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December 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 17, 1927 Page Three NNilFNl%U;'.l[Innm!*[!UHiFmEip*rUltFmun!irFU!'pmniilNd!~mBi~ii[itiNN:':J :ll~ II~ll, dW~INJifav as possil)]c, just as if they had pos~ble ~o hear the nuns siug the sponsibiiity and to undertake tasks Again let nor our men folk gibe I~ been in Hie ~ uivt seclusion of their I)ivine Office. of severe physical labor, here undm the women can never hold theh" ton- i convent. The nuns make their own shoes, the acgis of the Cathol c Chm'ch a gue.~, for :.It Stapehi]l Priory heroic r~-r.~.-~_ ~] Eventually a small company reach- spin their own yarn, knit their stock- valiant body of women in the nine- and noble women have lived for over IHF ~11 F~T RlqTFDl-lglgIl h ed Russia "v" .; ", "~.., ing~, and ,).lake their own t onnets teenth "rod twentieth c(ntm,es has a centmy ne;l speal, m with one ---~,SLa UIUULII k]lkJll'Aillll F~ FeF -I .. , x hfle the ma.,or por~m. * . , ', " " s ,. " **~" s ~. -" g ' ........... ~ I wandered in Pohmd s,,fr-,.;-~ :from straw grown in the fiehts. They been doing things' which amn]y vindi- another, but kee~in:, in~ac~ thoir ( 5 Agnes Mort, ~n T~uth N.Y.) ~. tensely from fatigue, hunger and indeed give a lesson to the modern cate the clam, that women can of rule of sflencc as :: reparation to ... % ~[cold, and scarcely ever enjoying the, world of what women can do, inde-R'anize and rule as well as men. God for the sin< ~vf H~e tongue, and ............................. ~ I shelter of a roof, having, like their pendent of the factory and workshop. The marvelous leadership of Mine. as a means of attaining grcalcr hoti- of j fflce, lcommumty of nuns that had alread lilly Iroundedtill h ~ 1 Im~ .... ~ Lord and Master nowhere to la,, LI~nng" ..... m street seclusion, they are de Chabannes, who guided her htt,e~ ness o life ,.' ~mi~i|i~im~i~u~li~'l~!~m~!~nti~n~4~m[[~I~i~Ii~r~mI~Im~ii~rm~i1!~[[~mI~Im~r~m~!tj [] [] ~itheir heads it seemed that the con:- nevertheless, able to maintain them- flock through untold dangers and tKq S .... ~, ,,,Dine other rehgions, the l exhibited great strength of charae- munity were destined to travel Eu- selves w~th httle help from the out- the loyalty of her followers, shows Everything upon earth has at ~nd; " tmureh opens its doors to !ter anti a sense of indenendence and Irope eve they reached a ~ettled nlace side world. Moreover, their exam-that women inspired by a spirit of pleasure has an end; suffering ha~ a~ a~ welt as n ..... " ' " *- " ....... " " " .... ~en, and a lance I m~tlatlve which sh ' I of a )ode for scarcel ad h v ple exercises a spiritual influence felt devotmn can be equally united as men end etermty ah ne is unending ,~ .... g , . owed that m cases, ~ . 5 h t e. found . -- ~s~"~nc calendar will convince]of emergency she wouht not lost her [a refuge in Russia than the Czar is- far beyond the confines of the - .it ~e~erramed opponents that]head or be unfaithful to her trust. I sued a decree ordering all French Priory, as witness the number of Jr -- '"'Y rate, is no bar to eanoni- ] IIaving won the approval of the eom-Jsubjeets to leave his dominions, converts no~,Uor~o~ ~ouo~,y I ~ ~ ~=Dv =, ~m ~D= or~ / _ Imunity to her plan, Rosalie de Cha-I Again as exiles and pilgrims they side. | l|d'~OOl.~l~ 1 l" ~k.~lkllll~l~h q~..,~kJ. | ~n from the earliest Christian[ bannes with he," usual good judg-I wandered forth to Austria- fr~,~ The Prioress enjoys, as ruler of the | - ~ | suffered martyrdom and]ment, decided upon an immediaie re-]Austria they reached Danzig,'thenc': little domain, a position of respect I NEW AND SECOND-HAND | h ~o~ the faith; they have l treat from France. Nor were her lby hoat to Hamburg. Here a snmll reminiscent of former times, when | .......... | erm~ts, entree prognostications ~ega, dm the fate the Abbess of a Benedictine ~t)bey are- " d enclosed or- "~ " ~ " "" g portion of the nuns, headed hy Mine. " " " I F,|rnlhwa and Stov,~._ R. -ht- old etl le,,er ..... I of relic'iDes in France misnlacen *~-.' .... ; .... :,.an ~~,,as in h-r own right thus | ~ ~SL ~SLa~.,~a ~.. ~,*.~ ~..~. .... 9 ~vU~ ~ S / b;, - e ~, eatecnlzeu sav-I ~, . , u, ,o, [ ue unaDannes, elnoarKea Ior ~Ang- ,,.u .....,.. .. e. , ~ | . --. . | ,:?Yu the poor, brought uDIshrtly after the flight of the eom-lland' landing at St. Catherine'sexercising a beneficent effect upon n ann F. mhanaed / ,~{'ess'~educated children -[ munity the Abbey of St. Antoine was ]Docks, London, in the winter ofthe tenants of the countryside and | ............. t~---- | uy have Catholic wome,, ~,)] ]bnrncd to the ground by revolution-]IS01 enabling them to live in justice and ~ | ae Rule of ...... - .... ]aries. " l ' ..... with one another I CASH OR CREDIT | Lye 0~ ~ne stmctes~ con-~ I Through the generosity of Lordt ........ l - 1 k._ ~uers (originally famedUl)on leaving the gates of the pri- Arundell of Wardour the- wer,~ ,4, It is curious to reflect that all the ~ | , uy nlell ' ~ ' ' " "" ""-- " " rk ,~ ), but they have gone]son these brax e women turned then']fered a farmhouse and land at Sta*-^ wresthng and wranghng for therec-| 714-16-18 West Seventh St. L~ttleRock, h . | ~ae tr' " ..... . , t,~- .. . , ammg and (hsm hne backs upon then beloved Fiance o ]tmn of women as being fitly CCess P " " " ,Ihill, in Dorset, where, as I have pre- gn " " t : J )^~" ~ [ again to see the country of[viously described, Mass had been equipped to occupy positions of re-_ ~ tttezeof then bnth, and dmgmsed as peasants ~1 the t rues "ite -~ "I cannot do bet- . " ". " ]celebrated du "'ng " .. of perse-; ---- " vae case of the Citer J they sought the road to Switzerland. Icution i Who followthe Tra-)pisi! Penniless, without food or shelter, ] :- : ........ 1~ I 8 ~ I l,. , ,, . ., At ~t~apenlll ~ne nuns were grade- of ~, -- ~al of the an-]. . ; .... ]ally able to resume thmr rule m ~ts ~ ,~ a revi. ~ney rrampeu oy Dy-pa~ns, eneoun- . . . . | o~ t~enediet in all itsI~ermg many adventures anu naro-i ...~ m. , ah ..... 1 a i . . t enulei~5, lne iarn ouse,wlcn l~s U~trit sh~p, and several hair-breadth esca es . . . . . Y. It re, poses per-/ P t formerCathohc assomatmns, sur- N l ace. total abstinence from of being taken prisoners by the mili- A I lllr A ltll@lll nln 'rnnAni: .nMPAII ts and ~'- Itar- who were "" ":, . , as it was by wild moor and lds - .x~sn, manual labor/ y, ,. . , ~.~equent,) posteOlforest, was an ideal spot for them ~ . Mnnnn~ ~ vvkl~ VlVlllirlVk VVilIIII a'~|l l _ m , and . upon ~ne road 1:o intercept Iugifives .... 'i age J" en:- a daffy ,emtal m] ,. " ..... ]to lead the contemplative hfe, mm- B lo o The nuns] ............... Jgled as It was w~th the cult~vatlon of] .. OtVlne O " ll; was no~ unlAI l;WO years lal;er .... " - m and o to bea ~+/rna~ our lliLle band oI nLlns armveu a~/ ....... -,~ -, .~ I , the hx themseLes un(le~ the (hlectlonof .Y ''e exti. emely/ :.': .... " /nunne'rv existed,~ foumied'in 712 b,,I Canacltv. 200 Cars ! ~.~ealthy lives enjovin~ a ]Dom Augustine de Lestrange, form-|~. ~ :,. i ..... ~t I ][" Jv ' ~ ~ r t r xr ~ ....... /~. butnourga, sister oi lying Ind. ! ~ " veace aeldnm-tn ho I e," 3 NOVlCe-lvlasLer ac the lvlonas-/.. , , -., ...... t n | tes~ - ~ ........... ~...,.e ~ ,- . .__ tl'~o~ only mo ~. wutnourga relgn I w sh ............ love," herown ~, but ove~ a clo,s-/~ ! ~" lllOderndays' of tui-" bl.y OI ~a ll'appe,, Who Wlt, n some nuns " Ol ms ieuo,, ]:onK: ha(,Ioun~. alte,of ,}ranks as.~el, "/~'Res' pple storage " " --ran$i," Ny;:otiahle ! ,mmunitYat 8tapehfllf" nUnSprlory,, emstSln plaCeMonastery.Of 1 efugeDomm anAugustmeOld Carthumanwas a entAftelmonasterythe dest, uctlOnby fire,' a newf theMinsteranm- Best A a,~,.;,. =,,WarehousemansAppIe storage m the State, , StorageAsaocmtmn. Rates. Recetptsm T. Issu' got|able and " zealous relormer o~ the wistercian . " ............ B , to illustrate the ....... [was built an the eleventh century,] ~ .......... ~:,~;,.lk~- lin~, and Stora e Advanced. Potentialities ^f o^.~ uroer, anu ms iervent desire to re-] ..... .- D .... / | .... t~-*-, o g . _ u . . , , . ~ I Ol wnlcn l~e~,lnalcl t Die was 1;he Dean/ ~ I ~o(I m~roauce tne anment rme of St. in 1517 He became famous as ' it seems worth while ...... [ ]~ [ Cardlnal Pole, whilst hm heroic smter, [ ~ e stol . . ". Bene&ct m all its prmnt~ve simpli- ' .... I ~Y of th~s silent ms- c]~y was re-echoed in the hearts of Whe ..... Ro'ahe's " de Chabannes and her corn-]Margaret Pole, ...... ~as beheaded for her]l ~ Ulfited States Bonded Warehouse Lmense" No. M-11 B1.12-312 3 .... I -'~ tne nresent Pri ',, lallegiance ~o ~ne ~ai~n. t N ................ m ~t~:l:cldeP~?:n1 ;i~:i;i Pa',;)h2 became affiliated to a small]fil LITTLE ROCK, ARK. " ! : be said in the sixteenth: embraced the reform, and shortly af- [during the Refornmtion, and to this[ |" " esuit priests Mass ' " paris was relinqt's e i'e uctantly nth telwalds Rosahe de Chabannes was l 11 rm s fr " centuries thus kee~, I " ' " ~" ' " ~ -"]day the Angelus ~e " g" om[ If , , ~ 1 !lie traditionsl Althou;hielected as their Superior. They en-]Wi~,nborne Minster. " ~ ~~" " ~r the - tered a new convent La Sainte .... ,~ .. ancient" town ofl " [ IIere m the f~el(ls the S,sters, both,. ~~ 1~ W .... I Volonte (le Dieu ann h .....*'-~-' f "" -~ a ~' nevertheless, suf-I . . , ..... ~-ua /choir and lay, work daily, plantingl - __ ................ ~ ~ ~ ~ A ~ ~ ,~ , Ore ~ x~e~e joined 1)3 nummous exiles from ro The b . 'o render it a fairly] ~'" "~ " " "'" '" " |and gathering their c DS S y] or Cat " . various religious houses in France """ _ ' hohcs, though ff] . . " |the sweat of thee" brow do they pro-[ un s e 2 hen place of ~efuge, unfoltunate P ak truly, a priest] ..... . " :. -]duce their daily bread, growing pota-] nlen ly, was not long to lenmm undls / ~s r h were hanged upon l " " " . - toes, turnips, beal s, and other c ops[ tee tmbed, fol two yea~s late~ Swltzel _ . trees not far from[ " . ....... }necessary to their sustenance. More-] Pr~o~ land was invaded by F, ench almles, , , "Y. Nevertheless, in I . ~ ' . " "' "] oxer, 1Lestock is kept, in the way] sec again the comnmmty was dmpersed, Ution, Catholic men l . " I of cows, pigs, poultry and bees. The] rema~ and m great haste monk~ nuns and[ "ned true to their [ . ' ~ ,original farmhouse has been cons|d- [ ~s Was f young pupils of the school, to the .. urther nourished[ [erably enlarged, and there are now/ ~t numbe~ of 250 msons, fled from Y of C~ste P about rift d " re|an monks, I . ' " . ] ' y nuns resident in the com-| Ur~n Swltzmland to seek an asylUm ]n . g the" eighteenth[ . " ' "" "" ' Imunity. The French nuns long since| u!Wr~h~ in another pardiRussia" /passed to their rest, and have been[ u~ far di Had the reli iDes been a re iment stant. [ g g ]~eplaced by those of Brst~sh b~rth| Period, when persecu [under military command, they could[A secular chapel adjacent to the[ a'hat waned in Eng.[not have marched withgreater dis-[nuns' chapel serves as parish church[ te of the horror fol-[cipline or order, observing the rule as to the neighborhood, and here it is[ ~ch Revolution and of [ during the Reign nuns (now canonized Church) suf- guillotine, and all men or women, down like wild hose hourly awaiting ~bce ~n one of the foul Jails was an heroic nuns, who, encouraged one During that the 9~h of Ther- 1794), a general was feared, joy on the follow- ~nStead of being taken o the slaughter, their ~osed, the gates of the and they march- ~en and women. the fall of Robespier- that persecution fin break forth, es- religious who were and as the s had inhaMted the of St. Antoine, it was that they would es- Pens in history that in trial a commun- Will thrust forth one who will show not leadership, but the With ~he most dif- situations It ~e Cistercian nuns, imprisonment a named Rosalie de )Wed herself so prac- that, although Years of age, she adopted by her natural leader ~d of crisis. birth, Rosalie de tom her girlhood / CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, $40,000.00 Let us take care of your money for you. 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