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December 9, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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December 9, 1911

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THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN Vol. I. Little Rock, Arkansas, December 9, 1911 Number 38 FATHER SHANAHAN * " " * * * " * * " * * CARDINAL GIBBONS WANTS * .......... " FOREWORD TO * * THE POPE SAYS. * AND THE CEMETERY our FRIENDS * ARBITRATION AND PEACE* it is not enough to publish * ) * Practically all good work, * * Catholic papers and put them * 'Statement and Request to Lot * like charity, begi0s at home. * * into the hands of good people. * * * Efforts must also be made to * OwnerS,tributionsPartialup LiStto Date.el Con- * mindWe takeourthiSfriendsOpportunitYthat thetuewre" Distinguished Prelate Declares That Peace Treaties Have secure as large a circulation * year is fast approaching and * Great Advantages of Cruel Wars at All Times * as possible for them--to cause * To tile Editor of The Southerll Gtlardiall. * will soon be here. At the be- * * them to be read by all, es- * Will you kindly permit me to ginning of the new year all * * pecial by those whom Chris- * occupy some of your vahtal)le space publications. Catholics and * In an authorized interview given result in the affairs of nations which . tian charity urges Catholics to * in order to place the following be- otherwise, put forth an extra to Mr. James Creehnan, a news- are siml/ly aggregations of indivi- save from the poisoned springs * fore your readers: * effort to secure subscribers. * paper writer, Cardinal Gibbons ex- duals. General international arbitra- of an evil press. Thus in seek- * All persons holding deeds or other * Without saying one word * presses the hope that the arbitration tion treaties seems to me to be the ing the Kingdom of God and * instruments establishing claims to * against other Catholic papers treaties negotiated by our national surest and quickest means throngh . His justice that modern * lots in Calvary cemetery are hereby * --for they are all goodIwe do government with Great Britain and which the universal peace may be . weapon, the printing press, * requested to send their names and * wish to say a word in support . France will be ratified by the effected, or at least approached. * will be used for the benefit of * addresses and numbers of lots to the * of our own paper and remind * Senate. "They should receive the "When we consider the evils of * morality.Pope Plus X. undersigned. * the Catholics of Arkansas that support of the whole country," says war our eyes are directed ahnost ex- If this request is complied with, it * their first duty in selecting * the Cardinal. "it is of the utmost elusively to the combatants them- =-:: will advance materially the" con- * reading matter for the home, ts * importance that civilized nations selves. We have no thoughts for A SOCIALISTIC TRAGEDY. templated improvement of the " to subscribe for the official * should bind themselves in advance to the nou-combatants. The truth its f cemetery, save the management * paper of their owu diocese. . submit to arbitration all inter- that the most frightful sufferings The cahle dispatches Tuesday an- great amount of inconvenience and * Though less than a year old * national questions which can be set- war are horne by the wives and nounced that John Le l:argue and protect the lot owners in their * The Southern Guardian has al- * tled by the application of principles children of those who light in the his wife had connnitted suicide in rights. The neglect of this may en- * ready taken its place among of law and equity, and ] can see no field. The bitter agony of their Paris, Mrs. Le Fargue having been tail many undersirable consequences. * the leading Catholic weeklies . reason why there should not be ap- waiting and anxiety is far worse than a daughter of Karl Marx, recogniz- For the present let it 1)e under- * of the country. It is an eight pointed joint commissions to invest*- the mere physical hardships and suf- ed as an apostle of modern socialism. stood that the care of all lots * page, six column all home print gate international controversies and ferings of the armed men. A wound This tragic ending of two lives devolves on the cemetery manage- * paper. The subject matter * determine whether particular ques- to the loved one in battle strikes will not he wondered at, but rather ment. Consequently anyone enter- * contains Catholic news as well * tions are of such a character, so that more cruelly those who have to wait will be applauded hy socialists the ing the cemetery to perform work of * as Catholic views and is, there- each nation will be in honor bound at home. Physical suffering us*ally world over for the act is in keeping this kind for others or for them- * fore, a real newspaper well to submit those issues to inter- dissipates the fear of death. Men can with the most approved tenets of this ,clves will be considered as tres- * suited for the young and the * national arbitration rather than to re- stiffer and 'die bravely in the excite- pernicious theory. The advanced passers. * old. Mechanically it is as good , sort to war. That idea represents ment of war. bnt harder, much hard- Socialist is an Evolutionist, a dis- The annual tax to he paid by lot * as the best and better than , the best spirit of the age. It has er, to bear is the moral agony of heliever in all that pertains to ira- owners will insure suitable care of * the rest. It is printed on first- , behind it the endorsement of the those who must wait, without power ntortality. Man's creation hy his all lots and graves. Those "lots will * class paper and is well worth * Christian world." to heli their dear ones in danger. Creator for a definite purpose being be forfeited, which are in deht for * the price--$L5o per year. * "Among the many advantages of "Men will not fight if they have denied, with the consequent denial purchase money or for the annual * There are at least three * international arbitration," con- time to grow cool. Nations will not of a future state of eternal existence. tax as soon as the amount of the * good reasons why Catholics of * tinues the Cardinal. "it seems to me fight if they have time to think. The there is no longer any spiritual he- delinquent tax equals the purchase * Arkansas should take the * to lie a very serviceable breakwater penalties and degradations of war are lief. Death ends all. price of said lot. Such lots will he * Southern Guardian: * against war because its deliberate too great, the agonies of the weak TMs is Socialistic theory, advo- sold to defray expenses. * 1. All good Catholics * and orderly procedure gives a and helpless, the aged and other non- cated by works on this suhject, ad- "I"I0e friends of the cemetery will * should have a Catholic paper * nation's blood time to cool. Former- combatants are too horrible, the vertised in weekly Socialistic "papers in the home. * ly it was only necessary to slap the waste of wealth, the destruction of that circulate in this country, the kindly rememher that those of their number who are soliciting subscrip- . ll. The Southern Guardian * face of a foreign minister and that industry and comnlerce are too vast, same receiving the comnleudation of tions are busy people and doing this is as good as other papers of * was considered a sufficient ca,us to he endured when there is a way every socialist editor. work gratuitously; they know who . similar price. * bell*. Think of a condition in which to peace. I am in favor of the general Laboring under such belief, Mr. these are and they should send in II1. Loyalty to home and * a personal affront like that was re- arbitration treaty principle and I en- and Mrs. Le Fargue's terrible end- their subscriptions and lighten the state demands 'that the official * garded as a jnstification for the dorse the idea of the new treaties ing may seem qmte appropriate and bnrdens of the" collectors, organ of this diocese has the * slaughter of mnltitudes[ with Great Britain and France be- they may become subjects of num- first claim on Catholics of * "Duels hetween individuals were cause I believe that questions which erous eulogistic editorials. Catholics The present subscription is asked . Arkansas who are subscribers * once frequent in this country. Even might otherwise result in war should recognize the fact that they are not for in order to get the work started . to and readers of Catholic * in the United States Senate and the be first taken away frorll the in- at liberty to take what God gave which is to he kept up by the atmual , papers. * - ease of Representatives an insult fluence of party politics ;.},11(I (,u- themtlaeir lives, to evade any of tax. Some have sought the subter- . There are many loyal friends * would be followed by ramed comhat. idered seriou,y in the ealtn neutral the responsibilities which life eu- fuge I am told, that they do not feel . of The Guardian who had al- * The nation, however, has' grown air o some impartial tibunal wh,se tails. Men and women of high called upon to subscribe now, when , ready subscribed for other * wiser and better, and the duel has findings must at least morally bind moral co,rage, regardless of their an annual tax is to he exacted from . papers at the beginning of this * been relegated' to the museum of ex- the contending nations to subttdt to religious heliefs, unhesitatingly pro- them in future. Would it be too . year before this paper started * tinct social monstrosities. I do not interns|tonal :,..'lfitrat;on all qtestions nounce self-destruction a coward's much to ask them to kindly remem- . and who didn't feel called upon * see why the same influence that led which may be found solvable ac- act.--Catholic Chronicle. her the uuntber of months, even . to take another paper. We * to the SUl)pression of duels I)etween cording to principles of law and .: years, in the past in which they paid . now wish to remind these * individuals should not produce a like Continued on page8 The Gibbons Bible Chair nothing. If the size of the present , friends that at the heginning * snhscription is regulated on that . they should take their home * Cardinal Gibhons has received a hases, we shall realize a handsome , paper first and then as many * [ [eLY SEASON OF ADVENT handsome gift of $50,000 to endow a sum. TMs subscription list will be . others as they wish. * Chair of Scripture in the new Gib- closed on Monday, December 18, and , It is the ambition and the * AND THE CHRISTMAS TIME hens Memorial Hall at the Catholic all are urged to lay aside their . hope of the manager of The * University of .Washington FATHER FRIEDEH DIES SUDDENLY President of St. Louis University Stricken in Downtown Office and Dies Within Half Hour. l:ather John Pierre Frieden. S. J.. of St Louis, 6 7 years old. president of St Louis University, died of paralysis of the heart in the office of John F. Lee in the Rialto Build- ing shortly after 5 P. m. Sunday. Miss Jane M. Whitelaw of the Usona Hotel. private secretary to Mr. Lee, was the only Iterson l)resent when * Father Frieden was stricken. She summoned Rev. Father Eugene Coyle of the Old Cathedral, who ad- ministered the sacrament of extreme unction before death occurred, half an hour later l:ather Frieden suffered a severe attack of grip and pneumonia last winter, but had been thonght to he in the best of health lately. His physician, Dr. G. C. Crandall said lie saw him about a week ago, and he appeared to be well. Although l:ather Frieden's heart was weak last winter, its condition was ascribed to the attack of pneumonia, said Dr. Crandall. Father Frieden left the tmiversity to go downtown Sunday afteruoon. lte stopped in the offices of Mr, Lee about 4:30 o'clock and chatted with Miss Whitelaw. "He seemed to be in the best of spirits," said she, "and we talked on several subjects. He admiuistered first eomnmnion to :t child in Sacred He.'trt Convent yesterday morning aud he told rite of the cerentony. He afterward spoke of his first com- munion and then he discussed the work being carried on in the law school of the university and of Ms hopes for building up the school. "When I started to go home." said Miss Whitelaw, "Father Frieden also got up to start when he was stricken." "1 called a maid anti lifted a glass of water to his lips, hut he could not drink. We laid him on the floor. and then 1 telephoned Dr. Louis H. Behrens. who had offices in the Times hnilding. He could, not come at once. and asked me to call Dr George E. Lyon of the Planters' hotel. Dr. Behens was the first to arrive and he advised nle to send for Father CoyleY Father Frieden died ,bent 5:25 p. m. With him at the time of his death were Miss 'Vhitelaw, Father Coyle and Dr. 13ehrens. Born in Luxemhurg, November I8, specious pleadings and rally to a good cause. The following is tire fist already reported: By Mr. F. J. Ginnochio: .  m. 'H eibach ................ $25.oo Joe Ross* .................... 25.00 Miss Mary Ginnochio ........ 5.o0 Miss Annie Ginnoehio ........ 5.00 Jno. F. Ginnochio ............ 5.00 Jas. A. Gir/nochio ............ 5.0o F. J. Ginnochio .............. 5.oo By. Mr. W. L. Rogoski: W. L. Rogoski ............... 5.00 Mrs. J. J. McEvoy .......... 5.o0 * Guardiau to more than double * * this paper's subscription list * * soon after the new year. To * * do this we need your help. * * Will you give it? * - .:. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ELECT NEW OFFICERS Fifteen Candidates Take Obligation of Order. Council Presents Hand- some Present to F. J. Ginnochio. At the regular meeting of Little Joe Heihach ................. 3.00 Rock council number 812, Knights of This is the season which heralds in the anniversary of the greatest event of the ages the birth of the Messiah Centuries had rolled past since Abe fall of man; away in the infinite solitude of His eternal majesty God declared that man should lie redeemed. As the years multiplied prophets arose and declared their missions; humanity looked out of darkness upon the dawning of Salvation's day. It was the past, the wonderful advent in which the children of God gazed forth upon the future and antic*pat- Frank Holstegge ............ 3.00 Cohtmbus, held at the K. C. hall ed the fulfilhnent of those 1)romises Mrs. Ed. Peaker ............. 3.00 \\;Vednesday evening, the following which had been given. At last a star Louis J. Tighe ............... 3.00 officers were elected for ensuing year. twinkled in the firmanlent, a star Win. J. Flynn ............... Leo Louis Koers, grand knight, H. J. that proclaimed the approacla of the Peter English ................ 1.oo Lensing, deputy grand knight; rising Snn of |nstice. Gradually the C. E. Gallagher .............. i.oo Richard Miles, recorder; J. A., Vick, clouds of night vanished, and finally W. O. Davis ................. Leo financial secretary; Ed O Brien, the great, round, effulgent Orb of C. A. Bazark ................. LO0 treasurer; V. L. Spalding, chancellor; Redemption rolled up from behind By Russell Lafferty: Gee. W Gilntore, warden; Ed Mas- the hills of time, and shot rays of Thomas Lafferty ............ $ioo.oo Healy & Roth ............... 1o.oo P. J. SHANAHAN Ninth and Marshall Stsl THE THANKSGIVING CHRIST- MAS. The unthinking world will attri- hute the peculiar joy that ntarks the Christmas time to the force of custom that has--grown with the progress of time nd give little heed to Him wltose birth it commemorates or the tenfler love of the ages of faith that pr!lnpted tile honoring of it and wlLh succeeding ages have contin- neW,and hence the ntere perfunc- try .,nd oftentimes senseless way the Christmas festival is kept and its sar, inner guard; M. P. Martin, out- promise down the slopes of the fu- side guard; Jas. A. Gray, advocate; ture. Each year, this season of Ad- W. H. Jarrett, trustee, re-elected, vent is celebrated. During four weeks These officers will take their seat (iris]cad of four thousand years) the faithfnl look forward to the coming the first of the new year. Follqwing the election of officers of the new born King. 'The day is prayer! ]t is the real weapon in the hands of every soldier who walks in the ranks of the Church Militant. It is a sword and a buckler--all in one. It has pierced the heart of Christ and has drawn forth therefrom the en.dless sources of grace; it has smitten the skall of the dcm,,i and laid bimlow at the feet oi Faith; it has beheaded the hydra of sin and destroyed the inflnence of that enemy of humanity, as it flashed in the vanguard of the celestial army and led the hosts of Michael the Arch- angel to victory so has it heen un- sheathed by the saints of God to assert the rights that belong to Christ's Church; and it serves as a shield against the poison-tipped ar- row of Satanic vengeance that the is James J. Ryan of Philadelphia, a retired builder. EUCHARIST NECESSARY FOR SPIRITUAL LIFE Father Vaughan Draws Beautiful Simile Between Sunshine for the Body and Grace for the Soul. 1844, Father l:rienden entered the The Cardinal was charged not to Society of Jesus and came to Ameri- reveal the name of the generous do- ca in 1869. He at once becante a nor. but it has been learned that he student in St. Stauislaus Seminary at Florissant, and remained there un- til 87I, when he hecame an in- structor in literature in St. Louis University. He left the uuiversily in 1874 and returned to take the presidency of the institution FeLru. ary IO. 19o8. ' The fnneral was held "I'ucsday morning from St. Francis Xavier's church, intermeut in the Florb;sant. Rev. Bernard Vaughan, S. J., of cemetery. London. gave the second of his series of conferences on "Why Be a Cahto- THE ADVENT SEASON. lie?" in the Church of the Immacu- late Conception on Sunday evening. Last Sunday was the first Sunday His topic w.s "Because it Means of Advent, the l)eginuing of the barbaric hordes of infidelity pour in Membershil) With Christ." Father ecclesiastical year. The season of upon the army of the faithful. It is Vaughan said in part: Advent was instituted by the Church the only weal)on upon which human- "The moderu scientist tells us of to prepare us to celehrate worthily ity can rely, and in no season more the marvellous healing properties Christmas or the anniversary of out- that are hidden away in the golden Savior's hirth, It is a penitential, than that of Advent is it so power- fully fruitful. It is just and right that Christmas should be a time of rejoicing that it should be a period of universal happiness. In order, however, that it may he such it is necessary that the preparation 'there- fore be in accordance with the and other routine business tifteen]approaching when His Star will be candidates were given the obliga-[ seen hy the Wise Men in the East. tion of the order. . lAnd across the desert of trouble spirit of the church. Let us look Under the head of Good of the[ and sin we follow that star, until ahead and hehoht the dawn of salva- Order, Jas. A. Gray, in a pretty llt twinkles above the little crib at tion. The sun has not yet appeared, speech, preseuted Frank J. Ginnochio[ Bethlehem' All Christians look for but we can already see "His star in a beantiful loving cup as a token the star that shall flash npon the the East." The flush of morning is Eastern sky of their earthly pilgrim- npon the horizon. But we have still age, prepared to follow in its track a portion of the vast desert of hu- until it pauses over the resting place man frailty to traverse. Let us do so is the Hope of the Nations. Advent with courage, with faith, with hope is a season of penance. According and with charity. For us all the to rnle of God's Church every Fri- Advent season will soon glide past, day of Advent is a day of fast. The and before we know it we will find altars of the churches are draped in ourselves at the feet of the Divine from the council of the friendship and esteem the members have for the recipient of this handsome gift for the good service he rendered the council for so long a time as financial secretary. In rising to accept the token, which came as a surprise to him Mr. Ginnochio was visibly af- /nfant in Bethelehem's stable, where the angels, the shepherds, the King, and representatives of the world adors him. ]t Advent; let us make use of the season, aud when the day superficial observance which leaves no trace behind. But with the think- fected and his words were choked purple and at the Holy Sacrifice the ing Christian, how different! With and full of feeling and in trembling priest dons penintential garment. All hint it is not merely a feast of the voice he said: I assure you of nay these are tokens of the great hunfihty senses, but a feast of the' soul, of appreciation of this token and I only with which we should cover our- wltich the external observance is but the' slight reflection of the all-con-[fear that I have not fully merited it. selves at the approach of the season It has ever been, and will always bet f joy, universal love and general suming love within. Hence the joy nay pleasure as well as my duty tel peace' Advent is not only a season is heartfelt and lasting.Bishop do all l can for the order and for the of penance, but also one of prayer. Colton. local conncil." Ohl that mighty instrument of rays of sunshine. He tells us that the sun-hath is a storehouse of phy- sical health "He reminds its that the light and heat of the sun do not confine their blessings to the material world only, but that with delicate hand the great luminary in the heavens, besides season, like Leut, and should be. kept in a prayerful, recollected and mortified manner. Formerly nmch fasting was exacted, but now the Church asks only a little. St. John the Baptist, as the Gospel tells us, painting the lily, the violet arid the preached penance as a fitting prepara- rose, hesides gilding the cornfields tion for the coming of the Lord, and and glinting the rivers, besides fling- the Holy Church does the same year ink light and shade to enhance the heauty of the landscape, has other aud more important work to do. "The sun sends forth its light and heat to protect and save man's life. For not content with chasing dark- ness from the land, it seizes upon and destroys and shrivels up that army of microbes which, but for the sun, would set upon and devour hu- man life. "What is all this wondrous output of the solar system con]pared with the ntarvels wrought in the human after year during the holy season of Advent. We can prepare the way of the I_,ord by obeying the voice f His Church. Obedience will teach us to "'put off the old man and put ou the new;" to remove ourselves during this holy season front the distractions and frivolities of the world around us; to keep away from theaters, balls and parties; to have recourse to con- stant and more fervent prayer, and to cultivate the spirit of true penance and compunction for sin, Thus will soul of the puny child brought un- the way of the Lord be made straight of rejoicing comes our happiness der the transforming influence of in our hearts, and we will be pre- will he m proportion to onr merits sanctifying grace, which not only pared to hail with joy His coming on dnring this holy season of penance, i Contlnuedon pile S ]Christmas Day.