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December 8, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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December 8, 1923

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t nothing is more | Catholic papers shc.uld have so that every day good read- and the Chris- S, PP XV. o , _ - b A Catholic Paper ig • Perpetual Mission.-- Pope Leo XIII, "The Guardian" in ever home--our motte. o ¸ The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas BECOMES NEW CHANCELLOR W. C. News Service) 30.Dr. Wilhehn of the Clerical party, Years one of the m st t of Catholic edu- has been chos- Ebert as Chancellor Stressmann. a three pal:ty ram-. composed of the Ger-' Party, tile Democrats ] He succeeded ill cabinet after a seven-day ' the resigna- 1 Ministry? and Other candidates to or- governments. is a native o£ I served in the Prus- been a member of for twelve years. He old. $650,000 SCHOOL, GETS 920,000 IN TEN DAYS C. News Service) Y., Nov. 28.--A earn- 000 tO provide for the Catholic high school accommodate 1,000 :rip[ion of mt of the amount ,000. Was directed by the F. Hickey, Bishop confined to church- nd in Monroe county: L1TTIA!] ROCKI ARK., DEC. 8, 1923. 'Holy Redeemer Church Out-Growth of Oil Boom in Fields at E1Dorado CATHOLIC CHIMES CHANG00 TO PLAT: NA]]ONAL AN-THF00 in ten days, dur- nearly 37,000 pledges (By N. C. W. C. News Selwice) New York,. Nov. 26.--Discovery the school will b that a new set of chimes costing $10,- and because of the 00O being installed in the Church of of the cost there ds St. Augustine would no play he no- Catholic college may funoi tional anthem has led to rearrane- °surplus ment of the scale and tim addition of I Presided at the final several notes on the orde of the pas- splendid result of t made known and .d by the outcome, t city and tim coun- I ,SUpport to the cam- at the meeting Bish- work had Catholic boys, state and the na- Promised a new high Lid be an architectural city of Rocitester. attributed the over- Of the campaign to Catholic schools, homes. No. 23 C0MIIIUNITY CHEST GREAT RELIEF TO CLEVELAND NUNS ORDER t I}I0000AT ST. LOUIS'[ ' News Service) ] 28.'Very Rev. Ben: F. ]I., diet[ early on CHURCH OF THE HOLY REDEME R.--EI, DORADO PARISHIONERS MOVE FROM PUBLIC HALL WORSHIP IN A BEAU T][FUL EDIFICE--PLAN- NED ON OLD MISSION STYLE RECTORY A SHOW PLACE OF CON'rENIENCE AND COM- FORT-PASTOR'S BUILDING APTITUDE MANI- FESTED IN PLAN AND ! ONSTRUCTIONPEO- t LE ,I'ENDEI BISHOP WORTHY OF 00,IETROP DEDICA't?ES CHURCH '1 AND CONGRATULATB THEiR ACHIEVEMEN00i [ INAUGURATED WITH,A Catholic Institutions Will Receive $420,000 From Total Contributed Hospitals Included. (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) ' PS Clevehmd. Nov. 30.--Cleveland . community fund campaign for'4,200,- 000 held from Nevomber 18 to 27, ex- ceeded that quota at the final report t on the night of November 27 by near- ly $10,000. Catholic institutions will receive ap- proximately 10 per .cent of the total. The one week's campaign for a sl)e - I eified sum of money each year known as the Comnmnity fund has been m operation n this city five years and has proved so satisfactory that there i', little likelihuod that it will ever be disconti?le(;. it is the one fund in which the en- tire city feels in duty bound to con- trihute and this year's contributors numbered 391,087, a number exceed- ing all previous years. "' The largest :;ingle contribution was $116,000 from Samuel Mather, a wealthy iron ore producer md steel manufacturer. The smallest was a penny from a baby in a welfare in- stRulbm. Other contributions varied f,'om $50.0(,() from wealthy indusc':ial;hmnts or banks down to the .. TO CARDINAL LOGUE MAKES do, at or two of the day laborer. The numLel .)f large sums contributed va- " PLEA TO BOTH SIDES rying from $5,000 to $25,000 was a striking illustration of the generosity ON HUNf00 SIIIIKES the well-to-do. 00maller contribu- tions of $1,000 up also were so rm- merous as to. call for generous prame. (By N. C. W. C. News Smwice) Contributions of $100 and over filled ORRIS A RECEPTION Dublin, Nov. 23.An important two columns of a daily newspaper • pronouncement by Cardinal Logue on l durin- he svral days of the cam-- qAS--HE SOLEMNLY the Irish hunger strike was made in l •  ' " " )R DIVINE WORSHIPla letter read last Sunday at all the/Paign" ARISHIONERS ON I Masses throughout the Archdiocese oi' Endorsed by Bishop -- D ' . . ..... ,Armagh. I The campaign received the endorse" -NEW' :PARISH WORK ' Express[rig"the view tha i:t ',was' mht of Btshbp' okeph;',wtf z° . , l"foolish and ineffective,, and of very i.sued an oficial letter 'to priests o" doubtful morality, he appealed to the diocese urging their cooperation ' a W [or, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ldward • McCarthy. (Special to The Guardian) ' those engaged on the hunger-strike in the raising of the fund. Because of ] un- I "What good are chimes that cannot "to abandon this dangerous and other engagements Bishop Schrembs , play 'The Star Spangled Bamer?' lawful expedient." lwas unable to fill art invitation to was the question Monsignor McCar-, El Dorado, Nov. 26•---Sunday, No- ig. It is worth mentioning and a thy asked when it was found that the vember 25, was an occasion long to great tribute to the parish that the At. the same time he urged the[speak at the opening meeting, but'his Government "not to do things by phwe. was. taken by Msgr. lrancis T. chimes coukl not qualify for phying be remembered in the history of the altars were executed in El l)orado. ...... s'" hil sire fie and  halves and by driblets, thus prolong- Moran, whose address was an elo- xner WOlKman mp w e 1 ' I ,, , the' teaching of the nation's chief air. Ite did not poll- Oil Capital of the State of Arkan- . I • ' "lied out the ;nelal'ing tile agony, but to release all in-lquent exposition of .. . severely pl un, c g , dut of aiding der long but ordered the necessary sa, as it marked the :;olemn dedica-. .. ,' , ' , - .  i ternees except those convicted of or fthe Church on the Y " modific-ltibns immediately. The tion of the Holy Redeemer ehui'ch and lan o um cnuren, ann are mnar- . • • ", • • .. '- ,tddres chimes will be played first on Christ- the first complete step in the phe- Pno  , wi+h its st,,le The heav,,'hable to be tried for erune. . !one s nmghbor. Dr. Motans , .- • , ,  .  ,., z • , , 1 ttis Eminence expressed the view[ was broadcasted through the ruho, mas Day. nomenal growth of a little mission to vaultea ceiling of oal was maae oy,  . . ,  , • . ,-• • . ...... that this pohcy would bring peace bY l and one of the merestmg lnclue,- a large parish. • local carpenters. I l'henomen,ai Growth Attractive Rectory ]Christmas. It[on to the fund from a man in New HOLY FATHER ASKS The history of Catholicity's growth The church is so attractive and I .3ersey, who heald his explanation ol: in E1 I)orado is like the history o[. beautifully designed that the ca'real FATH00 WALSH $0ES TO /the work the community fund does in CATIt0LICS TO PRO" prosperous development in allwithPartSthe observer is inclined to overlook andl TO CONSULT POPE  nmkingentirefdrpopulationa betteroffeelingthe°ng Of our country, on a parellel to undervalue the work o£ the p a.'. ROME I the TECT THE BIRDS growth o[' the community, with the ish in furnishing such a conffortalie , On Sunday afternoon Rev. Dr. WiN exception that the growth of the Holy, and honlelikd residellce for the parish ON RUSSI00 RELIEF liam A. S00ulle,l, pastor o, Holy Nam'00. church, voiced the Catholic sentiment (By N. C. W. C. News Service) t Redeemer parish has been ahnost priest. 'Paris, Nov. 24.--M. Jean l)elacoul-, twice as rapid. For years El Dorado[ The present recttry was on the f  t a second time at the wind up ot the president of the French League for was an outlying mission visited every i property at the time it was'purchas- I tl-]y N. C. W.,C. News Service) work of the campaign?rs, 'and in an the Protection of Birds, has received two months by the priest in charge of Ied by the people of the par4sh, ani/ Moscow, Nov. 23.--The question of / address which also as broadcast: the following letter from Card[raft the district. With thc discoveryof oil,! was,. at that time in very poor cond'-i, continuing Catholic relief worl intfrmn a locfl station again.explained Gasparri: it became a boom town with all its' tion" Since then, it has been ahnostIRussi a w 1 be submitted to the Vat[- the purpose of the chest in eloquent attend'ant successes: s .... and dlsappomt's" ' -t entirely rebuilt. It consists of se'en' il [words of praise. . . • Mr. President. The League for the Protection of ments. Until May, 1923, E1 I)orado • s': rooms, a sleeping porah and servant" can by lather Walsh, who has let/ Birds, the aim and activity of which couhl boast of Mass when the priest room. It is beautifully furnished, Moscow for Rome for that purpose, ltospitals Helped St. Vincent's Charity hospita| will Anthony's Hospital you have described "co the Holy Fa- at the age o 66.', , With solemn Mass of ld at 9"30 am. on I hony's church, Mera- t )roD[on avenue 't'he could ge therc. There was no church and is now one of the most homelike Disagreement hetween Father Wal:h receive $100,1300 toward its 1924 run- ning expenses. Qther institutions will receive hese allotments: St. Ann's nmternity hospital, and infant :lay- hnn $65,000; St. Vincent's orphan- O. F. M., assistant provin- Gtennon pronounced over tim de,eased. n SS. Peter and Paul t nUmber-of the lo- OCesan eelrgy attended Fron- Germany was 15orn at Leob- 15, 1857. In was a student College at Breslau, nd the Holy Sclifke w,t • • , "  " ," . " " " f r lkui ha el i noes to be found e Somt Committee o 1 or c 'P  " - - • ; " : ' paroclnal remde ," ' land th "1 I offered in a public hall.   ' Central Location . dation o the famine on the terms of i In May 1923, lev. H. A. l-lcagnty! 3'lie church of the Most Holy le- . •- • , ........... ] came tO El Dorado as pastor. He' deemer "i' £leallY located on Mfin the conm,e miner wmcn um Catnonc[ , " '  ' ', were to roeeed has, tould boat of nothing, te the de w ste) of the rehef winkers P , I ' .' " " '" " ' " street, and within a fe " Is ' " " " "t ther, (lid not fail to attract the very kindly attention of His ltoliness. This is a cause which finds '.n the Gospel its greatest claim to the .;ym- pathy of the faithful. How, indeed, vet[on of his people, as an asset, business district of the city. It will! raised the. question. Father Walsh up;e $,17,000; St. John's. hospital $31,- was Very Rev. could one be cruel toward the joyou,rher e was no church, rectory, or even be convetfient from every part of the took the stand that the contract' 000; St. Joseph's orphanage $38,000; F. provincial of creatures of the mr wlto--as Our hind to put them on. hi .lune, 1923, city and also well located for hose I shouhi be escntially the same as that Merrick house $25,000; Sisters of he of the Sacred Lord wa.rns us--ale coted fm b5 tin. worl' was begun on the church of the who must drive some distance, which governed the American Relief Good Shephel'd $'7,000; St. Anthony's )reached bYt tleavenly Father? Most Holy Redeemer, and on Novem- Rcception by Altar Society -Admifitration. The Soviet conmfit-I home for boys $11,000; St.. Alexis This is why His Holiness exln'esscs her the 25th, the C-ttholics of E1 Do- The liglt Reve;end Bshop arri\\;l tee endcavored to include modifica- hospital .;43,000; Catherine Hc.r,%t- the desire that this initiative o[ kind- rado had ready one of the most nt- ness and gentleness may find among u'active churches in the l)iocese ready Saturday afternoon, and was met by tions regard;ng' control, ultimate dis- mar, n home for girls $4,000. Catholics the welcome it deserves, for dedication to the service of AI-I Dr" Iteagney and Mr. Y-u'leton Phil- tribution of food and similar points. 1)uring i923 the fund raised a year lips. The Bishop was taken to the ago gave ,ervice o 180,000 1)erson'. P. Cardinal Gasparri. mighty God. Rectory, and in the evening was ten- The fund officials are recirfiems of M. Jean Delacour i,, ,'t young sci- A Beautiful Edifice dered a reception by the ladies of the 10ff3AN SEE 00ii, c budget.s ,,f the :00ccl'editod is,,tu- entist of ample means who devote:; The Church of the Holy Redeemer Altar Society at the home of Mr. and D lions and[s, t from the total, is his fortune .:times[ entirely to the is of stucco and i, plamwd on t]lC, TaI'leton Phillip,-. The accomlt lS TRANSFNRED FRON : made i,, ac00or,,an'.e ,,,it:l, 00heso ,,,- study and climatizing of birds. On his old mission style. 1t is a long', low ,f' :hich is reprinted here ft'onl the ures. I]1 the case of the ho,l )itals the estate at Villers-Bretonneux he had building with a missmu towel', and FA Dorado Daily News; ALTON TO SPRINGFIELD idea is to make good any dr, fie t tl, at comes as a result of charity work. As formed a collection, unequaled in the stucce finM1 is of the same co[or Ifospital submit-  ' " the .year of France, of rare birds from all pa:'t: of as used in the venerable California RLCEI rlON GIVEN 1N HONOR OF am instance, Charity } 'tit " .€ r ,) . were expelled by .the world. The birds had the great- missions. The intcrior follew the se-! BISHOP MORRIS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ted a total expense foz of Germany and he est freedom possible, in an immense vere lines of the inis'-uon style, with a As elaborate and distinctive of . . $,159,875 and earnings of $330,-00, en- d[ted States with the park especially arranged for tLem. heavy vaulted ceilin.% of the affairs given ]n the city this Rome, Nov. 23.--The seat o[ the do\\;vments $29,675; Imlance needed. " been and Brothers who The bombardment of Villers-Breton- The sanctuary is-tllain :rod contains ] nut utah was the reception last night Bishopric of Alton, Ill., has $100,000. The last named sum s pro-- the expulsion. The' neux destroyed the park and Scatter- three altar nodeled after the ,tyle: at the lome of Mr. and Mrs. Tarleton transferred to Springfield by I. ope videdstitutionbY whichthe cheSt•receivesEVerYawards°therfromm" eoml?leed his studies ed or annihilated the collections .Not of the church. Over the high aitar l Phillips, Champagnolle and lagrave l?ins XI, it was announced today. The the fund also follows a similar course Teutopolis,' discouraged, M. Delacour is traveling, is a Crucifix of heroic sie. That avemles, honoring.. Bishop Morris oflRev. Dr. James A. Griffin, recen:Jy of transmitting its annual expensel its •  . and the quota it need. to,, Iiranelscan order through the world since the armistice, dominates the whole church and at- Little Rock. ' I Was oYdained to .ill an effort to reorganize his collec- tracts and holds the visitors' attention l 'Die altar section of the church ell appointed to the See of Alton, will be- emnings LOuis, May 22, l/sh: tions, from the moment he enters the build-[ .(Continued on Page 4) .come bishop of Springfield. meet the deficit. %',