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November 27, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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November 27, 1920

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on the vith e works dch in Church t has its the cy is in turn of ies of of Holy digious It wa wri0&apos;i nears ofi ion of rM I, from wh 3harity, e! ,'! n I affirr now proi Universit Persons of Note AI Smith, although defeated for stands as the miracle man politics Much of Smith's undoubtedly is due to his but there are va- chuscs, all of which stamp Smith as the ac- national leader of the Democratic party is cited by the Demo- one hopeful spot on the since the balloting is being spoken of as addressed to the Archbishop of Paris urging him to obtain a large body of religious teachers for Catholic school children, whose faith was being en- dangered by unbelievers. In organizing the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Ozanam followed the rules of charitable aid set down by its patrml. The service of the mem- bers was to include the poor, the sick, the infirm and the unemployed, with- out distinction of creed or race. No discussion of personal or religious matters was permitted at the meet- [i 1 LDemocratic presidential i ings and it was emphasized tlmt moral n 11924, and eastern Demo-las well as material assistance should hemoaning the fact time he be an end of the organization. The lthe ' national standaild bearer foundation of the society was'laid in They assert tlu.t Smith 1833 when Ozanam was but twenty  carried ,' Ncv York State years oht. The first St. Vincent de Ir been th prcsidentlal nora- Paul conference to be established in was he had to turn over the United States was that in St. Voters--get a haft million Louis n ]845. The society has now to vote for him while vet- spread throughout every European hrding, country and lms branches in China, vernor is the most popular lndia, Asiatic Turkey, Ceylon, Egypt, Catholi --E sgure ,in New York State in solation He is known and ad- - II17 all "A1" hil | when Baa as He na' come ,f.. orphan newsboy to gov- apital I ill the " I  greatest State in the |,n, with0 |immpered!t. great vote getter for Smith ab] to 0; his age, Natal, Transvaal, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Chile, Co- lombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and British Guinea. Frederic Ozanam lived to see the Society of St. Vincent de Paul spread THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1920. *% ! Ge 1 Inte tio hera n n DECEMBER--"CHRISTIAN MORTI- FICATION." (By Chas. J. Mullaly, S. J., in the i Messenger of thc Sacred HeartQ That present social disorders re- quire a remedy, all agree. Authors are indeed foolish. To secure our sal- vation means "safety first." We will ake no chances, we will not walk close to the pathway of sin, and say that we are mortified because we ab- stain from serious sin. We must go further; we must strike at the very and students of social questions are writing extensively of the general spirit of unrest and discontent that seems to prevail everywhere. Laws are suggested to change the present i condition o injustice in prices; to I stop unjust oppre'ssion of labor and, on the other band, to resist those un- reasonable demands of labor which are destructive of lawful investment and industry. Few writers seem to grasp the simple truth, that present conditions have come from inordinate greed and from the mad desire for worldly wealth and pleasure. It is the old story of the baser side of hu- man nature asserting itself and de- stroying all that is nobler and God- like in man. The remedy for existing conditions can come only when we, as individuals, realize that this life is but a journey, short in the number of its years. We believe in the immortality of our souls; hence, We know that this jour- ney is one to future happiness or mis- root of our venial sins, which though i not sufficient to cause us to lose' Heaven, can and do put our souls in danger. It is a lack of the higher degrees of Christian mortitication that hin- ders a close union of the soul with God. We unite ourselves with God as a loving Father and Friend by means of simple, childlike prayer, but there i can re no prayer of this type where I' we are ever seeking the pleasures and i the joys of this world. Christ loes t to be United ,vith'those who love Him,, who study to he like unto Him. Chrk : 1 tian mortification in its highest de- gree is to prefer above all else to be like Christ, to suffer with Christ cru- cified. The miseries and sorrows ,of life come from a wrong wew of life. We fail to realize tbat life is only a jour- ney to Heaven, that the things of lille, all creatures and all created things, are only as stepping-stones to help us to reach God. They are not the ..... ,'.:o,. " ' "'  '  * ' 'k .......... : ' ":: : " ,*,  ffat PAGE FIVE i ' i Books of Interest principle that now it is not so nmch a question of "wherein do we differ?" but of "how we came to differ?" he shows up the deliberately ambiguous ctmracter of Cranmer's first edition. This studied ambiguity secured--as it was meant to do---a partial sort of acceptance for the Prayer Boo k on the part of the Bishops. We are then shown how Cranmer threw off the mask in the second Prayer Book and forced upon an unwilling people a purely Protestant set of formula!,ies. To paraphrase St Jerome, "the whole of England awoke and groaned to find itself Protestant!" Consequently the Prdtestant emasculation of the "faith once delivered to the Saints" is in no sense the inheritance of the church of England; it was one man's doing, not an act of the nation as a whole nor of the Episcopacy as a whole. Furtber, the ostensible aim of the Reformation was the re-establishment of righteousness. Now the sole basis of righteousne is God's revelation in the Bible, which is not a Protestant but a Catholic book. But the Reform- ers (ommitted the cardinal error of making "the Bible and the Bible only," the one critcrium, with the con- sequent Protestant fecundity in pro- duction of' sects. Restore the Bible to The Problem of Reunion. The question o get-together so much 'in the air has taken hold of the religious world, and whilst there is no immediate prospect of reunion, it is a hopeful sign to have the matter so nmch discussed. Those whp are in- terested will find readable the follow- ing review from "The Tablet" of a new book on "The Problem o Re- union," by Rev. Leslie J. Walker, S.J.: A very wonderful book is certainly given us by Father Walker, and equally certainly he has lifted the dis- cussions on reunion to a higher plane. It has always been easy to crush those wbo ventilated sclmmes for reunion by pointing to the claims of Rome, and saying: "All you have got to do i is to submit!" But as a rule that answer is merely a provocative one and hardly helpful. Father Walker skilfully avoids the merely contro- versial aspect of the question and, by remarkable combination of the his- torical with the apologetical aspects of the question, has succeeded in clear- ing the issue. After dwelling on the need of re, union if the scandals of a divided Christendom are to cease, he points out that though the war canno be 'P ' 't )!i:!i :3':i :C :)i! opponent. Miller, a through many countries. He died at -n; made a colorless cam- lhrseillcs in 1853. Re)lying to the cry; happiness if we obey the dictates, end of life. q'he gratification of prhIe said to have made England more re- its rightful i)osition as the passive . 0? mphasized national is- priest who exbortcd hifion his death of conscience and suppress the baser through wealth and so-called social ligious it has at least brought qll who rule of faith under the Church, which oegans   - side of nature and its unlawful in- position or the gratification of sensu- care for thh fair fame of Christ'endom is the active rule, and you cut away ..klg, y  ept to State issues. ' bed, to have confidence in God, he re- clinations and tendencies. You and l ality by l?ase pleasures draws us away to face the question of the presen all sources of dissensions whilst at tho :t to WIII classified bl'oadly as a plied: "Oh. why should I fear God rt his reThan. But his conduct while whom I love so much" were created by God. The Creator from the end of life. There is no state of disunion, and this despite the same time restoring he faith to its :lhas been so independent that " has a claim upon us, for we are His reaching the end ,if we foolishly try apathetic attitude of so many people pristine purity, ltistory, to repeat, , ty ]1$i was creatures, brought into the world for to drag the stepping-stones along with nowadays to all religious questions, shows us the points of divergence and n the (t[ alm0 filled'il not in an wise an is " ersity -- Y " The Church the definite purpose of saving our us on our journey Vnlmmpered by For people are beginning to ask the thus indicates the steps necessary be-  ampaign .......... . ..... ' ,. ,. .. ractical ,mestion "What has brought fore any practical reunion can take ] ice ill the r P .i o .! sores ana en]oymg everiasung nappl- the ufings oi ms woria e mus jour-, v u . ........... ,mati: ,..  O[ 7e ou ness He has given each of us a spit- he., on to God "If sorrow comes into us to this state?" %'hey are no; so pmce u mgm mum nave ls place. 'i) !1 :C., "'::*'i. i tr ts,Davidin acceptingI" Walsh,the "n- -" - itual soul .with its marvelous intel-' .our life, we must" realize that it is !much asking wherein we differ, but No reunion" can be hoped for so long ,] mg Iill t user 1 how did we come to do so Such as people refuse to fate facts and per lbl'  ' " . " p , " to us, we must realize that each "s " "'1 ,his pt )l!F'0ul d decline the service of- Churclb was recently blessed with the a__etites obe-ed reason There could 1 s" i one o Heaven tel Why (lid the East separate'from the' no disfiguring controversial "hits." At , ' t,v "  ' on y a epp g-s  , ome 3ear'the.patriotic and humanita- appointment of Rev. J: St. Laurent, S. be no temptation to sin unless ,nan be used as s:h--to reach God. I West? Is it possible that freedom the' same time he does not. hide the essarY, ':=ts of this service compel S. J., and lus mstallatmn by the Most chose it; no inclination to greed, envy, If this truth comes home to us" thatl from the dominance of the Turk and truth. Thus while sympath,zfng wffh :" I, , _i,let self I will serve with Rev. Archbishop, J. W. Shaw, D. D. a .... :---ufit" "n" other classes of ........ .Ithe Czar may change even the crys- the aims of the so-called Anglo- ClOlle DO, . . . ,get, hug " , a u the nings of this world are to oe useu  ,, [( bers who will undertake On this day, the Archbishop gave this si , , ...... 11 ho ro,ml of ......... ]tallized Eastern Churches At home Cathohcs, he does not hesitate to say liT, ' , ..... .......................... onty in as mucn as rney mac o tou; .... ,, . . . eplese Mt name to this hmtomc old edifice now we have a mmllar tz te roblem the that their attitude towards acumen ]. _ .2 h open mind and with- " ' ', our day. If man had not sinned, the to be used onl- to hel- us to reach l "P p : lin the * of any kind" devoted to the use of the colored race. bed,, would have been ever obedient ......... , ', .... I Catholic Church, the Established is fraught with inconsistency and is a , z l:ilnl, llle Will caKe on a umerenl cue. .... , science,:.:. . / . .----'--', " . to the desires of the soul. All was We will nractise Christian mortified-1 Churches of England and Scotland, fatal m.asthe:..Tye.w clalms are m- ,. ]ivilltle,,  .... uasses lor um repose of the soul ot chan_e a b.. *he -in of -'r first .... "- ....... , and, the Free Churches. compaume wkn nelr'conaucz. ineir tlon. we 1| no o y uoflue u  n " .... -)1'.. " Mhyor McSweeney were said in al- _ .......  u,,. ....... .1 ...... . .... 1- ....... ] Is it possible, asks Father Walker, o v Church neither teaches ttle doc- 5nOlle litVt. ouglas County District . ,  . ,. . , varc,,. ,,,,, ,,u, u,,u=,auuu,s- v,- passions, ou we will go on urner .. ......... ,_,. , _, ,.: ...... .:_,. ,. ........ ,. .__ ..... .__._  mos every cnurcn in ew urmans.  ..... a "r wi ll "^ak ^-^A ,u^ in - .  _ _. it, hal; in co;lancl l;fle sl;anllsne(1 vl',nv wucu vny preacu, no.r , md our arOmaha, Neb, recently .... ,.u,c u ,, ,,c" ,,=u, ., " and carry tne wamare against. nese* c,a _ , " The most public in ts expressmn xw,s ..,. .... , .....   ....... n ...n h ..... ' . . I Churches the Episcopalian, and the tlons their practice. If she be Cath- 1US , rs ot age. , passions ax oeyond ne nlele po n 9 " " mplet  , , said, and attended by thousands rep- ,. ........................... h .... I Free can unite We have seen a con- ohc, as they say, they should submit ' ue'  cnuency u cwt mcreueu, we nnu  e mor i in in " O vas the oltaest mem ..... of resmtanee to a s ..... o her , f er of the - - resenting the Hlberman Society and .............................. Imderable amount of reunion m Scot- t when she calls them to order. ' ' mah wu pr o our nure m cutouts. " ten Den d rowin ree we ,e so coUr/: .a bench, both 1,n point the Padraic Pearse Branch, in St. AI- The inferio- or sense art of our na stra].gh a ...t an. g g..t [land already; this wa inevitable the If she'Be not Catholic, but they are, / .rvlce me was )orn m ..... , v " mus orce i in ne opposite way .......... the one the" do not belon-to her To resist " pnonsus wnurcn. imomen men reanzeu ma  s , Slll ou tree is in ebelhon a amst reason , seL es [ll!nnty, Ohio, on Christmas " , " g ]Not onl will we never commit a de-  .... ,. ......... .;.n.. . their Church to disohe,, its B ,-o )re. As t.tte was only a lad of 13 . ' I Because men in general are freely aN[liberat e sin, mortal or venial, but wdl essenu, ab ..'' ='ff :nl."_=_i'. . sev _ to -o counter to the  octrine'ot";s ii]ll' 'iVil agar. lowing the sense part of nature to i God' hol will in same in au ann na o y po y -  War started, but was , will str ve to see s y - " Articles co " ' mbly, , r them Could the Established and to ntemn its ordinances The neu Chinch of St John Ia re e ed to e t rule over reason and drown its p t lm " " " " - ,, - ond umte with is to deny by their action that vet Ile . g t m and fight. . ..... he trials of life and even to ask I' ' " " these .... on the ,e- ........  ........... trot, erected through the efforts ell tests a,ainst the sins of ,reed, the I ....... ,** ,,- .... 1 tnuc ....... .. - Y '". ,,r, ',)Llll!  J2Lell bOOK " "  o perml us o carry , , l,, ux . ,, . , r8 Re u s 1 "/' same bodms m Scotland 9 Is Eplsco Catholicity hlch in argument they on ha! of law at Bainbridge, O., v. Father,Stel.mans, 'as onnly sins of lust and sins arising from the His Cross. We will conquer the vice I - .... "  "* .......... - so ersistentl.. m-i '-'- , ltl .... , ;ure, all .d to the bar in i874 consecrated oy rns race, inns..ev. I fac t that human nature has lost sight I of env,, and uncharitableness by go-I pacy an aos01.ue .oar. x .ce.m  v . _ -,,,.,,. - --:--- ,!' o not roved so in ne as Wl;ness esl;s, oo, no a uanollc DUl; a ro , - -t 0.1[,'- ' " Archbishop Shaw The three marble I of the end of its creation and seeks l . " . ' . .Ihas p P , ' al'ctel3 ' s B " ing ou oi our way o s y a Kinu word . . . ' 9 luff Marrmge. ' .d ............  ..... , ....... ] ............  I .. . ........... I  ]the Orders accented without Emscopal testant spirit, for to pick and choose g years l was married in 18741ed,"for/aithe A";:hb'is]?ipconsecradlltSsn?:PldesSenh.::: gh:U:b::i::S:d of everyone. We will conquer..the/consecratio n between 1580 ald i610. what ono will' believe and how one .,  o , passion oi concupiscence oy (teprlvmg , sive site', ., to Miss Mary Bellel the main "altar Ri-ht Rev Corneliusl ...... , ........ I Would It be possible for a further will worship is no less Protestant be- , ; evus oi om day um naeury o ciou en of e dmd in 1896 and in ourselves, flora tnne to time, ev s erous stifle:. . .... . . . ]Van de Ven, Bishop of Alexandria,lanu ............. o ne purpose' o ........... ou: oelng ,n l  'n " in " n ,l's- r s and" lun.ion between the Church of England cau e one appeals to Catholic tradi- !< ed 1 c ] a.vful a d noce t pea u e , , 9 cclesiasti,  . ss Christ e ]3. S u 1] and Rigbt Rev J M Laval, Auxiliarl life can cure the ills of society We " ., . _/ ..... land the English Free Churches. Here tion than if one appealed only to , g 'd,ek  " " " !!Pi!::i1:7:: Hr:a?dtOr slur:: vH d, 7d h:! i especiany, o_v oecas,onai aosmence ' i tr :!hO!gmCmintnht;:i! 'aft '2 ::'k:: t h: 7 : ! i2Q!: i;ffnNa, piOi:!ii s 'a i :(ii I dc: maen da ntgh: g/:h: lke: W: ] ::nn ;i t;h?i ii?:B tihuti tCoicg:t b::h :hg 1 ufSsa gene,-,,ld" ..... r . " emn Pontifical High Mass." - [servebY to Godsav' unless soulSwe "fightWeandCan' sup- ti_f silc Ice durin...ip g^is tthe timethe OfdesirePrOvoeaaC fo] .... view of Episcopacy as of Dvme I low. " " . ....... : ..- he._ 8( gs om irmn(b ev i ..... . v.. "  " . [ orit-in o . Ammren41v.. _ - not. And on the All who are mereseu in raae proo-  t press cne oasei par oI our nature , terson who had worked , I ealth by recalhng what the great " -"e Witiit '  ' I .............. " ' " [other hand, are the Free 9hurches lem of reunion--and who is not -- '/ ' V '- " Mississi i '/ms ngn oi ne superior par o ne " " " na " uve PP master of the s nltual hfe, St Ig . ,a nile court, came to [ " I .... P ' " " "]really scrintural in the eculiar vie, should read and weigh this very care- , uirea l, sum agains mere sense impmses anu il  .... q dl r n i tins Loyola, tells us that the ev - . 111, d Y call three weeks ago. [ Gee v lie. ] "" ........... : , they take of the non-neclessity of or-I fully reasoned discussion of the ques- urposeS,.nihg my husband asked] In September there ............  . .... sense grauncauons s moruncauon, spirit, the enemy of our soul, knows :_',:_ u ...... n .^ - a.. m. tion it imp0 to ive him instruc-Ithe first .... il ..... m. +] ....  ...... :^ land when thin fight is asmsted by d- thht the surest way to drag us down ........ ,. _.^...^ ,..,, ....  . . . vine grace we have Chllstlan morhfi .... i o i rts a ath to hell s to ms re n u hea ]Oplelltd .ohc religion. Fatherlo f colored youths for the priesthood, lcation for the ,-eneral ,ractice of .  .P . " .. ]a view in face of the positive declara-I CATItOLIC MOVEMENT u hat he alread had a , , , v desire or wealth, since other ens IN are keP.,{' y ]Twentyfie students have applied fOr[which we are askedto ,,r., this !'., .... " ..... :., I tions of the New Testament. ] SWITZERLAND l ge of the faith ,, ] v ,* swlfuy in)low upon wealth win derabl ': " . ' ] admission. ' month . , , . : ' . Through all these sectarian .  ''-"------ I I " , . wealth comes the yearning for socml Churches there runs the same-fatal (By N. C. W. C. News Service) mSl sity, t0 ':,J;deric Ozanam I w .... ] " By Christian mortification we do position, and an inordinate i3ride that a .... + ..... a .... or n - cur- an paris, Nov 12--There is to be ' 'oodWll 2[_llaanions founded the ! .... / no mean mere ooany penances and makes the wealthy spurn the poor of _._^ u .... **; .....  h  'in- abused ] noted among the Protestants of Switz-  * )f otlr f.ifVincen't de Paul, antici- 'The Junior Sedit:of St Edwal'd's]:ubT:i:S'teCh)mttl::k:titfi:ttl:ni:s C hrmt, :kdl the faiothsof a the!,tl:hb]-[n:tb;correctTnTtle  ui. The;] exland an unmistakable trend toward"  i l. held tlP,.'Jl[ ' the guidance of the College bas been oranize(t into a ]- . " . . .s .. _ - .l'en in . ess n ., n cl .1 t .Y ] fl)und the doctrines of the faith mis-I Rome, especially in the case of theo- .i:, onfidentlYe of social service that]tree of Be Scouts  America to bc I erna suppression o, au umt can nm ueslnse ne nurcn ann ts teach- I used; so instead of exercising a salu-I logical students Lausanne and other e ' l,;:rou, gnou .... ne "civilized ..P Y. .... , / cause sin. penances are val- lugs. To figh this dangerous passion I tory .... umclpnne," ....... a um: ,u*l"- ,,r.'m'-'-" a*! cities offer the most imnortant, exam,..- the afflhated with the organlzatmn m s rm  our by .. t e:l':? " Austin A "u le r i 1 " " ]uable only in, so' far as they p g n the soul we must pray to be p ]Trent, they cut off the essential limb: ples of this movement. Some pious onlpllSiqR d. C. W. O. Service we]preparation g co ps s aeaay m/from the ::;etetermln:mfi:ff( t:ht m p!rit like Christ, and 1.f wealth haSl_like a surgeo n who hungers for the] Protestants, dissatisfied with the r9,$ der Smlul ea t ann p e n come nonesuy o us we wni pray ever I frmts of the Reformation me turmn ; gen: tav '. ic Ozanam wasbornl ; i' " [ , "' " " 7 " Iknife instead of exercisingthe heal-i " " , ' " g Ip.0s%April 23, 1813, but he[ , an Antonio. [sire,of conquering all that can lessen to remember that,we are to use it Iing art in patience. Is it possible for instinctively to the Catholic Church. "' .'-it,la ater,part of his life in] Thomas tIorendensky, Jr.,,a seven-[Gods grace, only for qur soul s salvation--as a[the sects to see that reunion would Many are coming.back into the fold. . nice tly yeal old pupil of St Michael s School, hrl lottlfication we stepping stone to God and to pror0ote One rum ent Prot s t a i , lug law in "Paris and "- ' ' Without C "stian n " " , " " only restire to them What they have p j4a e tan p stor is ::' "' larly b yen in his youth, a reat was ahnost instantly killed by an auto cannot save "our souls. "'If you live, God s work. lost through hasty actionand what] on the point of conversion to the an- ' [y acqnrafl, he Church "and to GodTs i as he was crossing tbe street on his ] after the flesh," says St. Paul, the If men would but practise Ohristian ] they are now beginning to feel is a ] cient Faith. Another pastor has in- '" :i  'l '. wa home from school ,, .....   ' I "' " " ' ' 1is waY vl,tplte his plety, he was I Y [ Apostle, you shall die, but ff through mortification, the evils of our day I real loss  Once they. can grasp this troduced in hm service prayers for ! :_^OtlS':'disturbed with "tempt- I /the spirit you mortify the deeds of would soon disapoear, iorlgreed andlnettle reunion is far from impracti-i the dead. The result has been a ,:';! -'h. 'the faith, finally over- I ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY ]the flesh you shall live. (Rum. vm, avarice, and the wild rush for pleas-I Cable, for it involves no surrender of] larger attendance at his serwees. , g w*'_ ''I through the instructions[ PROFESSOR ON NOBEL / 13.) Christian. mortification viewed ures and the things of sense are re- ] nrincinle ' . ' This Romeward tendency cannot yet " , ucatW .Jand philosopher, Abbe[ PJIZE COMMITTEE[as overcoming with the help of divine, sponsible for the present disturbed l Father Walker then deals' with the be compared to the "Oxford Move- ,:'[ii 81 . ,, . tl th 1!)  [grace all temptations to mortal, sin condition of society. Bak to God l attitude of the Church of ,agland o- meat in England, in the middle of ntral 'W0'Paris in 1836 and was (By N C .W C News Service) [ is absolutely necessary for salvation, is the only slogan, the only solution, I wa;ds the other sects, and here he the last , century, but it is strong ':;!:i -^;--r I:the bench at Lyons, late  L-- :- "-[ :" '., m . . I There is no choice We mut practise and inankind can come back to God I calves us an analysis of the two edi- enough to justify the remark made " : '*";' v**w "' ' lff Utile, DUV. 1.%YV. 1. ougn ~ " , . , eh r mst .... : air of commercial la lin, rofessor of ,iedicine at St Louis ] Christian mortification, and e only by restraining degrading im-I tions of the Prayer Book which is of recently by a Protestant: ' llIe ' ' . ' l' . ,  ,, '"i ,iJ!'"etY O the death of Universit- has been a--oin'e  a [every inclination to gave sin and, pulses and by carrying on a vigorouslprime importance Adhering to his The fashion,is now to become a0 " tat .. ihom he substituted as ;u&.e on the Nobel Prize Committe- [where mortal sm has been committed, warfare, against all that drags,down[ . Catholic. . \\;, 1!1 [ cotl]d 'ges of the Sorbonne, he Th;SNobel prizes, founded by the w;ili [ we must destro that sin by using the tle nobler side of his nature r be ] . Protestant churches in  Switzerland " Wl'CII. ,$iil*t, . :!'::': ng Yieaaanently to the for- of the late Alfred B Nobel, a Swedish ]means that God has given us to ob- clouds his vision of the future happi-]iu reparation for my sins, for the in- are showing a disposition to reunite ..... ,:,, r . . ...... , ....... it  OLJ!,i,ehevmg wth, Lacor- chemist and manufacturer' of e--lo ]tam His forgiveness. To this extent neso that God has in store for hxm.] tntions of ll ^ur AssOci * and in the age of individualism m religion 'i .... FSristian democracy was sives ale -aid annuall,, to those  Christian mortification is absolutely Christian mortification, far from be. ] ,,art;cula for Ohristian mortification has passed or s pasmng as the neces- '' 11e P .' ' . . . , " ", ,'"  - . . , v -  . . . t. i  which Prowdence wm ,clause work in science, literature, anti I necessary for salvatmn. . mga hatred of ourselves, as worId-[ , , mty of reunmn asserts tself. A, new :' .w.,_ ie].Qrl d he expounded this the furtherance of the world's' peace, [ 'If we realized our purpose in life we lings declare, is a true love of 4he soul ] To join the Apostleship of Prayer evidence of ,this te/ndency is the pro- [ !: 1' Y of his wrtm s es e I in o use the means and also of the body, which by th a 1 to the Reverend /irector or to posal for umon between the two great ! ,!0011 ,   , , . ...... ;. Ih tle olic nd our mpleti0n