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December 17, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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December 17, 1927

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 17, 192"/ ...... _ . . . Father McDermott as director then /,. Mmsmn house Actlwtles t i ~P~ a,~ ]enrolled tile members with the badge ~,I lt~'l ~ I t- _ ~i ~x.~ r~L.. ~ .... A]~'.~ l(~|-.~',~-i~.~ i~-IF ~'~ ]and medal of the Sodality to each U~ r~l - ...................... ][llt t_Tll A[Ul All--l_ llllbUlltl Jtt ]o'~e of wbom wos given a Sodality ~ mamml Preceding the solenm bene- MARY IMMACULATE MISSION l tickets brought in a ~ubstantial sum ~" " " " .(~ ~ ]diction, Father Gudgeon gave to all Sunday, December 18.-- HOUSE, HOXlE ]which the ladies will use as the uncle- ~ ~| l~C~I~lg' ~'f~l:lD Vg'~I ll:~ ~D|IP]M1F~ "--~]present who had attended five of" the Bishop, came from Rome Wl~.' lus for the building fund. I~c"~"~ ,D~Jl::lD~.~,.,l~ll:)r.~ JF~JI~ l~.~l~ l-l.~.l'--l~,Lh.~ ~:fll~ Imission exercises, confessed and re- onysius of Paris about the ~ Hoxie Sshue:d:e ~ Ma~es.^ [ Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Saenger spent ~ ~live]veal Holy Communion,-the Papal the third century. In spite 0: . y, ~ec. ~6, u a..m.]the week end visiting with their son, ~" ~..Y ]Blessing. The small church was fill- opposition he succeeded in 1 Knobel Sunday, Dec. 18, 8 a.m. ]Leo, who at present is stationed at ,.k-"~ WILL BE A WEEKLY REMINDER ~ led to capacity and a most interest- converts to the faith; althoag ]Pine Bluff. ~ ...................... ~" ]ing feature was the renewal by all sGantly in danger of death SineMaryetnelmma'ulate'opemng o:t ~neM ,H'xm--ission] The next visitation at Newport will ~('~ ~,.)~' ~l,_)U~-~ 'J.'I-II..)U(~I-~'I'~'UI~ ~l~k~ of their Baptismal Vows as presented hands of the pagans. He~ .......... |be Christmas morning, when Masswill ~is made in advance so ~---, ~] slon, Martyr, d:~'~'~i r~ouse in July lr has oeen our aes~re! ............. . ........... KINDNESS DURING ......... ~reV " PcMeaan ,w : n r ...... . ..... .. , [De sal(l a~ ~ne laeal ,~aunary The wommumon -~o xo n~y them elves~~--g-e-~--~'ne ~a~nZUlr~~ece~Vesn'mY ]annuncelnent V]:~A]~ "100~ ~ ,diction of the Blessed Sacrament with was an E~,YP ~x~ _~_ x=~-.~ ~-o~w ~ Father Gudgeon as celebrant assisted was apprehended at Alexandr ..... --- ....... ~.., |that any of our readers desirous of ,,, splrl~uauy .... ~,agalns~ ...... ~ne a~ac~s, o~, ~ne |wsmng ............ 2~ewpor~ ~or t~nrmnnas may .C~I . * ~jby Father McDermott. The entire ing the persecution of Dec~ worla, zne zlesn ann ~ne oevn. ~ome , , , , ~oe assured of Mass The hour Ior ~ / Some Catholic in Ar- , _ ]congregatmn then rendered the was charged with "having c01* have responded aria receivea each .... _ ........... ~vIass w~ll be 7 a m. Opportunity will ~,~'~- I , ,., ., , , ~,~2k~ ]"Holy God We Praise Thy Name." theft and having, easily clear~ THESE WOULD % . . ~A~] The first Sunday of each month has self of this accusation, he w, h:::aYoth:2a::nWla:~ia~::kad:;:Iy be accorded all for the reception of Kansas, ~atnolic rein- ~ ' ~" ~ h .... i the Sacraments ~ aO~W~,ATW , ] bye or friend elsewhere, ~ [*een assigned as Sodality Sunday at charged with being a Christia yet t e desired resul~ was no~ acnlev-_. . ." _ _ _ ~ a-~*~,..,a,t'~a~ . .... ~,' we were difficult" to~ presen: ~vtrs. (5. H. Walton is V'~ ~lCathohc once hying .~ ]which all the Sodahsts will receive er being scourged and othe~ ' ed Some said THE GUARDIAN here, Non-Catholic like- ttoly Communion in a body at the 8 tured he was condemned b, , ~ suffering from- an attack of rheumat- please. However, perserverance ann ........ Ileal visitation We hope her genial ~ t ly to be mterested. .... * ' " " prayer mways ~rmg ~ne resul~ ann .. " 'o'clock Mass with the formal Sodality with the robber's and other ~' we are indeed happy to state that t:s~iSlhltn may soon put that rogue ~2\ .~.~ ]meeting ta~ing place ill the evening tors. g " ~[ ~T,~ ]at 7 o'clock, after which there will ........ 1 Gaudete Oil Sunday our expectations ~'~ "-~. ]. . . luesuay, l~ecemoer ~,. " were met. The joyful Sunday of] HO~ [ ........ m,~ ,~r~ ~toe.tne usual aevotions, prayers and o onins Bishon was nlaeed Advent was a Sunday for general] MISSIONS 'me. t uaralan, is z.w a year: or we ~[Benediction. Seeg of 'Antioch' Y' upon ~'e~n 'Pi jubilation. The weather was any-[Prese [~ will send it to THREE INDIVIDUAL . -7:7-,. , , Vitalis in 318 When Arias ! oft Midnight Mass will be _ ~. ~v~rs M Percelull of Locus~ s~reet, ...... - --lexand thing but smiles; yet the faithful l : " " , " ADDRESSES for $a.00. We shall ad- t lon the way to Mass on Friday morn- _. . -~ .... m a~ said here by Rev Lawrence 0 Nell, of " " . ea ms maspnemles a~ 2, came and cleansed their souls in the I~' ~ . .... Alexanaer conu~ mnea n. ......... ]Little Rock College Special music -- " " ling shpped upon ~he ice with ~he re- " dal le fortified~acramen~themselves~ t'enance,by receiving~nence ~neYour has been arranged "r the i vine them of your kindness. ~ ~ ~,oo+, ,~,~ ~^, ~,~,. ~.~,~ the sentence in a syno ' .... fo serwces, i ,~.~ .~'~JShe is now confined at the home of ~ .... b"f' .......... wmcn a large group o~ non-uatholics ~ ~ .... ........ ". .................. St. Philogonius who strena00 born ann t~ou m tloly t~ommunion. , , I~x~ ~ ]her mother, Mrs. R S Hunt, 701 fended the Cathoac Fm~n ~i ~ruI it was a si h .... ~nave already signified their intention y g ~ wmcn we are o . r assembly of the Council oI ~ certain made the courts of Heaven ,lfttope: Maattendm-g-ss will be said here at *'~ Y'~I . /'1 P_ rl~| g-~ 1 " ~1-~ eat Fourth street, and is reported as " Imrlstmas lI[---llle t, uarolan ~[improving. the storms which" " were raised*_ ring with praise and thanksgiving and ] ~ , :, .... I o O'CLOCK oy ~a~ner O'Nell A new ~\~ ~ I the Church, first by Maximia~ we know that the recipients them-] " "" [ ~[~:-- ........ --:=:--- :--: .~ afterward by Lieinius, St. p~l ........... set of statues, 17 in number, have. selves were rejoicing, wi~n a llm]~ea i ~ .... ......... ~ ~ [| ~.~]~'~ ~|~r|| | ]us won the title of ConfeSS01 exception every man and woman f]been purchased fr the crib; the sta-] ~('~lble is being made by Miss Theresa ,I WHILE YOU THINK OF IT--FILL THIS IN.] rolll OlVllln t died in 322. the parish who could at all attend] ' ~ ~'~ ~ r ~1 Urban and her brother ....... d for one - ears' ' .~ ] .::--:-----:--:--------:-----:--:--:,.~ Wednesday, Deeemhe , ~nclosea please llIl ~ .................. y Of tl~ - . ..... f Stamps" Mass will be said at 9 four of tha~ number approacnea ~ne~ , " " " ermen on the Lake of Galilee Holy Table. Now that the start hasl clock by Father O'Neil.. The par- subscnptmn to THE GUARDIAN to be marled ace, ........................... mane we pray ~na~ ~ney wm ,c-,]ish is arranging the church to cecum- ~ it the fllwing: ] ~1 At the regular meeting of Adel- Our Lord called to be one .. ,~_,. ~ ...... .. ....... ~.. ]modate a large number of visitors, ~ ! ' ~ [phia Branch No. 102, the election of apostles. He was slow ~0 celve nvly ~UIIIIIIUlII~II IIIOIlLIII~ I , ]as Christmas services are always well ~ ! ~ame ...................................................................... I ~X~ i officers which resulted as follows: and after the Resurrection ~. Mrs. A. B. Gibson opened her pam-/att , " ,~,~ IAda:--ress I ~_~lVery Rev. P. F. Horan, D. D., Spirit- credit the report that Chr~ tional residence to the ladies of the] ;naea. . . , . ~ e~ueen" ~viianight High Mass ~ | ................................................................... [ ~lual Director; Jno. A. Moore, presi- risen. But at the actual sfg~ Altar Society this week and permit-tw ..... ~ , ,~. ..... t uloesaiunereoy~ev GeorgeF X ~ J | ~.~"[dent; J Herman Krone, vice-presi- pierced hands and side andg~ ted them to have a tsnrisnnas sam ox~ ,-.. , " " " ............ ! ~rassner, pas~or, of Hope and Mis- ~ . Name........................ .............................................. , ~]dent; Pat Reilley, financial secretary buke of the Savior, unbelief ~ canflles anu nanu-worg. Wnlle na-!sions ......... , , registrar ana instructor a~ ~,k- ~ [ ] l~"~[and treasurer; recording secrtary, forever and his faith triur~l goodtUre WaSattendancerather andrughthethereladiesWaSreali- |, t ~ e t~ocK t~Ollegea~ "l ............. lvtrs~aroDinwiu~.. Address .................................................................. ] ~] Henry Kuper Sr; trustees for three the joyous utterance, "My b( ..... .... ~V~ [years, Wm Prendergast Sr, two My God " ..... . . . I preslue a~ ~ne organ. Mrs. Jonn ~leinz zed a nea: sum wnicn snau go towaruih .... " "- a~. .~ , ! as arrangeu a sp~enuia t~nris~mas ~(~ ] Name..................................................................... [ ~[years; Wm. McCloskey, one year; Thursday, December 22. defraying the expenses on the church. ! ........ t t .~vocal SOlO ~or ~ne o~er~ory The ~ ! " s .~h~t~]Dave Butte; sentry, Paul Herring; eh--rion mart,,r Was an iaie We take this opportunky o ex enu! ......... " .... ! enoir wiu oe assisted oy lvlrs T Short ~ ] Address ..... -/ ...... :.................................................... [ ~" [ sergeant-at-arms, Tonty Kurth. ~'iZ, ~h, attend'ed a ma~StrS to Mrs, Gibson, who has m ~ne pas~l ......... " . i .............. " dies and theland Mr o t'ererson in ~ne evening always assisted the la - ., .^" ," . , " hk'~ I o_ ~ ,__ ~llx~[ Installation of officers will be E~vntian city Unon his re~ ... a~ '~:;~u, ~ne ca~ecnism class will pre- m~ ~ uy ............................................... . ---- ] ........ -" parish in general in any way possmle, ..... -~, [ ' ........ I ~inem the seconu ~unaay in January, offer sacrifice to the idols, .* ........ sen~ a ~nris~lnas program under thel~.C~Ml ~~YOnU~ ~:g~st O:s:2rlstmas ~ ~/~!ii~i!iiii~i!ffi~e y~ii~| ~i our sincere ~nanKs anu appreciauon . ...... direction of Miss Helen. Sullivan for thin aaaea honor. To open your The Altar So i ' " " " .... e e~y m preparing a homo to the generai puol~C xor a .., ........ t~nristmas tree, with gifts wnrls~mas sale ann supper m no~ an ....... Foreman' Christmas Mass will be easy matter ~or Well you Know tna~ . , saia at Holy Cross Church at 9 the home will be put in disoruer, ou~ , ............ - ,-4 ., . . ..... O elOCl. IYllSS ~gnes ~II10~SE as or- Mrs. t~ibson dm no~ perml this o ........... . . ganlsL has ~ralneo ~ne choir ior a " %[ ~~-' - " " " P "g ," " . annoy her. The Altar ....... Society asl~ea splenala ......... unrls~mas program ~vlass ~'k~t "~'~'~"- ~--~] Regular meeting of Branch 652 was or turn himself from one sld~ ~_~'~:~~~--~~~~~/held with a favorable attendance other. He lived on alms co~ her for the favor ann sue unkeu wi~n .... . .......... . . wnl ~e said by Father Strassner ~nem, no~ alone permitting ~nem ~o .......... " ~'~ -~ -~~ ~" ~*'~ "*~ "~'~ "~ "~'~~~~]The committee reported on the pie by:those who passed the paI ..... /viexlcans: AI; 11 "~U, aD0U~ ~en use the home, but assmung in every ....... " , ""v = = = : : = = : = : --: / , Y [ " " Clemen.t s Church in Ror~ q " drove to MeGehee Thursda to meet supper whmh results were fmr but , e ..... mnes sou~nwes~ o~,oreman, ~uass win I| ]~/'~ ~[|| | Afq~ ? our Sisters who returned from Little|could have been better The monthly secrated h/s time to God way possible we assure ~v~rs. t~mson ..... _ oe stud by Father Strassner in the that we cannot properly express our .......... : ~]~I[,1 Rock. dope sheet was read, and note that ~h' ' . . .v.tex~can se~;nemem:. Tne lvlex]cans I ld~]k][~kl~ VlL r~ ~ .... ~. . hymns of prmse and ,-, gratitude, but know that He, the giver have selec~ea ....... a home Her rne services, =| : : : : : : : : : : : : 1~. Chmr praeuce m in full swing, at| Arkansas stood flftia place, amongst H=-,,=~,a'~a ,,o.-*'"u~ 590. ........... the church, and from all signs we] the C. K. of A. membershap drive in ..... oI every good and per~ec~ g~ Will ......... where ~ney win assemme ~ne. night The Drive Pushed With Vim " . ] . .- Daturaay, ~eeemaer .4 bless her for her kindness, beforea~' 6 an'a spend the entire night " }udge that we may expect a genume~the United States m so far as the pmnus," ......... ~lsnop. ~l~e is "~. in prayer before the altar~ and the The Roman Catholic Bequest Cam- musical treat in the line of Christmas C. K. of A. are concerned. St. Delphinus before his St. George, Knohel. Saturday the scheduled visitation was made to St. George's and a Re- quiem High Mass was sung. The children's choir sang the propers. They are doing real work in church music and have mastered three Masses this year. After the Mass the weekly catechetical instruction with quiz was held, and while they are always pre- Crib, and will then await the hour for Mass. GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH pared for the regular catechism and ~:~' "Christmas Bazaar. ': .... Sunday Visitor questions, they do The annual Christmas Bazaar will not have the opportunity of knowing be held Wednesday and Thursdayof the manifold questions that are al- ways asked in connection with the general questions. Tbe hour of in- struction is always filled with inter- est and the children are doing justice. Saturday many c~uestions were ask- ed upon doctrinal points and Church history which the children had not studied this year, but the trai~ning under the Sister is thorough Catholic education and the questions were readily answered. Some may ask so paign is being launched in our par- ish this week. Judging from present indications we feel safe in predicting that this drive will be put over in fine style. Mr. B. J. Casey is lead- ing the campaign, and he is working with a vim not to be outdone by any difficulty. As yet, he has seen only a limited number of our parishioners. but he hopes ~o be able to meet each one personally before the end of this week. It is very remarkable and indeed quite gratifying to note the this week. On Thursday night sup- wonderful spirit shown by St. Mary's per will be served from 5 until 8 o'clock. The supper and bazaar will be held in the school auditorium. Many beautiful articles and Christmas ~oys for children will be on display. You are invited to attend "The chil- dren will have an entertainment Wed- nesday night together with the ba- zaar. Christmas E'ntertainment. On Tuesday night, December 20. much for s~nging of Mass and relig- Santa Claus will make his usual up- ion, but how about the secular knowl- pearance to the children. Before his edge? They are not lacking there arrival and distribution of articles, either Truly a parish with a par- there will be a Christmas entertain- parishioners 'in this campaign. They are entering it with great enthusiasm, and, notwithstanding the severe han- dicaps brought on by the flood and adverse financial conditions, they are generously taking out insurance policies. In some eases, this is be- ing done at a great sacrifice on the par~ of our people but tfiey realize that Mr. Casey's proposition is a worth-while affair, and they want to take part in every enterprise which is conducive to the welfare of their dio- cese, their Church. and themselves. Father Gallon] Active. It is expected that this campaign church music. Miss Marie Grace Forte went Montrose Sunday. to Masses. ~undays, 8 and ]0 o'clock. Weekdays, 8 o'clock. Evening Devotions. Sundays and First Fridays at 7:45 o'clock. Confessions. Saturdays and the eves of holydays and First Fridays, afternoon and eve- ning. Officers were also elected which are as follows: Rev. Peter Post, O. S. B., spiritual direetor; Leo Sharum, president; J. Herman Kramer, first vice-president; Leo tIammer, seeond vice-president; L N. Edelmann, re- cording secretary; Fred Titgen, finan- cial secretary; Michael Sharum. es- cort; James Sparks, sentry; Joe Buer- gler, banner carrier; trustees three years, Gu's Woerner; two years, Jo- sephine Werner; one year, Will Kra- mer. J. H. Kramer was appointed as branch supervisor and promises that a large class will be held in early spring. uary 2, 1928. Immaculate Conception Sodality. On Thursday night, December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Concep- tion, one hundred and six women of the parish were enrolled by the pas- tor in the Sodality of the Blessed Virgan under her flue of The Immac- ulate Conception. It was the closing ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY the episcopate. He Council of Saragossa in 330 the PriscillianisGs were and also at the {~ouncil o~ which condemned the madcs. He baptized,St. 388 and the latter in speaks of him as his father. master St. Delphius"'die~~ ]CARE OF CHILD PART OF SETON HILL C STUDENTS' Greensboro, Pa., Dec. Hugh, a six-months-old bab~ been brought from Roselia Asylum in Pittsburgh to the Home Management ton Hill College here, dents will care for him their preparation for the bilities of the home. Forty Hours Devotion. for[I Forty Hours devotion opened the Sisters of Charity at St. Vincent's ochial school has a blessing which can ment given by the school children. not be measured in dollars and cents. Christmas vacation will begin Wed- The faithful of St. George's pa~ish nesday, December 20th. realize this and while each family Christmas Masses at 12-7 and 9 finds it difficult at times to meet the o'clock. expenses they would not do withoutI The First M~s on Christmas will their school so ably conducted by the/be at midnight. The choir will be- Sisters. ~ 'gin to sing Christnms carols at 11:45. The young porker which Mrs. John Schiller is selling chances on will learn his fate on Saturday, the 17th, when the tickets will be shuffled. The pig may get a long ride as a number of tickets have been purchased by friends of the parish from distant points outside the state. The sum grew rapidly from the start and went beyond the expectations of Mrs. Schil- ler and the ladies of the Altar So- ciety. However these good ladies al- ways make every penny count and even if you do not get the squealer you may be certain that your money has been well applied. St. John's, Newport. A good attendance was had at Mass Sunday. After the Mass plans were ~urthered~in preparation for the erec- tion of the new church. The sale'of The beautiful Crib will be seen on the gospel side of the altar, which teaches the wonderful lesson of the great feast of Christmas. There will be a procession to the crib at the stroke of twelve, after a special pray- er to the Infant Jesus will be said, after which will follow the High Mass celebrated by Father Wernke. The second Mass will be at 7 o'clock during, which Christmas hymns will be sung. The third Mass will be said at 9 o'clock, followed by the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. and the Holy God We Praise Thy Name. Confessions will be heard the Eve will be of considerable financial aid feature of their preparatory spiritual to St, Mary's parish, Father Galloni retreat, beginning on the preceding is taking an active part in this drive]Sunday. ] by introducing and accompanying] The retreat was directed by theI Mr. Casey. They are now working Rev. John J. Gudgeon, S. J., a mem-] the town section. As soon as a thor- ber of the Jesuit mission band of] ough and complete canvass has been the Province of New Orleans. Father made in the town, they will go across Gudgeon in connection with the re- the Lake and into the more remote treat for women also gave a course portions of the parish, of mission sermons to the congrega- Personals. Judge H. E. Cook accompanied Governor Martineau to Hot Springs to be present at the dedication of the new St. Joseph's Infirmary, and to meet Cardinal Mundelein. Mr. and Mrs. P. Mulligan spent Wednesday and Thursday in Little Reck combining business and pleas- ure. Mr. R. Nicolini is seriously ill at his home on South Lake Front Pray- ers are being offered for his recov- ery a~ St. Mary's Church each day. Mr. U. Ferri of Boyle, Miss, is vis- iting friends in this city. He expects to remain here through the holidays. Mr. Santo and Miss Marie Forte tion in general at both Masses on Sun- day, again in the evening and at the Masses and evening devotions on the feast day. In addition he gave the boys and girls of the parish a three days' mission with the reception of Holy Communion at the morning Masses, Monday, Tuesday and Wed- nesday. The retreat exercises brought together quite all the women of St. Patrick's parish and was a very inspiring sight on Thursday evening when 106 women, kneeling before the shrine of Mary Immaculate, con- secrated themselves in service and love to the Blessed Mother. The re- sponses to the Director's questioning of candidates was sincerely express- Infirmary, Friday morning at 6 o'clock, when the High Mass of Ex- position was sung by Rev. Joseph Schumacher. High Mass on Satur- day and Sunday morning, with Bene- diction every night at 7:15. The sol- emn close took place Sunday evening at 7:15, with Rt. Rev. Msgr. Aretz, S. T. D., P. A., rector of S/~. John's Seminary as celebrant, Rev. John P. Fisher deacon, and Rev. Edward P. Garrity as subdeacon. Chanters of the Litany, Rev. John Healy and Rev. Herman H. Wernke. Present in the sanctuary were: Rev. Gee. H. Mc- Dermott, Rev. Joseph Gallagher, Rev. Albert Fletcher, Rev. Herman J. Pat- zelt, S.V.D. ; Rev. Joseph Schumacher; master of ceremonies. The altar was beautifully decorated during the three days of exposition. The choir con- sisting of the Sisters and nurses with Miss Dorothy Kellogg at the organ, presented a ::pecial Mass and hymns for the occasion, After the Litany of the Saints Benediction of the Blessed Sacramc:~.t was given by Rt. Rev. Monsignor Aretz, S. T. D., fol- lowed by the Holy God We Praise Thy Name, sung by the entire congrega- tion. The baby that has house is considered a men for a practice babY. come into an "average home" a place of limited I His family, comprising six bers, must ]ive on an incora a month. Tl~is income, weekly installments by treasurer, is apportioned bY manager among the hold expenses. The food under the minimum not exceed $17.50 per proximately 40 cents per member of the family. It sitate skimping, it is home manager to provide menu of milk, orange liver oil. During his six-months' Home Management have a new mother each of his mothers will formulas, bathe, dress infant, and take care o~ ing. To obviate any mis might occur through inexP~ assistant mother will help throughout the week turn. These two stude~t~ exclusive care of the babY'o account will be kept of !~ physical and mental groWt~