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December 8, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 8, 1923

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(t .... Ii i I Page 4 : LISTENING IN WASHINGTON LETTER * By Autolycus * * Gibbs Cooked Dr. Cook. * GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 8, 1923. '. tion, but it is not at all certain that I some of them wouhl nov prefelto suf- *fer this discomfort than to come to a , decision n the Mayfiehl case, and in- , directly on the Ku Klux Klan (m the , eve of a national campaign. The is- ebrated the early Mass -tt half past ":' ! The sentence of fourteen years and  ., . , ,  .... ....  .. .: : ,. : , ' sue as it stands is not partisan. From nine months' imposed opon Dr. Cook, lForme r Senator Bailey On land to a political viewpoint the "Invisible Lead Forces Opposed to Seating of Empire" has become a northern as Texan. well as a southern problem. The ques- tion at the motnenL is whether the the man who (lid not discover the North Pole. recalls that it was a Catholic journalist's passion for jus- tice and truth that first exposed the infamy of Cook's polar pretensions. It was Philip Gibbs who imperilled his career of exposing Cook when he was being feasted and honored in Copen; hagen. Gibbs prints the story of his scoop in his new book, "Adventures in Journalism." It appeared, briefly, in this column several years ago, as Gibbs told it to me. (By N. C. W. C. Nexvs Service) Washington, Dec. 1.--The opening of Congress finds the sage set for the contest over the seating of Earle tL Mayield as Senator-elect from Texas, but considerable doubt that the curtain Will rise upon this interesting political drama. There are, whisper- i ings, all o them lacking tile charac, er of definite statement, that the controversy will not be brought to an Gibbs Sc(mped War Office. issue until the presidential campaign Sir Philip Gibbs was one of five car- has passed into history. These are respondents attached to British head- based mainly upon the assumption quarters in France during the war.' that certain political leaders wouhl at Before he or any other man was this time find it embarrassing to de- given credentials, he spent many months following the troops and dodg-' ing the officials who sought to pre- vent him. Kitchener had given orders for his arrest, and he was solemnly warned that if he returned to France he would be put against a wall and shot. His difficulty in those days was to get his dispatches to his news- paper. On three occasions he ap- proached a King', Messenger and asked: "Are you going back to White- hall. sir?" Receiving an affirmative Senate will open the Mayfiehl case or whether by procrastination and delay on one pretext or another, it will de- lay it until the shoal waters of the national campaign have been safely passed. Public Opinion It is recognized that the course to be taken will depend largely upon the force with which public opinion as- serts itself. The politically-mindedl are not disposed to endorse the Klan or anything that it stands for. It is probable that within the past fort- night the feeling has grown that it might be more advantageous to be answer, he said: "I shall be much Icy, wbo was in his time one of the obliged it! yot will put this letter in most impressive orators in the Senate your bag and deliver it at the War and an avowed constitutionalist, will Office." The dispatch wa, addressedi ondoubtedly lead an aggressiv attack to his editor, in care of the War Of- but, it remains to be seen whether he lice, and was delivered by special rues- will be able to combat the reluctance sender. The ruse worked three times displayed in some quarters to embark before it was discovered, up0n a hearing back of which lies the I threat of political reprisal. Gibbs' Cute Plot. He tells a story of a little conspir- acy into which he entered when King George paid a visit to France. The abbot of a monastery, which was being used as headquarters, was anxious to secure the King's signature in the vis- itor's book. The officers had put the old man off with various excuses.] "Feeling sorry for his disapopint-! ,, , ,, I ment, wmtes Gibbs, I p/omised t I sa.y a word to the King's aid-de-camp, 1 and advised the ohl gentleman to in- ] tercept the king down the 'only pate he could use on his way out, carrying the great leather book, and a pen and l ink, so'that there could be no mistake. I This little plot succeeded, to the huge delight of the abbot and the monks, who afterwards gave me their united blessings." the case appears to the average pol- .tician in Washington. Gibbs Trusted by Pope. Democratic Hypocrisy It was Philip Gibbs who secured one Former Senator Bailey has been of the few interviews granted tol, quoted as saying that he will produce newspapermen by Pope Benedict XV. evidence that will convict of hypo- He had questioned a Roman prelate lcrisy those Democratic Senators who and had been told that his desire to!voted against Newberry and may vote interview the Pope was out of the for Mayfield. It is not in/proable question. But the prelate said, "I will let you have a formal reply." The reply came in the forniSof a card ad- mitting him to a private interview. known as an opponent of the Klan clare themselves with respect to the th:ul a disinterested observer or" itsivested in cope and mitre, to3k his Ku Klux Klan because of the effect activities. But that does not mean seat before the altar and spoke to the such a declaration might have upon their own political fortunes, that some of the more cautious are congregation and those to be confirm- not more disposed to kep in the ed. In the course of his remarks the Nevertheless the preparations are shadows rather than come out into Right Reverend Bishop congratulat- going on. Former Senator Joseph W. Bailey is at hand to appear for Geo. the 9Pen. Public opinion might even- ed the people of E1 Dorado on their E. B. Peddy, the contestant for the ually become the arbiter in the case. achievement, and using the event o seat claimed by Mayfield. Senator It wouhl not be fair to say that all the previous evening, he went on to Lodge is reported to be ready to give Senators are pursuing so furtive a!explain, that while it was purely sec- the signal for the opening of the in-course, or even a considerable num- ular in its nature, its purpose was ber of them. On the other hand there deeper and finer than simple social' quiry. It may reasonably be expect- ed that Mayfield's defense will not is no indication of a very general de- intercourse. It was planned and exe- termination to begin the inquiry at cuted with the intention of making i want champions. Former Senator Bai- once and to render a decision in the a demonstration of Catholicity, public light of the facts that may be pre-!prclamatin of' Faith. sensed. There is a certain amount of Skilfully turning the point ot' hi: maneuvering. It is reported that an discourse to the present difficulties, effort will be made to confuse the is-] the Bishop went on to say that the sue by raising the question of the va- present day difficulties were the out- lidity of the election of Senator Lodge growth of a misunderstanding of himself, although it has never been what is guaranteed to all under the Constitution. This document" of rights formally questioned. Lille of Cleavage of citizenship does not demand any Sinister Shadow Very shortly after the convening of sacrifice of ideal or principle on the 'l-'rhe Ku Klux Klan does not appear Congress and the organization of the part of any citizen, but it does insist as the chief character in the contest two houses it is expected tbat the iine! that the rights of the citizen shall although its malevolent influence sup- of cleavage will appear and that'there : not be jeopardized because of any e- plies the motive. It is asserted on be- will be a more definite basis upon, ligious belief or ideals he may hold. half of Peddy that Mayfiehl's election which predictions may be made as to Catholics, too, said the Bishop reccg- ' was characterized by gross violation the course the Senate will raise. For [. nizedividualaS sacredto practicethe righthis ownf everYform n-of the momen eyes are turned on such . of tlae corrupt practices act.. that the ." " ..... ^ [ t'ell]OUS worship without any di-. states as Indmna, Ohm, Iexas, ure- . ..... " legal limit for campaign'expenditures :... :nd :ossiblv one or two other c.rlmnaon against his 'ghts a.s a was exceeded, that there was unlaw- tates'"' " wall" Vhave. much to do w'th thel ezen... In snor, we an. nave a mght. ful juggling of ballots and that his '" , .... ' that as most sacred and inviolable to ,. _ attitude that will be dispmyed D_V me b t n i u " " , e as e aeo s and as resistent a election was the result .f conspiracy ' " \\; I '  " rt" i ated in b his fellow klans-I Senate. ' , we wsh in matters affecting our e,m- pa ,c pa . Y, ......... "l In any event, it now appears that I ,'cience, but this tenaciousness and in- men. wnaever me ;eennlcat enarss " . .,, , .. , " .... the Mayfleld case wm not De perm m - ross the roceedin falls the '  " sistence on the part of one or more .a.y ve ac] . pr( , lglux Klan i ted to slumber in the files of the.Sen-[ groups who have the same beliefs sinister, snauov ox ne lu x 'f '   .....  ......... ate committee without a protest and,] must not overstep ts bounds And to ann  s as a sruggie w]m me u . + I  ' ..... ]f )ubhc opmmn asserts itself, Sena c] ........... effort to ' 1 "' " " " ' ' ' ' "1 a'm a greater love for the land of lxlux lklan ranmr nan an " " "' m tars may be forced to (ieelaze tee - -- ,;., o,,;ma +h,e ' ' " " our citizenship because of our relig- prevenz ne sea,,,s ,, ,,,,z-., .... :;elves either in favor of disposing of ious principles and with this as our it without de]:ay or of putting it aside bases to insist that we have the right that members of both parties will find themselves in an uncomfortable posi- i Wells as either ignorant or malicious, for a less turbulent hour. HOLY REDEEMER CIIURCH (Continued from Page 1) 500 invitations were issued. ceiving line was headed by Mr. and 1 Mrs. lbrleton Phillips and comprised seven and gave Holy Communion to a lar,e number of people, ihe LlSl,op w ,s ass ste l by is secretar.v md Mr.I l'aul Smith of El Dorado. i &t half past tcr,, the dedica0J;y ceremonies were begun, with a pro- i ce.sion of the chihlren, the warden  1924 and priests accompanying the Bishop. | The proces.on formed in front of lhe ! r.ctory and then proceeded to tim | front door of the church. Here tie i entire congregation, and many non- i Catholics were assembled before the i frot door. The Bishop then Or'o- j ceeded with the ceremony of blessing i the exterior of the church. He vas : 'assisted by Revs. Dr. Heagney and | Dr. Keller as chaplains. .: After the blessing of the exterim ........ was completed the procession entered ne church, singing the Litany of tt.e Saints and followed by the entire co- gregation. At the conclusion of the ceremonies, Mass was celebrated by the Rev. Matthew Miller, C. P. Large Class Confirmed At the end of the Mass, the Bishop [to question the toyalty and citizen- ship of anotter who is not in har- mony with us comes perilously near insulting the most sacred principle this great Republic holds. Briefly, ]we are justified in being as narrow the Holy Redeemer stood as sponsor as we wish in the church, but we are to this elaborate function to which utraging our fellow citizens and making mock of government when we attempt to question their citizenship" and loyalty on the ground that they iris, Rev. Dr. H. A. Heagney, Mr. and sort of thing you will find in "The[Mrs" p. j. Moran, Mr. and Mrs. Fred I Outline of History," and in its baby Voltz, Mr. and Mrs. J. '1". Finn, Mr.l brother, "A Short History of the and Mrs. M. J. O'Neil, Mrs. Walter P.I World." Goodwin, Mrs. D. T. Ring, Mrs. B. A. 1 Fehlman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dolan,] Wells' Immagination--Not Truth, Mrs. E. L. Corah; while receiving in-] The sting of the Wellsian statement formally at the door Were Mrs. W. E. Kaiser, Mrs. Edward V. Zagst and are not one with us in matters of con- science. At the conclusion of his sermon the Right Reverend Bisho administered the Sacrament of Confirmatian to a class of thirty-four children and four adults. Mission Opens Sunday evening at 7:45 p. m., Rev. Matthew Miller, C.P., opened a of Mrs. Hugh N. Sample, Bishop Mar- The Pope spoke so freely that Gibbs' or both. Yet it is eleven, and it is the {being an honest man first and 'a journalist second) asked the Pope if . I his words might be published. He was I not sure that the Pope understood I that he was a newspaperman. "It is the purpose of this conversation," said the Pope. Gibbs offered to sub- mit his article to the prelate who had lies not in what it asserts but in what week's mission. The devotions will Mrs. S. E. Barnett. I take place in the morning at Mass at The reception hall and sun parlor were most attractive in a flood of eight o'clock and in the evening at soft golden lights that accentuated eventy-forty-five. the rich tints of the great saffron! .: ............. . shaded chrysanthemums and their background of yellow autumn foliage. ]Punch was served in the sun parlor, where Mrs. K. W. Bullion and Mrs. , Clarence Harper presided, and Misses positive thing they imagined they Mathilde Goodwin, Kathryn and Elea- sought." No self-respecting historian nor Fehlman served. The predomi- 1 would admit himself ignorant of a eating note of the living room and the / matter of universal knowledge. And dining room was rose. Russell roses / with the word '/imagined" he sweeps in silver baskets graced the living, aside the scholirship of the centuries room and were again in evidence in l and enthrowns[his own Doubt. The the dining room, where they formed BRADFORD DRUG CO. obtained the unusual concession, but it implies. "There was a time" when what he was told: "You can publish men sought salvation, the implication you like, provided it is the truth. We being that that time has passed and trust you." that an enlightened world is now Milwaukee Tightwad, looking back upon its "folly/' Where- Monsignor Frances C. Kelley, whose as, there never was a time when so Missionary Dollar Club has now cam- many hundreds of millions sought sal- pleted its secomi year of usefulness in ration 'as their chief aim in life. "It aiding the priests who labor off the is still a riddle to many of us what beaten path, receives Some curious communications from people who are requested to make a small sacrifice that some under-nourished, poorly- clad priest might get an extra meal or a new coat. Here is one which he showed me the other day: "Oue par- ?'he House of Quality Phones: 4-0227, 40218 209 W. Second St. Little Rock the center piece of the dining room .:. ............... .:. table with its exquisite appointments I of silver. Rose*colored tapers in si: ver holders gleamed on the mantlet = ,W.U and puffet, and rose mints carried out[|.jp|| . the motif. Presiding over the choeo-[Ovltalt# " "U,"." late and coffee services were Mrs. Ce-[ W ha celia Phillips and Mrs. James R. / Str h'm IMaa!  C , to Ie,tO a Leake. Assisting in the dining room were Mrs. John Carroll, Mrs. Edward Daugherty, Mrs. J'. R. Caskey. One of the effective features of the even- ing was thd stringed orchestra, play- ing from the hidden alcove off tle dining room and commingling the old- time melodies with the laughter and camaradrie that predominated the function. The affair was attencd by scores of interesting people and num- bered among the out of town guests were Rev. Dr. G. H. Killer and Rev. John Fb;her, both of whom assisted the honored guest in the church dedi- [cation. The Dedication On Sunday morning the Bishop ,..el. lr llin the new  of stock If, $ per cent above our par, mar mmrldm has lumm tn frem $4e,090 to $,0. This aabl u t tm | btter cam of eur preseet deldt u well am tha haw . NATIONAL MAD BY ROSE CITY FH! MOT SANITARY BIP ' JOE JUNO, Pre. ish needs all the support I can give it.. "American Magazine" is entitled to Therefore I cannot donate to anY[call Wells a famous writer, but the other cauae." I looked at the post-I editor would earn a better reputation mark to see if this letter came from for good judgment if he would fsrget some small settlement in Texas, but the term "keen thinker" when he is it came from Milwaukee.' The Church introducing Wells. cannot make any progress until peo- ple realize the missionary work is not "another cause," but the same cause. Prejudiced Historian. According to H. G. Wells, the worhl no longer asks itself, What must I Imorant or Malicious? , do to be saved? but vVhat must I do H. G. Wells, who gave up writing[to succeed? OnelhaS merely to glance good novels for bad history, contrib- around the woEd today, observe its utes to the "American Magazine" an[disregard for decency, its disregard article in his best historical vein, i. e.,ifor everything that used to be held the best historical vein 'at his disposal. I saexed, to see that something has hap- It is entitled, "What Is Success?" and pened. But the thing that Wells has commences: "There was a time when not noticed (and as a prejudiced his- great multitudes of men and women torian will refuse to notice), is that sought salvation as their chief end in[the people w]ao used to ask the ques- life, and it is still a riddle to many of tion, What must I do to be saved, ,are us what positive thing they imagined  still asking the same old question and they sought." If people did any lstill getting the same old answer. thinking nowadays, that passage alone, They will continue to do so, and herein would be sufficient to eondem H. G. lies the world's one hope. LIMITED NUMBER ON HAND ORDO 1924 $1.00 Postpaid Mail order and checks to The Guardian OUR BANKING s abI to extei to Ire etmtne eery We have plenty of money on baaed to lend on  ltoelt r other ueeptable security, and Nlieit JqpplieatJeu w. WORTHEN CO.ANY, "Since llff?" r Flf  MaJ Streets. 4  CENT IMTERIT PAID ON aAVIN A( 0 Central CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, Let us take care of your money for you. Let us sell or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let us write your Surety Bond. Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully managed Bank can do. "Com'e Grow With a Growing Bank." OUR ASSETS ARE OVER TWO LiOlq We make a #pqicit of tnvedng firlt mortgage lea--t/mrer etwtamera and tatea we rt with vent. We act as adm/nirators tor under Will of many etate in other eountie in this State. We will be to assist yu. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS St. Vincent's Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE - EXPERIENCE- EFFICIENCY Official Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN sTAT] [ Cnducted '' by _ "t- 1887 [ The Sistere of Cltan of Nazareth "" ST. VINCENT'S TRAINING SCHOOL FOR Offers exceptional opportunities for experience classes of nursing to young women desiring to enabling and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able staff connected with them, provide a Three Years' cal, practical and modern training, fitting the graduates future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the stitutions in the South. It, has a capacity of 250 rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. ,le next class is now being formed. A year of High School or the educational equivalent, from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDI SISTER SUPERIOR ' ST. VINCENT'S INFIRIARY Tenth and High Streets " Little Bankers Trust Co; MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS --We are agents for practically all the important Companies. / If you are contemplating a trip abroad for u desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of inter Cruises do not fail to call on us for be cheerfully gven, without charge. We wish to remind you also of our Foreign which is in position to effect money transfers by Cable, Draft, or" Bank Money Orders at We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND " FOREIGN DEPARTMENT