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December 3, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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December 3, 1982

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PAGE. 2 , THE GUARDIAN, DECEMBER 3;.1982 Editorial We had originally planned to run this editorial last week. After much discussion, however, we decided that to do so would have opened us to the accusation of electioneering on our pages. Now that the elections are over, we feel secure that we can reprint the following warning, which first appeared in a November, 1912, issue of "Our Sunday Visitor." The feature was entitled, "Show Contempt For The Venal Politician": "The man who will lie and prevaricate for political ends, will lie and prevaricate for private gain. .And yet men are to be found who laughingly praise the adroitness of some rascal who has made a seeming success of political maneuvering by piling lie on lie and deception on deception. "The professional boodler is a man adroit, selfish, cunning, rich in a thousand promises, shameless, unabashed when his motives are bared, gifted with a certain kind of talent and skilled in the art of playing upon the voters' sensibilities. He cannot lay claim to any veritable leadership or genuine statecraft. He fattens on the ignorance or the prejudice of the voters. He is a mighty hunter in the saloons and carries with him the sweet odor of a well-greased palm. "He goes to primaries with his little army of slaves who stolidly follow the jingling of the leader's bell, and the people's will is thwarted, for he can roar above the protests of a gallant few, and his hirelings, at the close of his oration, will clap their chapped hands and throw their sweaty caps in the air, and with shoutings and a deal of stinging breath the rabblement will proclaim him a peerless leader." The more things change...--RPL Our Sunday Visitor Huntington, Ind. Along the 1 MET them at Shalom Catholic Worker House in Kansas City, Kansas, in late July. Valerie, in her first year out of college, is the youth director in a large Kansas City parish. She and three high-school students came to Shalom House to spend an afternoon working and then preparing dinner for the rootless men housed there. Shalom House is one of over seventy Catholic Worker houses, following the in- spiration of the late Dorothy Day, who opened her first house in New York four decades ago. Each such house is independent but, in general, they provide food, clothing, shelter, on a temporary, basis, to homeless men, women and children. Most houses also con- duct weekly education programs for others in The 0000LQpa00dnan matters of social justice, peace, theology, or whatever topic seems urgent. The staffs came together daily for morning and evening prayer. The transients being housed may participate in the educational and spiritual activities if they wish. But back to Valerie and her group. They came in mid-afternoon and promptly went to work sorting recently-donated clothing. Since this house cares only for men, they bundled up the women's and children's clothing for delivery to another institution. They they got down to the business of preparing dinner from the ingredients they had brought with them. Franco, who boasted special gifts along that line because of his Italian heritage, prepared the main dish of macaroni and cheese. But- tons, who said her specialty was cookies, and Raymond, who called himself chief taster, prepared peanut butter cookies and Valerie made the salad. Identification No. ( USPS 853-:320) Published Weekly by the Guardisn Press, Inc. 2500 N. Tyler St., LitHe Rock, Ark. Entered as second class matter March 21, 1911 at the post office of Little Rock, Arkansas, under the Act of Congress of March 8,11197. Second class postage paid at Little Rock, Arkansas $7.00"per year in the United States Canada $9.00 Foreign $10.00 PUBLISHER MOST REVEREND ANDREW J. McDONALD, D.O. Bishop of Little Rock MANAGING EDITOR MR. WILLIAM W. O'DONN ELL, K.S.G. PR I EST-COUNSE LOR VERY REVERENO JOHN W. KOR DSME I E R, V.I:. EDITOR MR. KARLA. CHRIST Address All Departments P.O. Box 1417 FORREST PARK STATION Zip 72217 Telphene 444-0340 Business Hours 8:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Friday. Closed on Saturdays, major National Holidays and Holy Days of Obligation. Postmaster: Please send change of address form 3579 to Guardian Press, P.O. Box 7417,Little Rock. Ar. 72217. THEY SERVED the dinner to the 14 guests, the staff and themselves, all sharing the same tables, as is the regular practice at Shalom House. Their presence brought fresh smiles to the drawn faces of the men and the whole evening seemed brighter because of the spirit brought in by Valerie and her group. Valerie, selecting three different youths every week from her group, had made this a weekly practice during the summer and found that she had more volunteers among the youths than she could work in, since she always brought one returnee from a previous group. I suppose it was a lucky week that I stayed with them. On another occasion, a woman brought in a fully-prepared dinner, something she does every year on the anniversary of the death of her son. On a third evening, there was meat loaf and rich home-made bread, courtesy of another benefactor. Generally, the fare is more spartan, with meat dishes a rarity. Staff and guests alike share in whatever is contributed, with vegetables the most common item. Fruit also was abundant in contributions received while I was there. IN THE house when I visited, they could care for only fourteen or fifteen men. on mattresses scattered on the floor in a large room. A week later, they moved to a larger By Father Jerome Kodell, / Ne Sublaco Abbey | ,'biaco. Ark. 7"-st,5 Question: -- Recently, one of your readers asked about the inscriptions on the Mother of Perpetual Help pictures distributed with a prayer to be said before the evening news on TV. You were able to decipher most of them, but said there were a couple you couldn't figure out. ! am enclosing a leaflet on this picture which I received several years ago from perpetual Help Center, 294 East 150th Street, Bronx 51, New York. It explains the inscriptions and symbols in the picture and may be a help to you in your column. A. -- I am very grateful to this reader for the information which I can now add to complete the answer given in the September 24 Guardian. To refresh the memory of those who don't happen to have a copy of that issue in their pocket, I will repeat the information given there: The letters in the picture are Greek capitals used as abbreviations. The large clusters of symbols are MR (ab- breviation for METER, Greek for Mother, THU (abbreviation for THEOU, Greek for Of God) and IS CHS (abbreviation for IESOUS CHRISTOS, Greek for Jesus Christ). Thus, the title across the top is Mother of GOd, while Jesus' name is next to him. From the leaflet sent in by the reader, I can add that the smaller clusters of markings above the two angels are interpreted as follows:. The basic letters on the left are O PH M, and on the right O PH G, abbreviations for HO PHOTAGOGOS MICHAEL and HO PHOTAGOGOS GABRIEL. This identifies the two angels as Archangels Michael and Gabriel, or literally, The Lightbringer Michael and The Lightbringer Gabriel. They are reverently carrying the instruments of the Passion, the lance and the wine sponge on the left, the cross on the right. The early Church distinguished between the angels of light and the angels of darkness (2 Cor 11:14). It is from the Letter of Barnabas (130 A.D.) that we get the Lightbringing Angels of GOd. I should tion that the markings over the tops large letters are signs of abbreviation. Question: -- What does the word '" mean? A. -- This is the English form of the word "missa" used for centuries Western Church as a name for It derives from the words of dismissal l Latin ritual, "Ite, missa est," which taken in two senses: "Go, you are sent and "Go, the Mass is ended." The gives the original meaning of being sent out to live what has celebrated. Question: - Why would anyone capital punishment? We have to ourselves by punishing criminals. A. - In recent statements against punishment, the U.S. Bishops have similarities of capital punishment and euthanasia as a method of problems. The question comes respect for life and one's belief in dominion over life. The Bishops "The critical question for we can best foster respect for life, the dignity of the human the redemptive message of Christ. believe that more deaths is question. We therefore have to seek of dealing with violent crime which are: consistent with the Gospel's vision for life." Father Jerome invites from Guardian sc Questions should be addressed Rev. Jerome Kedell, O.S.B., Subiaco, Ark. 72865 Letters to the Editor The Guardian welcomes letters to the editor. Letter writers should strive to be and accurate. A letter must bear the writer's signature, but the writer's name withheld from publication on request. Letters will be edited to conform to requirements and standards of good taste. Criticizes McBrien Dear Editor: When Twin-Circle was first announced, it was stated that here was a Catholic paper which would not give equal time to GOd and the devil. Some Catholics like the equal time idea. They say "it makes them think." When it comes to Revealed Truths, it would be better for them to have the gift of Faith. Faith is Catholic. Private Judgement and Doubt are Protestant. Like Father George Tyrrell, Father Richard P. McBrien's quarrel is not only with the Apostles Creed, but with the very idea of "Credo," "I believe." His quarrel is with "Faith." It is most unfortunate that The Guardian allows Father McBrien all the space he desires to war against "Faith." But when we send in what Cardinal Newman has written to confirm the "Faith" of Catholics, it has to be edited. Cardinal Newman may be canonized in the not too distant future. But who has heard of Father George Tyrrell, S.J.? A few years from now, who will have heard of Father McBrien? We supplied The Guardian with the Catholic definition of "Faith." Cardinal Newman writes, "Blessed be God, we have not to find the Truth, it is put into our hands, we have but to commit it to our hearts, to preserve it in- building and are doing extensive remodeling in order to be able to care for perhaps fifty persons at one time, with beds and better facilities. The work is entirely supported by contributions and by the labors of people like Valerie, Buttons, Raymond and Franco. The violate, and to deliver it over to posterity." "Faith" is assenting to a doctrine since God Himself says it is true, WhO lie (Modernists McBrien recognize that the only destroy "Faith" among Catholics is them to question whether Jesus consubstantial with the Father, well as True Man. Few outside the Church believe in the of Cardinal Newman says join the Catholic Church is for tl t reason, they don't have the "...because GOd says it is true says it through His messengers. This i "Faith" was in the time of the A one can deny; and what it was then, now, else it ceases to be the same thing. you know they preached to the whole that Christ was the Son of GOd, that born of a Virgin, that He had high, that He would come again to the living and the dead. Could the this? Could it prove it? How then were I receive it? Why did so many the word of the Apostles, who were, aS powers showed, messengers from God. "Men were told to submit their Living Authority. When they Church, they entered it to learn. was their teacher...They didn't argue, to examine, to pick and choose, accept...It was not allowable to doubt. was no room for private t room for private judgment. The world either become Christian, or let it a (Cardinal Newman's Discourses ppS. 97) FE