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December 8, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 8, 1923

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7 ' ' AN I)ECEMBLR 8, 1928. (,tIAKDI , e ' " " I CHANGES ATTITUDE OF THE ITALIANS TOWARDS CHURCH AND RELIGION ! IRISH AND ENGLISH ropa,, that deb, i,, su.ceod- ing ages. 'DEBT "The great 0000,,nine i,, CATHOLICS al,'oady ,'a00in00 ..,he,, D:,,,iel O'00onnell I TO EACH OTHEI died, continued Fathc]" (_al,,l(,l,, "slid it was to usher in anoler phase in • C. C. News Service) ,Instruction than an engineer, a mer-] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) tile relations between the Catholic 23. Continuing the chant or a lawyer, l,ondon, Nov. 24.---A lecture on the Church in the two islands, hnmigra- in Italy, the spe-] "Mussolini intends u, brin ab:)flt a relations between h'ish and English ties of Irish Catholics into England of the "Revue magnific(nt am/ broad reform of edu- Catholicism by the lrish Jesuit, Fa- began on a huge scale. This imnri- d,s hlees et des 1,'aits" has cation. He wants the educational pro- ther Gannon, was the feature el! the gration more, 1 think, than any wave o f conversion in Enghmd itself, prominint church- grmn of Italy to be greatly mq)rov- annual conference of the Catholic Cardinal Mistarngelo,'ed. To this end he wants to estaish Young Men's Societies at Wigan (ity. thougil that, too, was considerable, of Florence, with regard'a srict selective system so that only Gilbert K. Chesterton, who was "one explains the fact that, whereas there ttitude of the Church toward the most captd)le students will go tO iof the speakers, made an address on were some 1.00,000 Catholics in Great • the eighteenth • " S " following is an account the umvermtm.. "modern journalism in which he re- Britain at the end of ] century, there are over 2,000,000 to- as published in the RUSSIA,',' CEI "Irl('Jl)C O;GI!N ' lkOO , ' N RL'-, turnedless ....... andt° his])tess.,.,attaCkcombmes. :.°n the modern !. day. M. Wallez asked the . • ' ] A great number of Lancashn •el "is there cause to be saris- i Catholics attended the fonference the attitude of Signor The movement looking to the rec-l.whic h coincided with the official at- DR. ANNIE M. BREMYER and his government toward ognition of the Moscow govermnent[ tendance at Mass of the newly-elect-' CHIROPRACTOR which has gathered perced)tible forCe,ed Catholic Mayor. The delegates to sir," replied the Cardinal, witk the convening of Congress has the conference joined in the mayor's Room 318 llll Bldg. You what our position received a decided setback as a resuI procession to Mass• The Mayor of October, 1922, and what it of the reports that the communists Wigan gave an official reception to Office Phone 9890 Res. Phone.4-2681 A "Year ago we should not have resumed their campaign of ter- the Archbishop o1: Liverpool, who has Office ILours, 9-12 a. m., 2-5 p. m. to hold a procession in the ror against religion. According to ad- returned from a visit to Lisbon, and 14 Yrs. ActiVeNurseWOrk as Graduate Priests were frequently in- vices fron) Riga, which are much other distinguished guests. Christians, in the face of more to he relied upon than direct de- i Reciprocity of Service of trumphant impiety, spatches front Moscow, priest and] Father Gannon, who came over - - In their faith They felt a --^ bein'- made the objects of/ [ harae " • " "" r of nuns r  . from l)ublin especially to deliver the h (-or a sort o lea- attack especially those of the Un)at address, began by tracing the -mcient HOLLENBERG "" • ao not believe I am , _ ,u Greek rite in commumon. / -* When I assert that the re- t:mrcl., 1,,= . ]origins of the relations that have ex- Services had losta third of "ll]l:;::;'that Father Walsh, who/ited between the Catholics of h'eland MUSIC C0 a . , and England, relations that go backl • ttendance. " ehar-e f the Vatican s relief| l was m "s • to the dawn of Christianity in these Established 1853 ] Pledge to Churdt lini promised us cate-!°rganizati°n' Ires left for Rome after l islands: There has been a recil)rocity The oldest, the largest and the best[ imediately after he came coming to an impasse with the Bol-[ of service bet pen theCatholics Ot Piano, Graphophone an(1 oregon housel that we shouht enjoy the shevik authorities, is taken to indicate I both islands, ,'ather Gaimon saint, in Arkansas.  ""'*" / in the practice of re- the seriousness of the situation and : I which it was better should be stressed places large bodies of' the relentlessness of the persecution than the unhapPy political divisions 411) lvia:n Street our disposal to insure the undertaken by the government that have divided them. From the LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Prestige of ceremonies. He through the State Political Depart'ltime of St. Patrick down to the pres- to ta'ze advantage of every ment, the successor of the notorious ient day, it was ]minted out, there . - _...-... - : - -! have been alternate phases in which :' \\; " A "Iombstone of Beauty alwaym exprees to the imar-by tim levtaf  which it was selected. If you hay, a  for aualt a rial, we will carry it to the ht deUJl im  wln your desire. We are at your aarviee for menameatal wi of an kin& aC & SON 412-414 West Markham St. LITTI ROCJ Let Us Be Your NTA CLAUS Join one of our 1924 CHRISTMAg CLUBS and next year have the money you need for Christmas. :: to proclaim that Catho-] Cheka. noble part of the ItMian / These reports merely bear out the the English church succored Ireland I M.A. BILTZ that it has a right to th el assertion that the Moscow govern- and after was repaid by the latter inl Representing the It is so easy to save a little each that it is neces: ment is determined to suppress rd- full measure and overflowing, to nee(r[ FIRST Company in the FIRST week, and the big check that you will necessar- to the life ligion, not merely the Catholic re- ' ' .I get will save YOU worry about And in all' the most. ligion upon the pretext of political ac- and receive assistance still later on, Business of the World ........ I ..... :-t all religion, and the apolo- ....... -':' :: "::-::: -z- New York Life Insurance Christmas Shopping. mtions ot partosm, twy, uu " " ' '  ....... -- -" .......  I Company ni desires that the I, gists for Russia ia Wasiaing.on,arel [ Assets: Over One Billion Dollars 201 West Second St. ofhc It to rye tt the c|ean "'ally represented and l finding it difficu g ..... ' - ] tive. Several times, by a bill demanded of it as a conmuon P'e"  C 1] Phone801.8 7446,SouthernLittleTrustROCk,Bldg.Ark. i   Ill tee, festivities have been eedent to recognition.  ] Take Your Insurance with Me, a Mass wlfich he made a ..... ___ ........ in person. Sehmg! .... ] =- - "-- -'-S anauthoritywhichtlRkND'S IES In DepositingYourSavingsWithth¢tT 1" BOYS, PROTECTORY" gives the clergy, the I00PROACIilNG SOUTH00N TRUST ][ / us. I do not think IN pries has been insulted in twelve months. The I BRITISH ELECTION CflMPAKW il Our Brands ar. lerfect Blends .... :'J 7y€ ARIS G S NGS those who neglected to wvs,a s,a |l the result of more than fifty religion have begun tel By J. H. Cox lYOU not only obtain complete safety]/ Yaelrl:nPeenC?v e r:ha:::21 TRON PRI ..... ,'*, Ask other bish-' ' l for your funds and 4 per cent interestll selection "  Ask them if the' (Duhlin Correspondent, N. C. W. C. mtmmded'twi • lm., lmt.m s,[ i A trial will convince you. Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St. • /im tlt yowt m.Myra  sm-I I Francis, who have taken over the famous health not the same in their did- News Service)   wheever yoe may reqtth it _ ]1    )r me, I declare quite en- - I ara glad of the changes Dublin, Nov. 27.--The British g r, vayat'at=a' I ] t,. O. '11i W. resort, long known as "Armstrong Springs" md 121 .Test 5th Telephone 4-1465 OCCurred.,, eral election interests h, eland so fat"   far bott miami ]1 | taptec the proper equipment for the purpolle of the advice of Cardinal as the Six counties of the NortheaSt tim fmiulmmt 4elmttial[ of  | • i Ping to d , lI. Waller interviewe are concerned. . - " Pisel]i, who was up- The Free State has no representa- _ BOYS FROM 10 TO 16 YD.R asclS¢l to be Alder- Instruction of the City ties at Westminster, but the Six [ .lraveler Questioned as to his Counties send thirteen members there.  ]Tourist, Metorist AKY EDUCATION program of Mus- On the last oeeasion when these thir- 'Visitors, Up to and Including Eighth Grade . replied, i teen members were being chosen there Iavoable to the Presi- Opposite the Postoffiee COuncil. You may judge were only two Catholics selected. Stop at the are in conformity with i By right, the Catholic proportion mmmmmm--m.ti]l,f,lil,iilif]i, li;lliitllliiE,,: Coolest HEALTH DISCIPLINE KNOE Christian should think, should be five or six. This is appar- has replaced in the' ent from the comparative strength of .. 0uietest, Nearest Acquired Within Pleasing Environment government order. The the parties as shown b.v the figures of has been rees-lthe last general election in the North* a Just tike Name Place For Information and Terms Write: it ts enc°uraged in ev" east: Uni°nists (Pr°testants)' 107'-rs themselves are  The Freiderica No. TlR SEA R" classes in theologyi 000; Nationalists and Sinn Feiners YEN. BRO ALBERT, (Catholics), 100,000. In short, the Ca- by eminent priests. Route CY, ARK. is so strong that tholics number nearly' half the elec- ' torate. Capitol Ave. &Gatnes St. evade it. In a few years May Affect Boundary Question Five minutes to the heart of I,ittle atmosphere of Italy will  ..... The hnpending elections in Great Rock. • ' Britain may affect the Irish boundary Send the Guest, we'll do the rest. '  ' and State Collaborate question. The British Conservative ................................................. • laOWacordial eollabora- Government, of which Mr. Bahtwin Give. -:-:-: : : :-:- :-- h t. J( seph's Infirmary the Church and State. was the head, was decidedly unwilling Office Phone our compatriots are general conditions to put into operation the article in this Chris Residence Phone the Anglo-Irish Treaty providing for 4-3572 7834 to the faith. I am the establishment of 'a Boundary [I-II¢'S someone you ,H 0 T S P R I N G S it is necessary to be- ing and wishing for one, Dlt E. J. MAlt0$!Y reform. of the pHn- Commission. Practically none of the Ak know who's been w- and principal organ-I British signatories to the Treaty was The Soqth's Most Famous Sanitarium government. Individual I a.member of the now dissolved Union- This is the Christmas to ist Cabine t. If the Liberals return to give a Corona because a DENTIST ConduCted by the Sisters of Mercy be easy. Let me use ' laeople live in a swamp power, Mr. Lloyd George and other new model has just been sxgnatories to the treaty are pretty perfected, embodying the swamp. What does " " si use hance that the) m,mbearcOfthe new\\;cab" experience and advice of Suite 521-22-23 Dotagh@y Bldg. COmmand? Timt higien- ;::[?tT°erb: haft, million users, tHIS TELLS THE W]KOL STORY OF" EFFICIENCY -- WITH to make each individual i ' LITTLE ROCK, ARK. UCH CONDUCT T. JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOI FOl AR the swamp continues to may be more favorably disposed than Let us show you this new AND WITH ALL CLASSES. or that the swamp the Conservatives were towards the Corona today. Comeearly, " ..... --=-- --=--==--=--=--- . and be sure of getting one .................................................. _ ,of the special Clristmas DON'T TAKE CALOMEL DEVOTED SISTERS which in its Catholics in the Six Counties. tift boes. FOR INACTIVE LIVER I its methods and am-] " 's EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS ith concern for the RIIOD'E ISLAND MEN, BOND'S LIVER PILLS  ' [ than the in(livid-' COUNCIL LAYS CEMENT Finds Philips , ARE BETTER I COMPETENT NURSE CORPS has'boldly de-I SIDEWALK FOR NUNS ----- ...... " 102 La. hey are intended solely for the] za favor of the second   Liver and Bowels and promptly re- opmmn it ts clear 1 erwce .... .  tBy N C. W.C. News S " ) I the customary pro-] :,.-- "R I- Nov. 30.--Through the] move the bile andtpoisonous waste in Well Equipped Building--Of Prominent Location [ism it is renderingl ""'t;';'f the'St James Parih Coun-] a mild, yet effective manner. Bimous- Care in Appointments--Every Room Outside Room • . . eor •  Well Ventilated and Lighted to the mdzvzdual of Catho I return to ' t cil of the National ouncil ' " ness, Dizziness, Headaches, Fevers, the school ques mdewalks have been s -[ lic Men, cement ,' , s etc., can't continue when these Ideal  :' aoon as they became mas- put in connecting the convent of the ./A Liver Pills are used. One is the dose. raUnicipality of Florence, Sisters of St. Francis with the parish Only 25c. Refuse substitutes. Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation requested me to take church und around the four sides of ,, .... / of the city. I at.- the iconvgn t. , o] ' , ..... to withdravL But Some time ago it as brought t [[_/___ ?= '- --- ",r [, ,. -- so insistently to my the attention of the president of the I INY SANITARIUM REST andthe needf°rparishc°uncil'Dr'Frank P'DuffY'il Haley&'Nor ibrook ProfessionalAttendance oa to be filled by a man that the Sisters were often compelled I wade through mud by Col. P tL I "II. , l,is entire time to it to e was lamed" " to ma00'o'l00 ALL V nd traiing had fitted Ouinm the mon y  " entilatmg a For Reervatiom Apply to d them to ap- e needed improvements. The Rev.. KINDS OF ROOFING REV. SISTER SUPERIOR' people quickly realized William J. Keefe, pastor el; t. is better fitted forlJames, has complimented the local St: Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. of Alderman of Public council on its charitable work. -T= -..-- .......... !.