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November 27, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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November 27, 1920

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ONS :' )N S .--The J an mday the thirty rice, hall run echism )s hs y th NCE 7, frien his ( :e Phor Md Home Lamp ' : e   Lighted ys and Girls: will be tile first Sun- and I am ure that you advent lneans "conl- remind you that the of Advent which are el- :four week's preceding the four thou- preceded the coming God into this world should be a time of :rcc- Prayer. that I had the great hearing, and shak- / Mrs. Aline Kihner on [of November 9th ? Do you If you do not I ask your teachers to tell charming writer who of Joyce Kihne.r, the sergeant who was a 165th New York in- Division, and fell at Ourcq. .\\; ot wonder when I tell a very sad, sweet snfile large expressive eyes with pity as I recall- sorrows--the death also of her be- who was taken to father was in camp, little baby who came into t. that time and of how ur little ctfildren miss while she earns her by delighting other verse. Be sure with our own mud- and commit at least one Mrs. Joyce Kilmer her husband. Joyce and "Candles That be m every well select- you will discover city is evident oems for since Joyce tholic a deep spirit Was expressed in his al/own in "The Rosary" his death reached of Knights of Mass and received This was in Au- you wonder that this of whom I speak, while hear her, wears an sadness almost .the sombre black of and long, crepe veil ? "to pint Anna's Can't you, too, write CONCHESSA. );alley Junction, Ia., November 7, 1920. to you for a long been reading the received flay pin very glad to ttours Devotion" he- I have had a bad over it now. long so I hall for my pin. O ld member, Catharine Quirk. Breda, Iowa,., November 1920. I . not written to you shall write to you tonight. I am sending you my pic- THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1920. ery one what is his due. What is fortitude? Fortitude is a moral virtue which, for the purpose of accomplishing good, inspires us to undertake great and difficult works, or ! enables us to suf- fer great evils, even death itself. What is temperance? Tempez;ance is a moralvirtue which enables us to use according to right reason tile things that are agreeable ture with tiffs letter. We are having to/the senses. three weeks vacation now for corn husking. I didn't husk any yet but I FROM TIIE BIBLE nmybe I shall husk next week. Next], Matthew XIX 16 7  wcek will be the lst week My sister l An" " hold o e me :nd sid to . " , (1 De 1 n ca a Mary ]s going to school m Carroll, a Ihim; Good master, what good shall I town near by here Last November I . do that I may have hfe everlasting. had some Masses stud for the poor| Who said to him: Why askest thou souls, .... and am going to this year:. 1,am,,//me '.once'lning goou.'9 One ,is good, going o wrote you a story, so I snail [God. But if tlmu wilt enter into life, close, keep the commandments. xour reaacr, He said to him: Which? And Je- Anne Kerlgan. I sus said: Thou shalt do no murder, I Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou God's Will. shalt not steal, (l'hou shalt not bear % ing on his face. "In which class did he get ahead of you today, then?" asked his aunt. "In the very same as yesterday, geography class." "How can that be?" said his moth- er, shaking her head. "You must be DIOCESAN NOTES GRAVETTE, The Catholic families of Gravette and Decatur assembled Sunday, Nov. 21, at the" home Of Pete Miller on; PAGE SEVEN Once there were five little children who lived with their Grandnm. There w'as a great army coming that night and the children wereTafraid. The grandmother said: "Do not be afraid, God will protect you. Let us pray that God will build a wall around our cot- tage." The children said, "How can God build a wall around the cottage ?" She rei)hed, "Oh, you can pray and God will keep out the army." So they prayed and went to bed. The army [false witness. PRINCIPAL CAUSES OF DEATH joking, Oscar. Yesterday he got ahead South Railroad street, in Gravette at of!you in geography; and now youl9 a. m. with Father Tynin of Fay- say he got ahead of you again today, etteville celebrating Mass and preach- in the same qlass?" ing a sermon on the last judgment. He i ,, gave a good many interesting Bfight's disease 152 , It ]s true, nevertheless, thougt/ " " - ............... , ;. h ......... - ithoughts to the people to think about Pneumonia ' 151 ,,,, ,,  ..... , ou understand It, E, ................ , ..... mother. You remember, I said yester- /'i here are about fifty Chtho!ics in the Influenza .................  ..... 105 (lay that I would pay him back dou- / tw towns. We will be pleased to meet Disease ofarteries .............. 96 Ilefor what he has done to me Well,[any visitors that may be passing] Disease of digestive organs ...... 64 Ihe got ahead of me ia that sure:--It| thrugh our towns or to have any Paralysis .................. ' ..... 58 ... i .... "a [Catholic families looking for land, to iLiver disease 52 ,,'as ,x. vm ...... back double, be,ore, ; ................... 'ewr I could vet the chance to )ay|buy near us. We are also planning tO lDiabetes ........................ 46 hi',a " " - " " build a church in the near future. Tile Blood poisoning, anemia, etc.L .... 89 ,,' -. -9,, ...... inext Mass will be held Christmas day lWar 38 astortO'l:das ma. asKea ms mouser, I at9a. m. at te stone place. Every Appendicitis .................... 37 ' " % I body invited to attend. InformationlBronchitis, nleurisv, etc  34 "Why, by snnply nllSslng a question]may be obtained from/Mrs. James F. lTyphoid fever "' ao to give me the chance to answer it Gilles ie Glavette Ark R 4 '" " Q ................... and get ahead of him I am sure, he' ' p ...... I Oll :t:el-cuses ................. 4:3 " ................. 1 nfissed that question purposely. Nev- er before had he missed a question, Honor thy fathcr and thy nmther; not even the hardest; and this ,'as a and Thou shalt love thy neighbor as ., _ very easy one. I just glanced at him, tnysel[, u nd ............ as the teacher bade me move p; a , lne young man saln o nnn: u ......... cofltrary to what I expected, I saw nese nave i Kept xrom my youn, . . 9 such an expresmon of kindness and wha is yet wanting to me . . . " ;pleasure on lus face, that I felt qmte oesus smth to hxm: If thou wilt be .......... ....... , [asnalneo Ol nlyscll, anti sorry um 1 peluecL go sell wha i.nou Jlast;, anq , , ; ... J. .. .. ...... , ._. Inao ever oeen angry wire ram. AI- gave to %lie poor, an( %nou snal% nave I - - - . , , , ,, ,or scnool "we ll2el; again; ano we reasure m neaven; ann come, lOllOW ....... . . SNOOK nanas in earnesu na now we re me. going to be good friends forever." Edward's Rectory, 1)resumably start- ing witl the explosion of a hot water heater on the second floor. :wo rooms and a hallway of the new addition, the second story;were gtted, and all the household articles and clothing were consumed. Repairs on this part of the rectory had just been completed. Lo- cal papers gave the building as Valued of the 2450 policy-holders who died in the third quarter of 1920: Heart disease .................. 864 Cancers and tumors ............. 224 Consumption ................... 192 Appoplexy ..................... 172 Accidents ..............  ....... 162 didn't touch them. When they gt up there was a wall of snow arouffd the house. The children aid, "Oh, Grand- ma God did build a wall around us!" FOR TINY TOTS. The Fourth Cgmmandment. What; is the Fomth Commandment ? Honor thy ifather and thy mother. What doesthe Fourth Command- ment tell us to do? The Fourth.Conmmndment tells us to obey our father and mother. Must we be kind to our parents? We must be kind to our parents and love them. __Is it wrong to talk back to our par- ents? It is wrong to talk back to our par- ents. Slmuld we helll-our lmrents? We should help our parents in ev- ery way we can. Must we obey anybody else? We must also obey our pastors and our teachers Must we also obey the law ofthe ' land? WeNmust also obey the law of the land. CATECHISM. Virtue in General. \\; What is virtue? Virtue is the habit of good. It is opposed to vice, vchich s the habit of evil. How are virtues di4ided? Virtues are divided int Theological Virtues and Moral Virtules. What are theological virtues? Theological virtues are those that have God for their immediate object. Wlch are the theological virtues? The theological virtues are Faith, Hope, and Charity. What are moral virtues? Moral virtues are those which have The Peace-and-Prudence Package (Continued from last week.) "She did, before the whole school. She said, it was a mean, ugly thing I had done; and that I had done it only out of revenge, because Martn Andrews got ahead of me in class." Here Aunt Gertrude gave a slight nod with her head, and a quick and easy smile passed" over her fac, as is she meant to say: "Aha, now I un- derstand !" Oscar cgntinued, uninterrupted by his aunt's silent conjecture: "After the whip!Sing she gave me, she further required that I should make up with Andrews. If Iovouldn't she wouId put me lowest in every class, and there's where I would have to stay." "Well, well!" said Aunt Gertrude laughingly." "Tat's just my method, isn't it?" As if he did not notice what his aunt had said, Oscar continued: "Ra- ther than lose my place in the other classes and give him the chance to get ahead of me, I shook hands with him. After that the teacher dismissed school. We are reconciled," and the boy spoke hatred and revenge, nay, even laughed it; "Oh, yes, but we're not yet even!" He walked through.the room to- wards the door. But his mother rose, put her hand on'his shoudder, and said with more than usual earnestness: "Oscar, I warn you to let that boy alone. You will only get into mord trouble. If I hear that you have done the least thing to him, I will tell your father, and then you know what you w] get." The boy did neither look up, nor make an answer, but left the room. "Marianne," said Aunt Gertrude \\; Tears involuntarily sprang into his mother's eyes. Aunt Gertrude, how- ever, got up, approached the boy, and looking into his eyes, while she held one of his hands in hers, she said: "Oscar, I was at Mass this morning. After Mass I spoke with your teacher about your trouble yesterday. She told me alp about it. Now come, like the good boy you must try to be, humble yourself, kneel down here beside your mother, and tell her the truth as it is. If you do not, I must." , There was a sight struggle in the boy's heart, this the mother and aunt could see; and for a few minutes the three were silent, Oscar, then, after a hurried, half bashfhl, half joyous] look at his mother, went over to her, I sank down on his knees, and, resting I his head on her lap for a short time. Then he began: ,"Mother, I have been very.wicked, to hide the wrong I did yesterday. I told you and aunt a lie, nay, more than one. I will now go over it once more and tell you the truth. "First, about throwing the snow- ball. The truth is, the boys weren't snowballing at all. We were rolling up big balls to build a snowhouse with. , TEXARKANA. On Monday morning, Nov. 17, at 9 o'clock, fire destroyed a part of St. Age at deafla-- at $4,000, the clothes at $1,000, with insurance on same respectively, of $2,000 and $500. The exact amount of damage was'not stated. FORT SMITH. 30 years old and under ........ 212 Between 30 and 40 ............ 345 Between 40 and 50 ............ 556 50 and over .............. :__1337 2450 About 23 per cent died under age 40. Years policies were in force-- Died in 1st year_= ............ 116 Died in 2d year ............... 128 Died in 3d to b't,h year ........ 265 Dfcd in 5th to 20th year ....... 1406 The home of tlle Benedictine Sisters had the appearance of a country store last Sunday afternoon when he ladies of St. Boniface Church surprised them with a shower. Immediately after [service the ladies formed a proces- / sion and marched to the Sisters house, each one carrying some article that goes to fill a well-stocked p, antry. It was a delightful event, greatly appre- ciated by the Sisters. Died after 20 years ........... 535 I "" 2450 Ten per cent died before end of 2d year. t Included-in the above were 183 women insured for $298,582.43. Seven-eighths of all the money left" by married men for their dependents is derived from life insurance M. A. BILTZ, Special RepreseptabJve, Professional Service.' NEW YORK LIFE INS. CO. 801-7 Southern Trust Bldg., Phone Main 356. Little Rock, Ark. OFFICE SUPPLIES, DESKS, A good Book will solve your doubt as to just what to give a select friend, t TYPEWRITERS BOOKERY. ' PRINTING Our printing plant is very complete 1920 0 R D 0 1920 automatic feeding presses doing fi-- est of murk. Send for illustrated price lit Typewriters. PARKIN PRINTING & STATIONERY COMPANY / fr their immediate object some ere- at.d thing. Which are the moral virtues? The nmral virtues are Justice, Fortitude, and Tenperance. What is prudence? Prudence is a moral virtue whict enables us to decide what is right and proper to do'in particular cases. What is justiceF Justice is 'a moral virtue whi'c con- stantly disposes the will to give to ev- after the boy had gone out--and her face wore an ,epressin, . , of pare" and' deep sorrow-- I pty that boy, and I fear for him. He will give you much trouble, if you don't break down his pride and stubborn self-will." "Alas!" sighed the mother, "I fear it myself. May God forgive me, if I have been too.indulgent with the boy! May He help me to da henceforth what is right. It will be a hard task." I suppose many of my readers are thinking, "What about this Peace-and- Prudence Package? The story is long enough already. What has all this o do with the package in question?" Have patience, my dear little friends, Be you will hear about the "Package" 0 e before we get to,the end. And the "Package" will bring you such a les- -Bo rv " [ son on Peace and Prudence, that it will not need any words of mine to explain it to you any better Yod , will I O e nderstand it yourselves. ,, us now gc oh With 5ur s.tory. Boo]00ery Gob& Noveltks, Present.s i GOLD CROSSES SILVER CROSSES , CRUCIFIXES B IITTO BADGES WATER FONTS SCAPUIAI LOCKET CLOTH SCAPULARS S. H. BADGES BIBLES PRAYER BOOKS MANUALS DEVOTIONS CATECHISMS M'ISSALS MARBLE 'BUSTS MEDALLIONS CHILDREN'S BOOKS J t SECOND ST. OPPOSITE POTOFFICE i Mail Orders--t ARCELS 'POSTPAID' I Gertrude, next morning, went to Mass. She took dinner with another relative of hers in ton, and returned to her sister's early in the afternoon. For a particular reason shb wanted to be at home before Oscar would come back from school \\; The Boy made his appearance at the usual llour; and as he stepped into. the room, his aunt was glad to see his face, as different from yesterday's as sunshine is from darknessi wore this, time a look ofcalm joyfulness joined with a kind of soft regret. She pretended not to notice him. fin- til he bad put his boules away. Then she asked: "Well, Oscar? No clouds and storm today?" "How do you mean, aunt?" "You had no trouble getting even with that boy, had]you? Let's see, what is his name?" "Martin Andrews ?" asked Oscar blushing. "Yes, I mea him." ", "No not the lea@ trouble. He got ahead of me again." His mother look- ed up; ghe saw a smile of joy beam*, A %, ........ ;- face with his hands. His mother pull- ed them away gently, saying: "Go on, Oscar. What did you say ?". "'Take that, you beggar! Get ahead of me again in class, will you?' Mar- tin gave a short cry of pain, covered his face with his arm, and turning, hurried away'to the' school. I heard hiro crying aloud as he went. "None of tge othe" scholars saw what I had doae,, but it just happened that the teacher herself was looking out of the window when I threw the ball, and so she saw me doing it: "Be- fore school was, let out; she whipped me; and I had tq make upwith Martin, as I already told' you. Only, to tell the plain truth, there is this differ- ence: When she called on me to come out,I refused to do so; for I kne what I was to go out for. She took ne by the arm, and pulled me out herself. I didn't care to, nor did I give in, and confess that I had done wrong. . Stub- bornly, and without crying, I ook my whipping and shook hands with Mar- tin, only because I had to; but I didn't mean it. Afterwards I found out, to my greater shame, that he retlly! ask- ed the teacher not to say.or do any- thing to me about th matter: , 'Now, mother, I've told you all. Will you forgive me for having been so wicked?" A fond embrace was the mother's answer to the boy's question. (To be 6ontinued.) OFFICIAL DIOCESAN EDITI()N PLEASE ORDER NOW BOOKERY--309 W SECOND IATTLE ROCK $300 "OskV' I heard one of the boys call- CAPITAL/- - ,000.00 ing to me, 'come here, will you ? Help me.. with this ball.' I looked, tO s6e who SURPLIIS00 - - 00-00601000.0000 ltOLLt,'5,12t,lt tlwas that was ealhng me. It was ........ :-, ,,t ,. _ .... , ' we nave lnereasea our UapltaI A.o,o00o. CO .... troll it up yourself', sam'" I, 'you Stock from. $200,000. to $300,000 and, / JIU8Ic t , ............. [by selling the new msde of stock at] (llun t Know, Just nen, wnat er ..... , ........... .[ 30 p cent above our par, our surplus [ .The ol fltaSlish _ " o can nlm 2kll rlgn, I Wlil; an- . ' ,. " . . . ' .... ]has been increased from $40,000 to .Piano ' Gde, the l _ed 188 swerea ne. 'But what is me maer 000O T'i en ......... ...... , , .... ,., , [ co , I n s ates us to take sm I ' Arb- ra-koD h aret .. wm you. usK., "nu. up, or x.n--, better care of our present depositors I- "Csa. e and d the b- ile only gep stanomg o IooZ at me, as well as the new ones [ . ,.,e _ .vst and, as I thought, to laugh at me . ' " i 'aa hos e again I grabbed up some snow, press- England National Bank t00et ed it into a hard ball 2 and threw it in " O his face, saying, as I tlrew it --2'' C/, 4lir. The boy faltered, and covered his !llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllll Safety Convenience Pr0fit I In Depositing Your Savings With the SOUTI00ERN TRUST COMPAN00 you not only obtain eemplete safety for your funds and 4 per cent interes! compounded twice a year, but you also know that your money is readily avail. able whenever you may require it... Remember that a small amount de. posited regularly at fixed interval will produce far better results than the infrequent depositing of larle! amonnta. 00OUTHERN TRUST COMPANY Opposite* the Postoffice llliilllliilllllllllllllllqUilllllllllJlllilillllt IusT PUBLISHED LADY TRENT'S DAUGHTER I A NEW NOVEL By Isabel C. Clarke , - THE FOBEMOST CATHOLIC NOVELIST , The story of the young widowed Lad][ rl'rent and her daughter Olave. The mother [is engaged to Guy Quinn. The dahghtet I_aud Quinn meet accidentally and fall in love, neither knowing who the other is. How the tangled plot is finally unravelled land how "they lived happily ever after ' imakes a grdat etory, J "Lovers of English prosc, read with a earehi sen|efor beauty of pattern in the conltructio u ol- It stor,# will find profotmd beauty e Miu Clarko's tales " .N. :F, un. 8re. $2.15 THE BOOKERY 1309 W. SECOND ST. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ..................... | i \\; LOS ANGELES MISSION HOUSE (By N. C. W. C. News Sea'vice) Los Angeles, Nov. 20.Th, Cath- olic Foreign Mission Society o Ameri- ca has purchased in Los An- geles, to be occupied by Sisters from Maryknoll who hard the direction of the Japanese school already estab- lished by Bishop Cantwell. t Christmas Cards with Envelopos-- B, QOKERY. ? J ' L HE Y . UG CO. -- i ii i : , L \\; a-H..l.id4 : -= - -_= - = = : _ , ! Schm and=-i00orbeck :Candy Co: -- .... I"  t (INCORPORATED) ,; ' - T .. Wholesale Ca.dles Bakeri. Supplies, $ Cigars, Cigaretts, etc. - '-- ,' " t 1 " " LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS _ _ (t