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November 28, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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November 28, 1969

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PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 28, 1969 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%:%'.%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%; eui Vive? by The Sentrg Pleas for Help During the past year, the newspapers have reported a regular series of indifference to the pleas of people who were the victims of attacks by criminals on the part of witnesses and those who were passing by at the time. One typical story came out of Woonsocket, R. L A man who was getting out of his car was struck by a passing motorist and lay bleeding and unconscious in a puddle of water. A witness came to the aid of the victim and he estimated that at least thirty cars passed while he was attempting to wave one down with his flashlight. Some of them just missed hitting the victim. These pleas for help in some instances were so pathetic that it is hard to realize that the American attitude toward the unfortunate has become so callous. Such indifference to a person in distress may be mitigated to some extent by the fear of many persons to become involved in an attempt to assist a person who is apparently in trouble. The word apparent is used here advisedly because of the widespread publicity that has been given to ruses and to staged accidents and atrocities which have been used to attract the help or sympathy of the witness who has then been attacked by the parties and robbed or assaulted or both. Still another cause of the indifference to the appeals of people who seem to be or actually are in distress is the love of money which induces many people to attempt to get it by any means available even by injuring a benefactor. Cases have been reported in which those who were kind and have endeavored to help victims of accidents or misfortunes only to find themselves involved in a lawsuit which sheister lawyers are always ready to initiate on a percentage basis. Doctors are very wary of becoming a victim of such incidents which may be traps. In addition to these reasons and in some way a basic cause for their existence and for the lack of consideration for others are the fundamental changes that have occurred in our educational system. Whether we are willing to admit it or not crass materialism and greed for money infects the atmosphere of our high schools and colleges. All the emphasis is upon money and how much more of it one can acquire on the basis of how much education one has had. The life time earnings of a person are computed in terms of a high school or a college education and the lack of either or both. The God so dear to our Founding Fathers has been gradually driven from our public schools and publicly supported colleges with the flimsy excuse that Church and State must be separated. Modern Football This is, so to speak, a "breather" for the football fans, the period between the end of the college football season and the beginning of the "Bowl" games. It is a time when experts on all phases of the game, as well as mere fans, have their say about football. During this period last year a prominent Boston physician, who is connected with famed Lahey Clinic directed some scathing criticism at football. While speaking of physical fitness he said, "the real purpose of the program is to deliver a physically fit boy into adult life, not a boy with crippled knees, damaged joints and various bone and nerve injuries." According to this doctor, "the prevalent old belief that high school and college football produces better men is a lot of poppy cock." He continued, "A student would be better prepared as an adult to think under pressure and keep his temper if, he were taught fishing, golfing and bowling instead of contact sports." It is quite obvious that the doctor is talking about modern football rather than the kind once played in which the boys were prepared to play the whole game, offensive and defensive and was withdrawn only because of some injury or inefficiency. In these old-time games, the players had to learn to think under fire. The modern style of football is designed for the crowd not for the benefit of the boys who play the game. Modern football develops a specialist. He is taught to play one way, offensively or defensively. He performs like a marionette with the coach pulling the string. This is of course a poor training for life in the course of which a person must perform in many roles and do his own thinking. Dr. Foster said we need to get rid of such "old wives tales" as "physical fitness and health are synonomous." A boy who has lost both legs may be healthy, but he is not physically fit, or that "we need football to build good sportsmanship." It is too bad to have to say it, but some of the poorest sports are produced in school sports, notably in football. Many of these boys in adult life, become coaches and some of them have a reputation of teaching their players, how to take unfair advantage of an opponent. It is common knowledge that players have been trained to feign in- juries in order to stop the clock without a penalty at a strategic point in the game. Coaches have been praised for such so-called strategy. It is just as poor sportsmanship as the use of mayhem. The army drafts board has had to go to great lengths to explain the rejection of a star professional football player, Jo Namath. Dr. Foster urged the participation by students in games such as golf, skiing, table tennis, skating, hiking and other games which fit in with recreational activities of later life. It is about time that more people realized that football as it is now promoted and played in our high schools and colleges is not stressed for the good of the players, but for the spectators whence come the gate receipts. From the To Effect Renewal Be 'Totally Holy,' Pope Tells Religious Sisters Vatican City (NC) -- Pope Paul VI has called on the world's nuns to be "totally holy or be reduced to a joke." Speaking to an international gathering of 500 religious sup- eriors in the Vatican's Clemen- tine Hall, Pope Paul acknowledged the need for "interior renewal" and "exterior updating", but warn- ed against the wiles of the world which could lessen the value of a life of poverty and of obedience. He further asked Religious women "to give themselves to the Church because (the Church) needs them." The Holy Father looked up from his text and exclaimed: "oh, what a wonderful opportunity this is in having you all here. What atrem- endous force you represent!" At another point, the Pontiff asked: "How are your Sisters? How are they getting along in their work? I wish I could sit down with each of you and h e a r your problems." "The renewal of which there is so much talk," stated the Pope, seeks "to present to the world" in the closest possible image, the very figure of the Saviour either contemplating on the mountainside or announcing God's Kingdom to the multitude." Then, in an aside, he added: "You know, I was reading somewhere that people used to be converted to Christ and now they are being converted to the world." Still departing from his text, he developed the idea of becoming the figure of Christ by invoking the Pauline image of living: "Now, not I, but Christ lives in me." Then, stated the Pope, "you (the nuns of the world) can talk of union with the world and itsprob- lems." He encouraged the superiors to welcome renewal but to be on guard lest there be a giving in "to the modern mentality" or an alignment with "transient and changeable attitudes and fashions to merge with the world .... " Pointing to the dangers of secu- larization, Pope Paul mentioned specifically the peril in which a life of poverty is placed by the quest for "economic indepen- dence." He also warned that communities could be under- mined and religious life levelled by "individualism" and the for- mation of "small fraternities." "The Church needs you," he concluded. "It relies on you not to disappoint the hopes of the Church but to respond beyond its very hopes. Being Religious does not deprive you of the true pro- gress of the human person and does not estrange you from the necessities and the expectations of the earthly city, but indeed expressly gives you the mandate for its edification." Czech, Sl0vak Refugees Need Help is immediate need for guarantees of homes and jobs in order to bring the refugee families, already approved for admission to the U.S., to this country by the first of the year. He urged that individuals and groups able to provide jobs and homes for refugee families con- tact Edmund Cummings, Associate Director, USCC Migration and Re- fugee Services, at 201 Park Avert- hue South, New York, N.Y. 10003. Washington (NC) -- An emer- gency appeal for help in resettling 1,000 Czech and Slovak refugee families now living in Austrian refugee camps has been made by the chairman of the Department of International Affairs, United States Catholic Conference. "It is an emergency and time is of the essence," said Auxili- ary Bishop Edward E. Swanstrom of New York. Bishop Swanstrom said there The U. S. Office of E c o nomic Opportunity says 106,500 Arkansas w o men "need" tobe told by t he g ove rnment how many children they should have adl to obstruct their God- ductive power so the family size government agents. The OEO identifies as "poor women " althou#iV not say how the their economic st OEO insists that its financed birth prevention is voluntary. So it must be sumed that the 106,500 were not identified through fare rolls. Otherwise it look as if OEO were them into practicing tion. The OEO report on influence contains one note. Only 5,092 have been invaded so far. only 4.8 per cent of the OEO is eyeing in Arkansas. Whether the agency will be to expand this immoral cratlc meddling depends Congress does with a would appropriate what OEO euphemistically "family planning activities.' OEO bureaucrats great  on the fact that sees the promotion of tion as a legitimate se rvice. , There was a day in the States when morals were higher plane and the would have deluged Congress protests against such governmental practices. Do You Remember? 50 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK The Guardian reported: Little Rock -- His Bishop Morris has the Catholic Boy Scout mover as an activity for every the diocese. He sa!d a has been received from Sagrani in behalf of His wishing every success andl$ ing the Apostolic Blessing' those who further the Boy movement. THIS WEEK , The Guardlan reported' Little Rock -- The seminar# of St. John's Seminary welCO;0 back their rector, The very, 0 Msgr. James E. O'COer Tuesday November 21, a/t short absence. He had journeyed to hiS1 state of Massachusetts to sent for the installation Most Rev. Richard J. Archbishop of the See of Boston. O'Connell was present at the mony as the representative Excellency, The Most B. Morris, who was attend.