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November 25, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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November 25, 1990

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i "l "Osco," from page 2 Uniting Nations i b epartment - and to become seriously 0. l ill at age 35 , . The doctors diagnosect him as hav- ing a fatal disease called hairy cell leukemia. 'Joe was determined to live despite the odds. There was a strong ray of hope in the doctor he eventually found a most respected Albany hematologist by the name of Frank Lizzi. Home school no sur prise That was a familiar name to me and ,One day when I was visiting my brother the hospital I told him that when he Wasa tot we had lived in a house where OUr landlorcl was named Lizzi. : Joe remendwred that. In fact, he said one-timc landlord was the late grandfather of his Dr. Lizzi. Was it POSsible thai his father was a shoemaker his mother named Catuzza? Yes, said Joe. Not only that, Dr. Lizzi ARKANSAS CATHOLIC Dear Editor: I was a young child when World War II erupted. I can still remember hear- ing the news of Pearl Harbor's attack on Dec. 7, 1941, and I can remember listening to the radio broadcast about the atomic bomb raids on Hiroshima and Nagasaki four years later. Perhaps more important is I remember the hope that I had when the United Nations was created. We learned to sing the national anthems of other countries in their language. We celebrated. The nations that had fought together to save the world from fascism brought high ideals to the table and said, "This is how we will deal with each other in the future." I believed the United Nations could work. I was in junior high school and that is an age when you can believe. I grew up and found that life wasn't quite that easy. Nations, like the human beings that inhabit them, don't always agree. The nationsthat had fought side by side to conquer a common enemy now became enemies. Suspicions, jeal- in other areas, reignited my hope and youthful idealism that the UN can be the table at which all members can feast together peacefully. The current crisis in the Persian Gulf offers a temptation for nations to make independent deci- sions. I pray that the leaders of our country take time to listen and to learn from all sides. May they be wise enough to seize this opportunity to rekindle and nurture that marvelous experiment from the days of my youth, the United Nations. I still believe we can make the world a better place. Jo Ann Bemrich Little Rock Dear Editor: The dramatic increase in Home Schooling as described in the Arkansas Catholic [ 11/11/90] comes as no surprise to me. It is certainly not due entirely to public education's failure (or lack of in- terest) in teaching moral or religious values. For too long, parents have been dis- couraged from helping their youngsters las just three years younger than ousies, ideological differences, greed, with their studies or homework for fear iraself, my brother told me - as a stupidity and other human frailties of "messing up their minds." But when realization hit both of us. tl Catuzza's baby was to become aunited to disunite these nations. For 45 their child has great difficulty in reading etor who would save Joe's lifel For years the grand experiment called the and ciphering after years of education, United Nations has grown in the many parents are saying, "Enoughl" r'Lizzi did just that, keeping him alive number of nations it represents but has In my role as private tutor, I find an .til we got the miracle we prayed for floundered in its understanding of how alarming number of children incapable " rtterferon, effective in the one form 9f Cancer Joe has, hairy cell leukemia, to unify them. of decoding relatiVely easy words - too 1989, with its eruption of freedom many youngsters facin the rigors of al- gebra without having the essential primary Last year I watched Joe and Dr. Lizzi in eastern Europe and sparks ofchange television as they participated in a --m ........ skills of multiplication, fractions, decimals, telethon for leukemia research. What I tions that arc so truly built into God s proportions, etc. !aw for a moment was not two fine men plans for us. New:r would any of us have Is it any wonder, then, that more and ltl . their early 50s. I saw a golden-haired been abh: to imagine that the unborn more parents are asking themselves, Child with his hand on the tummy of a baby wouhl one day return that touch, "What can I lose?" ewhal hlushing mother-to-be, carrying lili, with it. Bert Clayton marveh.,d atthe mystery of connee- Copyright ! o00 CNS Harrison NOVEMBER 25, 1990 PAGE 3 Our Readers During October, three different persons from the Arkansas Democrat contacted Arkansas Catholic in refer- ence to reprinting our editorial which ran on September 30. The editorial took an Arkansas Gazette writer to task for his excessive references to the Catholic background of a businessman whose religion was unrelated to the topic at hand. We asked the Democrat not to re- print the editorial, because we did not wish for our material to be used as fuel for the Little Rock "newspaper war." While our criticism of the Ga- zette article stands, we had no desire for the editorial to be used by the Democrat against the Gazette. We apologize to the Gazette and to our readers for the Democrat's use of our material against our clearly- stated desire that it not be reprinted. Deborah Hilliard, Editor Rev. Albert J. Schneider, Managing Editor deadline for submissions for "Untold Stones & Twice-Told Tales" is Monday, Dec. 3. II E IP IL II I IIII II& IWII Fr. John Dietzensuperstition, and they confuse the rela- suffering, esies, in this kind of thinking are so tionship between the saints - including There is simply nothing in Catholic numerous and complex one hardly I'm Mary - and Jesus Himself. " tradition 'or teaching to give credence knows where to begin. sending you a little book being The particular devotion about which to this brand of spirituality. Jesus is Mary's savior as much as He aS-Sed around our parish on devotion you inquire is one of those so wrapped, Even more serious, and in clear con- is ours and as God Ite is the source t the flame of love of the Immaculate up in supposedly pious specifics it be- tradiction to Catholic teaching, is the and infinite exemplar of whatever sav- I art of Mary. After askmg permtssmn, comes hard to distinguish from plain tendency to compare the mercy and ing love she or any of the rest of us h ve it to two prayer groups, but now superstition, love of Our Lady with that of Jesus, with may have. To imply that she outshines :"re Some feel- We are told, for instance, that Jesus coming out on the short end. him in mercy or compassion, and that shouldn't be families who keep the holy hour ofSome may remember the queer legend,if we're really in trouble she will do for it. reconciliation on Thursdays and Fridays repeated by some promoters of the us what he will not, dishonors the you know will receive a special grace through rosary, that describes Mary using the mother of Christ. ,'" tit this devo- which I (Mary) will free a member of rosary to lift through the back window The 'Flame of Love" pamphletclaims "t~ll? their family from purgatory within eight of heaven those whom Jesus had re- to have been printed with permission Yes. In 1974, days, if only one of them keeps one day jected at the front door, of a diocese in Hungary several years Paul VI re- of fasting on bread and water. (OneOn this the flame of love devotion ago. I find it hard to believe that le- , ated the warn- element common to many such devo- minces no words. The revelation, sup- gitimate Catholic authorities anywhere tions is their fascination with purga, posedly addressed by Mary to six would sanction such a garbling of against rian devotions tory.) Hungarian children, includes the fol- Catholic teaching and spirituality. t Io beyond Those who fast on bread and water lowing: "My children, my holy son's In announcing the 1977 Marian year, OUnds Ofor liturgy or, on the hand is prepared to strike down. It is the pope noted that any valid devotion on Mondays will, they add, free the soul cl doctrine of from Those who difficult to hold him back. Help mel If to Mary helps Christians to make a a priest purgatory. hand, actually diminish her stat-say three Hail Marys, "mindful of my you ask my flame of love for help, to- "renewed commitment to following the _ and role in the Church. Immaculate heart's flame of love, will gether we can save the world." will of God." Bizarre "revelations" and 8rue "unofficial" devotions to Mary free one soul from purgatory, and those Such nonsense would be ludicrous ifdevotions like the above are no help Other mints violate that standardwho say one Hail Mary during Novem- - it were not that some Catholics really toward the end. " Serious ways They tread Close to ber will free ten souls from the place of take it seriously. The errors, even her- C0pyr/ght 1990 CArS