A vague feeling of unrest, of brew- ]ng rebellion was upon her when, re-i leased at six o'clock, she joined Joe, waiting outside the store, his face lighting up at the sight of her. All through the walk home, Joe talked cheerfully of the happenings of the day in the shipping room where he was head clerk. But the girl beside him replied in preoccupied monosyl- lables. Shipping roams and millinery I salons held for her that crisp Fall l evening only the monotony of the I commonplace Joe's honest devotion was overwhelmed by her realization that life with him meanu drab econ- omy. She forgot that the glory of a sunset, the wonder of the stars that shine unquenchably in the sky, the miracle of the first Spring flowers fighting their way up through a coat- ing of snow--all these are common- place things, too. Finally, standing for a momen~ in front of the dingy rooming house, in desperation the boy brought up the for a hat a bit of velvet and feath- ers to be discarded at the will-o'-wisp fancy of the wearer. "I don't care anything about the old lamp, Joe." she cried sharply. "Why, Jan!e----" the boy blurted out, cut by her tone, as well as her words. But the girl hurried on, hot, pas- sionate words tumbling on one an- other in their eagerness to be said. "I tell you, Joe, I'm tired of saving for this and that and something all the time. Other people don't have to do it." She paused a moment while Joe stared helplessly at her and then plunged on: "And I'm not going to marry you and keep on pinching and scrimping for the rest of my life!" One glance at the boy's stricken face, and she fled up the steps, slam- ming the door behind her. II. Nine o'clock found Jane at the coat room of the fashionable Iroquois Hotel. Two nights a week from nine to twelve she worked there, the money earned being scrupulously set aside for her modest trousseau. Usu- ally the three hours flew swiftly, pleasantly beguiled by the chatty gos- sip of Marne Harrington, the other checker--Mame, who was wise in the ways of the city, with a wisdom even beyond her generation. But tonight, as Miss Harrington said, Jane "felt Central States Life Insurance Co. SAINT LOUIS JEFF J. RALEY, General Agent FOR ARKANSAS 510 Federal Bank Building LITTLE ROCK It seemed to the girl that the hands do as little for me some time. of the elaborate gilt clock would nev-I'Night, dearie." er reach twelve. But she looked up[ "Good night, Marne." with interest, when, a half hour be-1 The crisp night air blew on the fore midnight, she saw approaching lgirl's hot face, but her mind was still from the grille, the woman with the I on the tableaux of a few minutes be- bird-of-paradise hat and Jane's eyes fore. Bird-of-paradise at that price! flew wide with amazement as they And it was all on account of that fell upon her escort. A man upon whom fifty odd years had left their] indelible mark, coarse of face and ob- viously under the influence of liquor, clasped her arm; his face close to her with gross familiarity, laughing with the senseless hilarity of too much liquor. As Jane handed him his hat and coat, his fat fingers closed over hers. "Nice li'l girl," he leered at her. "Always did like a pretty li'l chicken." The girl pulled her hand away. "Well, so'long; see you some night when I c'n stay longer." As soon as the couple was out of ear-shot, she turned to Marne: "Oh. wasn't he horrid?" "Yeh, he's a bad egg, all right," drawled Marne. "How perfectly terrible for her to be married to him," continued Jane. "Married, did yer say? Well, do] yer know any more jokes like that, kid? He's married, hard 'n fast, butI not to that dame. She's only one of the many with him." Then, as the girl's face went~a shade whiter: "Say, Jan!e, why don't yer run along home now? Buhlieve me, yer sure do look like the bus, in' up of a hard winter tonight." "I don't feel exactly a hundred per cent Marne." "Well. toddle along for yourself v ~ - * - t t ,.t_t w t *.t.w t_, ! w t w , Compliments of the BLUE BIRD BEAUTY PARLOR hateful hat she insulted Joe Joe, who would rather right hand than hurt her. She! l lowed the sob that rose in her and she wiped the blur of her eyes, her gaze fell on the ing white of the familiar sign, hung over the druggist's next block. "Public Telephone. steady glow of the little cgnts forming the words burned radiance of an inspiration to the[ (Continued on Page 5) R. S. LANDER, President T. W. CLAPHAM, SHEARMAN CONCRETE PIPE C0, Manufacturers oJ~ PERMANENT DRAINAGE SEWER PIPE 6-inch to 24-inch CULVERT 12-1nch to 54-inch ~%%~%%~%%%', LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS WE SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS C. METRAILER Phone 5736 --ALL Fine Shoe Repairing WORK GUARANTEED 1308 Main St. LITTLE ROCK ARK. Murphy Disinfectant Co. Founded 1834 Compliments of C. J. LINCOLN COMPANY Wholesale Druggists i Compliments I i NANCE MI INERY CO. l 404 MAIN ST. I 1 ................................... e {ine tkinds f Cleanest Stores in the World ~--~m- - .:_ ._-_ .. ._-. ._-.. . t'.. O iulTlber Store Lumber Number 4-0504 fut bird-of-paradise drooping, with studied carelessness, over thG brim. With a hand-mirror extended at arm's length before her, turning her head from side to side, the woman care- fully scrutinized the hat while the lit- tle salesgirl stood, with outward conr- -tesy, beside her. Finally she asked Jane to put it on and walk to the end of the room. "So that I can get the effect," she said. "I think you're just about my height." The girl obediently complied, mov- ing with the natural grace that char- acterized every motion of her slim young body towards the long mirror marking the northern boundary of Mine. Nanette's domain. When her eyes fell on the picture reflected~in the clear glass, she drew in her breath sharply, with a suppressed gasp. Surely this radiantly beautiful creature could not be she---ordinarily] pretty little Janet Crowned with the simple elegance of the bat, the won- derful harmony of blending autumn brown and golden paradise set jaunt- ily on the shining chestnut hair, the slender figure seemed to catch and hold every ray of light in the mauve- silver room. No longer was she a merely pretty gir~ she was an unde- niably beautiful woman. "Clothes may not make the girl," Jane thought bitterly as she stared into the glass, "but they make a pile of differe~ace in her looks." The curt tones of tb, e customer re- called her. "Ull take Omt," She ~said, drawing a bill from her purse. "My car ia wa~ting. Send it out, will you?" she aake& impea~omsty. 320 LOUISIANA STREET JOE P. GILMORE, Mgr. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. WALL PAPER, PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, etc. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in GILMORE PAINT & PAPER Phone 6814 stage. They had reached the point ................................................ ........... , whero"Zoe,, was saving cggar coupons !1 - ! Manufacturing Chemists for a handsome imitation mahogany : | llMIK'MM I~I ID1MITI IDll7 tF'~ I floor lamp, standing full six feet ! " i WORK AND PRICES RIGHT high, with gorgeous pink sairin shade ] i and irridescent fringe." Each Wed-I i SELLS YOU FOR LESS i Honest and Depenaabh Service Disinfectants, Deodorizers, Germicides, Roach Gone, Rat Gone, Liquid Soap, Scrubbing nesday night, Jane had counted the If ~ $ & Floor Oil, Metal Polish, Sweeping Compound, ] harvest of coupons, impatiently]! ~ Old established concern of 30 years. ! .............. a Polish, ly Skeet, Oil Soap. awaiting the time when they would]! Business increasin ......... ...... ! F ....... I ] ~ ~=~VUL ,y U.~L,y, WIIIUII I " " nave enough ~o secure gna~ lamp [ - . ~ .~.. .~ ,.~ , t erv ce ' an "elegant accessory of every dainty l [ ~ H eDGE Disinfectants and Sanitary Appliances home." Even now her thoughts were[[ ~ - Phone 6977 i on it as she approached the expen-li " STS . . sively gowned woman who had enter-]i NORTH LITTL RN g ' ..... ........ ....... [ Phone 4-4052 ea ~e ~amn. |' " D:: ;:::: 6::; "Something in a rather dressy hat, [~=. ....................................... ..~ please " 'The voice was a trifle lan-I- , --" ....................... Ni 02 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS guid, iust a little hard. [ ~' SEVENTH AND BROADWAY __ ..~ "I'li bet I'll never be bored by hav-[ ~l'~Li[l~1~III fi & F ~f~F~rq~V ing to buy a new hat," Jane thought[ " l~lr, l~lh~J~]k]~ r JllLfil as she skillfully seated the girl, .... " [ MANUFACTURE~ tT~ scarcely, older than she, where the ,, ,, Service for You--Since Nineteen Two! light fell moat favorably on her. I , NILOAK One by one the hats were tried on,] ~ C.D. HYTEN, Manager each the creation of a master of theirI BENTON, ARKANSAS "The Lumber Concern That's HUMAN" art, and one by one, they were petu-I ~, lantly rejected. Finally, Jane placed] ~ ""' on the elaborately waved bobbed hair ..... The -" a creation of brown velvet, a wonder- The