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December 9, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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December 9, 1911

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THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN CARDINAL GIBBONS fact that Christianity has failed in quette, going to public functions at next the chapel and the private 4-----;--;---&apos;-;-----'----.'----*!"I* 4 WANTS PEACE. her nfisshJn (ff peace to the nations, the Vatican, have the right to a gala apartments of the Cardhlal. K ITHl NI]I;L L it sh(mhl be borne in mind that l,e train of three carriages. .,ks Cardinal-Elect Falco,fio is a Continued from pagel Christian religion enforces her hn- They arc 1)receded by four ser- member of the Franciscan Order, he %,-''x.f equity. The world's greatest need is mane precepts, not 1)y the sword, but rants in livery, enlbr(d(lered with will not wear a scarlet robe like his a breakwater against temporary pas- by moral and religious sanctions; and their arms, the tirst carrying the two associates, who are secular pre- sions. War is too horrible to be en- that, in conteuding for peace, she has Car(linal's hat, the second Iris crozier, lates, llis costume will I)e of gray ON A to struggle against the ,,,(,st formid-and the third Iris great unll)rella of silk, the color of the habit of his PIANO tered npon ill cold blood and with able of earthly forces, and the most red silk. The Cardinal is acconl- Franciscan 1,rethren. All Cardi- _:xJ-L.2, delil)eratit,n when there is any other imperious of hnman passions, panied "v a secretary ill black with nals who are regnlar wear a costnme / A}  i)ossible /vay It) settle the .luestim "It is a gratifying fact that, with a silk , 'le and by a train bearer that is the color of the habits of Means that the most scrupulous in dispute, a population of about a hundred rail- in a cassc,. ",f violet silk with black their respective orders. The skull care has been given every detail "1 think that . one of the things lions, the arnly of the United States velvet button. ]le also has a gentle- cap, biretta and hat, however, will OfpartthehasCOnstruction.been manufacturedThat everYin does not exceed forty thousand men, man in waiting wearing a black bc scarlet, the piano and organ factories that will redound most of the glory who arc scattered for the most part costume of the time of Henry.ll of It's a sign of luck that you notice of our country in the fnttu'e will l)e ah)ng tire frontiers of the country. France, with sword and lace collar TAFT'S MESSAGE. thatf tlleit hasW" W.beenKIMBALLmade by skilledCO'; t., ' this Ad, I)eeanse yon know where its enthn.iastic devotion to the nlovc- This force, while sufficiently strong and cnffs, who holds the biretta. Workmen, under the direction of yet: can get relial,le first-chiss har- ment for international peace. De-. to preserve our (lomestic peace, is The arrangement of a Cardinal's .President Taft's annual message to experts m" their" respective" lin q" ness. votedness to this nolflc purpose, too insignilicant to excite the fear or residence under tile ancient rcgt.,la- Congress, which was presented to That ability, experience and re -3 " l)rovoke the jeah)nsy of our neigh- tion is also curious, that body last Tnesday, contains sponsibility are back of the pi- \\;e take old harness in trade, aloue, will stamp the United States 1)ors. Onr best secnrity lies in the "At the entrance is the antechaml)er ouly six thousand words. \\;Vhatever "It pays to trade at PATTI- ano. The ear and the eye can SON'S" TRY IT. as a truly Christian conntry, for uni- supremacy of the law, it) the loyalty of the domestics, in which, on a kind other feature it may have to corn- judge of the versal peace anlong men--the of our citizens; it, their strong at- of credence, covered with red cloth mend it, it is at least sensibly sltort. ....BEAUTY OF TONE, .... Pattison & Company ,,rotbcrbood of .ten is essentially tachnlent to our free institutions and and yellow lace, are placed their flap- If a presi,lent has a secret which he the satisfactory case design and Harness Makers. Christian. Before tile advent of in al)stention from entangling al- l)ed Itats, surniounte(l by the arms of wants to keel) he can do no better finish, but you must look to the 3el Louisiana Street. Christianity, war was the rule; liances, the Cardinal under a canopy, On the than embody it in it message of NAME for reliability of con- peace the exception. "L, et us cherish the hope that the wall are SUSl)ended the two silk thirty or forty thousand words. Then strut,ion and the assurance that "In spite of the fact that the di- day is not far off when the reign of cnshions, one red and the other lie ntay be snre no one will lind it the good qualities will endure. A NICE COMPLIMENT. vinely appointed spokesmen of the Prince of Peace will be firnfly violet, needed at the Cardinal's ont nntil, perhaps, some fnture attti- The house of KIMBALL has Christianity eloquently pleaded for established on the earth, when the adoration of tire Blessed Sacrament, quarian stuntbles onto it. President had an experience of over FIF- The Dramatic Club of Subiaco universal peace among all men and spirit of the Gospel will so far sway and his two umbrellas of the same Taft nmst have soniething to say TY YEARS in tile music indus- College played to a large and al)pre- all nations, and that, in defiance of the ininds and hearts of rulers, that color in their cases. The latter which he wants the people to know try, and artists, amateurs and ciatiw; andience'at Snbiaco theater, this constant appeal, wars were standing armies will yield to l)ernta- cover him when he is following the about, thousands of satisfied customers Monday nigbt. The characters of the waged, still it nlust he admitted that nent courts of arbitration, that con- \\;:iaticum bareheaded or when he is give abundant proof of the drama were well represented and they occurred less frequently than tests will be carried on in the council making a solenln entry into it chnrch. ECCLESIASTICAL YEAR BE- MERIT of the KIMBALL. dramatic talent was very much in before attd were conducted with less chambers instead of the battlefield, The second room is for the Cardinal's GINS. We have sold KIMBALL evidence. The Subiaco orchestra cruelty and less inhunaanity. The and decided 1)y tire l)en instead of the secretary; the third is the "chanll)er leautiful Forty Honrs Devotions pianos for many years and have )' ,, and band furnished excelletn music reasons for tiffs, if time permitted sword, of the l tretta, because tlle red marked the beginning of the year at them in tile best homes, schools throttghont the evening.--Paris Ex- could be clearly stated. However it "lf we do not insist that before biretta is placed there on a console the Churcll of the Immaculate Con- and colleges in Arkansas. We press, would be unjust to infer from tiffs nlen go to war they shall do every- before b. crucilix, ception tiffs week.--Fort Smith Item. guarantee these pianos. In buy- thing in their power to settle their Then comes the throne roont, all ing a KIMBALL Piano, Player P. J. O'BRIEN'S FALL SUITINGS. disl)nte by arhitration, then might he- in' red, and in which in the place of Piano or Organ, you positively I am showing a great variety of Pfeifer Hemstedt co,,,s rigltt." honor, nnder a red canopy, is the [] [] get greatest value obtainable. handsome Fall and Winter Suitings, Plumbing CO. portrait of the reigning Pontiff. P.rices modest--Quality best. comprising tile very latest Cheviots, PLUMBING, HEATING and WHAT CARDINALS WEAR. Below the canol)y is an arm chair What Gift Sold on liberal terms of pay- reversed, which is thns reversed for ment. Worsteds and trouserings. The styles GAS XTTXNO W Id B Estab,,s.e. ,,,. in gentlemen' apparel are hardly as Ix9 W. 4th St. Cardinal Falconio's Robes Will Be the Pope, should he visit the Cardi- OU e variable as those of the ladies, but of Grey Silk Instead of Scarlet nal. Then comes rite reception, roont a_.. : ...a Hollenberg Music Co there are continued changes and in- as He Is a Member of the ,-,vvrec,a,,, novations which every well-dressed STATE DIRECTORY, Franciscan Order. if" if" Healey t3. A. Roth ____ 604-6o6 Main Street. gentleman is bound to regard. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS. Only Chapel and Private Reeption More Than a The Oldest, the Largest, the P. J. O'BRIEN, A Cardinal has font different bats. Rooml ia the City Fi Best Piano and Organ House Merchant Tailor, 203 West Markham State Council. One is black felt, three-cornered and ne in Arkansas. (opvosite Marion Hotel). , Omcera--Chaplaln, Rt Rev. John B. Mof tasselled with red and gold, which he Healey & R0th Ph ph? rls, Little Rock; State Deputy, John H. wears with his walking dress. The otogra THE Vaughn. Fort Smith; State Secretary, F. J. second is red and is worn outside a Ginocchio, Little Rock; State Treasurer, Ed t In-ng'an" National FortLittlesmith;Rck;stateState Warden,Advocate. C.. chnrcb w.ten be rocl, et and Wouldn't your b.s- i High" " de : Ivers, Fort Smith. n,ozetta. The pontifical hat, which FUNERAL DIRECTORS sweetheart, band, par- Little Rock. is placed on his coflhl and suspended ents, girl friends, appre- BANK o,,,_,pl.,, Rev. P. Enright. V.G. over his ton,b, is worn outside it PrivAte Grey Ambulance, Da, or .Night elate one ass Cbrist,nas ra Grand Knight, T. J. McCarthy; Deputy [clturch when hc is in cappa and Lady Assist, trot gift? Make a date with ' ' i Pr" g t Grand Kmght, S. G. ORourke; Chanclor,[ .... .t. r .... w")" Th  fo"rq- It * is us this week. llenry Lensing, Financial Secretary; John ............. l.v ....... tntin A. Vick, Recording Secretary; R. Miles. I of straw, of large size, covered with 71t  mr. Zattle  Ark. CAPITAL, $100,000.00 Wd,,. Herman J. Ln,ing" Treaaurer, Ed- , ............. ward O'Brien; Lecturer J r Fail'i; Adv" re StlK anct Doun(' wltn a r'DDn ! i ') t cateJ. P. Cole; In,ide uard,' F. C. Prie,r; r,.d and -old It is never ,)ut on tl,e LAKE SIDE BAKERY o.,.,,oG...d,J.,..,oo. - ...... "- --  .  Th Ne . E. llLiNO. Pruident C.T. COFFMAN, V..Pres Meetings--First and third Wednesday! Cardinal's head, but is c;trried before BREAD, CAKES AND ROLLS J. [. [NOLANO, Jr., Cashier nights of each month. FRESH EVERY DAY HallIOld convent building', corner Seventh l,im by a lnember of Iris suite. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. nnd Louisiana Itreetth first and second floor. In ceremonial fnnctions, a Cardinal REIDEINGER & SCHOTTE, Props e w Era Press wears a cassock with a train of cloth Corner x3th and Plum St.  ,ls w,, Mar,, P,,,,,,__  .BEAT THIS$sT.oo Texarkana. in winter and of moire in summer. Old Phone a5x ..Pine Bluff, Ark. I --- ---- - --=- Olticera--Grand Knight, Thos. W. Hunter; The collars, stockings and gold CASH Deputy Grand Knight, Geo. C. Maher; Chan- for No. 2 Smith Pre- cellor, Gee. A. Land,dale; Financial Secre- buckled shoes are red. The girdle is [] 120 Main Street [] tary, Victor A. Ghio; Recorder, Harry J'. of red moire and gold tassels, the miers andNo. 6Rem- Browner;Treaaurer, WillJ. O'Dwyer;War- L S S tahl F ]I) ns ingtons; former price den, Andrew L. Doyle; Advocate, Frank A. rochet of lace and the red mozetta gllgltE,fftllllBlm, unera es Thomas; Lecturer, Patrick Byrne; Iniide of the same nlaterial as the cassock. @ KIME Fo__qRa $Ioo. Sold at $3 per nionth at an ad- Guard, Win. Kelley; Chaplain, Rev. Jae. M.  Mrs. vance. Guaranteed for one year. Hayes. He wears ;t gold ring with a sap- TIN, SHEET IRON ANO COR- I AhoArtitiFlnrMTnkcn fnr Wcddind i Mecting.--Second and fourth tronda, phire, and the three.cornered l, at of MILLINERY = ..oe0.,,, Ready for use. No. 30livers, $3o; nig'hti of each month. NICE WORKER L. C. Smiths and Underwoods, $57. nor H'lI-Third floor Foreman building', cot- red felt with gold tassels. I I of State Line avenue and Eait Third VESTAL'S, 409 Main St. Sold over 3,5oo. Write for catalogue, street. A Cardinal's walknig dress is a Hot Air Furnaces. p2h/aan2r ar Seventh & Victory  P.M. PALEZ0 MInttller. PARKIN - LONGLEY COMPANY, sintntarra, or cassock with train of Metal and Slate Roofing. ff -----  1 Phone 463 Alter buelncia hours call 687 1 so6 Louisiana Street, Little Rock. Pine Bluff. black, witl, cordings and buttons of -i- Desks, Chairs, Office Supplies, Etc. OfllcersChaplaln, Rev. J. M. Lucy, V. G.; scarlet. The girdle, stockings attd All Work Guaranteed. === __:_ '_ m _----= == _--=- = Grand Knight, Jules T. Borresen; Deputy mantle are red and the hat black DR. B. H. MERCHANT, V.S., Grand Knight, T. M. Doyle; Chancellor, F. II3-lI 5 East Third Street. with it twisted cord of red and gold. If it is Drugs, Soda or I oo.z; s=,.,,, I yh g'raber; Recording acretary, J. Frank Fra Dnring Advent and Lent and during Phone38o ..... Little Rock, Ark. Ofce 2If W. 4th St. ney; Warden, Chas. J. Herman; treasm'cr Treats Diseases of All Domesti- Ben Sylveter; Lecturer, Rev. J. I ). Pierce; a vacancy of the ]loly See tl,e ponti- Cig ones 2995; 29fi Animals. Advocate, N. T. Jenkins; Inside Guard, ars i' Public ,,snru". ,, Ncddo Marino; Outside Guard,.TohnJ. Dono tieal costume is violet, with linings, _lllllillillllillilililillllllliilllllilillllllllil2 i cated [All Calls Promptly Attended to, van;Peter Trustees, A.Gang. C. Briner, T. P. King and cording and buttonsof scarlet. The ---- St Ann's _ N i/cadem v =  WE HAVE IT i Day or Night. Meetlnfs--First and third Thursday night ordinary walking derss is covered " i Markham and Center of each month.  ---- /" I FOR QUICK DELIVERY. HallImperlal Lodge, K. of P., Wct with a fcrraiolone of violct moire. Scco,d avenue. In cold weather a cloth cloak of Fort Smith, Ark. WE NEVER DISAPPOINT scarlet or violet with gold cording  Day and BoardlnI School " Conducted by Sitera of MercT = We sell cvcrybody. Bcst things Fort Smith. is worn. to eat OfficeraChaplain. Rcv. P. F. Horan, D. Cardinals, according to court eti- lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllll MILLER GROCERY CO. D.; Grand Knight, John II. Vaughn; Deputy Subscribe for the Grand Knight. Charles E. Breslln; Chan `|||l|u-- Phones 39z-39 ccllor L. Keating; Financial Secretary, Joe Southern Ouardian Sticsberg; Recording Secretary, J. M. Rielly; k' -- w _ F II M'll' i B tif 1 d - co. Daily Delivery Pulaski Heights CarterWarden'; A.Lecturer,E. Boqua,].icnryJr.; Treasurer,Kuper; .,id a 1 lnery n eau u an Guard, Dan llarrington; Outside Guard, V. L Exclusive Designs E. F. Pace & Co. CHURCH:')'RECTORY. St. Edward's Church. Contracting Painters and Corner Ninth and Sherman. o,. Fiti--r-n-ng Decorators Sunday Services--- 6:3o &. m. Dealers in Wall Papers, Paints, 8:o .. m 701 Main Street IO'30 G. m. i m 0ils and Varnishes Benediction, ,:o   = Phone 9-658 -= ESTIMATES FURNISHED Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. lIIII Ninth and Marshall. Father Shannahan, Pastor. Old Phone 459x. 3aa W. 6th St. Sunday ,,,cc,-- NAZARETH ACADEMY 7:3o a. m. ,.:oo a.m. Nazareth, Kentucky. Benediction, 7:3o P. m. ANNUNCIATION ACADEMY -- siStERS OF CHARITY founded tiffs Acaden,y in 1812. Buildings St. Mary's Church. are spacious and have all modern improvenlents. Table provided from PINB BLUFF, ARK. Sixteenth and Parker Streeta, Argcnta. Father P.Bartodziy, Pastor. Academy farnt. Conducted by SISTERS OF CHARffY, OF NA/ARLq'H Sunday services MUSIC AND ART DEPARTMENTS. Regular and elective courses. Favor us with your next 8:00 a. Ill. ,o:oo a.m. Progressive metltods throughout the institution. A Day and Boarding Schooi Benediction, 7:3o P. m-- Surroundings are beautiful and healthful. Extensive campus, furnished order. Prompt deBvery--- St. Bartholomew's. with golf links, basket ball and tennis courts. Nazareth is one of Ken- " - " = " - == - " Jll Corner Sixteenth and Marshall Streets. tucky's most famous schools for young ladies. Next season opens Sep- and our prices are right. ]{cv. Joseph ]Iouingcr, Pastor. temper 4th. For catalouge address .. When you want anything in the  :oo a.m. MOTHER SUPERIOR. 10:30 1. m. Sunday school 9:oo a. m. i Drug Line |1 oo. o d TheGermanNatlonalBankl Benednction, 3:3o p.m. ",. Corner Seventh and Louisiana. OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Call up Rev. Thos V. Tobin, Rector. [ McClerkin's |I ." " New Era Press Benediction R.A. LITTLE President E. T REAVES," Cashlee R.H. THOMPSON. Ass't Cash'e I I O P IIOBINON, V .Pres D G" FONES V-Pre,. M.H. LONG. Ass't Cash'r I I and confer- " " encc, 7:3o p, m, O.,].,l.(o.,....,,..a,.0...,...,ao.,C,ccD.. *..; ,a.,, ,0,...!,, o'11 H5 West Markham St'eet . lie delivers it to you in any ?i h,dim, dlbu*mc.,*a,,t.t .... .TM. ,.c,erv.u..veyet,o'-vemetho.wnlcn,war.t7.m. "a"ll Patriek'I Church. ment d thi, bank haw t nt only marked m htory wtth *ueot. t)ut auum centre,m(, tamty tmettma te  patron,. ] I part of the city without extra l ScventS" and Cyprcn, Argent j. I Father A. Demnrger, Pastor. WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT 4 charge. Telephone 576. Sunday services W! I [ 8:oo a. n,, We respectfully invlte Accounts of these who desire a Safe Depository I ,0:00 a. m. Benediction, 7:3o P.m. for their Funda . :: i :} :< :{ L{I' 4: .%,