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December 9, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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December 9, 1911

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Political Announcements FOR COUNTY TREASUREIL The Southern Guardian is author- ized to announce Hon. Fred Sehader of Pulaski county a candidate for county treasurer, subject to the ac- tion of the Democratic primary. FOR COUNTY CLERK. "l'he Southern Guardian is author- ized to announce 1-Io,1. W. M. Moore as a candidate for County and Pro- bate Clerk of I'nlaski County, sub- cc t, tile action of tile Democratic prilnary. January 16. FOR CITY CLERK. The Southern Guardian is author- ized to announce F. M. Oliver a candidate for city clerk, subject to tile action of the I)emocratic city primary. RUBBER STAMPS. Reynolds Stamp Co. Steel and Rubber Stamps, Stencils, Seals, Badges, Trade Checks, Etc. i2o Louisiana St. Old Phone 4984. Little Rock, Ark. ''1722722.:y_72ZTSL72E2:2.2TZ:I2:27-'S-'.TZI:7'S::2':272=27 " ; 7 7 ::7:277  :;7 72:27::7." 22 2T -7-- 2:2 ; 772: " " 2._: 2 I W. B. WORTHEN, Pres. B. THRUSTON, Ajar. Cashier. GORDON N. PFkY, Cashier. GEORGE G. WORTHEN, Asst. Cashier. CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, $380,000 W. B. WORTHEN COMPANY Bankers, Brokers, Real Estate and Fire Insurance Agents LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS GOOD FEED at the Lowest Possible Price The health of your stock depends upon the character of feed that you are feeding them. To get IOO per cent work huy the best feed. FROM US IT WILL NOT COST YOU A PENNY MORE TO GET THE BEST. Wm. E. Overstreet Grain Company Phones 190 39 and 629 SEVENTH and CENTER STS. at Family Washim 5c Pound Advertise in The Southern Guardian 41p ST. JOSEPH'S ACADEMY. 41, 41, Mena, Arkansas. .1 Boarding and Day School for ,0, 1, Girls and Small Boys. 41, Terms Very Moderate. 41, '. Address SISTERS OF MERCY. 41, 4> .  - . - .-. .- @ .  -    41, A. F. SCHNEIDER Ladies' and Men's Tailor Alterations and Remodeling A SPECIALTY Cleaning and Pressing Phone 6181 Soz z-z Main St. Moving and Storage EXPERIENCED PACKERS COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSE & STORAGE COMPANY John A. Johnson, Manager Eastman Kodaks AND SUPPLIES Also a full line of All Kinds of Artist Material. Pierced Brass and Metalaplika Designs Stenciling Outfits Pyrography Outfits Calendar Pads Kodak Albums Windsor & Newton Water Colors Kodak Developing, ioc per roll. 8xz Main Street. Write for Catalogs. JUNGKIND PHOTO SUPPLY CO. LITTLE ROCK ARK. OUR NEW HOME w. Will Welcome the Reader. d THE GUARDIAN in Our New Offices, N. W. Corner Second and La. Sts., on and after November 6th, 1911 Banking--4 Per Cent on Savingm Accounts. Mortgage Loans on Little Rock Real Estate. Rentals and Property Management. Fire Insurance--Strong Companies. Citizens' InveStment and Security Company 200 West Second Street Little Rock, Arkansas FOR BEST EL P I O N RESULTS USE THE FAMILY SAFETY OIL I|1 00ennant Gasoline and Polarine ", for Automobile Waters- Pierce. Oil .Company I IIIIIIIIIII III MECHANICS LUMBER COMPANY[ BERT C. SIMON, Mannjer s.t OLD PHONE A.50 LUMBEZ MILL GLASS I | I I THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN I EUCHARIST NECESSARY FOR SPIRITUAL LIFE. (Continued lrom pane 1) disarms the soul's sl)iritnal foes, but !so fortifies its life that in due sea- 'son that little shoeless, cal)less street urchin puts forth the rare rich bloom of virtues, which in God's good time will ripen into fruit meri- ,torious of eternal life in the King's city beyond the slars? "Upon what kind of food is tile di- vine life to be nourished and strengthened with divine energies? Is not the organic marked off from the inorganic world by this, that whereas tile former needs for its health and growth some kind of nutriment, the latter is capal,lc of I301al?, "Nay, is it not true that as we a,- cend the 'scale of being from the amoeba to man we lind the food- stuff on which life fastep.s and feed- varies in its essential character? You will tell me that "for material life you need material food, and i will tell yon that for divine life yon ,lecd divine food. "This divine food is supplied in tile soul's banquet in tile sacrament of the Eucharist. 'This is the bread which cometh down from Heaven. which if a man shall eat, he shall not die.' If in our nfidst there are Ca- tholics who are failing in spiritual health, may it not be that they have forgotten to eat their hrcad? Not to go to Holy Communion means spir. itual starvation. Self-slaughter may be inflicted upon the soul as well as upon the body, though less notice is taken of it because it is of little in. terest to the worldly-lninded. "Make less of your material and more of your spiritual life, but re- member above all things that with- out divine food, divine life, whether I in the Vicar of Christ, on the throne of the fisherman, or in tile city er- I rand boy running his messages, must droop and die of spiritual starva-i tion. The only verdict upon such a l death can he a suicidal act."--Boston F'ilot. PLAYS TO AVOID. The Catholic Federation Bulletin Names Nineteen That Should Be Suppressed. Designating them as plays that should not be patronized by Catholics ;,tad that tile local branches of the Federation of Catholic Societies should suppress, the current Federa- tlon Bulletin enumerates the follow- ing: "Miss Innocence. ' "Desperate Chance." "The Hypocrites." "Kreutzer Sonata." "Sapho." "The Blue Mouse." "The Soul Kiss." "The Girl from Rectors." "The Easiest Way." "The Girl in the Train." "The Girl ill the Taxi." "Ahna Wo Wohnst Du." "La Samaritaine." "Three Weeks." "'Salonle." "Queen of the Moulin Rouge." "The Showing Up of Blaneo Pos- net." "Rebillion." "Thais." , :. UNVEILING COMMISSION COLUMBUS MEMORIAL The following letter has been is- sued by Past Supreme Knight Ed- ward L. Hearn, Memorial Com- missioner : Dear Sir and Brother: As you are undoubtedly aware the memorial to be erected in Washing- ton, D. C.,.in honor and memory of Christopher Columhus will be un- veiled with appropriate ceremonies next May, at which time it is earnest- ly hoped and coulidently expected that fifty thousand Knights of !Columhus will assemble to witness the unveiling ceremonies. Too long has the name of Colum- bus been permitted to repose in tlae obscurity with which a thoughtless if not indifferent world has clouded his deeds and his triumphs. Too ,long has the' lustre of his fame been dimmed and shadowed by the pre- judices of history. Too long has he ]been forgotten in the acclaim which heralds tile progress of a mighty nation, even though he gave to that nation its very tfirthright. But, happily, the old order of things is changing. Out of the chaos of recorded events the world has caught a glimmer of tile supreme significance of the achievement of the great discoverer, and over four centuries after his superb gift to mankind we find the existence of an ahnost world-wide appreciation, that is daily growing stronger, of the real meaning of the triumph of Columhus, and a more or less uni- versal desire to accord to the great Admiral the recognition and the honor which the bigotry of history has so long denied him. Here in America twenty-eight states have made the anniversary of his discovery a legal holiday, and earnest efforts are being put forth to make it a national holiday. To tile Knights of Cohlmbns belongs most of the credit for this splendid exhibition of patriotic zeal and sin- cere gratitude for the blessings made possible hy the discovery of the new world. The K.nights have been the foremost leaders in tile movement to littingly honor the memory of the great Columbt, s, tile linal and assured success of which lnovement must and will constitute a notable triumpll for the order which bears his na,ne. Tile erection and dedication of the Columlms Memorial at the National Cal)itol will I,e tile most ilnportant step in this movement and it rcst's with the mere )ers of the (.),'tit:," to agairl prove their loyalty and devo- tion by malting the dedication one of the greatest events in Catholic his- tory in the new world. To that end we cordially invite :our sincere co-operation and ear- nestly ask that you use your best endeavors to ensure a large attend- ante at that occasion. Your assist- i ante will aid materially in securing:l that gratifyi0g result. Application has been made to the varions railroads for reduced rates. They are now considering the matter and will announce the reduction in rates before the First of December. Again we earnestly solicit your aid in making this important event one of the greatest triumphs in our history. A word from you to your brother Knights will, we are con- I tident, do much. Will you say that I I word ? The succesg of the unveiling will vastly advance tile movement to] vindicate and properly perpetuate the name of the great Columbus, and is bound to hasten the complete ful- tilhnent of the noble l]rophecy that "His lmme and glory shall cling to all high places like a golden cloud forever, and men shall make his menlory immortal." Sincerely and fraternally yours, EDWARD L. HEARN. THE SAME OLD GAME. Recent news cabled from London relating to conditions in Persia, state that affairs in that country "have reached a stage which makes proh- ahle further encroachments by Rus- sia and Great Britain," and that "since their agreement dividing the country into spheres of influence, these nations appear to have worked in harmony in the direction of grad- ual absorption." Russia has threat- cried to occupy two provinces in the i north unless apologies are forthcom-] ing for an alleged "insnlt" to M. Pc- I trott, the Russian vice-consul, the I Russian troops being strongly aug- / mented. At the sante time two regi-i ments of Indian troops were landed ! at a seaport iu the south, nontinally to guard British consulates in that part of the country. When Morgan W. Shuster, Treasurer General of Persia complained to the Russian government that Russia and Great Britain are endeavoring to destroy the independence of Persia, the Rus- sian authorities denied that Persia is independent, saying that Russia and England exercise control similar to that exercised by a guardian over a minor? Mr. Shuster declared that it is the manifest policy of Russia and Great Britain to thwart the restora- tion of order and tile upbuilding of a strong government, and to keep the country in a state of financial col- lapse. Doubtless the Treasurer Gen- eral of Persia knows what ht is talk- ing about.' The Russian army and the British troops, or Indian troops, which are about the same for tlae purpose, are always redy to march m and assume control of whole pro- association of the board of review; that they made a full and regular re- port of their discoveries and findings :to Mr. Hoan, and that Mayor Seidel and Clerk Thompson were fully in- for,ned of the investigation. The third charge alleges that the mayor, city clerk and city attorney failed in their duty in that they did not lay the iMormation and the re- suits of their investigation before the upon at any tilne as a justitication for "benevolent assimilation," as it were. No talk of "world peace" or of "arbitration treaties" with such countries as Persia, for instance, which is one of the "inferior nations." Peace on earth will never be secured until such nations as Rusisa and Eng- land are civilized. I each other to the detriment and against the best interests of the peo- of Milwaukee to withhold in- formation. NEXT CONVENTION AT AMES. The National Convention of the Association of the Catholic stndents of America was hehl last week at I)oard of review, and the fourth connt Lincoln, NelL, front \\;Vednesday un- alleges that the several l)ersons ...... . , known or unknown, eml)loyed by them tfl Saturday. '1 he :\\;ssocmtton se,- city attorney for making an investi-tlected Ames, la., in which to hold its ,4at,on, c,mspired and connived with] [912 convention. Tom C. Adair Neill Hunter Adair & Hunter 317 West Markham Furniture, Carpets, Matting Rugs, Linoleum STOVES and RANGES Wholesale and Retail Phone 4923 Little Rock, Ark. Sate Today Thinl00 of Tomorrow We Pay per cent --on Savings-- Southern Trust Co. Southern Trust Building The Lor'test mud Moat Complete'Stock In the State to Select From MONAHAN & STEINERT DEALERS IN Monuments and All Kinds of Tombstones Old Phone a563 vinces. Tile cotmtry is kept in a state of disorder designedly, so t"*l$3'00to $5 00 a Tooth. the existing disorder may be seized OUSTER IS ASKED FOR MIL.. WAUKEE' SOCIALIST MAYOR. The impeachment of Mayor Seidel, City Clerk Carl D. Tlaompson and City Attorney Daniel W. Hoan, for alleged malfeasance, misfeasance and nonteasance in office in connection with the 1911 tax assessment, is ask- ed by Aldernlan j. P. Carney in charges submitted to the conmton council at an adjourned meeting to- day. The city officials nained are charg- ed with entploying tax ferrets to in- vestigate the taxable property of Milwaukee, paying them out of a contingent fund for the use of the city attorney for city purposes. The second charge says the per- sons so employed made an investiga- !lion of the assessment before and during the time fixed by law for the LITTLE ROCK, ARK. For Bridge Work We save you money and guarantee our work. Try us and be convinced. UNION PAINLESS DENTISTS 422 424 Main Street, Corner Fifth Street Open Nights. Over Hamilton's ....................................... CUT ON THIS LINE AND MAiL TODAY ........................................ Subscription Order ................................................................................... 1911 CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY 3115 W. Markam St., Little Rock, Ark. Ktndl send THE SOUTHERN GUARD1AN to m address for one year. I enclose herewith $1.50 in payment of ame. |raw mark thraullk itue est ePplisebie I will remit for same on ....................................... 19 ! 1 Signed. ........................................... A re .....