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December 5, 1998     Arkansas Catholic
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December 5, 1998

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Page 6 December 5, 1998 ARKANSAS CATHO O Are you careful about the friends you choose? Why? Yes, [ aIll carefifl about the friends I choose. Why? Because I do not want to be led into temptation or sin that could greatly hurt my relationship with my parents and God. Eric Poulton Yes, because if you aren't careful about choosing your friends, it can cause you a lot of trouble. Even if this friend does something wrong that you had nothing to do with, it could still get you in Will Keller trouble because people will know that you are associated with him/her and be expecting the same bad thing from you. Yes, I do not choose my friends until I know who they are, what they stand for, and how they stand for it. So, yes I am cautions about the friends I choose. Michael Seaman John Pruss Yes, because you don't want friends that are only friends when file'/ need some~ thing or when they want some- thing from you. You would rather have friends that actually care and help you out. ::Wh~ if you had'been one : ~hepherds the night Jesus was born? Let's 'imagine what that~f~rst Christ- nia$ W~a,s lik; TManl It's:cold out here," said One shepherd {Let's call him Sammy}. Weah, the nights are al- ways the worst," said the sec- ond shepherd {we'll call him Johnny}. "At least the sheep are warm. I wish I were wear- ing a wool coat like theirs." "Me, tool" said a third shep- herd (call this one Tommy). "My hands feel like blocks of ice. I can't even feel my feet." Sammy interrupted, "Holy cowl Would you look at that starl I've never seen one that big and bright." . "Me, neitherl" said Johnny with fear in his voice. "Do you think the wodd's coming to an end?" ' "Who knows7" said Tommy. "It seems to he get- ting bigger and bigged It looks as if it's coming right at usl" Suddenly the shepherd boys got very quiet. Their tongues were sticking to the tops of their mouths. The star looked closer than ever. Then a person - it looked like a man. only bigger and brighter - appeared in the sky above their heads. All three of them stayed right where they were, looking up. Their mouths were banging open. The being spoke in a happy voice. "Stay cool, guysl I'm ANSWER Te Illllllt aim= Why would God send his an- gels to some shepherd boys? Who knows! God doesn't think the way we do. He probably wanted to show that all people are important to him. Jesus came down from heaven to save eve~- body. He doesn't care if we're rich or poor, plain or beautiful, smart or average. He only cares about the love in our hearts. not here to hurt you. I'm an The Romans made everyone go angel of the lord. I was sent by to his or her hometown to be God to tell you some great news. counted." The Promised One is finally "We'll find him, no matter herel He's just down the mad how many people are there. near Bethlehem. You'll find him in a stable. He's wrapped up in a baby blanket." Then the sky was filled with many, many angels. They sang, "Glory to Godl Peace on Earth to all good guys." The shepherds sat as still as statues until the angels left. Then they looked at each other. "What was THAT all about?" asked Johnny. "You heard him," said This isn't just any babyl" said Sammy. "Let's get going before that star goes away." Sammy."ThePmmisedOnebas"Didn't you SEE all those an- The three of them headed finally come. He's in a stable, of gels?Theywouldn'tcomedown downthehilI.Tommykeptgrip- all placed" to tell us about any baby. This ing about leaving the sheep. "What would HE be doing in one's gotta he very special." But he didn't turn back. They a stable?" asked Tommy. "So why tell us?" askedfollowed the star to a stable. It "Wouldn't he be in a palace Tommy. "Why would angels was on the edgeofthetown of (king's house) or something?" come to US? Wouldn't they go Bethlehem. The star stopped "Beats me." said Johnny. to the high priest?" right above the stable. There woman's arms w~s a looked just like any straight at the seemed to be smiling. Torero, that age don't smile "1 don't think "This I have to seel" said "l don't knowl" said Sammy. wereraysoflightshiningdown, jost any baby." Sammy. "Quitaskingsomanyquestiousl The stable was lit up almost as "He's looking "Are you serious?" asked What difference does it make? brightly as in daylight, said Johnny. "1 thought Tommy. "You're going to leave How often do angels tell you The shepherds walked qui- bores couldn't see your sheep out here? You're anything? It's never happened etly to the door. They peeked The woman waved takingoffonawild-gtm~cbase to me before, it'll probably around the comer. E~ band, inviting the boys looking for one baby in never bappen again. All l know was jost the way the angei bad They tiptoed in and Bethlehem? All those people is I HAVE to see that baby." said.Ayoungmanandawomandown into the face are there now for thecensus. "l'm with youl" said Johnny. we-- on the floor, ln the Savior. ACROSS 5. The shepherds were led to baby Jesus by a bright --~_ 6. A baby who has just been born 7. Not like everyone else. this baby ~as very __ 10. The star shining over the stable was as bright as ~- 12. The town where Jesus was born 13, The angels sang ".____ to Godl" 14. A person who watches over sheep DOWN I. The name of It~ Promised One 2. Tommy thought the angels should tell their news to the high..__._ 3. NO fighting or arguing; Jesus came to bring __ on earth 4. As the shepherds peeked into the stable everything was just as the had said 8. Jesus' birthday 9, Where animaLs are kept at night I 1. A very small mountain 12. A very young child The responses are from freshman students at Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock. Jo Schneider is their religion teacher.